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Archive-name: Slaves/ow2.txt

Archive-author: China

Archive-title: OW2 - The Outrageous Women Collection

Outrageous Women, "A journal of woman-to-woman S/M" was

published in the mid to late 80's and seemed to have

disappeared from existence in 1988.  The magazine used a

volunteer staff which produced excellent copy.  Anyone know

what happened?  Here is one of their stories:

Turn About is Fair Play

by China

     I could not help but drool as I watched her writhing in

her bondage, her muscular arms stretched tautly above.  She

was mine, and totally helpless.  I laughed to myself,

thinking that this very woman had once been my dominant and

now I was the one in control.  To make such a female

submissive to me was a great challenge.  You see, it was a

game we played, only this time I had won and she didn't

appreciate the role reversal.  My mouth was watering in

sheer anticipation of what I was going to do to her.

     She was groaning a little too loudly, so I gagged her.

Her eyes grew round in surprise as I slipped the leather gag

into place.  As I slowly unzipped her leather jacket, the

wonderful scent of leather mixed with her sweat greeted my

nostrils.  She wore nothing underneath, so I undid her belt,

unfastened the leather pants, and pulled them down to her

knees, thus restricting her movements even more.

     Then I went to our toy drawer.  I took out the

clothespins slowly so they would have an impact on her.  Her

body stiffened in dread as I taunted her with these hateful

objects.  I grasped one and opened it and closed it a few

inches from her face.  (And to think she had used these on

me so many times before.)  She squirmed as I traced the

length of her body with the menacing toy and suddenly

slipped it into place on her left nipple.  She froze in

shock.  I then reached for the whole bag and busily fastened

clothespins everywhere.  I decorated her earlobes, I trailed

them down her stomach, along her upper arms, and between her

thighs, which were quite damp.

     I knelt in front of her pussy and inhaled her moist

aromas.  I playfully flicked my tongue across her clitoris,

and she responded by swaying her hips.  When I determined

that she had received enough pleasure, without removing my

tongue, I quickly snapped another clothespin on her labia.

She was now groaning furiously through her gag but I went

ahead and added a few more.  She was beginning to look

scared.  That was what I wanted - I wanted her to take me


     I reached for my whip handle and used it to stir the

pins, causing her to pull more at the chains in an attempt

to avoid the torture.  I rustled the clothespins from one

end of her body to another.  She looked so pathetically

funny, I couldn't resist, so I took a few Polaroid pictures.

"For posterity", I told her, as I carefully locked them

away.  Then I reluctantly began removing the clothespins,

one by one.  As I unclasped each pin, I gently rubbed the

swollen area beneath.  At one point, I had to unfasten the

gag so I could hear the sounds she was making.  Her

breathing came fast and hard as I massaged her skin.  My

fingers were soaked as I removed the clothespins between her

thighs; fondly I ran them through her genitalia.  "Make me

come", she demanded.

     "Beg!" I replied.  She grew red in the face.  I loved

it.  She was so frustrated she was ready to burst.  I was

getting to this dominant - I was humiliating her.

     "Please, I'm going crazy", she cried desperately.

     "Beg!" I reiterated.

     I checked her wrist and ankle restraints to see whether

or not they were cutting off her circulation.

     "I'll return in an hour or so.  Maybe you will have

changed your tune by then."  I chuckled wickedly.  "Bye, bye

baby!"  I left her hurling curses and abuses at me.  I

couldn't wait until she go loose - she'd be at her best


China, the author, was mentioned in the magazine "about to


China: has been described by her lover as "a lipstick red

farrari that drives like a limousine.  Unfortunately she

shifts into overdrive at times and can push safety to the

limit.  Therefore, it takes raw nerve to drive her.


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