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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct01.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 01

	You had been invited to the party once before, and

knew what to expect.  In your heart you desired to be

chosen by him.  But in your mind you feared it

somewhat.  To you, the first time you went to the

party, it was just another party.  A friend had

suggested you go and you were surprised by the things

that happened that night as well as the man giving the

party.  Somehow your friend had gotten approval for you

to attend, which you learned later was not easy, for

the Host was very selective about how came to his


	Your friend, Dana, told you how and what to wear

for the first party.  You knew what to wear for this

one because of the experience.  Dana told you to wear

either black or red clothing.  She also said you were

to wear a dress of silk or shear material, being sure

not to wear a bra or panties.  You were to wear black

or red nylons with matching garter belt and heels about

3 inches high.  You were hesitant about going anywhere

without a bra and panties, let alone to a party to a

strangers house.  Dana continued to assure you that you

would not only enjoy the party but beg to come to

another one.  She was right.  

	You are standing in front of the mirror putting

the last finishing touches to your makeup.  Your heart

is fluttering at the thought of him, the host and you

can feel your pussy twitch slightly.  You reach down

and adjust your garter belt and hook the nylons you

just finished sliding over your legs.  You stand in

front of the mirror again and begin to run a comb

through your hair and glance down to your firm, round

breasts.  The nipples are hard already, from the

thoughts that have been racing through your mind.  You

reach down and pinch them both and feel the tingle of

your action all the way down to your pussy.  You finish

combing your hair and then slip your dress over your

head and then comb your hair one more time.

	You are lovely.  A beautiful, sleek lady.  Your

auburn hair shining in the lights of the bathroom. 

Your dark green eyes dancing with flicks of gold in

them.  You slender frame glides when you walk, despite

the fact you are not accustomed to heels this high. 

You look yourself over for one final look, think to

yourself, 'Not bad for an ol' lady of 24' then walk

from the room. 

	Dana is waiting in the living room for you.  She

looks fantastic.  She is wearing a black dress, just as

you are, and has heels on that are at least 5 inches

high.  Every hair on her blonde head is perfect, as is

her makeup.

	"Ready to go now?", Dana asked.

	"Yes, ready!  How do I look?  Dana you look


	"You look great yourself.  He might pick you

tonight, who knows."  Dana responded, then winked.

	Dana had been picked by him almost a year ago. 

You noted a change in her when it happened.  She

suddenly became very calm and relaxed.  She never

seemed to worry about anything.  That was not the Dana

you had known before her meeting him.  She just seemed,

well, so much at peace with herself now.  It was

incredible the change he had on her.  You wanted that

too!  You crossed your fingers on your left hand as you

walked through the door to the limo waiting for you,

hoping and praying tonight would the night he picked


	The parties were infrequent.  Sometimes once a

month, sometimes one every two months.  He had this

party only one month after the first one you had

attended.  You hoped, if not chosen tonight, there

would be another party soon.  Eventually, you reasoned,

you would be chosen.

	The limo pulled into the driveway.  It was still a

long way to the house, at least a mile and Dana and you

continued your chit chat.  You asked Dana what HE was

like in bed, telling her you were just dying to know. 

Dana told you to just wait and see if you got picked

then you would find out soon enough.  Her lips turned

up with a large smile and she had a twinkle in her

eyes.  You figured he must be great, based on Dana's


	The car pulled up to the front door and a man

dressed in tux with tales, reached down and opened the

door.  He stretched out his white gloved hand to help

first Dana then you out of the limo.

	Once inside, you looked around, scanning the crowd

for your host.  He was not to be seen.  There were men

as well as women there and people were clustered

together in quite chats.  Two women dressed in maid's

uniforms were moving through the guests serving drinks. 

You noticed all the women were dressed in black with

the exception of one, who was dressed in hot, fire red. 

The men were in tuxedos.  Dana and you make your way

through the groups of people, trying to get to the

other side of the room to some people you both know. 

When you joined your friends you engaged in small talk

and take a drink from the tray.

	 The grandfather clock in the foyer bonged nine

times and suddenly from the main entrance to the great

hall entered your Host.  Everything went silent when he

entered the room.  It was so quiet your could almost

hear everyone breathing.  He stopped just inside the

door, looking over the crowd of people then stepped in

a few more steps.  

	"Please, everyone, enjoy yourselves.", he said. 

Then he began to move through the crowd.  

	He is more magnificent than you had remembered. 

He is the best looking man you have ever seen.  His

body is perfectly shaped and kept in top condition. 

His hair is a soft jet black and never has a hair out

of place.  His chin is firm and chest broad.  His eyes

are the most fabulous feature you can see, for they are

a deep purple and are hypnotic.  When he speaks to

people, they just seem to freeze and be captured in his

eyes, and his desires become theirs.  You continue to

watch him as he moves through the crowd of people.  He

stops and speaks to a couple of women and then bends

down slightly and kisses each of their cheeks.  You can

hear your own breathing increase as he is making his

way across the room to where you and Dana stand.  When

he finally reaches the two of you, you all but have an

orgasm right then and there.  Your are feeling somewhat

light headed by his presence and somewhat gitty as


	"Hello Dana!", he says, and leans forward to kiss

her cheek.

	"Hello, Master Nathaniel.  I pray you are well

this evening."  Dana responded.  

	"Yes, quite well my dear Dana.  Quite well indeed. 

And who is this lovely young thing you have with you?" 

Nathaniel says nodding at you.

	"You remember Elizabeth, from our your last party,

do you not Master Nathaniel?"

	"Oh yes," he says and turns his attentions to you. 

Your heart is pounding so hard now, you are certain he

can hear it.  "I'm very glad you joined us for another

party Elizabeth.  I...", his words trailed off to

silence as he turned around to notice a disturbance in

the room.  "Pardon me," he said, without turning back

to face you and Dana and he walked in the direction of

the noise.  Dana and you follow him.

	There, on the other side of the room, is the lady

in the red dress, talking loudly to a gentleman.  She

then reaches over to the tray the maid is carrying with

hors d'oeuvres on it and as she does her dress rides up

in the back to expose her bare bottom.  She is somewhat

drunk, you are certain of that, for her speech is

slightly slurred.  When she sees Nathaniel coming

towards her she wiggles her bottom around a bit,

obviously aware of her buttocks exposure.  Nathaniel

walks over to her and pulls her back to an upright and

tells her to stand perfectly still.  She does so, as

she stares into his eyes.  Nathaniel reaches out with

both hands, glances down to the front of her dress and

then places his index finger of each hand on the very

tip of her protruding nipples.  Leaving his finger tips

resting on her nipples he looks back into her face and

says, "Upstairs, second bedroom on the right."  She

gives no argument but instead turns and walked through

the crowded room and disappears through the double

doors of the great hall.

	"Thank you all for coming.  I have made my

selection.  Continue to enjoy yourself." Nathaniel

says, then walks through the path made for him by the

people moving out of his way and exits through the same

double doors.

	Your heart sinks.  You were not chosen by him. 

You want to leave, but you see Dana has now moved over

to another group of people you do not know and she is

deep in conversation with them.  The evening drags on

forever for you.

	When Dana finally does come to you, asking if you

are ready to go home, you jump at the chance and start

for the door.

	"Gosh, Elizabeth, don't feel bad.  He might pick

you next time.", Dana attempted to console you.

	"How many times did you attend the party before

you were picked?", you question Dana.

	"Four times.  But don't be so concerned about it. 

There is to be another party next weekend.  He has

already told us this.  And you are to come."  Dana


	You leaned back and relaxed for the first time

since he had made his choice.  At least you were

assured of seeing him again.  At least you had that.

Continued in Seduct02.txt


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