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Archive-name: Slaves/satnite.slv


Archive-title: Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Saturday Night

I found her in darkness. I had just stepped off a dancefloor, running 

with sweat. They took my money at the bar and gave me the water; I drank

and leaned against a pillar. Breathing. I pulled my eyes away from the 

lights and looked into the long darkness of the corridor, and found her 

watching me.

Not straight away: my gaze crept up a black sinuous body before the stare 

hit me. I held it, because I couldn't think of anything else to do. She

glided towards me. Panic. I didn't know how this had started. I sweated 

even more - oh god. Like a rabbit in headlights, I couldn't move.

She floated up as smoothly as if she had been a ghost, until she was two

feet away. She was still watching me. No smile. Nothing. Just those pools

of eyes. Intolerable. I broke first: "Hello," was the best I could do.

No answer for all of five seconds. No words, no flicker of response. Her

mouth opened, tongue rubbing itself on her lip like a cat. "I like the

way you...move," she replied. Confusion. She was teasing me. Foul! "I can't

really dance," I said. Safe, now: I'd thrown it away so she couldn't take

it from me.

"No, you can't. But I still like the way you move." This time a smile, 

though a small one. She was in control again now and she relaxed. Her 

fingertips snaked under my shirt: it was a loose cotton one where only the

top half buttons. The rest hung outside my jeans, claiming it provided 

ventilation. The fingers traced across my abdomen, knotting the muscles.

"You're too thin as well," she pressed her advantage. "But you're fit,

I suppose." The fingers dived down inside my belt and scratched at the hair 

there before withdrawing. I couldn't breathe. I was melting where I stood.

She was cool though. Her hair sat lazily around her shoulders and a black

silk blouse looked as if she had just put it on. The leather skirt and the 

nylons said she could take the heat. I couldn't. She smirked briefly and 

tucked her finger into a belt loop. Mine.

"Come." she said.

"Where to?" I asked. A mistake.

"Somewhere else," she replied, with a pointed look. I shut up and just

nodded when she demanded my ticket for the coat check. She led me outside 

and hailed a taxi. Inside, she looked at me again. I looked back; she

went for my neck and kissed me at the base of it, once. Then she sat back 

and stared at the scenery. I stared out the opposite window, because I

couldn't stand her not looking at me. Not that it bothered her.

By the time we arrived at the darkened house my ears had ceased ringing and

I had begun to relax. Though only a little. She paid the fare and took my

hand, leading me like a child. I was under her spell and followed dumbly.

No time-wasting: she led me to a bedroom. Coats in a chair and then she 

kissed my mouth, pushing herself against me. My shirt came over my head;

the jeans she opened and let me peel off. Her hands pulled at the waist of 

the boxer shorts, revealing my enormous throbbing "Six inches. Well, I've 

seen worse...". I ceased to throb and wilted instead. She chuckled evilly, 

but tickled my balls anyway. Her fingers were long and soft, chocolate on

my paper skin. She was very beautiful and I was naked before her.

Satisfied that I was erect once more, she opened a button of her blouse 

and guided my hands to the next. The silk was almost as delicate as the 

skin underneath as it drifted towards the floor. She turned her back on me,

and I undid the clasp on the brassiere. Cast aside, her back was a 

sculpture in ebony. I kissed perfection, reverently. As she wheeled back to 

me, her breasts, were rounded but did not swing. Firm, like new fruit. I 

took a nipple in my mouth, hungrily. A sigh escaped, struggled from her 

lips. Encouraged, I teased the nipple with my tongue as her breath came 

faster. I had something going for me while I could make a woman like 

this sigh.

I moved to the other breast, having left the first slick with my mouth.

Fingers and tongue switched back and forth. She was my goddess, my 

life-giver, and I wanted nothing more than to be her slave. Her fingers 

slayed the skin on my back as tenderly as they carressed it. Teeth nipped 

me gently, the kisses of desire. 

Abruptly, she pushed me onto the bed and closed her mouth over my erection.

I gasped, I thrashed, I almost came on the spot. She was too clever to 

swallow: her tongue rubbed slowly up and down as she sucked me. Ecstacy,

surrender, love. My hands spread over the skin of her shoulders, combed

though her hair. Thought died in the face of pleasure. She sucked me, licked

me and sucked me again until I came. She slipped her mouth off me and I

came on to her face. Astonishment. She held it there, almost basking in it.

Her arms clasped mine and sat me up on the side of the bed. Her face 

approached mine. it grrinned. "Lick it off me" she smiled cheekily. What 

could I do? I licked her cheecks, her eyes, her beautiful forehead. I 

explored her ears, the column of her neck. Her shoulders rubbed against my

tongue, her breasts sought it out. I moved lower. As she sank back on the

bed, her body arched towards my eager lips, I touched and teased her

navel. Breath sighed out from her as her hand buried themselves in my hair,

pulling me down onto her satiny skin. 

The skirt went the way of the clother; underneath I was surprised to see her 

in suspenders. The panties came off while the stockings stayed, wrapping

themselves around my shoulders as I buried  my head in her moist pubis. My

tongue moved from stiff clitoris to soft lips with a special taste, a nectar

to die for. I tickled her anus, gripped all the tighter by her legs as she

demanded her rights. Now I held her hips reverently, pulling myself down  

into her. She mewed like a cat, as I licked and she rolled her nipples

between her fingertips, mwels and gasps in rythym as she pushed herself 

onto my willing mouth.

Presently she pushed me away. Now I was her willing slave; she astonished me

as she rolled onto her hands and knees, her  hips  coming off the bed

towards me. I held her gently and moved into her, as shhe moved herself on 

to me. She ground herself on to me. I thrust slowly, touching her, 

worshpping her. She pushed aginst me, ever faster. Faintly, gaspingly, she 

murmured "fuck me..." as her muscles gripped me. I could not take any more;

I flooded into, spilt into her. I was the toy of a goddess.

			*	*	*

Sunday Morning

The sun woke me. As I stirred, she moved up against me on the pillow.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked. "Yes," I said. "Did you?"

"Of course. Who was in charge?" she asked, biting my shoulder. "You were," 

I admitted. "I was yours."

"Then you make breakfast," she replied, smiling. I crawled out of the

bed and headed for the kitchen.

"One more thing," her voiced drifted after me. I stopped. I felt the wave 

of dissatisfaction before it hit me. 

"Try not to burn the toast like you did yesterday," she smiled. Her skin

made the sheets seem whiter.


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