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Archive-name: Slaves/newyrdy.txt


Archive-title: New Years Day

     I woke up first Monday morning. Of course, I always wake up first. After

seven years of marriage this was nothing new. New Years Eve had been fun, the

other couples at the party were good company. My wife Julie, as was her

custom, had flirted with every man during the evening. Now this morning she

lay sleeping, tired from being out until two in the morning.

     Just like every morning I looked at the woman I had grown to know so

well over the years. Thirty one last July, she still maintained her youthful

looks. Five foot seven, 36-C breasts with nipples that turn rock hard. A slim

waist and legs that go forever. After seven years, I knew better than to wake

her up without the normal morning cup of coffee. Downstairs, make coffee, and

return. "Morning sweet heart, coffee is ready", I said, placing the coffee on

her night stand. I took my cup, and climbed back into bed, newspaper ready to


     She lay on her belly to my right. I could see the outline of her body

under the sheets. Her pajama bottoms lay crumpled at the foot of the bed. It

has always amazed me how she goes to sleep in silk pajamas and wakes up naked

from the waist down. "Oh well", I thought, "lets see."  I lay down the paper

and moved my right hand under the sheets to rest on the small of her back. No

jerk, no reaction. Slowly my hand moves down over her left cheek. Her little

ass feels gooooood. Back and forth with my hand. Now gently the side of my

hand moves into the crack and I grab and squeeze. Julie moans quietly, and

shifts her position slightly. Now she is on her left side, and her movement

places my hand on her waist and hip.

     I turn onto my right side facing her. With my left hand I start on her

hip and move up. Silk tops sure feel good, her pajama top is warm with the

heat of her body. Up the front of her, until I cup one breast in my hand. My

index finger strokes the nipple and I feel it harden at my touch. Julie says

nothing, so I flick at the nipple..once..twice..three times. With each lash

of my finger her nipple grows and grows. As I watch her tongue slips out and

wets her lips. The musky aroma of a woman in heat reaches me and I smile at

this sudden success.

     "You like that, don't you?", I whisper. "You like your nipples hard!"

     "Uh Huh", is all she says.

     My left hand starts to tug and pull at her soft right nipple through the

pajama top. As it starts to stiffen, my other hand is busy undoing the top

itself. As the buttons are opened, both lovely mounds are visible. Each

nipple is grasped firmly between by thumb and finger. I pull both tits and

Julie responds by rolling onto her back. I straddle her left arm, and without

stopping my nipple massage, begin kissing and sucking on her neck.

     "Play with my cock woman!", I whisper this order into her ear, following

the words with a wet tongue.

     "Ohhhhh. That feels good", I hear. But still my cock is lonely. "I said

PLAY WITH MY COCK WOMAN", this time I know she hears me.

     Julie's hand starts to explore my inner thigh. Her warm fingers move

slowly up my left leg and down my right leg. As I start to get erect her hand

encircles my meat and strokes back and forth, back and forth.

     "You want to suck it Julie, don't you?". This is command, not a

question, and she knows it.

     "No honey, I want to feel you in me." Her hand pulls on my cock. She

wants me off her arm and over to her side of the bed. I don't want any part

of this, last night I decided I need some head, and I intend to get it.

     Reaching over I take her left wrist in my right hand. I pull her toward

me, turning her onto her belly in the process. Quickly before Julie knows

what happened I am sitting on the small of her back, one leg on each side of

her waist. My hardon is pressed into her, and she knows what is coming. I

pull her right arm up into the small of her back. Holding her in place I

reach her pajama bottoms and remove the belt. A quick noose and her left

wrist is secure.

     "Barry don't do that. I don't want to do this!". She is angry, but I

don't really care. I grab her left arm and, PRESTO, both hands tied behind

her back. I stand up next to the bed and look down at her. Even after seven

years I get charged up at seeing my wife bound up like this, helpless to stop

me from doing what I want with her body.

     "Spread your legs!", I order. She looks at me with rebellion in her eyes

and moves nothing. SLAP!, my hand firmly across her exposed butt.

     "I said SPREAD YOUR LEGS!". Julie buries her face into the pillow and

tries to pretend I am not even there.

     Moving around to the foot of the bed, I lay out on top of her firmly

closed legs. My face ends up just above the red mark left by the slap on her

left cheek. I grab each cheek, moving my thumbs into her crack. As she

squirms and wiggles, my tongue slides across her ass hole.

     "NO BARRY!!!", her cry drowned out by the pillow she has buried her face

into. My tongue is relentless. It probes into the tight crevice, wetting and

warming her back side passage. I can smell the moist pussy just inches away.

In spite of her protests, Julie is HOT.

     The licking continues, and my thumb begins to probe. Julie is sensitive,

so I go slow. Her ass gives way and my thumb moves in, up to the first

knuckle. Its like opening a gate, her pussy grinds into the bed, and her legs

open wide. I slide off to the side of the bed and stand up, my thumb still

firmly anchored inside Julie.

     "Look at me Julie. I said LOOK AT ME!". My wife, my servant, turns and

looks at me. As our eyes meet, I cup my right hand and reach down between her

legs with the middle finger. Her look implores me to continue, and I do,

slowly stroking her clit. "Ohhhhhhhh. Honey I need to come.", her plea is

music to my ears. I move forward, my cock pointing toward her lovely face.

     "You know what it takes for me to let you come. Are you ready to give

what it takes?". As I finish the question, my thumb and finger leave her ass

and pussy. SLAP! I let her have it again. Her body comes off the bed,

straining at her bonds. Then defeated, she lays quietly.

     "O.K. Just promise you'll make me come.", is her submission request.

"Help me get up off of this bed."

     With my help she is sitting on the edge of the bed. Her arms are still

tied behind her back, and her pajama top hangs loosely from each shoulder.

Reaching out I take on nipple in each hand and pull; Julie stands to her


     "Stay.", I order, and she waits. Quickly I enter the closet, grab a tie,

and return. As she looks at me I wrap the tie over her eyes, tieing it behind

her head. I bend and flick my tongue over her nipple. Julie arches her back

and pushes her chest forward. As a reward I gently suck a nipple into my

mouth. Her breast captured between my lips my tongue rapidly beats the nipple

back and forth. I can feel her body respond, she moans, and grinds her belly

forward, looking for satisfaction.

     "Now Julie, on your knees.", this is the order she hates. My wife is a

successful business woman, this submission thing is not for her. She never

has liked giving head, but she likes NOT COMING even less. I help her to her

knees and get ready to enjoy every minute of my dominance.

     What a vision. Her short blonde hair is mussed from a nights sleep. As

she kneels in front of me I look down her back to the gentle curve of her

buttocks touching her heels. Steeping back I am surprised by how her breasts

jut forward proudly, both nipples rock hard with sexual excitement. Her flat

belly and the soft triangle of wet hair between her legs are tempting, but

first things first.

     I give my last command for a while. "Come and get Julie. Come on girl,

you can find it."  She moves forward on her knees. I watch her come toward

me, blindfolded and bound, submitting to me as her master. Three feet, two

feet, almost.......

     Her face bumps into my hardness. Her head tilts sideways and her mouth

opens slightly, feeling her way. Oh how warm her lips feel as they cover my

tip. She knows where she is now.

     "Get my balls". Her head lowers, and she surrounds my left nut with her

lips. Sucking softly the ball is taken into her mouth. All I can feel is the

soft warm cavern and a busy tongue caressing. Slowly Julie spits that one out

and sucks the other one in its place. Back and forth. I can feel her struggle

to get both balls into her mouth at the same time.

     Her mouth moves from down there to the under side of my meat. Kissing

and sucking gently along the length of me until she reaches the head. I watch

in wonder as her mouth opens and slowly starts to take me in. My cock head is

sucked slowly in, disappearing from sight. She moves her head forward, more

and more. I watch as my meat disappears from sight, finally her fore head

bumps into my belly. She stops, and waits.

     I wrap my hands in her hair and start to guide her motion. Pushing back

I see my cock exposed, pulling forward I watch it swallowed up again. I start

to move my hips in time to her head. The pressure builds between by legs and

some pre-come begins to ooze from Julie mouth.

     One final backwards push on her head, and my cock is released from her

wonderful suction. Reaching under each of her arms, Julie is lifted to her

feet. I spin her around and push her back on the bed face down. Picking her

legs up I spread her wide. Her left leg goes over my left shoulder, her right

leg over my right shoulder. As I stand and lifet her legs she finds her face

pushed into the bed. Her pussy, wet and ready, is exposed for me. Grabbing

her hips I pull the wonder box toward me. Julie slides on the bed helpless to

my onslaught. The purple head of my cock bursts through her outer lips and is

buried. Her soft buttocks slap against my belly.

     "Ask me.", I order. Julie says nothing and I freeze. She is sprawled

face down in front of me. Her body split wide open by my erect manhood. There

is no way she can stop me but that's not enough.

     "ASK ME! Or I'll quit now", I threaten.

     "Oh Barry, Fuck me. FUCK ME UNTIL I COME", its not a plea anymore. SHE


     Only one final barrier to get her through.

     "Fuck you where, Julie? Where do you want it?", I ask. There is only one

right answer. I wet my finger, and slide it across her ass. "You can have

your pussy, I want you ASS!"

     "No. Please no. Just let me come.", a defeated groan escapes her lips.

     I step back quickly. My hard meat pops from her cunt, and she falls to

the floor on her knees. Her head rests on the bed. From behind I reach around

and cup her titties. Squeeze, flick, tug, tug, tug. I kiss across the back of

her neck, around to her ear. 

     "I'll let you touch, but you have to give me what I want.", I hold both

nipples and shake as I wait for her answer.

     "Anything! ANYTHING YOU WANT. I need to come, or I'm going to die",

Julie gasps and squirms against the bed. I reach under her butt, and lift her

back on the bed. Climbing behind her I reach between her spread legs and wet

my hand on her wet cunt hairs. My tongue wets her crack. My left hand spreads

hers cheeks and my other guides me in.

     It is so tight, my cock is bending and straining as I hump forward.

Julie cries in pain as her ass stretches to hold me. I jerk on the robe belt

and her hands come free. In a flash she is stroking her clit, and fingering

her slash. I hold still as her ass moves back and forth to the rythym of her

hand. With each backward thrust Julie takes more of my cock up her ass. She

is almost out of control, i grab her hips to keep her from getting away. 

     "Oh. Oh. Oh. OH. OH. OHHHHHHH,  I'MMMMMM COMMMMING", she cries and her

coiled body explodes backward in orgasm. I'm along for the ride, and plunge

completely into her. As Julie's body rocks with satisfaction I clamp on to

her hips and thrust away. Her passage is so tight, its squeezing the life out

of my cock.

     "You can't go anywhere until I'm done Julie. I'm almost there. Hang On",

I pant through each thrust. My balls slap her butt, and I feel the coming

explosion building. One final plunge, I sink my cock deep in Julie's ass and

then all the way out. I explode, sending my warm load all over her back side.

     Julie lays out flat, and I collapse next to her. Reaching up I uncover

her eyes and as I look at her she says, "I love you". "I love you too." is my

only response.


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