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Archive-name: Slaves/oside1.txt

Archive-author: Boris Scilley

Archive-title: Her Other Side - 1



    There is another side to her personality.  As far as I know I am

  the only one ever to see it:  She is my personal "whore-slut." 

  She literally cums when I call her that.

    THIS side of her personality screams for humiliation and abuse.

    Jill has everything anyone would ever want.

  Too much as a matter of fact which is undoubtedly why she turned

  out the way she did.  She was raised by various aunts and uncles

  as her wealthy parents died in a plane crash when she was only a

  couple years old.  Now 25, she no longer had any living relatives

  since getting her full inheritance at age 21.  The amount is

  said to be in the millions.  Whatever the amount, it allows

  her to live alone in a huge house, free to do anything

  she wants.  Or have anything do TO her...

    To compound the "scourge" of great wealth she was a raving

  beauty, tall and slightly muscular.  At about 5' 8" tall, she

  was one of those types found in the gym that everybody stares at.

  Long, shapely legs and enormous tits.

  Indeed, she not only worked out with weights for perfect muscle

  tone, but once taught high-impact aerobics for 12 one-hour sessions

  a week.  As physically demanding as this was, she sought a more

  demanding regimen in a much different way.  She wanted someone

  else to take her to her limits, not even knowing what they were.

    Facially, she looked like one of those pouty-lipped models

  from the front of Cosmopolitan, the ones with "fuck me" written

  all over them as they are barely dressed.

    And she was bored.  So bored, in fact, that she went looking

  for dangerous adventures.  Sexual games.  Submissive sexual

  games.  Who knows what makes some people tick?  Maybe it was

  guilt or something because I could never have imagined the limits

  of her pain and humiliation.  As you will see, she challenged

  her captor at every turn, begging to be punished even more than

  before.  It was her new position in life.  I didn't mind.

    To get on with the story, I'll just mention that I, too, am

  independently wealthy, having inherited a huge trucking company

  much in the same manner she got her own wealth.  Known mostly

  as an eccentric - albeit a young one of only 30 years - I live

  about 40 miles out of town and everyone leaves me alone.  I

  sometimes work on cars that people bring me by appointment in

  my huge garage.  But never again will I let anyone enter it

  except Jill as it has become her personal prison whenever we play.

    Her very own Punishment Center and I am at the controls at all 

  times!  She can't get enough of it!

    She originally drove all the way out to my place to have her car

  worked on and immediately sensed the seclusion of the area.

  It was late at night and she liked the fact I didn't know who she

  was or give a shit about her at all.  She started suggesting things

  I could do with her as I was changing her oil.  So I finished and -

  without washing up - took her right there on the dirty floor!

  She told me she wanted me to do more to her but I told her to

  call me back in a day or two.  With a big smile on her face, she

  drove away without so much as asking for a towel to wipe off with.

  She seemed to enjoy the sweat, grime, dirt, & oil that covered

  her fine body.  It seemed to be what she enjoyed the most about

  the whole ordeal.

    She has come out 3 times since then, each time for more

  abuse than the last.  She cums at every command I give and,

  so far, NO command has been refused.  That includes the fact

  that she has gleefully submitted to bondage while I serviced

  every hole in her body many times.  She wanted more so I piereced

  parts of her body for rings I could lead her with.  Both tits,

  her cunt lips and her nose.  She begged me to

  do much more to her but I got tired and told her to go take a

  month off.  During that time I would prepare for next visit.

    Also during that time she would memorize what we refer to as

  the Whore Book I wrote for her.  Knowing she is as intelligent

  (however fucked up) as she is beautiful, I knew she would be

  anxious to memorize the entire thing in a month's time.  It

  goes into great detail about the dozens of different bondage

  positions she is expected to endure, most of which I make her

  administer herself.  I love to have her make herself helpless

  before me as I administer whatever punishment is required.

  More importantly, there are probably hundreds of sets of commands

  she is to obey by number.  In this way, I can just tell her

  how she is to react ahead of time.



    I pick up the phone, say "hello" and the first thing I hear is...

    "I did what you said, Jim.  It's been exactly a month!  You

  said to wait exactly a month and now I want it more than ever!

  I have walked around naked playing with myself since my last visit.

  I have orgasms out of this hairless cunt several times a day

  thinking about the things you will do to me next."

    "You need punished, you little Whore!

  It's over 90 degrees outside but I KNOW you are hotter, you slut!

  You will scream for attentions in those hot little holes of yours."

    "YES! YES! YES!  You know I love the stuff you do to me.  The

  problem haven't done enough to me.  I will do anything

  you say but the truth is that there is no way I can ever be

  punished enough.  There is sure as hell nothing YOU could do to

  me that I would not love, welcome, and beg for again!

  Fucking you and sucking your wonderful dick and licking your body

  makes me want to be punished severly for being a bad girl.

  The punishments and humiliations always make me much hotter

  for providing my holes to you.  I am a cunt.  YOUR cunt!  Your

  servant.  But I need to be abused more than ever.  More than

  just piercings and a little bondage.  Please, please, please

  do MORE to me.  Have you given any thought to my plight over the

  past month?  After all, I AM your Personal Hole Collection.

  You KNOW how I like to be treated, how I MUST be treated."

    "I have most of it figured out, Jill.  You are the sluttiest of

  cunts in the world and if I allow you to suck me again you will

  have to earn it in under many bizarre circumstances.  I have plans

  for your body, you WHORE!"

    "You make me wet.  I'm sooooo slick and wet right now.

  I really want to be treated like the sleazy whore we both know

  that I am!  Please create new humiliations just for me. 

    Over the past month I have realized what a cunt I really am.  I

  have repeatedly thought of the phrase "cruel and unusual punishment."

  It makes me hot and very horny.  I will come

  out there only if you plan on maikng make me feel sluttier than I

  am.  If that is possible at all.  Can you do it?  I want to whimper,

  moan, and beg for more.  I want to be severly punished and fucked.

  Make me work hard for that mouthful of cum I love so much.  I

  exist for your pleasure and amusement.  There is no task too extreme,

  too torturous.  I love being used.  I need severe discipline

  for I am the sleaziest, sluttiest form of life and must be shown

  my place.  I'm begging you to do stuff to me!  Pleeeeeeese!"

    "You fucking CUNT!  You don't deserve it but since I have all

  these neat new toys since last month, it would be a shame to let

  them go to waste.  I knew you would call today because you always

  do what I tell you.  You are my fucking sleazebag Slut and you

  are going to really get it this time."

    "WHAT toys?"

    "Shut you fucking fuck-hole.  Just meet me at the usual place

  Friday.  That gives me 3 days to get ready for you.  I am going

  to use you until you can't walk, then I'll fuck your pouty mouth again.

  You belong to me.  You are my property.

    Meet me at the usual place Friday at 6:00.  I'll be there in my

  van and we can drive out here.  You know

  all the rules.  After that, bitch, it's time for you to amuse me,

  my whore."

    "No punishment is too severe.  Please DO ME!  I'll be there and

  this slick-cunt tramp will be wet and willing to do your bidding.

  I have memorized the Whore Book.  I love every command and can't

  wait to serve my Master.


    "That's enough of this.  I'll send you the shopping list.

  Be there at 6:00, Whoremouth!"

  Then I hung up.  No doubt she played with her self the rest of

  the night in a pile of sweat.



    At 5 'til 6 I pulled my van into the supermarket parking lot

  and got a spot near the door so I could see her go in.  It was

  a plain white van with no windows.  I had several vehicles but

  this one had "special eqiupment" in the back for my slut.

  She knew

  I would be there observing her every move, every detail.  Details

  I had ordered for her since she liked to be commanded so much.

  As I waited for her to arrive I was trying to remember when it

  had been to goddamn hot before.  It was nearly 100 degrees today

  with no relief in sight.  It made me wonder if it would have any

  affect on the things I had planned for this SlutSlave of mine.

    At exactly 6:00 she pulled in and, as usual, drove to the far

  end of the parking lot where she would have to walk the length

  of it barefoot on the hot blacktop.  As before, she

  would walk slowly and agonizingly, hitting oil spots and

  melted gum along the way.  It was only a mild

  debasement but one I felt was necessary.  Just for my amusement,

  she was required to walk around the perimeter of parking lot

  before going into the store.

    She had on the shredded cutoff jeans I told her to wear and

  a white t-shirt I gave her that had oil spots on it.  I used it

  to clean a dipstick in my repair shop once.  It was small and

  just barely covered her huge tits.  She looked like the biggest

  whore on earth.  She WAS, of course, so I made her dress and act like

  one.  One of my rules was that she would always be dressed with

  the very minimum of clothing at all times.  That means bare feet


    As she stopped to make sure both feet made contact

  with yet another huge blob of melted bubble gum, long strings

  of the gooey stuff trailed under her.  As she entered the store,

  I could see that her feet were indeed quite black already.

  It was the kind of treatment she had come to enjoy lately.  The

  peace of giving full command of herself to someone else.

    She emerged a few minutes later pushing a cart with a few bags

  in them.  Like everyone else this day, she was glimmering with

  sweat.  It was only the beginning for this bitch.  She was dirty

  and grimey already and I hadn't even gotten started with her yet.

    She opened the side door and put the bags inside.  I just sat there.

  She then returned the cart slowly on the scorching, sticky pavement

  making sure those grimey black whore feet of hers made full

  heel-to-toe contact with the steaming blacktop.  Knowing I was

  enjoying her obvious discomfort made her even hotter.

    So she got in the side door, closed it, and laid down, hoping

  she had shed her clothes fast enough to please me.

    Now lying flat on her back, totally naked, she wasted no time

  in raising her legs straight up to the roof and spreading them

  apart until her feet touched either side of the van.

    She then repeated "I'm a whore.  I'm a cunt.  I'm a dirty slut.

  I live to be punished and fucked."  She repeated this over and over.

  She knew better than to ever stop!!!  It was just one of her many

  responses she knew to give at times like this.

  She knew it well.  "I'm a whore.  I'm a cunt.

  I'm a dirty slut.  I live to be punished and fucked."  So I

  made sure the bags of groceries were secure and began the drive.

    But after only 1 mile, I pulled onto a rest stop that had no

  facilities and drove to

  that secluded part of it.  Nobody was there anyway.  I walked back

  to this hosebag and told her to shut up.  She smiled at me.  "Use

  me"  she said.  I spanked her tight bare ass a couple times very

  hard and she smiled.  "I love it.  Do me some more."  Sweat was

  rolling down her legs where she had them lifted and spread.  I

  reached into my toolkit and pulled out some goodies and proceeded

  to secure those filthy feet to opposite sides of the vans with

  handcuffs and rings.

    It was time for her jewelry.  I reached into the toolkit and

  took them all out.  Rings for her well-pierced body.  Hoop rings.

  I handed 3 to her which she applied without a word while I was

  fastening 2 to each cuntlip.  As I touched her nipples, she let

  out a sigh of pleasure.  So it put them between my thumbs and

  forefingers and pinched a little, them twisted just enough for 

  her to moan with pleasure.  Then I put the tit rings in.

  She was soaking wet with horniness.  Since she near the back of

  the van, her back was up against the back door.  Her hands were

  still free.

    She smiled broadly, daring me to do more stuff to her.  No

  problem.  I put my finger in her cunt and she moaned.  She was

  soaking wet and very hot.  "You need to be cooled off or you are

  going to burst before we get there."  With that I reached into one

  of the grocery bags and pulled out the Fudgesicles.  They steamed

  in the tropical heat.

  I shoved one into her elevated cunt and she just screamed "YES."

  Since the bottoms of her feet were facing the roof,

  I took one of the confections and rested

  it on her right foot with the stick part pointing downward

  between her toes.  I put 2 on each foot.  This would soon yield

  as cool sticky trail down her legs.

    "What about my mouth?"  She asked.

    "I thought about that, you slut!  Open it up and stick out your

  tongue."  She is so good at that.  She does it so often for sex.

  I let her lick my finger for a moment and she moaned in pleasure.

  "Use me.  PLEASE!"

    With that, I opened the 10 hershey bars.  Plain, pure chocolate.

  They had the usual twelve sections.  I fed her several of these

  until her mouth was full, instructing her not to swallow, of course.

    Then, I commanded her to open her mouth.  It was

  a gooey, melted mess already.  "Jack me off into

  your mouth."  I commanded.  She smiled and let out a little stream

  of chocolate.  She was so happy to finally get me off!  I aimed

  towards her mouth, then at her face in general and spewed a gallon

  onto her nose, lips, eyes and hair.  As it ran down to her chin in

  huge globs, she knew better than to even touch it just as she had

  learned NOT to close her eyes whenever I was cumming on her face.

  I poured a few bags of plain M & M's into her gooey mouth just

  for the drive and told her to let them melt and breathe through her

  nose.  Her cheeks were puffed way out as I closed her lips.

  Since it would be another 30 minutes (at least) I would tell her

  to start repeating her lines soon, thus spewing the

  goo all over her chin, neck, and bulbous tits.  "There's a whole

  lot more shit I could do to you right now but I'll wait until

  we get to my place, you Fuckface!"  She tried to smile but it wasn't

  time to release the goo.

    "Okay, now, tilt your head back until you are looking straight

  up to the roof.  You will hold a Fudgecicle in each hand so

  that the two are pressed together with the sticks pointing to

  the roof of the van and the other end just one inch above your

  forehead.  By the time we get to my place, you will have

  nothing but a stick in each hand and two sticks between the toes

  of each foot."



    I pulled up to my place in the woods nearly an hour later to the

  strains of "I'm a whore.  I'm a cunt.  I'm a dirty slut.

  I live to be punished and fucked." emanating loudly from the

  van being spewed from the mouth of my sticky prisoner.  She was

  truly messy with fudgesicle drippings on her legs and all over

  her cunt, sticky chocolate on her face, chin & breasts.  She loved

  being in this condition and I hadn't even gotten started yet.

    I walked around and opened the back doors she was leaning against,

  knowing her ankles were still chained gloriously high on the sides

  of the van.  I ordered her to lean back so that her head was hanging

  out the back putting pressure on her feet.  "Comfortable?" I asked

  as I stood over her.  Her reply, of course, was "Please, please,

  use me in every way you want.  I love the way I am right now.  It is

  wonderful.  Please have sex in my mouth.  I beg you to mouthfuck me.

  Then do cruel things to this body of mine.  I want severly punished

  real bad."  With that, I slapped her across the face very hard

  twice with each hand and she screamed "Thank you!  Thank you!  I

  can never be punished enough."  She said this quite often.  It was

  quite true, too.  Then she opened her mouth very

  wide and just hung there by her dirty bound feet, sticking out

  her tongue as far as it would go."  It took me about 2 seconds to

  shove it way down her throat and fuck her face like a cunt."

  When I exploded, she kept it in her mouth and let some

  of it escape down the side of her mouth."  I then told her to

  swallow the rest which she did with a great big cummy smile on

  her whore face.  She was truly in heaven.

    Reaching into my bag of tricks, I pulled out some goggles used

  for sunbathing that protect the eyes, completely blocking out all

  light.  Speaking of which, the sun was still beating down at

  about 7:30pm.  Still over 90 degrees.  No wonder my cunt-whore was

  dripping sweat from that naked body of hers.

    I unfettered her ankles and cuffed her hands behind her back.

  I had plans for her and I didn't really care if she liked it or

  not or thought it was cruel enough or not or too cruel or whatever.

  I didn't care whether she enjoyed it or not; I was going to amuse

  myself, anyway, and certainly use her holes many times in the


    I then inserted a ring into her pierced nose complete with chain

  and led the sightless, naked, handcuffed prisoner to my garage.

    This garage is actually the size of an old airport hangar, bigger

  than a football field.  In fact it WAS a hangar at one time which

  explains the distorted dimensions of some of the things inside.

  With a 20 foot ceiling, it looks very spacious.  To one side there

  are 3 huge mechanics pits big enough for a swimming pool.  Although

  I am the only one who is ever in here, it still has the usual

  dirt and grime and oil puddles.  The pits are quite filthy, too.

  Just right for a whore who needs severe discipline.

    There were all kinds of contraptions in this place designed just

  to make sure my personal slut gets corrected properly.  That might

  never fully occur but we will make that attempt for a long, long


    Still bound and blind, I led her to the middle of the room and

  and told her to stand straight up.  I then placed a plastic "hat"

  on her head which looked like the orange cones used by road crews.

  It was smaller, though, and more resembled a party hat.

  It was black with the words "whore helmet" painted on it in white.

  Like a party hat, it had strings which came out of a hole on

  each side that went under the chin.  After I tied the strings around

  her chin I allowed her to lick my hands like a little puppy.  She

  just whispered "yes, yes, oh, yes" repeatedly.  She truly loved her

  plight, not knowing what was going to be done to her.  She was

  dripping in anticipation.

    So there she stood in extreme heat with sweat pouring out of

  sleek body.  She knew something very wicked was

  in store for her and was smiling and repeating "punished and fucked,

  punished and fucked, I can never be punished enough, I can never

  be punished enough"  She was cumming in anticipation.  I twined her

  big toes together and noticed how hot the floor was since there

  was no air conditioning in the building.  I was glad I was wearing

  shoes because the cement was hot.  When I mentioned it, she just 

  said "My feet are blistering hot and it makes me cum to know that

  I deserve to be punished like a whore.  Please do more to me.


    I slapped her face - she constantly begs me

  to do that - and smacked her ass, too.  She was still "blindfolded."

  She screamed her "thank you's" and went on and on about how she

  deserved more than that.  But I went over to the refrigerator in the

  corner of the room and took out a block of something about the

  size of a loaf of bread.  It weighed 10 pounds.  I climbed

  a stepladder above the prisoner's bound form and put it into a

  metal pail that was hanging from the ceiling.  Steam was rolling

  off it because of the intense heat in the building.

    From the top of my captive's dunce cap there extended a tube

  that plunged into a hole in the bottom of the bucket.  The tubing

  was about the size of an exhaust pipe, meaning that there would 

  be a nice even flow of whatever was up there once it melted.

  I removed the slut's goggles.  All could say was "fuck me, fuck me,

  fuck me, use my holes forever"  Boy, she was HOT and slutty looking.

    Then she noticed the mirrors, the cameras and the microphones

  everywhere.  She could see the contraption she was in.  She smiled

  knowing something kinky was about to happen to her.  "I love what

  you do to me.  I'm such a WHORE!"

    "Okay, bitch." I said. "You are wearing what I call

  your Whore Helmet.  In the bucket above I have placed a block of

  pure chocolate.  It should melt quickly in this heat, especially

  when I climb the ladder with this torch.  It will run down the tube

  and start in your hair which, by the way, might have to go sooner

  or later.  Then you will be covered in a thick coating of the

  stuff and we will continue from there.

    "Thank you.  Oh GOD thank you.  Please spank me thoroughly while

  we are waiting.  I exist for your pleasure.  USE me!"

    Not a bad idea.  I found the fraternity style paddle I bought

  just for this purpose and gave her 20 hard ones, making her count

  each one while thanking me each time and begging for another one.

  I warmed her ass and she didn't want me to quit.  Ever.

    She looked like she had just finished a marathon, it was so hot.

  Nothing was seeping out yet so I climbed the ladder and took a torch

  to it.  Within seconds, it began to melt and flow.

    What a mess!!!  In no time, I had a brown prisoner totally coated

  with warm chocolate.  She gurgled on it and smiled.  She opened

  her mouth to let it fill, then let it run out.  Then again and again.

  She gurgled "Thank you for coating your sleazy whore!"  She truly

  loves to talk dirty about herself.  I think it really gives her

  orgasms.  I think she also enjoyed the fact that some or her

  exclamations were nearly unintelligible as she was talking with

  a mouthful of chocolate for the second time tonight.

    I released her Whore Helmet.  The remainder of the sticky mess

  splashed all over her shoulders.  It was warm like bath water

  (something she will not know for quite some time) and cute globs

  of goo dripped slowly in stringlike fashion off her chin, tits,

  and slick pussy.  Even her "jewelry" was brown.  The sight made both

  of us horny.  Imagine the result of a mud wrestling match and

  that is what you have here.  The mess on the floor went down into

  a big drain about a foot away.

    I unhooked her handcuffs as she smiled at herself in the mirror.

  The white of her large eyes and her perfect teeth were the only

  white parts to be seen.  I refastened the cuffs to her front and

  told her to lift them towards the ceiling.  I walked behind her

  over to the enormous control panel that controlled the dozens of

  contraptions above.  There were a hundred knobs and switches

  controlling pulleys, hoists, hooks, rings, and all kinds of shit.

    I lowered a hook to catch her cuffs and told her to grab ahold

  of it.  Off the ground she went, leaving the last few strains of

  goo behind.  Six feet off the ground she went.  She was kept in

  place for a moment until it slowed down to a few drips.

    She was at it again.  "I'm a cunt and a cocksucker.  a cunt and

  a cocksucking slut-whore."  I let her continue.  She was getting

  horny wondering what was next but she never, ever asked.

  The Whore Box:


    I moved her to the other side of the hangar and stopped her

  just over an empty plexiglas box.  It was about twice the size of an

  average dumpster measuring 7' X 7' and about 6' deep with a

  plexiglas door on the front.  Consistent

  with the theme, the words "Whore Box" were written on the front.

  The two side walls had hundreds of little holes drilled into them to let

  air in.  Outside both sides were huge fans blowing warm air

  very slowly.  They were on the lowest speed blowing a gentle breeze.

  There were some eyebolts here and there, some in the floor, some

  on the sides.  Behind each fan were control boxes which

  looked like big spiders as 6 thin metal rods ran from each

  one to the inside of the Whore Box.  At the ends of the rods inside

  were thin leather loops that could be expanded and contracted

  from one of the many controls on the box.  The top of the Whore

  Box was open since its roof was presently retracted into the

  wall.  Everything in the whole damn shop was mechanical, hydraulic,

  electrical, creative, and nasty which is why there were two

  backup generators in case of power failure out here in the 

  middle of nowhere.

    I lowered the naked chocolate captive into the box and walked in.

  Ever the slut, she was continuing to beg for more punishment as her

  feet met the floor.  I walked in and undid her cuffs.  Being

  free on bondage apparent annoyed her as she immediately hooked

  her dark chocolate ankles into the fetters on the ends of the rods

  repeating "Use me please, use me please, use me PLEASE."  Her cunt

  juices were flowing down her chocolate form.  Knowing what she

  wanted, she stretched out her wrists and encased them, too.  I

  felt her pussy with my gloved hand and she moaned for it.  So I

  thought I'd go ahead and see how long it would take to get her off.

  Not long!  About 15 seconds after doing her, she arched her back

  obscenely and screamed with pleasure as another gusher came forth.

  She was some cunt!

    "Okay, slut." I told her "Here's the purpose of your Whore Box:

  You have been covered in chocolate which is sticky.  But just to

  make sure it's sticky enough, you will be literally hung out to

  dry just enough so that anything else applied to that fucking whore

  body of yours will stick.  You DO understand what I am saying,

  don't you?"

    "Oh yes, yes, YES.  Please use me in every way.  I love it!

  You are in control.  Use my body for your total pleasure and

  amusement.  I love what you do to me and I hope you do much more

  stuff.  Make me SUFFER more, PLEASE!  I welcome discomfort and

  humiliations and punishments.  Use the shit out of me."

    "I see you have figured out what the straps are for, you cunt.

  It won't

  take long to get you to ultimate stickiness on a hot night like

  this.  When I see you have gotten there..."  I trailed off.  She

  would soon find out what I was talking about.  After putting the

  eye goggles on her again, I walked out and closed the door.

    Controls whirred her into an obscenely stretched position and 

  I would swear she was dripping cum again.  I smile came over her

  sweet chocolate brown pouty whore lips as she just hung there -

  tight perfect muscles rippling - feeling the warm breeze blow

  across.  Although she was one masochistic slut, it just occurred

  to me that she was used to stretching and going to the limit as

  her weight training made her push herself.

    She couldn't see a thing.  It was time for that surprise.  At

  the push of a button, the roof came out of the wall and completely

  covered the top, snapping into place.  She smiled when she heard it,

  knowing she was now closed in.  What she couldn't see was the hole

  cut out of the top maybe a foot or so in diameter.  A basketball

  would probably fit through it, I don't know.  That's not what I had

  in mind anyway.  There were clips around the holes on the top.

    She was still a bit runny but it wouldn't be long to "ultimate

  stickiness."  I went up the steps to the platform above the

  Whore Box where I quietly snapped a huge plastic funnel to the hole

  a foot directly over her head.  She never heard a thing over the

  steady hum of the fans.  It was the same thing I used to fasten 

  to the garage doors in the winter to blow exhaust outside.

  The other end was the same size going into an ordinary metal

  bucket hanging from the ceiling.  The pail was about the height

  of a standard sink making it easy to work with.

    I looked again.  She was ready.  It was time.  With that in

  mind, I picked opened up the first 10-lb. bag and dumped it very

  slowly into the pail.  I quickly looked into the mirrors for her

  reaction.  Pure sugar was being dumped onto her sticky whore body.

  She was surprised at first but really got into it as it covered her

  matted hair and stuck to her face.  She shook her head back and

  forth and screamed "YES YES YES!"  She was right!  She COULN'T

  be punished enough, that was for sure.

    After 5 whole bags, she was getting the full treatment.  This

  splayed brown form was turning white as there was a virtual

  windstorm of sugar inside her Whore Box.  It was just as I expected.

  She thrived on her punishment.  As she was now coated with gritty

  sugar, I stopped pouring.  This would be fun to review later on

  as the cameras I told her about were sure to capture it from 4


    I went down below and turned off both fans for a moment and

  released the tension on her bonds.  The Whore Box was a success.

  As usual, she declared her slutty status in life and begged me

  to do more.  She was one hell of a mess now.  I released her

  and told her to lie down on her back.  It's hard to describe the

  picture as she was getting to be unrecognizable.  There were still

  a few brown spots here and there so I poured more sugar bags on 

  her until she was a total piece of white grit.  What a sticky

  fucking uncomfortable mess she was!  She rolled around in the sugar,

  still goggled, and picked up whole handfulls of sugar from the

  floor and applied it to her body.  I had her kneel as I guided

  her hands to a fresly opened bag.  She cupped her hands and

  dipped into it, applying it to her face as if washing it.  Her

  gigantic whore tits were a piece of grit as well.  It was sticking

  to her well just as planned.  Imagine the most shapely woman

  you can think of in a white full-length body suit.  Only her suit

  was made of chocolate and sugar.

    Leaving the mess there, I unhooked the tubing and retracted the

  roof.  After a few instructions, I hoisted her out of her new

  toy Whore Box.  She begged me to return her again sometime.  No

  problem there.

    I pulled her out and lowered her down a few yards away.  She

  stood with her cuffed hands hooked until I released them although

  she could have done it herself.  She was clearly feeling the effects

  of the sugar between her asscheeks now that they were stuck together.

  She spoke "I feel very gritty and a little uncomfortable which is

  what this fucking whore deserves.  Make me worse.  MUCH worse.  I

  beg you to fuck me up.  FUCK me up bigtime.  I WANT IT BAAAAAD!"

    "Crawl over here and suck my dick, you cunt!  *I* can always

  wash off afterwards.  YOU can't!"

    With that she came crawling like a dog and stopped right in

  front of me.  I must have given the right command because when

  her mouth opened and her tongue was presented to me, a stream

  of saliva oozed out.  A genuine whore-dog, she was thoroughly enjoying

  this.  As she

  bobbed up & down on my rod she was careful to keep her hands behind

  her back as if she were cuffed.  Many times she has exclaimed that

  she enjoys sucking dick and eating cum.  I have seen her have

  orgasms while sucking.  Not wanting to touch Ms. Sugarbody, I

  just grabbed the chair arms and thrusted forward and fucked her

  face.  It didn't take long for me to explode into her mouth again.

  You see, I was enjoying myself, too.  I pulled out and she looked

  up at me awaiting further instructions.  "Open" I commanded.

  Not wanting to spill any,  she tilted her head back and showed me

  a huge mouthful of cum.  "Swallow it!"  She did so in an exaggerated

  fashion and smiled up at me.  "Make me do more.  Please."

    "Hey, we haven't even gotten started yet, you CUNT!  Crawl back

  to your place in the center of the room by the drain.  Then I'll

  tell you some of the rules.  Consider this a movie and the opening

  credits have just finished.  I got plans for you, Kid!"

    I continued.

    "It's only about 9:00.  I am going to attach your nosering to

  a chain on this wall which will allow you to walk

  freely within this area only, an area about 20 feet square.  I

  don't want you to see anything else in any other part of this

  Fun Center.  You will experience it all in due time, I assure you.

  As you can see, there is a refrigerator you have free access to.

  It is packed full with all kinds of food imaginable.  You will not

  find any liquids anywhere within your reach, however.  THEY are

  over here."

    I pointed to her right.  She turned to see several water coolers

  full of different liquids.  Even beer.  There was water, colas, several

  fruit juices but they had little shields at the spouts.  I explained.

    "This being your Dirty Whore visit, there is no way you will be

  clean.  Cleanliness, you will learn, is a BAD word

  for sluts like yourself.  It is very hot this time of year and I

  have plans for you to be even hotter than that so you have free

  access to these liquids at all times for drinking.  But there is

  a method just for you.

    When you get thirsty - and that will happen quite often - you

  crawl over to the tank of your choice and kneel in front of it.

  I will never stop you from doing this as I want you to be stong

  for your struggles I have planned.  Anyway, the shield on the tubing

  is like they have at some gas pumps to prevent any spillage.

  Well, that's your job.  You'd better hold it tight to those full,

  pouty whore-lips, too, or I'll tear them off!

    "Furthermore, when you push the button you will drink ALL that

  collects in the hose which sometimes can be a lot.  There will be

  times your mouth will fill up but you must swallow every damn drop.

  The GOOD news is that while you are doing this, I am requiring

  you to masturbate yourself with any of a number of dildos closeby.

  We are both going to cum a bunch of times these next few days.


    "Yes, SIR!"

    She was glowing at the thought of being subjected to

  these humiliations.  She got off on the fact that they were not

  being wasted since they were being filmed for all posterity.  One

  thing for sure was that she would have NO privacy at all.  She

  did not deserve any either.

    "Good!  Now I'm going to walk over to the house and shower down.

  I'm absolutely drenched with sweat with this blasted weather.  Eat

  and drink all you want.  I will look in and listen on the monitors

  in the house from time to time to be sure you behave properly.

    When you finish, you

  will put yourself in bondage position #1 and await my return

  at 9:30.  All the items you need are in the toy chest over there.

  You will await me over there by the drain where you first got to

  know your Whore Helmet earlier this evening."

    With that, I simply walked out as she was calling herself

  a Bad Girl and all that.  She really liked doing that.

    It only took me about 15 minutes to clean up.  Only then did

  I sit down and turn on the wide screen television monitoring her

  captivity.  I should have known.  At 9:15 she was already in

  her very demanding, very vulnerable predicament.  What a SLUT!

  She was looking into the camera, mouth open wider than I had

  even seen before, pleading with her eyes to be abused more.

  She was still whiter than a sheet of paper so my stickiness

  calculations must have been correct.  Almost no sugar had come

  off her body.  Every couple minutes she would yell "I live to

  be punished and fucked.  I live to be punished and fucked.  I

  can never be punished enough.  Please use me more."  Then she

  would open you mouth very wide again for the cameras.

    I see she found all the right hooks and pulleys to use.  The

  controls on the portable control box ARE clearly marked and

  color-coded so anyone could use them.  It was now swinging back

  and forth on its chain out of her reach.  Once she had let go,

  there was no escape from this excrutiating position.  Just the

  first of many she would endure.  I inspected her work from

  my air-contitioned comfort...

    As usual, she did exactly what she was told.  She was

  split as wide as it is humanly possible with her dripping

  cunt 3 inches from the floor connected with extreme tension

  with clips that went from her rings to a ring mounted to the floor.

  Her feet were splayed to each side as far as this muscular whore

  could stretch.  Ankle cuffs held her securely to posts at each

  side.  I then saw where she improvised some additional restrictions

  for my amusement:  Somehow she managed to imprison each sugar-

  coated toe under large industrial staples she had managed to put

  into the floor.  She didn't break the skin but they were all nailed

  down into the floor.  No way in hell she could get out of it herself.

  I would have to pull them out with the back end of a hammer.

  Is this woman a slut or what?!

    And just how in the hell did she DO this so fast?  She must have

  been studying her book and preparing her moves.  She did her job well.

    Moving up her gritty body we see her huge tits being pulled up in

  a severly cruel fashion high into the ceiling.  Breasts were not

  made to take this much abuse yet she was dripping wet because she

  made the pulley go one notch higher.  Every breath caused a sensation

  in her nipples.

    It is only then that

  I realized the possible mistake I made back in the Whore Box by

  neglecting the potentially sensitive area under her tits.  But it

  was alright.  She apparently took care of that herself.  She looked

  like a snowman all over.  Kind of a all-over UNtan.

  I made a mental note to give her sensitive tits more severe punishment

  in the future.

    It was from the camera mounted directly overhead I could see her

  open-mouthed face.  What a fuck-hole THAT was from this angle!

  From her nose ring went a chain - a very tight chain - to a pulley

  above which, in turn, came down and connect to the cuffs binding her

  wrists together.  Until I did something about it, she was sentenced

  to the discomfort of having her arms stretched horribly to the ceiling

  to keep from pulling her nose up further.  All this caused her

  thigh muscles to ripple to keep her cunt from being ripped out.

  She was careful to obey the First Rule of Bondage:  NO SLACK!!!

  All the chains were extremely tight.  The opened-mouth pose was

  her idea.  It made her look even more vulnerable, more helpless,

  more pained than she normally would be.  I was beginning to realize

  nothing was off limits.

    And THIS was only position # 1!  The book had dozens more in it.

    I watched her squirm for another half hour in her bonds while

  I ate.  There was more to do to her before the night ended.  Her

  fuck-hole mouth stayed obscenely agape except when she was shouting

  how much she deserved this subjugation and "much, much more."

    When I entered the hangar she started blabbing again.  I walked up

  and put my hand up to her mouth and watched her lick away.  I took

  the controls and released some of the tension on her nose and

  wrist chain.  I saw for the first time that she was sweating

  through some of the chocolate and it was starting to show 

  on her legs.  She must have been over 100 degrees and she

  didn't care.  She was, after all, being punished for her sluttiness

  and truly felt she deserved worse.  She said so repeatedly.

  It's a vicious cycle that apparently has no end in sight.  But

  it was becoming obvious that the sugar was going to fall off

  soon if something wasn't done to keep it in place.

    I unhooked her toes and freed her cunt, leaving her ankles

  chained to the posts.  I put my gloves on again and felt her

  cunt.  It was on fire with passion!  I massaged her clit to

  another climax.  This gusher took another 10 seconds.  I have

  never seen anyone cum so easily and so often.  I unhooked her

  ankles and told her to stand up.  Her nose was still up in the air

  and her mouth wider than I ever imagined.  What a sight.  I undid

  the rest of her and led her back to the first place she visited

  when we arrived...the Whore Helmet.  It was time to do her again!

    Still caked with chocolate from last time, I fastened the helmet

  around her head and put the blinder goggles on her eyes again.

  I climbed the ladder for the second time in the evening to get

  to the bucket.  What was I going to do?  Coat her AGAIN?!

  More chocolate?  She quaked with anticipation.  I had to do

  SOMETHING to keep her sugar coating in place, didn't I?

    From up above I exclaimed "I have a 3-liter bottle up here,

  bitch, but it sure as hell ain't Coke!"  Her reply?  "I just

  hope it makes me sluttier and more uncomfortable.  Use me,

  PUUUUHLLEEEEESE!"  She could yell as good as anyone I ever


    So I poured all 3 liters into the bucket and ran down the

  ladder to check it out.  She was being coated with nice, thick

  honey this time, keeping with a sticky theme for the evening.

  It dripped and ran all over her until it began streaming

  down the drain in the floor.  To my delight, most of

  the sugar stay stuck to her.  Knowing her role well by now,

  she moved it all around her body, over her ample tits, and

  well into her asscheeks irritating her skin harshly.  WHAT A SIGHT!!

    I was wondering about the amount for a while but it turned out

  to be just right.  She couldn't see but she knew by feel where

  to apply this very sticky stuff.  I couldn't decide which looked

  better on her now that I had had 3 choices of colors already.

    She knew what to expect next.  "Okay, SLUT!  What time is it

  now?"  Her reply was swift and loud "WHORE BOX TIME!!!  Oh please,

  please, please take me to the whore box and put me in it.  I

  want to be perfect for the next step.  I am so lucky to

  suffer humiliations by your hand.  NEVER let me free!!!"

    I lifted her about a foot off the ground and left her there until

  the stream quit.  There were no drips.  With a mess like this,

  the fans wouldn't take long at all!  Across the room she went and

  down into her favorite new enclosure.  Now she was a light brown,

  head to toe!  What a beautiful sight!

    She was ranting on some more about this and that when I told

  her she had better keep her mouth shut this time while I am at

  work.  It would not be a good thing if she didn't.  She closed

  her best sex hole, pouting.  I started the fans and went to

  the platform again.  Would I "sugar" her this time?  Of course not!

  I watched the honey dry to the maximum bonding point again.

  She couldn't wait for her next coating.  What would it be?

  It was time:  I turned around and unhooked the bulging 40-pound

  bag from the lawnmower and dumped this weeks' mulched-up grass

  clippings into the chute.

    Whoreface could feel it immediately as a huge wad of it just

  thumped and landed on her honeyed hair, hair that would probably

  not last much longer around here.  Grass was blowing everywhere

  but it wasn't even enough.  So I went down and turned the fans

  on high.  It was such a mess, I couldn't see her.  A green cloud.

  When I turned the fans off, it settled.  SHE WAS GREEN!!!  She

  was now fairly unrecognizable as a person.  She LOOKED like a

  person being punished.  She began profusely thanking me for making

  her even more uncomfortable and sticky.  She resembled the some

  Science Fiction monster more so than a human now.

    Putting on my wetsuit and gloves, I walked in to inspect my work.

  Her body was still stretched out.  There were still some areas

  that needed covered so I retreived another one of the bags I had

  saved earlier in the week.  I released her tension and her bindings.

  I walked in with the bag.  She stood at attention like a good

  little Bad Girl is supposed to and awaited further orders.

    "Lie on your back and spread out, WHORE!"

    She complied with lightning speed.  I then poured some of the

  grass where she needed it the most.  There were a few areas.  I

  made sure there was plenty of grass between her toes and fingers.

  This would make it amusingly difficult for her to perform some

  of the many tasks I had in store for her over the next few days.

  Especially walking around with grass in her hair and on her face

  would be annoying.

    "Turn over!"  I dumped the rest of it onto her, finally putting

  to rest the notion that any honey would be visible.

    "RISE!  It's time to take you back to your home base for bondage

  position #2 cunt!"

    "Punish me more!  Punish me more!  Punish me more!"

    So back to the other side she went.  I was proud of the fact

  that none of the grass fell off once she left her Whore Box.  I

  unhooked her and told her to kneel.  I walked over to a chair and

  ordered her to crawl to me.  She did so without hesitation and,

  for once, without a word.  Open your mouth and present your tongue.

  It was done.  It looked like it would do the job alright.  With

  that, I allowed her to lick my sweaty feet which is something she

  had enjoyed from Day One.  It was her reward for being a

  good slut so far.  But it was only the first day!

    She made ripping, sticky noises every time she moved.

  The few extra pounds of goo caused even the simplest of 

  movements to feel like a band-aid was being torn off her skin.

  That's what it sounded like.  She had to move slowly to avoid

  discomfort.  She was getting what she wanted.  She was suffering

  physically at my hand which made her cum in buckets.

    "Okay cunt.  Your second set of coatings is complete.  If you

  have been paying attention, that means you are ready for bondage

  position # 2.  I am going to go watch television in the house now

  from 10:30 to 11:00.  When I flip it over to the monitor at that

  time you had better be bound like a whore."

    "I AM a whore!  And I love being treated like one.  My suffering

  is for your amusement and your pleasure.  I hope you have MANY

  more surprises in store for me.

    So off I went.  At 10:50 I switched over and I'll be goddamned if

  she didn't have herself done already.  She must scurry around like

  an animal to hurry herself into physical slavery.  This time she

  looked like part of the landscape with a mouth that was again

  probably wide enough for a tennis ball.

    Position #2 exposed the ass better.  She is sitting on the lower

  part of her back on the floor.  She is yoked at the neck and

  wrist in a portable pillory-type device except that it is actually

  two pieces of iron with a hinge at one end and a padlock at the other.

  There is NO play in the holes.  This was apparently the last thing

  assembled because her grassy feet are cuffed together behind her

  neck and fastened to her collar with more chain.  She gives the

  appearance of having put on a furry green Halloween costume of some

  grotesque Swamp Monster.  But she is painfully aware that this is

  the real thing!  Still she begs for more.  Chains run from each of

  her 10 toes to retractable boxes in the ceiling arching her feet 

  in an extreme manner.  Her calves are probably pumped out quite

  beautifully by now but there are only clumps like the rest of her

  now.  (And there is SO much more to come, too).

    Her grass tits are stretched out to the poles that her ankles

  were last attached to.  She chose the pole rings at the BOTTOM

  of the pole knowing her toe chains would be pulled upward.  In

  this way she would feel more vulnerable, more naked.  God, that

  must hurt!  The extra touch she added this time was to take the

  rings on her pussy lips and attach them to the pole, too.  How

  she can stand this is beyond me since she is splayed apart beyond

  belief.  Looks like she wanted to show some pussy pink to go

  along with the totally green body.  It seems you can see about

  a foot into her sex hole.  Never thought they made them that wide.

  Her guts are showing.  Guess she wants me to use here there, too.

    And green means GREEN!

  It is hard to describe how totally coated she really is.  It can

  more be attributed to thickness as she is much heavier and larger

  the when I dragged her in here only 3 hours ago.  There is

  no evidence of the earlier honey.  It was only a base for the

  next layer.

    Her two main holes were wide, wide, wide!  She MUST have

  been doing hole-stretching exercises as well.  Constantly playing

  with herself and probably walking around her mansion alone with a

  cucumber down her throat.  It's a virtual certainty.

    She again was begging for more.  Pleading with me to do more

  things to her.  Make her suffer even more.  Humiliations.  She

  was pleading, yelling until tears of joy came to her eyes.  This

  was getting good.

    I walked into the place.  I stood over her opened mouth and

  again let her lick my hands for several minutes.  Her green body

  made her look like camoflage and I was tempted to take her

  outside to see how effective it was.  But it was dark and there

  was always tomorrow.  She looked like a putting green with her

  mouth open like that.  I peeled a banana and told her to "deep

  throat" it.  It went all the way back up and down, up and down.

  I let her eat it all at once while I inspected her painfully

  stretched slot-hole below.  It looked good enough to eat presented

  like that so I helped myself.  She screamed the pleasures of

  orgasm in a matter of seconds as her chains caused more discomfort.

  This, of course, caused her to get hot again.

    It was getting late and there was a little more to do before

  bedtime for both of us so I unhooked her and let her back to the

  Whore Helmet.  It was time to put a coating overtop the grass,

  changing the color again.  Almost mechanically, I did the same

  routine again coating her this time from head to toe with a nice

  thick helping of molasses.

    Screaming more than ever now that she deserves this,

  she was truly a mess by now.  Coating number FIVE was by far the

  best.  I made her just stand there, oozing, until the dripping

  stopped.  From a distance you wouldn't know she was wearing a

  grass coat.  The bitch was jet black this time and stickier

  than any of the other times.

    "Fuck this.  It's time for bed.  I had planned to do much more

  tonight but administrating this much misery and suffering has

  taken a lot out of me.   Here's the deal..."

    "It's nearly midnight.  I am going to unchain you completely

  knowing there is now way you could leave if you wanted to.

  I know you wouldn't anyway.

    You have 30 minutes to eat, drink (while fucking your own

  sore pussy, of course), and all that.  GOD you look fine

  totally black.  It is your best color by far.

    Since I sleep in on Saturdays until 9:00, so will you.  The

  time is yours because you are in for a FULL day of hard labor

  tomorrow.  As always, your sentence BEGINS with the first full

  day.  There is a lot of work I need done around here.  You will

  indeed be punished & fucked into oblivion.  Or until I tire of you

  and send you back to your boring mansion which, for YOU, is

  the cruelest punishment of all!"

    After gulping gallons of liquid and eating half a chicken

  or so she said she was ready.  Her bed was nothing but a large

  wooden packing crate the size of a single bed that was lying on

  the floor.  She got in and put on her goggles, still oozing

  and sticking to everything she touched with a low, muffled,

  ripping sound.  She was not taken to the Whore Box this time

  because I wanted her to stay sticky throughout the night.  In

  fact, thick mollasses would be dripped onto her periodically

  throughout the night to keep her sticky.  (Or at least until

  it was time for the "event.")

    Again she begged.  "PLEASE bind me!  PLEASE!  PLEASE!  PLEASE!

  I exist to be punished and fucked!  Make my life a living Hell!

  I shall obey all commands!"


  Now shut that slutty cum-bucket mouth of yours and listen...

  I WAS going to let you sleep on that nice big double mattress

  over there on the floor but - NO! - not when you haven't even served

  a full day yet.  But your crate WILL be raised to the ceiling just

  in case you get any bright ideas that you have ANY control over

  your useless existence."

    Up she went to the sky.  Chains connected to all 4 sides raised

  her crate/bed.  As I was leaving, I had one more thing

  to say to my sticky captive.

    "By the way there will

  be an "occurence" during the night.  It will begin

  with an unmistakibly loud basketball buzzer to make sure

  you wake up.  THEN, the occurrence which, of course, I won't 

  reveal.  Soon afterwards, the buzzer

  will sound again signifying the beginning of a five minute

  period during which you will employ Response # 3 of the Whore

  Handbook.  We will then see if you have done your homework.

  Goodnight, you miserable cunt!"

    I spent the next minute setting things up.  Then I went to

  the house.

    The infrared camera immediately above her showed her lying on her

  back free to move in any position she felt was comfortable.

  Though she couldn't see it, a 5-gallon vat was hanging right

  over her.  It was full of molasses, her latest coating.  From

  the bottom of the vat ran 4 hoses which hung about 2 feet

  above her naked, sticky body.  Every 10 minutes during the night,

  the vat would roll back and forth twice above the length of

  her crate and release small amounts of the stuff to keep her

  freshly coated and sticky for the event.  By "event time" she

  would probably be lying in about 2 or 3 inches of the stuff

  in a pool.

    Being totally exhausted, however, I knew I'd have to watch

  it on tape in the morning.  I fell asleep in seconds.

    My alarm went off much too early.  It was 9:00.  I couldn't

  WAIT to get to the wide-screen tv and rewind the tape.

  It was just fucking PERFECT!!!

    At 2:59, she was sleeping soundly in her sticky black prison

  of molasses.  I could see her breathe and move a little...

    At 3:00, the buzzer sounded and I could see her move (splash)

  in her crate.  She was waking up, disoriented.  The crate was

  moved several feet sideways then started downward.  She didn't

  know it, of course, but every light

  in the place was on.  She raised her head but knew she had

  better not take off the goggles.  Smiling broadly, she put her

  head back down.  She was waiting for something cruel to happen

  to her so she could begin with her response.

    Again I had measured and calculated everything just right after

  several trial runs.  She was surely cumming in buckets by now

  in anticipation of her newest torture.  From the overhead

  view, I noticed how much she just looked like she was wearing

  a tight, shiny latex body suit.  Only THIS suit was molasses

  and covered her COMPLETELY.  Along with grass, honey, sugar, 

  then chocolate.

    The crate came to a stop.  She then heard a whirr in the ceiling

  just above her.  It stopped, then she could hear something heavy

  being lowered.  Then it stopped.  Below her was a ripping sound.

  Above her she could feel something coming to a stop, enclosing the

  crate.  Something big and heavy.  I stopped the video-tape to admire

  the setup a split second before the event.

    So there it was.  The bed-crate containing the world's stickiest

  whore was suspended in midair.  Covering the crate was an old,

  floppy, huge king-sized mattress.  A few inches below her was

  the other mattress I had pointed out earlier except that I had

  set it up right before I left to be split very neatly

  down the middle.  Several hooks then pulled the covering off

  exposing the thick, itchy stuffing inside.

    I resumed the tape.

    As planned, it all happened in one motion.  The crate

  was torn apart from all 4 sides causing the bottom to split neatly

  away like a trapped door.  This gooey whore-prisoner was dumped

  INTO the mattress.  Simultaneously, the old mattress above was

  ripped in the same way and lowered on top of her making her a

  mattress sandwich.  Her head was sticking out the pillory-style

  hole I had made for this event.  She was probably itching very

  badly with all this stuff now sticking to her permanently.

  She loved it!  No situation was too extreme.  She couldn't even

  reach the sides of the 6' square mattress.  There was plenty

  of stuffing alright but not so much to prevent movement.  That,

  too, was premeditated.

    The buzzer sounded again.  It was time for her performance.

    Response # 3 has 6 parts.

    The initial position is on the back, palms down on the ground

  about 6" away from the body, heels on the ground, toes pointing upward.

  The illustration in the Whorebook makes this quite clear.

    For Part One,

  the whore-prisoner begins by screaming "YES!, YES!, YES!" very

  loud and very rapidly while tightening the ass the thrusting

  the cunt to the sky with EACH word.  Then back to the original


    Part Two consists of both legs bending at the knees

  then straightening back out to the original position two times

  (4 movements) such that the bent position finds the

  heels right in front of the cunt.  With each of the 4 moves

  the subject exclaims "I'M A SLUT!", completing the move on the

  last word.

    Part Three also has 4 moves that find the arms stretched

  out straight while the legs are split apart as far as possible.

  Then back in.  Then out & in again.  Those 4 moves require

  these four lines, one with each movement: "I'M A CUNT!  I'M A

  WHORE!  I'M A SLUT!  DO ME MORE!"  Has a nice ring to it.

    For Part Four the victim uses hip movement to rise off the

  ground and turn over on her stomach repeating the spread-

  eagle movements of Part Three, THIS time exclaiming her very

  favorite phrases "I LIVE TO BE PUNISHED AND FUCKED!  I CAN


  I CAN NEVER BE PUNISHED ENOUGH!"  A full movement is

  accomplished with each sentence.  Part Four, however, requires

  this 4-set movement to be done 5 times.

    Part Six, still face down is a repeat of Part One with the

  cunt thrust into the ground harshly.  Another stanza

  of "YES! YES! YES!"

    Then the prisoner uses hip movement again to wind up on

  her back again staying put but screaming "FUCK ME!" exactly

  one dozen times in three rapid sets of four.

    These 6 steps are repeated the predetermined length of time.

    So off she goes, proudly screaming her lines loud and clear as

  she thrusts, wiggles and gyrates enough to often move her own

  personal itchy, sticky mattress prison off the floor.  This

  little exercise was designed to accomplish a full generous

  coating of mattress stuffing on every inch of her slutty,

  sticky body.











    She repeated this 15 times before the buzzer went off to 

  signify her to stop.  WHAT A PERFORMANCE!

    She lied there catching her breath for about 30 seconds.  I

  expected her to collapse with total exhaustion but she was not

  through with herself.  Obviously not satisfied with her already

  unspeakable humiliation, she screamed out even more...


  the three sounds was performed with earsplitting volume, the

  last one just being one loud, long scream as if in pain.  It

  wasn't in the script but this exclamation lasted nearly 5 minutes

  before she just trailed off to sleep.

    I can't wait to see her new fur coat!

End of Part One


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