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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct03.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 03

	You lay in this most uncomfortable state for what

seems to be an hour.  (In reality it is only thirty

five minutes.)  You begin to reflect on what you have

gotten yourself into and wonder why you said yes and

agreed.  You thought back to when Master Nathaniel

spoke of punishment and remembered what your body felt

at that moment.  You could feel the anticipation of

being spanked and it excited you.  You felt gitty

inside, as though a million butterflies were dancing in

your stomach and pussy.  You remember the feeling of a

cold shiver at the thought of being disciplined by this

man.  In truth, you thought to yourself, you felt like

a little girl, one being taken care of by an adult in

complete control.  You close your eyes and try to

invision the sensations you felt in an attempt to

recreate them, as you do, you feel a warmth rush

through your body.  You analysis the feelings you are

having, realizing part of the sensation it created

within you was caused by fear as well.  Not knowing how

severe your new Master would be with you, not knowing

what would be done next, and never knowing if it would

be your Master or your Mistress to take an action with

you.  You longed for the attention promised now,

burning within your very being to be owned, trained,

loved, punished, and any other new experiences your

Master would find joy in putting you through.  It can't

be all that bad, you reason, Dana lived through it.

	The door opens again and Mistress Katherine walks

over to you.  Without speaking she unhooks your hands,

then your feet and knees.  Your attention is drawn back

to the discomfort of your swallon stomach.

	"Get up, follow me.", Mistress Katherine orders.

	Without a word you rise, Mistress Katherine aids

you in getting off the examining table, and like a

little puppy dog you follow behind her.  She walks to

the other side of the room and opens a door.  Inside is

a bathroom.  

	"Inside, slave.  On the toilet.", she commands.

	You go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet and

wait for her to leave.  You are so naive, for she is

not about to leave a new slave alone.  She comes to you

and orders you to spread your legs, then reaches in

between your legs, letting her arm rub against your

pussy lips, finds the end of the butt plug and slowly

pulls it from you.  You dispell the contents the plug

had been holding in your bowel.  You suddenly feel a

great relief from the pressure that had been in your

stomach.  Finally the rush of fluid stops and your

Mistress pulls you to your feet.  Leading you toward

the shower, she reaches in, turning it on, lets it run

a moment as the water warms and orders you to step into

it.  You do so.  Your Mistress then retrieves a bar of

soap and slowly begins to wash you down.  As she does,

she begins talking to you about specific rules.

	"Slave, you are not to touch your body unless

given permission to do so.  When you are in the

precense of your Master or Mistress you will take one

of two position unless otherwise instructed.  The first

position is standing, with legs two and one half feet

apart, hands behind your head.  The second of these

positions is kneeling, with legs spread wide and hands

behind your head.  If you are instructed to get into

position for discipline, you shall get down on your

knees with head and hands resting on the floor, legs

spread wide.  If another form of discipline is to be

administered you will be told what position to take. 

You shall always be open to your Master and/or

Mistress.  You are to obey the instant your are

instructed to do something, if you fail to do so

punishment will be quick and harsh.  If when being

punished you move in an attempt to avoid the

punishment, the punishment will begin again as if it

had never started, and will be repeated in this manner

until you receive your punishment without movement."

	"I tell you this now slave, for the next step for

you is your punishment.  You shall be punished for

going about the house without your Master's permission

and you shall be punished for your disobeidence to me

back in the bedroom.  Now get out of the shower."

	You step from the shower, tingling from the water

that had played on your skin.  Tingling from the

sensous manner in which your Mistress had bathed you

and the conversation while bathing you.  Your head is

spinning a little with the excitement your body feels.

	Your Mistress finishes drying you off then orders

you to take the position.  You immediately spread your

legs, attempting to judge two and one half feet, then

place your hands to the back of your head.  Your

breasts lift and jet forward with this action.  Your

Mistress walks around you slowly looking up and down

your body.  She reaches out with the toe of her foot

and kicks a your left foot, you follow the lead and

spread your legs further.  She moves back in front of

you and reaches out for your nipples.  Her fingers

feather touch the tip of each nipple and you feel a

shiver run down your spine.  She lightly rolls the

nipples between her forefinger and thumb then suddenly,

with almost a vice like severity, pinches both nipples

hard.  A slight scream escapes your lips.  Her fingers

move down your chest to your stomach then to your pubic

mound.  You note the sensitivity of your pubic area

without hair to protect it.  You can feel yourself

react to her touch almost immediately.  She moves her

fingers into your slit and finds your clit and slowly

moves her fingers over it.  As she increases her speed

your begin to drive your hips forward involuntarily. 

As the warmth of your pussy spreads through you and you

near orgasm your hips begin to thrust forward to meet

her fingers.  Just as you are about to burst with a

very strong orgasm, your Mistress pulls her fingers

from you.  You move forward in an attempt to recapture

them but she thwarts your movement with her hand

pressed to your stomach.  You moan loudly and carry out

in frustration, "Please Mistress!" 

	She stands totally erect now and pushes you to

your knees.  "Assume the postion for punishment you

little slut slave.  You were not given permission to

speak."  You kneel and stretch your hands out in front

of you and then move your head so it is positioned on

the back of your crossed hands.  You spread your legs

open as far as you can get them in this position.  You

can feel the rush of cool air on your anus and your

pussy and realize for the first time how opened and

vulnerable you in this position.  Your Mistress moves

to your side and with a suddenness lays five sharp

smacks directly on your upturned ass.  You attempt not

to move, but having not been spanked since you were a

child, do so reflexively.

	"We start again slave," you hear your Mistress say

austerely.  Once again you feel the uncharitable blows

of your Mistress' large hand smack on your upturned

ass.  You whimper at the blows but this time you do not


	Your Mistress moves her fingers to your gapping

hole and slide them into your pussy.  You, for the

first time, feel the exhaulation caused by the blows

just administered.  Too quickly she removes her fingers

from your soaking pussy and orders you up, you obey

immediately.  She says nothing, but opens the door and

walks from the bathroom, you follow in silent


	You are led down the hall to the stairs, then down

the stairs to another hallway.  Your Mistress stops and

reaches for another door, opens it and enters.  You

follow, closing the door behind you.  The two of you

decend another flight of stairs.  At the landing your

Mistress turns right, then right again and opens

another door and orders you inside.

	Once inside you start looking around this room in

disbelief.  You study the objects on the wall, as well

as those throughout the room.  One wall is filled with

various instruments, obviously used for punishment. 

There are some items you have never seen before, but

you do recognize a whip, a strap, a razor strop, a

wooden paddle , a rubber soled thong, a birch stick, and

numerous other leather straps of varying sizes.  You

feel yourself shiver at the sight of all these

instruments.  Your eyes glance toward the furniture. 

There is a table, with straps attached, a set of

carpenters horses with a leather padding in the middle.

Another device you notice is the seat of a chair with a

table attached to it, both at the same heigth.  Behind

this chair/table is what appears to be a flat, thin

board attached to some sort of mechanical set up with a

timer on its side.  You feel yourself shudder slightly

with fear and apprehension.

	"Center of the room, assume the standing

position." Mistress Katherine orders.  You immediately

move to the center of the room, spreading your legs

wide and your hands on the back of your head.  

	The door opens slowly and Master Nathaniel walks

through it and moves directly before you.  Behind him

is Dana, your long time friend.  You relax a bit at the

sight of her.

	Master Nathaniel moves closer to you, studies your

naked body now, you quiver when you feel his eyes focus

on your newly shaved pussy.  He does not touch you, yet

your pussy is betraying your excitement and your juices

form on the shaved pussy lips.

	"Kneel position." Master Nathaniel barks.  You

immediately kneel down, spreading your legs wide and

your hands move back to the back of your head.

	"Dana," Master Nathaniel says, and nothing more.

	Dana moves in front of you and looks down at you. 

You glance up her, then return your head to a downward

position.  The glance is enough to see a look in her

eyes and on her face that you have never seen before. 

She become aware of your fear.  Dana looks over your

entire body, even bending down to get a better look at

your pussy and now you feel the rush of blood to your

face from the embarrassment her action causes you.

	"Slave," Dana begins, "you were disobiendent

tonight on several occassions.  You roamed about the

Master's home as if it were yours.  You disobeyed

Mistress in the bedroom.  You are as a child here

slave, learning the proper way to behave and please

your Master.  Now tell me slave, what happens to a

child who does not behave properly?"

	You attempt to find your voice and suddenly seems

to have failed.  You try to clear your throat, holding

back the excitement, the fear, the rush of emotions you

are feeling.  Finally the words form in your throat and

you hear yourself say, "They are spanked."

	"That is correct slave, they are spanked.  Now

tell me slave, how are they spanked?"

	"They are spanked hard ma'am," you respond.

	"Yes, this is true," Dana continues, the whole

time she is circling your quivering body.  You feel the

juices of your pussy flowing from you and down the

inside of your legs.  "How else are they spanked


	Your mind searches for an answer, you are not

certain what she is asking, then you hastily blurt out,

"They are spanked on their bare-bottoms ma'am."

	"Correct again slave.  You are doing very well. 

Though it will not relieve you of the punishment yet to

come, it will hault more punishment.  Now slave, are

they spanked hard until their bottoms are pink or


	"Until their bottoms are very red ma'am."  You

respond.  Your body is shaking slightly now foreseeing

what was to come and the rigorous way in which your

punishment would be delivered.  Your pussy is an

effervesce of your juices now from cuased by

stimulation of your body from the conversation taking

place.  Anxiety, apprehension, humiliation,

embarrassment, molesests your body.  Yet an ecstasy of

pleasure is seething through you at the same time.

	"Correct again slave.  Now the final question,

before we begin your punishment.  Who administers the

punishment to the misbehaving child?"

	"Sometimes the mother does and then the father

does so again when he comes home.  Sometimes just the

mother and sometimes just the father."  You explain,

hoping this to be the right answer.

	"Slave, this may be the method in a parents home. 

But in your Master and Mistress' home, how do you think

a badly behaved child receives punishment?"

	"From both ma'am, the Master and the Mistress."

You meekly say, almost in a whisper.

	"Correct again slave.  And this is how it will be

here.  Both Master and Mistress will administer

punishment to you for your misbehaviour.  In your

Master's home slave, you will be punished twice for

everything you do which is incorrect performance.  Do

you like that slave?"

	"Oh yes ma'am," you hear yourself say.

	"Now slave, you shall ask for your punishment."

	"Master, Mistress, may I please be spanked for my

bad behaviour of tonight?"

	"Naughty behavior slave, not bad." Dana


	You begin again, "Master, Mistress, may I please

be spanked for my naughtly behavior of tonight?"

	Master Nathaniel walks in front of you now and you

feel yourself shiver from the anticipation of his next

move.  "How do wish to be spanked slave?"

	"Very hard Master, very hard."

	"It will be given to you then in that manner. 

Rise and go to the horse."  You immediately stand,

hurriedly walk to the carpenters horse, waiting for his

next instruction.

	"Dana, ready her." Master Nathaniel says coldly.

	"Yes Master," Dana says as she walks toward the

wall with instruments hanging on them.  You can not see

what she is doing for your back is to her, your Master

and Mistress.  You stand waiting, quivering from the

thrill now flowing easily through your body.  You have

assumed the standing position while your wait and feel

your juices running down the inside of your leg past

your knees now.  Never before have your juices

flooded from your hot pussy as they are now.  

	Dana comes up behind you and grabs your hair on

the back of your head.  Your head is pulled back and

she taps at your chin.  You open your mouth, for this

is all you can think of from her action.  As you do so,

she pushes a soft rubber ball into it past your teeth. 

She releases the hold on your hair and pushes you from

the back and forces you over the horse.  Once in place

she attaches your wrist cuffs to the hooks on each

opposing leg of the horse.  Then she attaches your legs

in the same manner.  You are not uncomfortable.  The

padding beneath your stomach is soft and gives good

support.  Your ass is up and opened and you feel the

cool air of the room brush against your anus and your

opened pussy.  You feel a shiver rush through your body

but it is a shiver from excitement not from cold.  

	Dana places her hands on your ass and lightly rubs

your buttocks.  This is even more of a turn on to you. 

You did not know you could feel such a sexual response

from a woman's touch.  But then you reason, perhaps it

is the excitement of all the events thus far.  Dana

continues to tickle the flesh of your buttocks, then

she withdraws her hand.  

	You hear someone walk up behind you but you are

not certain who it is.

	A hand moves to the center of your back and braces

against it, then the person leans forward and says, "We

shall start with no less than twenty five spanks and no

more than forty.", Master Nathaniel announces in your

right hear.  You instantly jerk from the statement. 

Twenty five to forty is a lot of leeway you think.  But

with the ball gag forced into your mouth you have

nothing to say about the impending punishment.  Your

Master pulls back his hand and you hear him walk away. 

When he returns, he places a wide wooden paddle in

front of your face saying, "This is the instrument of

your spanking."  He pulls the paddle back, noting your

reaction as your wide opened eyes attempt to follow the

movement of the paddle away from your face.

	With a sudden forcefulness the first smack beat

across your bare bottom, you tug at your bonds

slightly.  Before you are prepared for the next it

comes thrashing down on your ass cheeks, hitting you

exactly where you would sit.  The next ten spanks are

delivered to your sit spot and your ass feels on fire. 

Stinging from pain.  The heat from your ass coarses

through your body and you can feel your pussy gushing

more fluid with each harsh whack of the paddle .  You

are keeping count in your head now, secretly hoping for

this to end, yet at the same time praying it does not. 

The next five solid smacks of the paddle hit your ass

just above the sit spot.  Your body is now jerking

uncontrolably with each beat of the paddle and yet your

hips are attempting to rise to meet the next blow.  You

have counted seventeen thus far and judge there to be

only nine, no eight left.  Your Master uses his

experienced aim hitting you five more times over the

same spot as the first spanks on your sit spot.  Three

left you say to yourself, bracing for them.  Your

Master brings the paddle back and with a abrupt and

renewed forcefulness lands ten more very hard whacks to

your flaming bottom, dispersing them over the entire

buttock area.  Tears are streaming down your face as

you sob into the ball in your mouth.  Your body is

yanking uncontrolably at the straps holding you


	"Now, now, little puss, it is over for now.", Your

Master says as he leans forward and soothingly rubs his

hand on your back.  You begin to calm down a little. 

You Master continues to rub you gently on your back and

his hand moves slowly over your searing ass cheeks.  At

first his touch causes more pain, but slowly it begins

to feel wonderful having him console you in this

manner.  His hand rubs your ass cheeks lightly for a

few minutes then his fingers find their way between

your seething cheeks and moves down your slit towards

your pussy.  He probes your pussy and moves to your

clit and moves his fingers fast and hard against the

erect head.  Before you even feel the surge of it, you

explode with an orgasm.  It is an orgasm so strong your

body shakes and strains against your bonds.  It moves

through your body with a vengeous causing you to ripple

and feel as though you are being turned inside out. 

His fingers continue the action and your a brought to

another orgasm and another, wave after wave.  You have

lost count there have been so many.  Finally he pulls

his fingers from you and pats your crimson cheeks.  

	"Good little puss, very good.  You are a very hot

puss.  And I am sure will please your Master very much

in the years ahead.", your Master reassures you.  He

continues to rub your steaming asscheeks giving you

time to come down from the potent orgasms you have just

experienced.  You rest your headd downward, a smile on

your face, feeling a peacefulness inside knowing you

will be cared for and corrected by this loving man. 

You drift of to sleep with that being your final

conscience thought.

Continued Seduct04.txt


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