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Archive-name: Slaves/noel-01.txt

Archive-author: Slave Noel

Archive-title: My Destiny

                               Author's  Forward

In a church Twenty two years ago I was christened Marcus Leon Sanders.  Today

that person no longer exist for I am now Slave Noel, the feminized sex toy of

my former girlfriend Pam and her new husband.  I exist between the exotic and

erotic limbo of the twin realms of masculinity and femininity, a boy-girl or

she-male if you will.

Between my thighs, I posses not a female vagina but a penis and a pair of

hairless testicles.  And from my once flat chest I have sprouted small soft

knobs of flesh, which have been cultivated and developed in a buxom bosom,

which any woman would die to have.  My breasts are perfectly pear-shaped and

firm with no hint of droop or sag.  My nipples are neat little buttons of

flesh centered in cocoa-cocoa-brown colored areoals.  When caresses and

stimulated my nipples tingle and pucker into erect little buds which are

highly sensitive.  My skin is now as soft and sooth as a new born babies butt

and my hips sway naturally in a female manner when I walk.  Corsets and

midriff cinchers have reduced my waist size and have helped to make my

buttocks wider, fuller and deliciously rounded.  My ass can best be described

as a heart-shaped feminine bottom just waiting to be squeezed and caressed.  I

no longer have to wear wigs for a luxuriant growth of golden hair flows down

over my shoulder and breasts.  My long legs are the only part of me that I

have to shave now.  Female hormone pills and periodic shots from Mistress's

gynecologist have reduced my body hair and aided in the development of my

beautiful breast.  My pubic hair is removed bimonthly by way of hot wax

treatments to keep my genitals smooth and naked.  I dread the first and

fifteenth of each month for it hurts and is as painful today as much as it was

that first time.  Hot wax being applied and then ripped from such a delicate

and sensitive part of the anatomy cannot be described only experienced.  I

freely submit to the hot-wax treatments because it pleases Pam, who has become

my Mistress, and is a sign of her ownership of me.

It is because of her that I have become what I am today.  And it is because of

her that I now have a Master, who loves and cherishes me for what I have

become as much as she does.  Before I get carried away with telling you about

my life as Noel with both a Master and a Mistress to please and obey.  I want

to relate when Jason learned I was Pam's Slave and not just her girlfriend.

So let me start again if you don't mind.


                                   Chapter 1

                    I Learn My Beloved Mistress is to Marry

Mistress Pamela revealed my true gender to Jason, her fiancee, two days after

their engagement.  Jason and Pam had a whirlwind romance, the dashing and

hansom six footer had swept my Mistress off her feet.  It was exactly six week

from their first date until he slipped a wedding band on her finger.

When Mistress Pamela first informed me of her impending marriage I was terror

stricken with shock and panic.  My tongue had just pulled the five carrot

diamond engagement ring from her semen filled vagina.  Catching the ring as it

dropped from my mouth, she slipping it back on her finger.  Closed her eyes,

she excitedly whispered.

"Jason wants me to be his wife."

Hugging my head to her bosom she continued. "Oh, Noel, he not only hansom and

rich, he has the most incredible cock!  He can fuck forever before he cums but

he's not much at eating pussy though.  He could take lesson from you in that

department my sweet little sissy slut."  Pushing my head down toward her

shaved crotch she quickly added.  "Now hurry Noel and clean me out and go easy

on my clit, darling.  I think Jason's monstrous dick has rubbed it raw."

Tears were streaking my makeup and beginning to mix with the their love juices

still leaking and bubbling from the pussy that I felt that I would soon never

see again.  My Goddess and Mistress was going to banish me from her life or so

I thought.  'What will become of me?' kept flashing inside my head.  'Husbands

don't allow wives to have sex slaves, not even sissy feminized ones.'

Throwing my arms around her hips tightly I managed to choke out between sobs.

"Please, Pleaseee don't marry  Ja..Ja..Jasooon !"

Crumpling to the floor and trembling with fear I kissed her feet mumbling and

begging almost incoherently. "Please, please don't get married.  Jason will

not allow you to own me.  OH GOD!  Mistress.  I'll die if you leave me.

Please, oh pleaseee don't marry this man!  Tell me what he does.  I'll learn

to please you as he does."

Sitting up Mistress reaches down and puts her hands under my arms and tugs as

she commands.  "Hush Noel, stop crying now and sit up.  Sit up and look at


I obeyed kneeling, head bowed, hands covering my face as my tears continued to


Taking my hands she placed them on top of my head then cupped my chin and

titled my head back.  With the fingers of her other hand she brushed my hair

back and whipped away the tears streaking my face.  Sighing deeply she spoke

softly saying.

"Hush darling and listen now.  My marriage to Jason will change nothing

between us.  Noel you are my slave, my personal property, nothing will ever

change that.  Jason does not know your true gender yet but he has agreed that

you can live with us once we are man and wife.  To the outside world you will

be our live in maid but in time I hope you will see what I see in Jason and

love him also.  I know Jason will accept your submissiveness and need to be

dominated,  he will understand your need and desire to be feminized.  Together

we will accelerate your development into the true feminine submissive slave

you were always meant to be my darling."

Still sniffling I managed to stutter out "BU..BU...BUUUUUT!" as Mistress put

her index finger across my lips silencing me.

"No Buts, now darling.  Kneel straight before you Mistress and don't speak

just listen."

As I struggle to obey she placed her hand behind my head saying.  "Better yet

my slave, let's put that sweet mouth to use.  Seal your lips to the entrance

of my pussy-hole and let the essence of the man I love fill your mouth as you


As I tasted the first drops of Jason's jism on my tongue Mistress held the

back of my head and squeezed the muscles of her cunt forcing even more of his

spunk into my mouth.  Satisfied that I had the taste of her lover and husband

to be she used her thighs to keep me where I was as she spoke.

"You were meant to be dominated and owned darling.  I knew it the first time I

ever saw you.  I ask you out that first time because I knew I could control

you.  You were putty in my hands remember.  Take your tongue out of my sweet

hole and close your eyes and think back.  Remember how eager you were to

please me and the rules I laid down for you.  Remember what I made you do that

first time."


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