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Archive-name: Slaves/oside2.txt

Archive-author: Boris Scilley

Archive-title: Her Other Side - 2

  SYNOPSIS: If you don't have part one, get it.

            Part two picks up Saturday morning with our prisoner

            waking up INSIDE two matresses with only her head

            sticking out, having been coated with molasses the

            night before.  She is now ready for a full day of

            punishment chores.

  Her Other Side, Day 2

    I could see on the monitor she was fast asleep.  I grabbed a

  quick breakfast and got to the garage.

    "WAKE UP, BITCH!" I yelled.

    Immediately her mouth opened wide for my amusement.  "I want to

  eat your cum."  She exclaimed.  "Please.  You are soooo good to me."

    I squatted down and pumped my load into her warm sweet mouth.

  I let her swallow.

    Her face was getting hard from all the coatings so I knew we

  had better continue with her adventures.  I flipped off the mattress

  to reveal the very thing I expected.  Coating # 6 was covering

  her completely.  Now she was grey.  I don't really know what that

  stuff is made of but she was now getting thicker and thicker.  It

  was just the beginning.

    She was all stuck together and walked very slowly.  I had a

  remedy..."Squat!" I demanded.  She had trouble doing it but

  managed.  "Just as I thought.  You need to warm up.  I then

  commanded her to run in place for a few minutes followed by

  several jumping jacks to get her loose and warm again.  It

  didn't take long.  She looked more like a piece of furniture

  now than a human being.  She looked really grotesque by now

  and it was only the very beginning for her.  This is what she

  had wanted.  I found it hard to believe myself but the more

  I made her suffer, the more she wanted.

    For the next half hour, I fed her a huge breakfast to get her

  strength back up.  Not able to sit in a chair, she sat at my

  feet as I fed her eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and toast.

  She crawled many times over to the juice dispenser and guzzled

  what seemed like half a gallon of the stuff.

    I then told her to shut up and just rest for a few more minutes

  while I set the stage for the next activity.  I returned after

  about 5 minutes.

    "Okay, it's time for a little game.  One that I'm sure you will

  enjoy because you WILL repeat it many more times.  It's one of the

  MANY hard labor jobs you will perform here in your personal

  one-slut prison.

  In fact, you are probably going to wish you WERE in a labor camp

  when I'm through with you, you totally worthless whore!"

    "I can never, never, ever, ever, ever, EVER be punished enough!"

  she interjected.

    "As you probably know, I owned a small trucking and construction

  company years ago.  Still have many interesting old rigs out in

  the parking lot out back that I hadn't even started for a few

  years.  At least until last week.  I knew that one of them would

  be just perfect for your visit here.  You can see it over there

  over maintenance pit #2..."

    With that, I pointed to a big old filthy 18-wheel tanker truck.

    "Know what we used to use that truck for?  It was used to oil

  down roads in the summer so the wind wouldn't kick dirt up.  You

  have probably seen roads like this.  Oily, sloppy messes!

    Last week, I tested this thing out in preparation of your visit.

  After spending some time cleaning the spout, I finally got

  something to come out.  To my surprise, this huge truck is

  almost full, but the contents didn't spray out anymore.

  It came out just like toothpaste.  And it's now much more than

  oil.  It's the nastiest looking black grime I have ever seen.

  There is just no way to describe how horribly nasty this sludge

  is without seeing it.  And, of course, you ARE going to find out!

  This is going to be the most amusing punishment so far, one run

  entirely by timers.

    "You will walk down under the truck and stand on the floor drain.

  I have carefully measured all this out.  You will then beg and scream

  out the little rhyme like you really mean it "I'M NOTHING BUT A


  you will scream this at the very top of your lungs like a nursery

  rhyme.  It'll sound so sweet to the ears!  If I ever think you

  are not yelling loud enough or you are unintelligible, you will be

  screaming it for hours!

    "You will then face forward, standing normally, then reach up with

  both hands and pull on a knotted rope that will be coming out of the

  bottom of the truck, releasing a generous amount of black ooze onto

  your useless whore body.  There will be quite enough to coat you entirely.

  Any excess, of course, will be collected underneath and recycled back

  into the truck.  None will be wasted, assuring there is virtually an

  unlimited supply of goo.  After all, this is only one of many trucks

  like this so you can never worry about this running out.

    Using the mirrors all along the insides of the pit, you will smear the

  stuff all over yourself, making sure to make a shiny black mess out of

  yourself.  I want you to also lift each tit by your titrings as far as

  possible and smear two handfuls of grimey sludge under each one.  Your

  tits haven't gotten enough attention during your improsonment here and

  that must change right now!  While smearing your body, you will get

  every inch covered.  SIT if you have to.  But when you are done, you will

  look like you are wearing a black wetsuit.  Head to toe.  I expect this

  to take exactly one minute because at the end of that time, a loud

  buffer will go off, indicating the next phase of your humiliation.

    "You will run out of the pit and across to the Whore Box over

  there in just a few seconds.

    In the Whore Box you will stand facing the left side with your

  feet at least two feet apart.  This means you will be have six-foot

  fans blowing very warm air on you from front and back.  Your

  arms will be outstretched parallel to the ground, a sort of a

  spread-eagled standing position until the buzzer goes off again a minute


    But just so neither one of us gets bored during that minute,

  I have devised a simple task you will carry out.  It

  won't be difficult for you to remember at all...During that period,

  you will thrust your useless sticky whore cunt

  obscenely forward as if being fucked wildly, screaming "YES!" as

  loud as you can repeatedly.  You will do this very rapidly at

  LEAST 100 times during your stay.  Each single exclamation will

  occur as you are thrust forward.  And I mean SCREAM!  I had

  better be able to hear you on the other side of the garage!

    You will then RUN back here to pit #3 and jump into it

  feet first.  It is filled with white sand, designed to

  scratch and irritate your already well-punished body more

  than ever.  You will start out by flopping

  wildly like a fish out of water, yelling "yes-yes-yes-yes" until

  the buzzer goes off 15 seconds later.  Then onto your stomach for

  another 15 seconds.  Flop, flop, flop.  You will often gyrate

  enough to come right off the sand and back onto it without catching

  yourself with your arms.  At the sound of the next buzzer, you will

  finish your minute in the sand with by "swimming" back and forth in

  it as fast as you can, getting a thorough coating of the gritty

  stuff all over you.  You WILL resemble a polar bear when you are


    Let me say right now that I'm not interested in

  whether you get your head coated with sand or not.  If it happens,

  it happens but it won't be required.  I have plans for your head

  when this particular job is finished anyway, plus you have to be

  able to see to do all this.

    After your "sand swim" the buzzer will signify that you are finally

  done!  And what a relief that will be for you!!!  You will stand on

  top of the sand with your legs spread and your arms stretched out,

  continously yelling another rhyme for the cameras "DO ANYTHING TO ME

  YOU WANT!  I'M NOTHING BUT A FILTHY CUNT!"  After 30 seconds of this,

  yet another buzzer will go off indicating you are finished.

    ...with THIS cycle!

    You will have 15 seconds to run back down to the pit and amuse

  me and the cameras once again with ANOTHER cycle of goo & sand.

  And another and another.

  More goo and more sand.  Over and over and over until I say it's

  time to stop.  It's going to go on for HOURS!!!

    Frankly, I don't know where this will end but my guess is that

  each cycle will take no more than 7 minutes at first. I

  expect you to improve to 5 minutes by early afternoon.  If I

  see you are getting tired, I will let you take a break every

  hour to get something to drink.

    At the 4-hour mark I will review the situation and decide

  how much longer this will go on, but not until then.  If you

  perform well, my slut, we will go on to something else.  If

  you are NOT satisfactory...well, let's just say you will still

  be doing this the same time tomorrow.  It's up to you.  In a

  manner of speaking, of course.

    She then spoke...

    "I am a whore-cunt who deserves much worse punishment that this

  and I will beg for more suffering at all times.  This will

  be fun.  I will love it.  We both will.  I am a SLUT. 

  Please punish me WAY beyond this!!!  Hurt me worse!"

    "Believe me, you WILL be!

  Okay, not, get started!!"

    And off we went...


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