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Archive-name: Slaves/paulina2.txt


Archive-title: Paulina's Bondage and Discpline - 2


Part II



Thank you all for your comments and suggestion.  Part II is finally

here.  Hope you enjoy it!



Last bit of part 1 we saw Paulina standing in the corner getting

whipped by a leather strap.  She is wondering how and if she will

ever get out of this situation.



     Paulina could hear and feel the leather strap slapping her

buttocks.  Paulina's eyes were filled with tears as the Master

continued to whip Paulina.  Finally Paulina screamed out in utter

pain.  Paulina felt as though she could not take it any more.  The

Master stepped back.  Paulina felt a sense of relief because the

master had stopped whipping her.  Paulina thought could he have

some compassion for me?

     At that moment Paulina could feel the Master put his arms

around her.  The Master began to caress Paulina with his muscular

arms.  Paulina flinched at first but as the Master explored her

body she began to relax.  The Master began to unbutton Paulina's

blouse.  Within seconds her blouse fell on the floor behind

Paulina.  The Master then ordered, " Step back out of your pants

and remove your bra"  

     Paulina did as she was told and stood before him in her bra

and white cotton panties which were still pulled up between her

buttock cheeks.  The Master reached over and snatched Paulina's bra

off her exposing her 36-D breasts.  " Wow those are nice and firm!"

he exclaimed.

     Paulina's only response was, " thank you".

     "Thank you.  That's thank you Master.  Obviously you haven't

learned who is boss here yet have you? Well I guess I'll just have

to show you won't I!!!"  with that the Master grabbed Paulina and

threw her on the bed.  Paulina felt that this was her chance to get

away and tried to squirm off the bed onto the floor.  The Master

got wind of what Paulina was attempting to do and grabbed her hands

behind her back and bound her with his belt.  

     Paulina's hands were now bound behind her back.  Paulina

screamed in panic still trying to get away.  The Master then

flipped Paulina over and began smacking her face with his hand.  It

didn't take much to make Paulina stop but the Master slapped her at

least ten times across her face to teach her a lesson.  " From this

point on you are not to speak unless you are spoken to.  Is that


     Paulina's painful reply was, " Yes Master ".  With that the

Master gagged Paulina with a heavy gag.  This gag was not just a

piece of cloth in her mouth but had a sort of sucker in it to keep

her mouth open.  " This should keep you quit" the Master laughed.






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