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Archive-name: Slaves/ow3.txt

Archive-author: Road Rat

Archive-title: OW3 - The Outrageous Women Collection

Outrageous Women, "A journal of woman-to-woman S/M" was

published in the mid to late 80's and seemed to have

disappeared from existence in 1988.  The magazine used a

volunteer staff which produced excellent copy.  Anyone know

what happened?  Here is one of their stories:

First Date

By Road Rat

     I always wanted to go on a date with a femme who wore a

mini-skirt.  This was the night!  All evening long, I had to

keep rubbing the crotch of my beat-up button fly jeans for

some relief, anticipating your soft cunt hidden away from my

view.  Your short denim skirt and huge tits spilling over

the top of your tight V-neck shirt were sending all the

butches at the Marquee into turmoil.  I got off on their

frustration cuz you were taken tonight; you were mine.  At

least they weren't stupid enough to make any moves; no one

was badder than me, plus I belonged to one hell of a tough-

dyke motorcycle club.

     You bop down the length of the bar, looking outrageous

and trashy, and loving every minute of it.  I proudly watch

your strong curvacious legs, notice the hungry eyes

following you and I stare them all down as you place your

hands on my shoulders, prominently placing its and cleavage

very close to my mouth.  Flirtatious little bitch.

     You finish the last of my beer and yell something, tug

at my beltloop, and we're on the dance floor.  Holding you,

I feel every curve, the bra strap tight across your back,

nice round hips, and even rounder ass.  My fingertips just

touch the tip of your skirt.  It's all I can do not to grab

your thighs right there on the dance floor.  But this is our

first date and I want to be "good".

     We can't stand it any longer.  You back away, exerting

gentle pressure on my biceps, taut and muscular from years

of biking, weight lifting, and dancing too close to hot

women.  Time to get out of here!  We climb into my truck.

Usually the only time I drive four wheels is when it rains,

but when you're on a date with a femme in a mini-skirt, she

can't be a passenger on a motorcycle.  AT least not the

first date.

     I crank up a Springsteen tape and try to keep my eyes

off your thighs and on the road.  Nothing better than

cruising around on a sultry summer night... but I have

better plans.  We haul ass back to my place and

unfortunately all my roommates are home, making what I want

to do a little uncool.  I drive into the garage and park the

truck.  Three silent motorcycles stare blankly at us from

the other side of the garage.  You admire the bikes, bit of

chrome highlighted in the darkness.  The smell of hot oil

permeates the humid hot air.

     I don't let you leave the garage.  "Get in the back of

the truck."  I pull down the tailgate and throw a couple of

blankets onto the truck bed.  You look at me is disbelief,

but I slam the garage door shut and chain it from the

inside.  We're both in the back of the truck, barely able to

see in the darkness.  "Lie down", I command, and you do.

I'm working over you, and very quickly, grabbing rope I use

to tie down motorcycles and firmly lashing you spread-eagled

inside the truck bed.  "A lot easier than roping in a bike",

I grin.

     Your head is on the tailgate end, and wide open legs

facing the cab.  I lean up against the rear window and can

finally see all the way up that hot mini-skirt.  Your cunt

is quivering beneath your lace panties.  I rub my crotch

some more and unbutton my jeans.  You are either too

surprised or ecstatic to say anything.  I hop off the truck,

whit off my motorcycle shirt, and return with a cold beer

from my garage stash.  I consider driving this rig over to

share you with my biker friends, but no, tonight you are


     Our eyes are finally accustomed to the darkness.  You

watch me casually standing in the truck bed between your

legs.  Hot cunt permeates the humid air...

Road Rat, the author, was mentioned in the magazine "about

to contributors":

 Road Rat: I'm currently sleeping with one of the editors of

this mag so I can get my stories and cartoons in print.  I'm

a handsome butch biker who loves bikin' and fuckin', playing

genderfuck, and reading "Easyriders".


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