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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct02.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 02

	The week just seemed to drag by.  You were in

agony all throughout it, waiting for the next party. 

You had made several changes in your wardrobe for the

occasion.  Going out and buying a hot pink, silk dress. 

One that was almost see through.  You also purchased

the hot pink garter belt and shear pink nylons to wear

with the dress.  Then you went to purchase the shoes

you would wear and even had to have them dyed to match

the dress.  But it didn't matter!  You were determined

to be the chosen one this weekend.  Even if you had to

cause a disturbance as the woman did last weekend.

	Your thoughts continued to focus on Nathaniel's

eyes and the firmness of his body.  You were now even

fantasizing about him while you sat at your desk at

work.  You weren't terribly attentive to what you were

doing all week, except when it was in preparation for

the coming party.

	Finally Saturday came.  You started to prepare for

the party about four and half hours ahead of time.  You

shower, wash your hair, shave your legs and underarm,

even douching and giving yourself an enema, something

you truly dislike.  Finally it is time to put makeup

on, which you determine will be very scant, for

Nathaniel appears to like ladies without much makeup.

	The door bell rings, you know it is Dana.  You

stop and give yourself one last look in the mirror. 

The pink dress, dips low in the front and back, reveals

your firm 34B breasts somewhat, but that is the effect

you want.  The color looks fantastic against your

tanned skin and even adds to the color of your eyes. 

You go and answer the door.

	"My God, girl, you can't wear that.", is the

manner in which Dana greets you.

	"This is what I'm wearing.  I don't want to be

just another face in the crowd anymore.", you respond

firmly and with conviction.

	"Okay, but he isn't going to like it."

	"You never know.  It just might be the way to be


	Dana glances at you and a slight grin comes to the

corners of her mouth.  She nods her head then says,

"Well, if that's what you want to wear, okay, let's go. 

But if you do get chosen and he is displeased with your

clothing, don't blame me."

	You aren't certain what she means by that, but you

prefer to ignore her statement and walk out the door to

the waiting limo.

	The party begins no differently than the last,

with one exception.  When you enter the great room all

heads turn towards you.  You are the only one not

wearing black.  The girl who was chosen last week is

there also, in a black gown.  You note she is much more

subdued from the last party and almost sheepish in her


	You are turned on by the waiting.  You can't stand

it that Nathaniel has not entered the great room.  The

grandfather clock bongs out nine bongs and Nathaniel

still does not enter the room.  The chatter continues

all around you.  Finally you decide you can't wait and

you walked through the crowd of people and waltz right

out the door and start to make your way through the

house.  As you walk, you hear the grandfather clock

bong the half hour mark, indicating it was nine thirty. 

Suddenly, as you are about to open the door to the

library, a hand grabs your arm.  You whirl around to

see a man dressed in formal attire.  

	"You are not to be in the other parts of the house

unless the Master instructs it.", he says to you

sternly.  Before you get a chance to respond, he is

pulling you down the hall and back to the great room.

At the entry way of the great room, he releases his

harsh grip on you somewhat, but still holds your arm

firmly.  He marches you into the room, stands and looks

around for a moment, still holding you firmly and then

begins to pull you through the crowd.  Finally he


	"Master Nathaniel, I beg your pardon sir, but I

found her," he pulls you closer to him, "roaming

through the house."

	"Thank you Daniel," Nathaniel said, "I will take

care of this."  As he reaches out and grabs your other

arm.  Your struggle is no longer there for you are now

exactly where you want to be, in front of Nathaniel

with his full attentions on you.

	He releases his grip on your arm, for he knows you

will not move away from him.  His eyes are now fixed on

yours and you feel as though you are being pulled into

his deep purple eyes.  The noise around you is suddenly

gone and all you see and hear is him.  He reaches down

to the hem of your skirt and slowly pulls it up to your

waist.  You want to stop him, but you just feel as

though you are unable to move.  He holds it up only

briefly, exposing your uncovered pussy, framed by your

pink garter belt, then lets the dress fall from his

hands and says, "Upstairs, second bedroom on the


	You leave him and move to the hallway and the man

that had pulled you into Nathaniel stands there waiting

for you.  He leads you up the stairs to the second

bedroom and tells you wait on the bed quietly.

	You go over to the bed and sit down to wait.  You

don't know if you should remove your clothes or not or

wait to be told.  So you just sit there taking in the

decor of the room.  You are becoming excited with

anticipation of what is happen tonight, the thought of

making love with Nathaniel has you really delirious.

	Suddenly the door to the bedroom is opened wide

and a woman enters.  She looks terribly stern, her

stare on you makes you feel as you did in Catholic

school when Sister Teresa was angry with you.  She

walks over to you and says, "Undress."

	You look at her in disbelief.  You start to say

something, but before you are given the chance, she

reaches down, grabs your arm, pulls you up to your feet

harshly, then pulls your dress up over your head.  You

automatically pull your arms up to cover your breasts

and pussy.  

	"Put those hands down.  Now!", she says sternly. 

When you do not respond to her command, she grabs your

arms and pulls them down from your breasts and away

from your pussy.  After she has done this, you

immediately move them back up to cover yourself.  She

snaps her fingers and suddenly from a side door in the

room a young boy about nineteen rushes in, hands her

four leather straps and then rushes out of the room

without saying a word.  She grabs your left arm and you

begin to fight and struggle.  She pushes you down on

the bed and then presses her knee into your stomach

region, wraps the leather straps and secures it firmly

to your left wrist, then does the same to the right

wrist.  She lays the other two straps down on the bed. 

The straps she has placed on your wrist have a hook and

eye on them.  She pulls you to your feet and before you

realize what is happening she maneuvers you so your

hands are behind you and she connects the hook through

the eye of the opposing hands.  She then unsnaps the

garter belt you have on and lets it fall to the floor. 

The nylons attached to it go down to your knees.  She

kneels down and tries to pick up your right foot, when

you put full weight down on it she stands back up and

pushes you onto the bed again and reaches down and

pulls your shoes and then your nylons off completely.

	She drags you to the center of the room and tells

you to stand there perfectly still and wait for Master

Nathaniel.  You are reluctant, but since she outweighs

you by about sixty pounds you decide not to argue.

	You wait for what seems like fifteen minutes when

finally the same door opens that the young boy came

rushing through and in walks Nathaniel.  He moves over

to you and doesn't even appear to look at your lovely

nude body.  Once in front of you, he reaches out and

touches your nipples lightly.  You glow and tingle from

the coolness of his fingers.  He slides his fingers

down your stomach and finally to your pubic mound, then

finally inside your pussy.  

	Holding his fingers there, his other hand moves

back to your breasts and he says, "Do you like your

breasts touched gently like this?" He moves his fingers

lightly over each nipple, alternating between the two. 

"Or do you prefer it like this?" His fingers encircle

your nipple then gripps the tip and pinches hard, a

moan escapes your lips, then he moves to the other

nipple and does the same, and again you moan.  He

withdraws his motionless fingers from your pussy and

looks at them.  "She is wet from the pinching,"

Nathaniel turns to say to the matronly woman.

	He looks back at you and stares into your eyes for

a moment then says, "If you wish to be mine, then you

shall be.  But understand once you have agreed, you

become mine totally to do with as I please.  I will be

your Master and you my slave.  If you agree you shall

spend the next several weeks in training and learn how

to please me.  That training will include pleasures you

have never experienced before, plus punishments for

infractions of the rules."

	You head is spinning as you listen to him.  You

are becoming more and more excited by the prospect of

what he is proposing.  You can't turn back now.  You

want him, more than you've wanted anything before in

your life.

	"If you agree then your training shall begin

tonight.  If you do not, then you shall be released and

may leave.  Have you any questions?"

	"Yes," you somehow manage to whisper.  "If I am to

be in training for several weeks, what about my job?"

	"You will no longer need a job.  I will provide

all that you need.  Any more questions?"

	"Yes, just one, what type of punishments do you


	"I will give you a perfect example, tonight you

roamed about the house when you knew you should not. 

That is an infraction of the rules and you will be

spanked soundly for having done so.  There may be times

when your behavior warrants the strap, a paddle , a

cane, a birch rod, or even a whip.  Or times I wish to

punish you merely for my pleasure."

	You listen closely to his words.  You can't

believe it, but you can feel your pussy becoming

excited at the prospect of what he is going to do to


	"There are many rules and those you will learn

during your training.  Do you agree?"

	You swallow hard and before you have even thought

further about it you hear yourself say, "Yes, I agree."

	"Very good.  From this moment forward you shall

call me Master when we are in the house, when out in

public or at parties you shall call me Master

Nathaniel.  You shall be nude at all times unless I

tell you otherwise.  You shall speak when spoken to and

ask permission to speak beyond a yes or no answer.  The

remaining of the rules will be given to you in written

form and you shall study them thoroughly until you are

able to recite them to me from memory.  Now, Mistress

Katherine will take you in hand for the beginning of

your session tonight.  One thing more, you shall be

called slave and your name will not be used during your

slave training."  He finished his statement to you and

turned and walked out of the room.

	Mistress Katherine walks over to you and grabs

your arm, "Come slave, we have many things to do."  She

pulls you to the door, opens it and pushes you through

it into the hallway and walks you down the hall to

another door.  She fling the door open and you are led

inside.  There in front of you is an examination table

just like the one in the doctor's office, Mistress

Katherine orders you to get on top of it.  You did so. 

She unhooks your hands and pulls first your left over

your head and hooks a chain to the cuff, then the

right.  She instructs you to slide down to the end of

the table and place your legs in the stirrups.  You do

so, with dread.  Once your legs are in the stirrups

Mistress Katherine hooks leather cuffs around your

ankles and secures your feet to the stirrups.  Next she

places leather straps around your legs just above your

knees and secures them.  She then spreads the stirrups

open as wide as she can, exposing you completely to

her.  She goes back to the head of the table and

tightens the chains so there is no slack in them at

all.  She walks out of the room leaving you there

exposed and vulnerable.

	You feel humiliated and degraded by this

treatment.  You are angry and yet excited; all at the

same time.  You lay there waiting for what will happen

next.  It seems like a long time before the door opens

again.  When it does a man walks in dressed in a white


	"Hello there, I'm Dr. Pulsar, I'm going to give

you an examination for your Master."

	You start to say something to him, but when you

lift your head you see Mistress Katherine there in the

doorway with her arms crossed, leaning against the door

jam waiting for some infraction.  You lay your head

back down on the table and remain silent.  The doctor

goes to work and examines your wet pussy.  He takes his

gloved hand and sticks a finger into the vaseline and

suddenly pushes it into your tiny, virgin ass.  You

scream out at the suddenness of his action.  "A virgin

ass huh slave?"

	"Yes Doctor," you respond.

	He turns his head and looks over his shoulder at

the matron and nods.  You know this means something,

but you are not totally aware of its full meaning.

	"Okay," he says," finished.  I would be sure and

give her an enema tonight Mistress." he remarks as he

pulls the glove off his hand and throws it in a waste

basket and walks out of the room.

	You feel your face flush with embarrassment.  It

is bad enough to be examined in such a highly excited

state but to openly discuss enemas with this strange

woman is too much.  You know your face is as red as can


	Now you are left with Mistress Katherine.  She is

still standing near the door but has moved inside

somewhat.  She slowly pulls the door closed.  Your

heart is beating faster for you know she is not as kind

and gentle as the doctor and you are quite frankly

scared.  She slowly moves toward you and you can feel

your pussy tingling again with excitement.  She walks

to the cabinet on the other side of the table and opens

a drawer.  She pulls out various items, little clips

that look like clothes pins, a bottle of baby oil, a

razor, the end nozzle of an enema tube, a small hand

towel, a can of shaving cream and finally a large butt plug.  You shiver at the sight of the butt plug, for

you indeed have a virgin ass.  

	She walks back to you and reaches down to touch

your nipples, when she does they react immediately and

become firm and erect.  She reaches back and grabs the

clips that look like clothes pins and places first one

on one nipple then the other on the other nipple.  When

she places the first one on you, you scream from the

pain and pull against your bonds.  She reaches back and

pulls out another drawer and retrieves a soft, rubber

ball.  When she places the second clip on your other

nipple, she holds the ball over your mouth and as you

open to scream she pushes it into your mouth.  Your

scream comes out only as a sort of moan.

	Your nipples hurt from the clips, but you begin to

realize the pain is also causing a great deal of

pleasure as you feel your juices dripping from your

pussy now.

	Mistress Katherine takes the towel from the

counter and takes it to the sink and runs water over

it, getting it soaking wet.  She stands and wrings it

out and then walks to the end of the examining table

and lays it on your pubic mound.  You react to the heat

it sends through your pussy and pull again, in vain,

against your bonds.  When the towel becomes cool she

removes it and then picks up the shaving cream and

slowly spread it on your pubic hair and down your pussy

lips and into your crack.  You fight violently now

against your bonds for you do not want your pussy hair

removed.  You do not want to look like a little girl

again with puckered pussy lips.  Your struggle is in

futile and your hips jerking upward is finally thwarted

by Mistress Katherine's firm hand.

	"You best lay still slave, or the razor will cut


	She had not trimmed the area first, for you didn't

have that much hair there anyway.  She begins, with

expert hand, to shave your hair from your mound down to

your anus.  When she is finished she takes the towel

again and wipes all the remaining shaving cream from

your private parts.  She then gets a mirror, holding it

over your newly shaved mound and orders you to look. 

Reluctantly you do so and are mortified at the sight of

a child like pussy.

	Mistress Katherine then takes the baby oil and

slowly pours some into her hand.  She moves her fingers

to your pussy and slowly, methodically moves her

fingers over your newly shaved parts.  She presses her

fingers into your pussy lips and spreads them open and

slowly runs her fingers into your slit but does not

enter you.  You move your hips upward in an attempt to

meet her fingers and have them move inside you.  As

soon as you move your hips up she pulls her fingers

back and begins rubbing on your mound area again.  She

then slowly moves her fingers down your slit until she

finds your clit and lingers for several moments on your

now swollen clit.  You feel as though you are ready to

explode with pleasure and as you get closer and closer

to this point her action picks up in speed.  Just as

you feel you are about to erupt with orgasm she removes

her hand.  You shake your head back and forth and try

through your gag to beg her to bring you to a climax,

but your action goes unheeded.

	Mistress Katherine reaches back to the counter for

the baby oil again and pours more on her hand.  She

moves back to your anticipating pussy but you find

instead you rubs her oiled fingers around your puckered

hole.  It suddenly flashes through your mind that she

is about to enter your ass with her fingers.  Before

you can raise your head to protest she has slipped one

finger inside you.  You feel pressure, but that is all.

	She now moves the finger around inside you and

slowly withdraws all but the tip of it, then pushes it

back in only deeper this time.  You winch with the

slight pain you feel from her sudden action.  Then you

realize she does not have one finger in you but two. 

Slowly she pumps in and out of your ass and the pain

begins to subside and is replaced by excitement.  You

can feel yourself lifting your hips to allow her better

access to your little hole and as she pumps in and out

of your ass, her other hand finds your clit again and

begins to tease it.  You feel like you are going to

explode and suddenly your hips leap upward with the

first orgasm and a moan escapes through your gagged

mouth.  She does not stop and another orgasm comes and

another and another.  Finally she withdraws her fingers

from you and you lay back down fully on the table,

spent from your multiple orgasms and embarrassed by the

fact a woman brought you to the best orgasm you've ever


	Mistress Katherine does not stop.  She moves to

the counter and takes the enema tube, places vaseline

over the end of it and walks back to you.  She holds

the tube up so you can see it clearly then brings it

back down to your ass.  Her fingers move into your ass

and begin rubbing vaseline around the area and slowly

you feel her fingers penetrate your tight hole.  You

moan and jump slightly from the intrusion.  She

continues to move her finger in an out of you and your

hips move forward to meet her finger.  She withdraws

and replaces her finger with the tube.  The enema

begins.  She slowly releases the warm water into your

tight ass and your stomach begins to feel the pressure

it is causing.  As she fills you with the first

container you begin experiencing some discomfort but

not a lot.  When the second container is put into

action the pressure increases greatly.  The warm water

slowly moves into you and as it does Mistress

Katherine's fingers begin to play with your clit.  You

are so uncomfortable from the distention of your

stomach caused by the water you don't think you could

be sexually aroused, but much to your surprise you feel

your pussy juices beginning to flow.  Just as you start

to feel good about all of this the water and the

actions of your Mistress's fingers stop.  The tube is

pulled out slowly and replaced with a rather large butt plug, which causes you more discomfort.  

	Mistress Katherine reaches out and pats your

extended stomach and says, "I will be back, that must

stay in for a few minutes to do the thorough job."  She

turns and walks out of the room, leaving you bound and

helpless, in pain from the quantity of water taken and

your pussy burning for attention.

Continued Seduct03.txt


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