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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct04.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 04

	You are left to sleep only briefly.  Not more than

an hour has past, when your Master touches your back

and says, "Slave, wake now."  You shake your head

slightly in an attempt to bring you back to reality,

thinking you have dreamed the entire incident of

before.  When you realize you can not move it floods

your brain that what you confusingly thought a dream

was in fact happening.

	"It is time slave, for your Mistress's guidance to

be administered."  You hear your Master say and then

feel his hand pull away from your back.

	Your Mistress walks over to your bond body and

pushes a leather strap in front of your face.  "This is

my instrument of correction slave.  As your Master gave

you twenty five to forty as his range, I too will

administer in the same."  Your heart sinks to your

stomach now, or so it seems, for you do not believe you

will be able to take that many more blows to your

burning cheeks.  Your Mistress reaches out and gently

rubs your asscheeks, and much to surprise they hurt,

but not that severely, at least not at her touch.

	"It will begin." Your Mistress says, and yet her

hand is still on your bottom.  She slowly moves her

hand down between your legs and gropes at your pussy a

moment, then moves her fingers to your clit.  Your body

responds immediately.  Your pussy juices are still

flowing from just as hard and fast as before.

	You hear the rush of air behind you and with a

shape stabbing pain the first blows lands on your ass.

You strain against your bonds and the soreness of your

buttocks from the prior paddling is felt all the way

through your body.  The strap lands again and again,

quickly in the same area of your sit spot.  Your

Mistress lays the strap across your buttocks just above

your sit spot in rapid succession.  You are too tired

and in too much pain to count now and do not even

attempt to keep track.  It will end when it ends, you

think to yourself, as the tears roll easily down your

face.  Another five, harsh smacks of the strap land on

your sit spot briskly.  You are crying now without

control.  Suddenly you feel the firmness of your

Mistress's hand on your back and hear her saying, "It

is over little slave, rest easy."  Her fingers reach

for the straps holding your arms and releases them,

then your legs.  Slowly she helps your up from the

horse and leads you to the table on the other side of

the room.  

	You Master stands waiting for you there and you

notice Dana is still there but on the other side of the

room in standing position.  Your Mistress and Dana are

nude but your Master still wears the robe he came in

wearing.  When you reach your Master he holds you up

against his chest and reaches down to lift your chin up

to his face.  He slowly, tenderly kisses your tear

streaked face then holds you warmly to his chest.  You

feel, for perhaps the first time in your life,

protected and loved.

	Your Master then reaches down and lifts your legs

and cradles you in his arms.  Slowly he moves to the

side of the table and gently lowers you to it.  When

your asscheeks touch the table top you scream with pain

and your Master gently rubs his hand to the cheek of

your face.  You stare into his eyes and are pulled into

him, feeling a part of his very being.  As you continue

to look at his magnificent eyes the initial pain of the

table touching your very well spanked buttocks eases

and you relax against the table.  

	Your Mistress moves to your other side and as your

Master bends down, removing your ball gag, kisses you

gently, your Mistress pulls your arms above your head

and secures them to two wrist cuffs on opposite sides

of the table.  Your Master continues to kiss you and

probes your mouth with his tongue.  As he does this

your Mistress moves to the end of the table and

attaches your legs in the same manner as your hands. 

You are now spread eagle on the table and bonds

securely.  You don't care.  You have finally gotten

your hearts desire.

	"I pray my little puss, you have learned your

lesson about wrong behavior.  If not, punishment can

and will be administered at any time."

	You do not respond to your Master's statements,

for they were not in the form of a question.  But you

shake your head up and down to acknowledge his


	Your Master's mouth continues to touch and grace

your face, as his hand moves down your body to the top

of your shaven, wet pussy.  He slowly slide his fingers

into your slit and methodically moves them over your

clit.  You feel your back arch upward to meet his hand,

just as your ass had arch upward to meet the blow of

the paddle and the strap.  Each time you arched your

back and lifted your ass off the table you felt the

pain of your punishment when your hips settled back to

the table top. You Master's fingers continued to probe

your soaking pussy, slowly, deliberately, as if guided

by an unseen road map of your most erotic spots. 

	He withdrows his fingers slowly and they are

quickly replaced by your Mistress's fingers.  Your

Master then removes his robe and climbs on the table

straddling your breasts.  His cock comes to your chin,

it is firm but not hard.  You part your lips and open

your mouth freely to accept it.  You slowly work your

tongue around the shaft of it and he pulls and pushes

himself in and out of your mouth.  When he pulls out

your tongue finds the crown of his cocks and works

feverishly over it before he pushes back into your

mouth.  The actions of your Mistress's fingers do not

go unnoticed by you and your body is arching upward

with each movement of your Mistress's fingers on your

clit.  You continue to work your tongue around your

Master's cock for a few minutes more.  When you feel

you are about to explode your Master withdraws from

your mouth, your Mistress stops rubbing your clit. 

Your Master slides down the table moving over your

spread legs and slowly thrusts his cock into your hot,

dripping pussy.  As his rhythm builds, your Mistress

comes back to the side of the table and begins rubbing

your clit in time with the rhythm of your Master's

thrusts.  Your Master increases the speed of his

thrusts now and you know it will not be long before he

cums inside you.  When he reaches a fever pitch of

thrusting, your Mistress increases the speed and

firmness of her rubbing on your clit and suddenly in a

blinding moments you feel your Master's cum explode

inside you.  Again and again it shots into your inner

most being and you climax in time with your Master's. 

When he finally withdraws from you, you are still in

climax and your Mistress continues to rub your clit

hard and fast.  Just as you are about to climax again

your Mistress withdraws her fingers from your clit. 

You lay there frustrated in agony to cum.

	"Little slave," your Mistress says to you. "You

can not be the only one to cum.  You will learn there

are times when you will be permitted to cum and times

when you are not.  This is a time you are not permitted

to cum, at least not yet."  

	As you feel yourself coming down from the wave of

orgasms you just experiences.  Your Mistress puts her

fingers back to your clit and rubs you to the edge

again.  You are pulling at your ties now and trying to

pull free, in vain, to reach yourself so you might be

satisfied.  Your head flips back and forth and as it

does you see your Master kneeling on the floor with

Dana's leg spread over his shoulders.  His mouth busily

eating her pussy and bringing her to climax.  As she

shutters he reaches down and slaps harshly at her ass

and she moans loudly and spasms ripple her body.  

	You have your own problem, as your Mistress is

back teasing and tormenting your clit again bringing

you back to the edge once more.  When you are near

climax she stops, mounts the table and spreads herself

open over your mouth.  You need not be told what is

expected of you, though you have never eaten a woman

before.  You open your mouth and plunge your tongue

into her dripping pussy.  You search her slit and find

her large clit and begin flicking it with your tongue. 

The more frantic your tongue action the more of your

Mistress's juices fills your mouth.  It doesn't taste

bad, sort of sweet you think and a renewed energy

impacts you as your tongue moves faster and faster. 

	As your Mistress rocks her pussy back and forth

over your mouth, you know she is close to coming and

the action of your tongue increases.  Your Mistress

reaches behind her and feels her way to your pussy and

pushes two fingers into your hot open hole and begins

to thrust them in and out of you.  Moments later you

both cum again and your Mistress's love juices flow

into your mouth and you lick them hungrily.  

	She lay on top of you for a moment, you body

feeling her larger frame and size then she climbs off

you and walks to your Master.

	"She didn't do badly for a first timer," you hear

her say.

	Your Master, who has finished with Dana, moves

back to the side of the table and touches your cheek. 

"That is all for today little puss.  Tomorrow will

shall begin with nipple clamps and loosening up your

virgin ass.  You shall become one of my prize slaves if

you continue to perform as you did tonight.  You have

pleased your Master.  Now Dana will take you and bath

you, then put you to bed.  Good night little puss."

	You are released from your bonds and taken from

the playroom by Dana.  When you reach the stairs to the

second floor Dana finally turns to you and says, "Well,

didn't I tell it was worth waiting for?"

	"Yes, and boy were you right.  I've never been

fucked like that in my life.  I can hardly wait till

the next time."  You ass cheeks tingle as you climb the


More later, as Elizabeth progresses with her training.


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