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Archive-name: Slaves/paulina1.txt


Archive-title: Paulina's Bondage and Discipline - 1


Part I


     It all began on an rather normal day.  Something was to happen

 to a nice girl today that would change her life forever.  Paulina

Stuntz was a women that seemed to others as a women with

determination.  Paulina was a symbol of today's modern women.  She

had a well paying job as well as a career.  Paulina was the type of

women that would never take shit from anyone.  Don't get me wrong

Paulina was not a manly women.  Paulina wore silk and satin, took

long bubble baths, and on special occasions spent hours in

preparation of herself.  Paulina seemed to have it all; although

one idea remained back within her mind.  It was her submissive

side.  Everyday Paulina had to make her own decisions, fight her

own battles, and on dates well once again make all the decisions

for the men.  Paulina felt today's men were wimpy and longed for a

real man.

     On a day like today Paulina set out for work in her new 1993

Honda Prelude, red of course!  As she traveled to work she

fantasized about the perfect man and what he would be like. 

Paulina became so caught up in her fantasies she did not realize

she had made a wrong turn and then one.  Paulina pulled over and

looked around.  None of the street signs looked familiar to her. 

She thought to her self, " How could I have made this mistake, I

travel the same way to work everyday! " Paulina seemed unsure of

herself as she stepped out of the car. 

     To her surprise a tall man with a medium built stood before

her.  Paulina was startled at first sight of him and grabbed in

desperation for her car door handle.  It was too late the strange

man had grabbed hold of Paulina.  The man said, "Please don't

scream!"  as he put his hand over her mouth " I think destiny has

brought us together!"

     At this time Paulina was stunned and obeyed his commands.  The

man lead Paulina into the house and sat her on one of the living

room sofas.  It was a simple house with rather shabby decor; 

something of the garage sale nature.  This did not surprise Paulina

the house fit the man's appearance.  This man Paulina saw before

her was not a typical man she might have dated or even had any

social contact with.  He stood about 6 ft tall, weighted

approximately 210 pound and overpowered Paulina in many ways. 

Paulina herself weighted 130 pounds and stood 5'5" tall.  Paulina

began to quiver as she felt a hard slap come across her face.

The man yelled, "sit still, or else!"

     Or else she thought what?  Paulina began to ponder as she

leaned back on the sofa.  The man said to Paulina, "forget your

life and forget your past.  From this day on I am your Master and

you are my Slave.  I will do with you as I please.  You are mine

from this moment forth."  Paulina quivered in shock with what she

had just heard, forever!

     The Master then grabbed the back of Paulina's hair and dragged

her into the bedroom.  Paulina cried out in pain.  Never had she

been treated this way by anyone.  The more she cried the more the

Master slapped her.  He commanded, " the more you cry the more

you'll get it!"  With that statement he threw her on the bed and

began to undo her shear rayon pants.  The pants she wore had a

zipper in the back which made them quite accessible to the Master. 

With a firm tug the Master had pulled her pants down past her knees

to expose her white french cut cotton panties.  " How cute"  the

Master said as he rubbed his hard cock.  Within that moment the

Master ordered Paulina to stand up and walk to the corner.  Paulina

stood up wearily and waddled to the corner with her pants still

around her ankles.  She felt completely embarrassed and ashamed of

her sense of vulnerability.

     The Master ordered her to keep her head turned away from him

and to have her eyes fix upon the wall.  Paulina could here a

clanging sound in the background and was tempted to look although

she did not dare.  She had already felt what disobedience could

bring to her.  As she stood there she felt a cold breeze on her

almost bare buttocks.  Paulina wondered what the Master had on his

list next for her.   

     Paulina felt as though she stood in that corner forever as the

Master made strange noises behind her.  Suddenly Paulina heard the

Master order her to pull her good girl panties up between her

cheeks to expose her buttocks.  Paulina did as she was told and

stood there uncomfortable and embarrassed.  The Master said, "Now

it is time for me to give you the beating of your life.  I need to

discipline a bitch like you into being a good slave. I shall spare

you no mercy!"  Paulina felt ashamed and scared to be in the

position she was in.  With that she felt a leather strap slap

across her buttocks.  Again and Again the leather strap slapped

across her buttocks.  Paulina tried to move, in order to get away

from the leather strap's bit, but wasn't able to.  Her cotton

panties dug deep into her wedge as she began to weep.  Again and

Again,  the whipping seemed to worsen as time went on.  The Master

yelled obscenities Paulina was not sure she had ever heard before. 

Paulina wondered when and if she would ever get out of this





Part II  Coming soon!  



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