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Archive-name: Slaves/partytoy.txt

Archive-author: Erika Dale

Archive-title: Party Toy

    The past week has gone very slowly.  My journey into total submission

    and humiliation began a week ago.  Saturday I visited the home of a

    very well known Mistress, at first it was just to serve as a French

    Maid at a party that she held last Saturday.  When it was over,

    instead of being released to go home, I remained in cuffs and chains

    and Mistress Catherine looked me over with a very sly grin.

    "Erika, you have done very well my dear.  All of my guest complimented

    me on how well you, Susan, and Chris served this evening.  Because you

    have done so well, I have decided to retain your services for future

    use and have decided to put the following week to good use to prepare

    you for a B&D party I am giving next weekend."

    "But Mistress Catherine, I have a job and other obligations."

    "When you are in restraints, you are never to talk back to me,

    you are mine, to use as I see fit.  Do you understand?"

    "Yes Mistress."

    "That's much better.  Master John will show you to your cell.

    I guarantee that you will gain much satisfaction for what I have

    planned for you this week, and beyond."

    With that, Master John, Mistress Catherine's lover clipped a leash to

    my collar and I was led upstairs and locked in my cell.  Before the

    door slammed shut, Master John released me from all of my restraints.

    Susan and Chris were already secured in their cells.

    My cell was in the middle.  Access was gained through a door made up

    of thick steel bars.  It looked like a prison cell in and woman's

    prison movie.  All three cells shared a bathroom with no privacy.

    Access to the bathroom was via request through an intercom that

    unlocked one of the three doors from each of the cells.  This would

    prohibit the tree of us getting in one cell together, unless Mistress

    Catherine wanted it so.  The bathroom with its' toilet and shower

    stall, afforded no privacy, which in and

of itself, was very humiliating.  The cell was about 6 foot by 8 foot,

containing a cot, small dresser, mirror, and vanity.  From each of our

cells, we could look across the hallway into a very well equipped dungeon,

where I was now sure that I was going to be exploited.

    "What's going on here?" I screamed, now shaking viably.

    "You are now just another member of Mistress Catherine's stable of

    sex slaves." Chris replied.

    "About to be fully trained for a life as a submissive sex slave.

    When you are done, you will have been used sexually by dominant men,

    in ways that you can only dream of." Added Susan.

    Just as she finished, the intercom clicked on, it was Mistress


    "You girls are to get prepared for bed, we have a very long day's

    training tomorrow.  Susan, you go first, followed by Chris, and

    then Erika.  Please put on the black babydoll teddies, and when you

    three are ready, stand in front of your cells and John will secure

    you in for the evening.  I want no talking between the three of you

    or you all will be severely disciplined."

    I really did not know what to do, but I knew the last thing I wanted

    to do was displease Mistress Catherine.  Retribution would be swift

    and painful.  I decided just to go along and hope that by the end

    of the day tomorrow I would be released.  Yet in a way, I found

    the situation very exciting.  I was a submissive, preop TS, or so

    I thought.  Maybe I was a TV, but I wasn't sure.  What I did know

    that I had always enjoyed dressing up in pretty feminine things,

    and as I explored the world of B&D BBSs, I enjo

yed being involved in scenes.  This was especially true when I was

forced to dress up, be bound and photographed, and then used sexually by

dominant men.  Now it seemed that all my fantasies were about to be turned

into reality, and I was not in any sort of control over the situation,

however it might unfold.

    Susan and Chris were real girls, or at least I thought.  Like myself,

    they were attired as French Maids to serve the guests this evening.

    Thankfully serving tonight meant just that, serving drinks and food

    and then cleaning up after the guests.  My ass and breasts were

    squeezed a few times, but that was the extent of the sexual contact

    this evening.

    When we were finished and dressed as ordered, the three of us stood

    at the front of our cells.  Above the doorway in front of us, a video

    camera scanned all three of us.  Soon there after, I heard John walk

    up the stairs.  He was holding a box and unlocked my cell first.

    I gave some thought to trying to escape, but I knew it was helpless as

    the home was miles from the closest neighbor, it was cold outside and

    all I was dressed in was this thin, sexy, silk teddy and high heels.

    John instructed me to lie face down on the bed and I complied.

    Next my wrists and ankles were cuffed and attached to mounting points

    on the bed.  Next a collar was attached to my neck and secured to

    the bed.  Finally a huge dildo was stuffed in my mouth and snapped

    into place on the bed, making it impossible for me to move my head.

    "Erika, that dildo will be good training for you as you will learn

    to be the best cock sucker in the weeks to come.  Good night my dear."

    As my mouth was stuffed with this intruder, I could only mumble in

    reply.  Susan and Chris were restrained in other unique fashions,

    but I could not see how.  The lights went out as I tried to get

    some sleep.

    The next morning, when I awoke, the latex intruder was still in my

    mouth, and my jaw was sore.  My wrists and ankles were also very

    tender as they were still restrained by the leather cuffs.  I figured

    that it was about seven o'clock.  I remained in that position for

    what seemed like an eternity, until I heard someone walk up the

    stairs to the cellblock.  Judging from the light sound on the steps,

    I figured that it was a woman, Mistress Catherine perhaps?

    "Good morning my little pets, wake up you little bitches, it is time

    to get to work."

    Yes it was Mistress Catherine.  I could only wonder what she meant

    by time to get to work.  From the sounds on each side of me, it was

    obvious that Susan and Chris were being released first.  Finally it

    was my turn.  What a relief it was to have my collar released so I

    didn't have the thick dildo stretching out my mouth.

    When I finally got up, I could see that both Susan and Chris

    were dressed in black leotards, pink tights, and white Reeboks.

    Mistress Catherine handed me the same outfit.

    "Erika, pleased get dressed for your first aerobics workout.  You have

    a long way to go before men can see that feminine body we are going

    to develop for you."

    In addition to the aerobics outfit, I was provided with a sport

    bra and a pair of tiny panties, both in pink.  While I got dressed,

    Master John was in Susan's cell, placing her in restrains, I guess

    for transportation to where ever we were being taken for our workout.

    Though Mistress Catherine was still in my cell, I removed my teddy

    and put on the bra and panties.  I could see that Master John was

    enjoying my humiliation.  Then I slipped on the tights and leotard

    before lacing up my Reeboks.  With my coc

k pulled back between my legs, and held tight by the elastic panties,

I had a very smooth appearance in the front, and the sport bra's outline

was very visible under the lycra leotard.   When I was done dressing,

I too was placed into restraints.  Cuffs and chains between my ankles

and wrists, a collar around my neck.

    Next all three of us girls were brought our of our cells and a length

    of chain was attached to the back of my collar.  It was attached

    to the front of Susan's collar, and finally a length of chain was

    attached to the back of her collar and connected to the front of

    Chris' collar.  All three of us were ready to be transported to

    our workout.

    We didn't need to be taken far.  In fact the workout room was in

    the basement.  Before we started, Mistress Catherine unhooked me

    and put me on a scale.  She was unhappy with what she saw.  As I

    was 5'8", 159 pounds was entirely unsatisfactory to her.  She took

    a clipboard off the wall and made a few notes.

    "Erika, when you are finished with training this week, I expect you to

    be at 149 pounds.  That means that you must loose 2 pounds per day.

    Then you will be suitable to be exhibited and sold at auction to

    one of my friends."

    It quickly sunk in, I was being prepared to be sold off as a sex

    slave.  My wildest fantasy was about to become a reality and I became

    really scared.  What was to become of me?  All of the fantasies

    I've held since childhood, to be dressed all the time as a woman,

    to serve men as a woman should, snapped into my mind.  Was it all

    really happening?  Yes it was as I received a smack across my butt,

    signaling me that it was time to start the workout.

    And what a workout it was.  Aerobics, dance, situps, you name it,

    we did it, all under Mistress Catherine's expert instruction.

    Since it was very hot in the basement, I was sweating profusely.

    For the first time in my life, I was sweating like a female athlete

    and there were sweat stains on my leotard, further outlining my bra.

    I thought of all the female tennis players and what they look like

    on TV when they sweat while playing a match on a hot day.  Now I

    was just like them.

    About one our into the workout, we stopped for a few minutes to get

    a drink of Gatorade.  As we were not allowed to have any breakfast,

    I was really starving but since I knew that I had ten pounds to lose,

    I knew it made no sense to ask for something to eat.

    After the short break, I was told to mount the stationary bike and

    ride ten miles.  Mistress Catherine said that it should take me about

    an hour.  When I was done, I would be assigned to the step machine.

    Doing as I was told, I mounted the bike and peddled furiously.

    About 45 minutes later, the speedometer read ten miles.  I was quite

    satisfied and decided to continue to pedal until told by Mistress

    Catherine to stop.

    The workout continued until one o'clock when there was a break for

    what was called lunch, a cup of yogurt and more Gatorade.  After a

    half an hour break, the workout continued, this time I was assigned

    to a treadmill and told to run five miles, an assignment that was

    to take no more than an hour, at a 12 minute mile pace.  I didn't

    think that would be a problem, but I was both hungry and tired.

    Yet I completed the request with much time to spare.  The conclusion

    of the workout was a dance routine that was

 very hard for me to follow which was very feminine.  This went on for

 thirty minutes, after which I was ready to collapse.  I was a mess and

 while I was slumped over, Master John grabbed me from behind and placed

 me back into the restraints for the trip back up to our cells.

    Have you every been chained to two sweaty, female bodies?  Well I

    have and we smelled terrible.  The walk up the three flight of stairs

    to our cells was truly painful.  What was more painful was that only

    one of us could use the shower at a time and my turn came up last.

    Until it was my turn, I lay on the floor, totally exhausted.

    When I was done with my shower, I heard some instructions come over

    the intercom.  It was Mistress Catherine.  All three of us were

    instructed what to wear.  In my case it was a very tight corset,

    black strapless merriwidow, black panties and stockings, and a short

    black knit dress with a sweetheart neckline, exposing my shoulders

    in a sexy fashion.  I was also told to put on matching black patent

    leather pumps.

    Susan was dressed the same way except that her dress was red and

    Chris' dress was white.  I guess in a way, we looked like sisters.

    It was very silent as talking between us was forbidden and we knew

    that the cells were bugged and that everything we said could be heard

    by Mistress Catherine and Master John.  After I put on my dress, I

    worked at my vanity on my makeup.  In spite of the situation I found

    myself in, I wanted to look as pretty and as feminine as I could.

    Both Chris and Susan were very attract

ive and served as role models for me.  Chris was about 5'2, no more than

110 pounds, a brunette with brown eyes.  Susan was almost my height, a

dirty blond with blue eyes that I figured weighed about 130 to 135 pounds.

Both had great figures that I was envious of.

    As for myself, I was 5'8" something under 159 pounds after the day's

    workout, a brunette with green eyes.  My most feminine attribute were

    my long legs, legs that look great peeking out from under a short

    skirt in sheer stockings.  I especially enjoyed being in very high

    heels, 4 inches or higher which insured that my tush would wiggle when

    I walked.  When I was done applying my makeup, I was very satisfied.

    I did not look as attractive as either of my slave sisters, but I

    was very passable and presentabl

e.  Dressed as I was, in the short, tight dress, I realized that I would

be very easy for a man to take advantage of if he wanted.  As I thought

of that, a chill went up my spine.

    After a while, Master John came up for the three of us.  I was

    surprised that we were not restrained, but I was thankful.  We were

    lead down to the dining room where dinner was about to be served.

    There was another maid serving the five of us and it was nice to be

    served for a change.  Neither of my slave sisters had anything to

    say, in fact unless spoken to, it was understood that none of the

    three of us were to speak.

    Mistress Catherine and Master John did all of the talking.  Mistress

    Catherine explained that I shouldn't worry about my job or any

    other of my obligations, that everything would be taken care of.

    The training schedule would continue all week and that by Saturday

    evening, all three of us would be fully prepared to be the featured

    attractions at the first scheduled slave auction of the season.

    We would be auctioned off for an entire week of sexual servitude,

    submission, and humiliation.  When it was done,

 we would be returned to her for further evaluation.

    After dinner was completed we were returned to our cells and

    restrained for the evening after we changed into out teddies.

    As was the case the night before, I had the huge dildo inserted into

    my mouth for the duration of the evening.  Mistress Catherine said

    that this for of training would save me much pain in the future as

    many of her men friends had huge cocks and that I was being marketed

    as a very oral submissive.  After we were secured, the lights were

    turned off and I attempted to go asleep.

    By Thursday, the training was almost completed.  Through a very strict

    control over how many calories I consumed, my weight was now down

    to 148 pound, one pound below the minimum.  Mistress Catherine was

    very happy and the workout Thursday ended at three.  We were taken

    back to our cells and I alone was instructed to put on a blouse and

    skirt ensemble after my shower, which was scheduled first.  When I

    was done, John came into my cell and handed me a coat  and told me

    to get made up as Mistress Catherine w

as taking me out shopping.  I did as I was instructed and in 15 minutes

I was ready.  Thankfully I was not put into any restraints.  I was told

to get into the car as we were all going to a store.

    About 20 minutes later we arrived at a small specialty shop, Millie's

    Lingerie and Corset Shoppe.  I knew what that meant, I was going to

    be fitted with a proper corset now that my weight was down to the

    proper level.  Millie was one of Mistress Catherine's closest friends,

    a Mistress herself, who was deeply involved in petticoat traing.

    She was familiar with cases such as mine and I was immediately taken

    into the fitting rooms that were in the rear.

    Among other ladies who were changing, I was told to take off my

    blouse, skirt, and bra.  As expected I did as I was told and then

    handed a very severe corset with a built in push up bra.  As soon

    as I got it on, Millie began to lace it tightly.  Before I knew it,

    I could hardly breathe.  With short breaths, I tried to adjust and

    was able to but not without much discomfort.  Next I was measured.

    My new statistics were 36-25-37, not too bad, if I do say so myself.

    Mistress Catherine was very pleased and sh

e and Millie commented on how much I was likely to bring at the slave

auction and who among their circle of friends would end up with me.

Millie hoped that it would be their friend Willie, who they knew had

the largest cock.  Both mentioned how painful it would be for me if he

decided that he was going to fuck me.  I could only cringe.

    When I was done with my fitting, I got dressed, but I kept the

    corset on.  Getting back into the car was very difficult but

    Mistress Catherine said I would get used to it, as I would to the

    other changes she had in store for me.

    The next stop, before we returned home, was a ear piercing clinic.

    I didn't have to be told what that meant.  Although it was not part

    of my original limits, to resist would be no use and in reality,

    I knew that having my ears pierced was essential.  Upon entering I

    was introduced to Linda and told to sit down.  Mistress Catherine

    said that she wanted me pierced twice in each lobe, as that should

    be feminine enough for me at the present time.  Although I wanted

    to resist, it was no use.  My wrists were st

rapped into the chair and before I knew it, it was over with four

stinging pricks.  A pair of large hoops now dangled from my lower lobes

while little CZ studs were inserted in the upper piercings.

    While I was recoving from this humiliation, Mistress Catherine pushed

    up my skirt ans pulled down my panties exposing my tiny cock.

    "Linda, do you think this worthless skin should be pierced?"

    "Maybe, but maybe you should wait to see who buys her and leave it

    up to him."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing, these two women were

    discussing what some man was likely to do to me after I was sold.

    As I felt the throbbing pain in my ears, I could not believe what

    was happening to me, what I was being reduced to.

    When they were done humiliating me, it was time to go to our next

    stop, a leather specialty store.   There we were met by another of

    Mistress Catherine's friends, Master Robert.

    "Hello Catherine, is this the young lady who will be auctioned off

    Saturday night"

    I couldn't believe it, did everyone in town know what was going on

    at Catherine's Saturday evening?

    "Yes Robert she is, this is Erika, my newest submissive.  As a man,

    what do you think?"

    Robert took a few minutes looking me over before he had a reply.

    "I think SHE is truly lovely, a real tribute to your abilities.

    I'd never know that she wasn't what she looked like unless you had

    told me in advance.  You know if I was interested in that type of

    girl, she'd be fine with me.  A couple of the guys in your group

    are sure to find her very attractive."

    "Well I need to find the right dress for when she goes up on the

    block.   I think you know what I have in mind."

    "Why certainly.  Why don't you take Erika into the changing room

    and I'll grab what you're looking for, size 11, right?"

    "Yes I think so, especially with the corset she's been fitted with.

    I'll meet you in the dressing room."

    "What did you think of my friend Bob, Erika?  He thinks you're

    very attractive."

    "I think he's cute and I'm very flattered that he finds me attractive

    even though he's not interested in girls like me."

    "I'm not so sure that he's not interested my dear."

    When he returned it was with a very supple leather tank dress.  Its'

    most unique feature was a combination zipper/kick pleat in the rear.

    Soon I would know why it was selected after I put it on.  It was

    black, very soft, but was very tight.  Between the hem and my corset,

    my movement was severely restricted.

    "Erika, knowing Maries friends as well as I do, it's obvious that

    with a cute ass like yours, thath they will want to bend you over

    Catherine's horse.  When they do, you'll be able to keep your dress on

    and all they'll have to do is unzip it to gain access to that cute,

    tight ass of yours.  I'm sure that you will be the belle of the ball

    as you look both adorable and delicious in that dress."

    As I was pushed in front of a full length mirror, I knew he was right.

    If I had been a real man, I would have found the woman staring back

    at me irresistable.  I knew that I was going to be used brutally

    if I was placed in a room of men dressed like this, especially

    while helplessly restrained.  I knew that my days as a virgin were

    numbered, that Saturday evening, I was going to be deflowered.

    I was sure of that.

    That was the last stop of the day for Thrusday.  By the time we

    returned to Mistress Catherine's, it was after eight, and that left

    little time for dinner.  In this case it was a 300 calorie diet

    microwave dinner.  After that I was returned to my cell and secured

    for the night.

    Friday was a day of very heavy workouts and Mistress Catherine was

    very pleased that my weight fell below 145.  She was sure that by

    tomorrow night I would have a 26 inch waist.  Saturday brought another

    surprise as I was brought into town again, this time t a beauty

    salon where my hair was permed, my body waxed, and I received both

    a manicure and a pedicure.  By the time I was returned to Mistress

    Catherine's, it was time to get prepared.

    By the time seven o'clock rolled around all three of us were ready.

    Susan and Chris were both wearing beautiful silk chemises with no

    panties, stockings and very high heels.  I suspected that Mistress

    Catherine had something special in store for the.  I was dressed

    in my new corset and leather dress.  In addition I had on black

    stockings and 5 inch black patent leather pumps.  My make up was

    somewhat heavy but that is how I was instructed to prepare myself.

    Mistress Catherine took special care to instruct

 me to outline my lips and use the brightest red lipstick in my inventory.

 With my fresh perm and 36-26-37 figure, I gave away little to my two

 slave sisters.

    A little bit after 8, Master John came up to get us.  We were

    restrained as when we made our entrance many guests had already

    arrived.  As we were lead into the huge playroom, I was not prepared

    for what I saw.  In the center of the room were three restraing

    devices.  The first was Mistress Catherine's horse, in the middle

    was a short podium with a collar hanging down from the rafters

    above it, and finally there was what looked like a gynacologists

    examinationchair, complete with stirrup restraints.

    First Susan was released and secured to the horse, with her ass

    facing forward.  I was next and was lead up to the podium where I was

    collared, my ankles secured, and my hands were cuffed together, and

    with a short length of chain, attached to the front of the collar.

    I knew that my hands were in position to fondle cocks before they

    were inserted between my painted ruby red lips.

    Finally Chris was secured into the contraption on my right.  When the

    restraints were completed, I realized that the guests this evening

    would have their choice of an ass, mouth, or pussy.  I felt totally

    helpless ans many men came up to me and examined me closely.  They all

    seemed to comment on what a pretty mouth I had and how I looked like

    I was waiting for a huge cock to suck on.  They were right.

    A little bit after eight, Mistress Catherine made an announcement.

    Every guest would take part in a lottery to decide if they were

    to receive an ass, mouth, or pussy for their sexual satisfaction.

    After the guest received his chip, red for ass, black for mouth,

    white for pussy, they could trade it for one of their liking if

    they could find a suitable partner.  Since Susan was wearing red,

    red chips were to use Susan's ass, black were to match my black

    leather outfit, and white matched up to Chris' linger


    It took about ten minutes for all the men to get a chip and then ten

    minutes more before the trades were completed.  Then lots were drawn

    to see who was first and by nine o'clock, the sex began.  But not

    before trays of condoms were placed in front of all of the slaves.

    Thankfully, the condoms to be used on my mouth were flavored with a

    hint of strawberry and it wasn't long before I was fondling my first

    cock, getting it hard so I could place on it a condom before it was

    rammed down my throat.  While this

 was going on, both Susan and Chris were violated as well.  Everyone was

 moaning with sexual pleasure and others, while they were waiting to use

 us, were busy photographing and videotaping the festivities.  It was

 quite a sight to behold, side by side by side, three studs were enjoying

 themselves fully, each being able to watch the others if they liked.

    This went on for several hours.  I had sucked so many cocks that

    I lost count.  My jaw hurt terribly.  Sometime after 11, the men

    were finished and we were removed from our sex stations.  We were

    brought up to our cells to get refreshed before we were auctioned off,

    which as going to start at midnight.

    As the clock struck 12, I was paraded up on the podium to meet

    my fate.   I received a very enthusiastic round of applause when the

    men were asked if I was a good cock sucker.  As I was on the podium,

    Mistress Catherine rattles off all of my feminine attributes.  Then I

    was turned around, told to bend over and she unzipped the pleat of

    my skirt, exhibiting shamelesly my virgin ass as my panties were

    pulled down.

    The bidding went on fast and furious, and it didn't stop until it

    reached $700.  That meant that I was sold for $100 per day for the

    next week.  The buyer appeared from the back of the room and was

    introduced as William.  My worst fears were founded as I knew that

    the virgin ass that had been exhibited ten minutes earlier, would

    remain virgin not much longer.

To be continued...


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