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Archive-name: Slaves/quenalic.txt


Archive-title: Queen Alice

   I see you in the bar, sitting, beer in hand.  You're watching the band

intently, the music filling your blood.  At the break, I make my way to your

table, ostensibly to talk to one of the musicians there.  I sit down at your

side, brushing against you briefly, seemingly ignorant of the contact.  But

I'm watching your reaction.  I feel you twitch, and your heart beats a little

faster.  Good.

   The musician at your table knows me.  We talk briefly, then he leaves us.

I introduce myself.  You look at me, the tactlessness of your youth betraying

your polite instincts.  I lean back in the chair, stretching my long legs, and

allow you a better look.  I pull out a cigarette; you quickly (TOO quickly)

light it.  While I was not looking for the kill, and I am not dressed to hunt,

you are too willing a victim to leave alone.  You are young and eager. I am

mature and experienced.  It's a wonderful match for now.

   I make two more trips to the bar; you watch me, rolling your eyes wistfully

over my 6'2" frame.  Be careful what you wish for.  The music continues, but

my presence is beginning to fill your blood much more than the music.  You

want to leave, but your ride is on-stage at the moment.  "Can I give you a

ride home?", I ask.  You eagerly accept, and the trap is sprung.

   We get into the car, and I note with amusement that you're sitting a re-

spectful distance away.  I drive off, and as I make the first turn, you sud-

denly rediscover your voice.  "I forgot to tell you where I live.", you say,

sheepishly.  I pull the car over, unfasten my seat belt, and lean over you,

pinning you to the seat.  I kiss you aggressively.  It's a good kiss.  Tongues

duel actively.  My hands, one on your chest, the other, pressing against your

thigh, give me a physical sense of your reaction.  My presence fills your

senses and your soul.  I pull away, composed.  You are anything but.  What

made you think I meant your home, silly boy?  I hear you swallow.  You're a-

fraid of me.  This isn't the last time you'll know that feeling.

   We drive on, as your fear and your fantasies battle in you.  I can almost

hear them in the silence of the car.  When we arrive at my house, I wait for

you to try and run away.  It would be a long walk back to the bar, but some

try anyway.  You don't run, and it would seem that your fantasies have won the

battle.  As I close the front door behind us, it is definitely too late for

you to reconsider.  I pull you to me for another kiss.  Surprise at my aggres-

sion delays your response, so eager and welcome when it comes.  I caress your

manhood through your pants.  It is time.  We are both ready.

   I lead you up the stairs to my bedroom, where the first of many surprises

awaits.  I wait for you outside the bathroom, and pull your pants down when

you come out.  I guide you, stumbling, with your pants around your ankles

towards the bedroom.  Both of us laugh.  You for the absurdity of walking with

pants around the ankles, and I in anticipation of the reality that your fan-

tasy has not prepared you for.  I open the bedroom door, and gently urge you

to enter first.  I hear the gasp of surprise as you regard Ann, my maidser-

vant, who is sitting on the bed, naked.

   "Mistress?", she queries.  Her blonde hair covers her petite breasts, and

her blue eyes regard me, awaiting my command.  I feel a little twinge of de-

sire for her, but I am busy holding you tightly, and blocking your exit.  I

command Ann to service you.  Your struggles subside as Ann takes you in her

warm, soft, wet mouth, and fellates you with the loving care I commanded.

   I undress, watching you stroke Ann's hair with bliss on your face.  "He

wants to fuck you, Ann.  I want him to fuck you."  Ann lay on the bed, parted

thighs inviting you.  You look at me nervously.  I smile and nod, and you

mount my maidservant.  Her legs wrap around your back, as her wet cunt wel-

comes you.  Your lust begins to take over, and you pump at her enthusiasti-

cally, forgetting about me.  I reach into the drawer, and pull out some toys.

I smile to myself, knowing that you are unaware of my existence, let alone my


   I hear your breathing get more ragged, and Ann moans happily at your

thrusts.  The room smells of sex.  I quietly approach you from behind, but you

couldn't stop now if your life depended on it.  I push the greased anal probe

into your ass and hear you grunt in pain and pleasure.  Every muscle in your

body goes stiff, and then you jerk violently as I twist the probe.  You ex-

plode into Ann, triggering her orgasm.  I stimulate you from within, Ann's

cunt stimulates you from without, and you moan and jerk uncontrollably each

time I move the probe.  Finally, you give one last shudder, and collapse on

top of Ann as I withdraw the probe.

   You are handcuffed before you have strength to fight it.  "What are you do

-ing?", you ask, frightened.  I drag you down the steps, any further protest

stilled by the panties I stuffed in your mouth.  Then we go to the basement.

Ann follows us quietly.  I turn on the light, and watch the fear grow in your

eyes as you regard my dungeon.  My pussy begins to itch at the sight, and I

tell myself not yet, Alice.

   Ann helps me secure your feet, then adjusts the padded table so I can bend

you over.  The cuffs are removed, and your arms are secured by ropes, then

pulled away from your body.  You are bent over, arms and legs spread, com-

pletely at my mercy.  Ann removes her panties from your mouth, and you immedi-

ately scream for help.  As if anybody could hear you in the soundproofed room.


   Thwack! goes the riding crop  across your butt.  You yelp in real pain, and

tears flow.  I hit you again.  And again.  You are crying freely now, and my

pussy is crying as well.  I have Ann rub some soothing cream on your burning

rear, while I prepare for the next act.  "Kneel, and watch silently, my

slave."  Ann obeys immediately.  She is the well-trained one, isn't she?

   Hanging from a strap around my waist, the dildo touches the separation of

your ass cheeks.  You immediately tense, and beg me not to do it, with a

heart-wrenching sob.  I egg you on, and you beg harder, believing that I may

not do it if you beg hard enough.  I listen to your futile pleas, and watch

the phallus bob with my every movement, getting very excited.  I begin to push

the plastic phallus into you.  You cry in pain and humiliation as I begin to

thrust at you.  I fuck you in the ass.  The role reversal adds intensity to

the feelings I get when the dildo presses against my clit with each forward

thrust.  I revel in the domination, and the throbbing of my clit responds by


   I stop and withdraw, leaving you sobbing, hurt, humiliated, but with an

erect penis.  Your humiliation grows with the realization, as well.  Ann helps

me move the table, and the strain of being supported mostly by your arms shows

on your face.  Your penis begins to shrink.  Ann and I move the barber's chair

in front of you.  You look up, pain, anger, and malice in your eyes.  I sit

regally on my throne, and tease my cunt with the riding crop .  I haven't come

yet, and your mouth is to be the instrument of my orgasm.

   You start to speak, but the crop flicks across your back, leaving fire.

The tears reappear in your eyes, washing away the anger and malice in them.

Our eyes lock.  "You will suck my pussy until I come."  Ann begins to play

with your penis, and you moan at her touch.  She stops as soon as you show

pleasure.  "Suck my pussy.", I state.  You don't move.  The riding crop 

touches you, and you flinch.  Ann teases you, and I quietly repeat, "Suck my

pussy..."  It isn't long before you tentatively strain towards me.

   "What are you trying to do?", I whisper.  Your head moves closer to my wet,

musky cunt, but the chair is too low for you to reach it.  "Say it.", I urge.

"Say you want to suck your mistress' pussy."  Ann continues to tease your

cock.  You lose all resistance.  "I want to suck your pussy, please."  I don't

react, and there is a long silence.  "Mistress."  The word is whispered, with

more than a hint of distaste, but it's good enough for now.

   Ann leaves you and jacks up the chair at my signal.  Your mouth fastens on

my cunt, tongue driving into me, and bolts of electricity charge through my

body.  My hips thrust at you as I gasp in joy.  The riding crop  falls to the

floor and I grab your head with both hands.  I push your face between my legs,

thrusting my hips forward, and smothering you in my juices.  You suck on my

clit, and the orgasm I had been working on all night arrives with full impact.

   I scream loudly, but I can't breathe.  Vivid colors flash like strobes

around me, and my hips shake, pumping up and down without conscious thought.

I am no longer capable of conscious thought, no longer in control.  My entire

body is on fire, and it radiates from where your tongue comes in contact.  I

moan incoherently, panting, then not breathing, heart racing, then stopping.

I am unaware of anything except the ecstasy of this moommmeeennnnntt...

   I am dimly aware of a wetness at my breasts.  The fire has gone out, re-

placed by a warmth all over my body.  I can breathe, and my heart has resumed

beating.  As my sight returns, Ann is tonguing my breast. You are still sus-

pended, in obvious pain.  I tell Ann to loosen your arms, and release your

legs.  You fall to your knees immediately.  Your body is too sore to move.  I

approach slowly, kneel in front of you, and kiss you ferociously, to reward

you for my orgasm.  I taste myself in your mouth, and fondle your cock gently.

   You are excited, but too stiff and sore to move.  You want me.  You can't

have me just yet.  Ann and I raise you to your feet, and lock your legs again,

but they are spread only a little bit so you can stand.  We pull your arms

skyward.  I stand in front of you as Ann fastens the dildo and its harness

around me.  Your eyes plead silently, but no cry or protest escapes your lips.

I walk behind you, and play with your flaccid cock.  I kiss you, making you

respond, despite yourself.  Your cock grows, headed to full erection as I play

with you, and you moan sweetly into my mouth.

   You moan in pain as I force the dildo between your cheeks.  You cry, but

the humiliation of the act is more responsible for the tears.  I begin to pump

at you, wrapping my hand around your penis, and stroking you in time with my

thrusts.  You are responding fully to me, pain and pleasure fighting for con-

trol of your body.  I lean over and kiss you, and you give in completely to

me, humiliated in ways that you had not dreamed.  Your tongue searches my

mouth urgently, passionately.  It's not long until you growl and grunt.  Ann

kneels in front of your twitching cock.

   I stroke your cock and pump at your ass.  The first white spurt hits her in

the chin, and I watch your sperm fly through the air, propelled by the con-

tractions that I am causing.  You shudder massively, and go limp after the

last spurt leaves you.  I withdraw to attend to my maidservant.  I clean her

lovingly of your come, and she kisses me gratefully for the pleasure.

   You are released, and led docilely to the bedroom upstairs.  I kiss Ann

goodnight, then you.  It is a torrid, torrid kiss, and you are mine.  You have

done well tonight, and tomorrow is my day off.  You still have much to learn.

 ***** This could be part 1, or could be the end. Feedback, please...


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