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Archive-name: Slaves/ow1.txt

Archive-author: Deva

Archive-title: OW1 - The Outrageous Women Collection

Outrageous Women, "A journal of woman-to-woman S/M" was

published in the mid to late 80's and seemed to have

disappeared from existence in 1988.  The magazine used a

volunteer staff which produced excellent copy.  Anyone know

what happened?  Here is one of their stories:


by Deva

     It was late in the day, a Friday in June, and I was

straightening my desk for the summer.  Teaching math to

senior high school students was trying and tiring but it was

my profession of choice.  Here I was, 34 years old, with few

prospects and no love life to speak of.

     The classroom door opened quietly and Maggie Moore, one

of my eighteen year old students, came in and walked to the

desk.  Maggie was a pretty girl - tall, with a slender body,

long legs, and a nice puffy chest that made all of the boy's

eyes open.

     "Miss Brown, I have to talk to you," she began and

walked around to my side of the desk.

     "Of course," I replied as she towered over me.

     "I'm tired of it," she said.  "I know about you and I'm

going to do something about it."

          "You know about it...?  I started, looking up at

her, but before I could finish I felt a hard slap across my

face.  I was infuriated - how dare this youngster strike me!

     "I've been watching you for weeks," Maggie went on with

authority, "and I saw your hesitancies and finally I knew."

     I sat stiffly, listening as this young girl's words

made my spirit weaker and weaker.

     "I knew what you were," she continued strongly, "and

now it's time for me to do take complete control of your


     I couldn't believe that the truth was so obvious to

such a young girl and I was dumb with fear and anticipation.

     "Pamela," she now ordered familiarly, "stand."

     I rose slowly, a deep flush of humanity spreading

across my face and neck.

     "I mean stand and face me," repeated Maggie.  "Keep

your shoulders back, arms at your side, palms forward, and

your feet together."

     I turned toward her and thrust out my ample breasts,

rotating my soft palmed hands forward, and locked my toes

and heels.

     "That's satisfactory for the moment, but we will be

doing something about your posture soon, won't we?"  I

nodded my head as she inspected my rigid body.

     "When I speak to you, Pamela, you will answer me as

Miss Moore.  Do you understand?"  This eighteen year old

female had me and there was nothing I could do about it.

     "Yes, Miss Moore," I meekly replied as a swell of

sensation rose in my loins.

     "I'm glad you're wearing this today," continued Maggie

indicating my white button-down blouse and blue flared mid-

length skirt.  "From now on it will only be skirts and

dresses for you, with heels and stockings.  No slacks and no


     "Now that we have that clear, Pamela, I want you to

show me your pretty tits."

     I was undone.  Here in the middle of my classroom where

anyone might see, ordered by a teenaged martinet to display

my breasts.  My hands went unsteadily to the task.

     "Hurry," she gloated.  "Are your tits as pretty as they

seem, Pamela?"

     "Yes, Miss Moore," I croaked and my hands worked


     "Answer completely, Pamela," she demanded.

     I was being taught the game well.  "Yes, my breasts are

pretty, Miss Moore."  I pulled my blouse free, unhooked my

bra, and stood as prescribed with my firm, bouncing, hard-

nippled breasts free.

     "Shoulders back, Pamela."  Back they went and, of

course, out they came.

     She ran her smooth hands under and around, squeezing

and lifting and massaging the hardening, heaving mounds.

     "Time to nip these nipples," she whispered in my ear.

"First a little tease", closing thumb and forefinger on

flinty projections, "then a very big tweeze", and sharp

fingernails bit in causing a roar of pain and sexual release

to rush over me.

     "Does that feel nice, Pammy?"

     "Yes, it feels nice, Miss Moore."

     "Are you wet, Pammy?"

     "Yes, I'm wet, Miss Moore."

     "But are your panties wet, Pammy?"

     "They feel wet, Miss Moore."

     "Slide them off, quickly, Pammy."

     I could have died at the thought of standing half naked

for anyone to see, but without my panties!  But I obeyed,

slipping out of my pink nylon briefs and holding them meekly

in my hand... the crotch limp with aromatic juices.

     Maggie took them from me.  Like the good little I

wanted to be, I returned to my rigid bare-breasted pose.

     "Very wet, Pammy.  That's nice but very naughty and you

will be spanked a bit... rather a lot, later."

     "Spanked" shot through me like a jolt of electricity

and I moaned just a little, my thighs moist.

     "For now, hold up your chin, Higher."

     I raised my chin to the ceiling knowing for all the

world what I must look like with my long neck stretched and

my big tits,as Maggie would say, arching at attention.

     "Open," she said as her fingers worked between my pink

lips and slid those seeking fingers across the gums and

teeth of my opening mouth.  "More," she insisted and

caressed with thumb and forefinger both front and back of

teeth, gums and tongue.  Especially tongue... slippery

tongue... squirmy tongue... gripping it with those nails and

pulling it all the way out.

     "Keep you mouth wide, Pammy.  Wide... and when you are

told to show your tongue, this is the pose you will assume.

You will do quite a bit of tongue training.  Now, chin up...

tongue out... further... straight, no curl... very cute."

     Maggie then laid the wet panty crotch over my tongue

covering it from front to rear.  Thinking that I knew my

lessons well, I stood bare chested and bare bottomed,

waiting.  Maggie pressed my tongue and pants back into my


     "In. Close. Suck. Harder. Swallow your juices. Obey".

     I being trained, obeyed.  Overwhelmed by humiliation I

began giving up my power, feeling no loss.  After five

minutes of tasting and swallowing my essence for the first

time, reality returned.

     "Put on your blouse, Pamela.  Put your bra and panties

into your desk.  We have this whole wonderful summer holiday

and your lovely apartment to continue your obedience

training.  Come along now."

     I followed behind my young controller, very aware that

my breasts were jiggling saucily under my half-buttoned

blouse. (Another of Maggie's demands, "either half-buttoned,

Pammy, or not buttoned at all".)  I prayed no one would stop

us in the hall or the parking lot.  What could I say to

anyone?  That I was being taken in hand by a woman half my

age to be taught total obedience... and more... willingly!

     Fortunately we reached my car without incident.  She

indicated that I drive, but before I started, Maggie opened

the remaining buttons of my blouse, folding it back, and

pushed my skirt back to my hips.  This assured anyone with

the proper vantage point a clear view, according to Maggie,

of my "hot tits" and "slit.

     That ride home was more than I care to remember.  Once

out of the parking lot my young mistress proceeded with her

program.  Reaching down and adjusting my thighs well apart,

she took a firm grip on my clit.

          "I'm just getting a quick measure of your little

boy part.  Do you love this, little Pamscunt?  Hmmmm?" as

she maneuvered her fingers the little boy part really did

begin to stiffen to the occasion.

     "Yes, I love it, Miss."

     "And so erect, so stalky, so rooty.  Sit erect!"

     Sit erect - tits erect - nips erect - stalk erect -

root erect - clit... Oh, Maggie!  Whizzing down the street

in a pool of my own making, waiting for more.

     Standing before my apartment door, I turned my keys

over to Maggie and realized that life as I knew it until

then would never be the same.  More of my power flowed from

me.  We entered my comfortable space, the door closing


     "Stand still."

     Good little submissives learn to obey, and, of course,

being a good little submissive, my feet came together, palms

forward, and shoulders back.  Maggie pushed off my blouse

and unzipped my skirt.  I stood for the first time

completely nude in the presence of a mistress... my

mistress... the mistress.  More power loss.

     "Stand in that corner."  She pointed to a nearby wall.

Stepping out of the pile of clothes, I approached my place.

     "Press your nose into the corner.  Hands on top of your

head, tits forward, elbows back."

     I was getting dizzy listening to Maggie move about my

apartment opening drawers and doors.  Finally she returned

to the room.

     "Pamela, turn and come here."

     I turned and walked to the center of the room, hands

still on top of my head.  I flushed as I noticed how my

breasts bounced.  I wondered why I should still be

embarrassed.  Maybe I still had some sense of myself.

     "Stand properly and show me your tongue."  Chin up,

tongue out, shoulders back...


     Pressed out and straight, pink and moist.  My "girl's

won prick" as I soon was to hear it described... that

Maggie.  Now she stood in front of me, ovaled her carmined

lips and slid my stiff tongue into her warm mouth.  She

leaked her juiced into me.


     My now lipstick-red tongue slipped in.  Swallowing, my

power disappeared forever.

     "You are mine."

     The truth was out.  There was no denying it.  There was

no resisting it.

     "I am yours, Miss Moore," I agreed submissively and

obediently to this girl half my age.

     She raised a hand and gripped my hair, holding me

fiercely.  Another hand crushed a breast, pinching a nipple.

     "You are completely mine, body, soul, mind.  You have

no will but my will.  Kiss me now, Passionately."

     I knew very little about kissing, much less about

kissing a woman, even less about kissing a girl.  I

presented myself like the good girl I was, soft, timid and

obedient, only to be devoured by her open lips.  Wilting, I

surrendered to her probing tongue and rampant power.

     Sharp slaps to my burning cheeks brought me to a

renewed sense of my position in this relationship.

     "You'll have to learn to do better than that, little

one.  You have to be trained to give a lot more head if you

want to play kissy face with me, Pammy."

     All I could do was stand nude, trembling and panting.

     "I am going to start teaching you how to be responsive

now, little Pammy.  First, I am going to subdue some of that

cute body to put you in the proper frame of mind.  Won't you

like that, little girl?"

     "Yes, I will like what you do."


     She removed, from what I had assumed was an overnight

bag, a pair of shiny steel handcuffs, fixing them to my


     She continued "We are going to clean that little body

of yours, right now.  I like my submissives spotless, smooth

and shiny from head to toe, squeaky clean everywhere, every

nook and cranny.  And once you're as I want you, that's how

you stay, spotless inside and out."

     In the bathroom she began in earnest.  "Into the shower

now, little cunt.  You are my little cunt, aren't you?  Even

if I can't see if very clearly through that forest.  Oh

well, we'll fix that in a moment.  Well... aren't you my

little cunt?"

     Through my confusion and humiliation I murmured "Yes,

Miss Moore, I am your little cunt".

     "Again... just the end."

     "Little cunt?"


     "Little cunt."

     "Now, into the shower.  But first I want you in these

nice heels."  I slipped into some silly shoes I had

purchased years before - all plastic, with rediculously high

heels and tight thin traps.  I towered over Maggie as I

stepped into the shower stall.

     "What a big little girl you are.  You won't be taking

those lovelies off for a long time... ever."

     I teetered in the shower stall, afraid I'd slip of fall

off these stilts.  My hands were raised and hooked over the

shower head.  Miss Moore disrobed and joined me, enjoying my

consternation at my first sight of her.  Water poured down

as she began to scrub me clean.  She ran a sponge down my

back, over my buttocks, into my "tight little ass crack",

down my legs.  Then I was spun around to face her.

     "Eyes closed.  No looking.  From now on you may no

longer touch or look without my permission.  Now lets work

on your sex flesh.  Underarms, too much stubble... tsk, tsk.

But these big girl tits are something, Pammy.  Pinchable...

nippable... scrunchable... more."

     The demonstration on my breasts left me breathless, a

condition Maggie did not leave unnoticed.

     "What do we have here, Pamsy?  Stiffy nips?"

     "Yes, Miss Moore, I have erect nipples."

     "Not right, Pamsy.  You are Pamsy, my little stiffy

nips cunt.  Say it."

     "I am Pamsy, your little stiffy nips cunt."

     "Five time nicely and with feeling."

     I obeyed.

     "Very nice, Pamstits, and remember these lessons


     Dripping wet, I was led out of the shower, not too

unpleasantly I might say, by those erect... those stiffy

nips and told to sit on a stool.

     "This is too much hair.  It will have to go from head

to toe.  Now this stringy blond stuff is first.  Too warm

for the summer and I may want you as my boyfriend sometime.

Could you be a boy, Pansy?  Let's see... guess not... but

that's just great too."

     Hair began to fall everywhere.  Tears gushed out of my

closed eyes but to no avail.

     "Now isn't that sweet... put you into a shirt and tie,

flatten those big girl udders and you make a smooth cheeked

young boy.  Well, I am getting ahead of myself.  This curly

stuff goes next.  Lay back, raise your arms, and spread your

legs.  Wider.  You certainly know how to spread, don't you,

Pammy... hmmmm... that's much better.  This is the last time

that I will be doing this for you, bitch.  From now on you

will keep yourself and I make you today.  Zip-zip, under the

arms - no young man here anymore.  And what do we have down

here?  Are you hiding a little tennis ball, Pamsy?  There...

why, Pamslit, you have hardly any lips on that little big

girl cunt.  Just a lovely crack running all the way around.

And speaking of around, roll over on the seat... bottom way


     There I was laying over a stool in my own bathroom,

shaved everywhere, legs apart, bottom high in the air.  The

last of my womanness gone... I'm a little girl again.

Surprise, surprise, the cleaning is about to begin again, in


     "My, this pink, wrinkly bud looks as if it needs

attention.  Now, Pamsy, you know that I want you clean.  I'm

going to make you slippery right here - doesn't that feel

good?  Of course it does.  Are you wet, bitch?  Of course

you are.  Now, this is going to clean you out - squeaky

clean. Relax."

     Relax!  This was the first time, the first thing, the

first nozzle to enter my anus ("my tight little girlie

bung", according to Maggie).  So slippery and slidey and

foreign and stiff and smooth and hot and annoying and

persistent and HOT, oh, HOT!

     A swish of warm syrupy water... wiggle it around,

bitch... more.  My belly is full, liquidly pregnant,

release... release... no, no, Pammy.  Nozzle out... some

kind of plug in and I'm wild with the sensation... who would

have thought... down there.  Stand up?  Impossible... not

impossible for a good girl... nothing's impossible for a

good girl.  Sit on the pottie... finally... not yet... the

plug holds fast.  Another nozzle.  More squeaky clean... up

front... up... up.  Swish and swish... and I am wild. The

plug is pulled and her I am, Pamela Brown, lying back, eyes

shut, hands cuffed above my head, legs spread wide...

bounding out a magnificent orgasm... having my first asshole


To be continued.

Deva, the author, is mentioned in the magazine "about to


Deva: I am a hard driving top.  My realities are always

falling short of my expectations.  I am looking for the true

submissive - the one who fits.

To the best of our knowledge, the continuation was never

published.  Why not continue it yourself and upload your

story "Depravities, the continuing saga" to the Sysop.


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