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Archive-name: Slaves/mywkend7.txt

Archive-author: Essen M

Archive-title: First Weekend - 7

    The weekend ended as you know by now, but the amount of

aggravation has not.  After all that I was force to endure I

still have so many little every day things to deal with.

Things like a new way to enter the house, and a new dress

code while I am at the house.  There are some others also,

but they just seem to fit with the rest.  I will try and

describe them to you as time goes on in the best way that i


    Well the biggest change around here is that after work I

no longer just come home and flop down to relax.  I have to

have my daily inspection by Linda, and I mean inspection. As

I walk in I check to see if there is any guest that I was

not informed of, and if not I go to my room and strip down

to my panties.  After that I return and if Linda is not in

sight I find her (no matter where she is).  If she is not in

the house with the weather so warm, it's a fair bet she is

out in the yard.  So I just take my self out there and when

I am with her I now have to kneel in front of her with my

hand behind my back.

    At this point she can either tell me to go about my

business or give me some special instructions.  It depends

on the kind of day that she had weather or not I will have

special instructions.  And believe me they are usually

special as they are never the same from day to day.

    Most of the time they are simple - like stand up turn

around, bend over and so forth.  Just little things to

aggravate me as much as she sees fit.  But there are those

days when she has had some kind of aggravation her self and

wants to relieve her tension out on me.  I guess I don't

mind, but what difference would it make if I did?  I just

hate the days that she had a bad afternoon at the soap

operas or what ever as she wants to get even with a TV

character and sense she can't I will make do.  And I usually


    The easiest thing that I have to do is take off my

panties and go stand in the middle of the yard until dinner.

 Usually with my legs apart, but not that far!  Or she will

want me to make it with her for a little bit before she

finishes dinner, and I have come to enjoy that now.  BUT if

she is really ticked at some thing she will want to spank me

or tie me to a tree or post or some thing in that order. She

even has me get my leather cuffs and wear them until it is

time to go to bed, usually several hours.  Of course she

wont let me dress during this time.

    There are those days how ever that she either had a bad

day her self or she has been told to do some thing special.

those are the days that I would rather work late, like all

night if I could get away with it.  They are just about

always on Friday, and that is the day that I usually get off

early.  I mean she will have those days planned down to the

smallest detail, and that is for sure.  She will have them

planned to the point that what ever she plans on doing and

what she needs to do it are all laid  out so I can know what

is coming.  So when I get to my room if it is a special day

I usually see the first signs of it then.

    So I guess I will do my best to describe one of those

days.  It is a Friday about 3pm when I arrive home!

    I drove in the drive as I always did, and picked up my

daily notes to take in and look over when I had the chance.

As I came through the door I first noticed that the two

hanging plants were not in there usual place in the arch way

between the living room and den.  I didn't think that much

of it as I guess I was hoping Linda had taken them out in

the yard for some sun.  So I went to my room to get

undressed as I always did every day.  That is when I new

that she was a bit ticked at some thing, and I had better

watch my step.  On my bed was just white tip from a feminine

syringe and I knew what that ment.  After I completely

stripped down I went right to the bathroom where I found the

old red bag with a note on it.  The note just said (take

two) and that to was self explanatory.  So I did just as the

note said and took two good cleaning ones.  That took about

thirty five to fourth five minutes.  When I had finished

cleaning out and cleaning up I went to find Linda.  She was

in the back yard laying back in one of the lounge chairs

eating cookies.  So I went and assumed my normal position in

front of her, and waited for instructions.

    She then asked me if I had taken care of every thing to

this point, and I proceeded to tell her what I found and had

done.  She then told me to go over to the picnic table and

bring her the box that was on it, and I did.  Once I was

holding it in front of her she had me set it down and open

it.  After I did I saw that inside was my waste belt and

cuffs along with a short pair of ankle shackles.  I then

looked at her wondering what came next.  She told me to put

on the shackles, and I did.  To me that is a funny feeling

having to put some thing like that on knowing your making

your self just about helpless.  Then she told me to put on

my waste belt and as I did she came closer to me so that she

could adjust it and snap the buckle lock.  After that the

rest was self evident.  She fastened my cuffs to the belt,

and had me sit kneel down in front of her again.  After I

did she informed me that we were having company and I was to

serve them what ever they needed.  She didn't tell me who

was coming over, just that we were having company.  Being in

this position I sure hoped that it was not some body new,

and that was for sure.

    Until the company came I had to get adjusted to the

short chain between my ankles.  So Linda had me get her

several drinks and other items from the house.  At first it

was hard to walk in them, but after I learned to adjust my

step length it became easier.  Not a lot, but easier!  So

now I guess that it was just wait and see who arrived.

    After a short time the chime went off indicating that

some one had passed the outer gate.  Linda got up to see who

it was and then came and sat back down.  She then instructed

me to answer the door when they came up, and I started in

that direction.  As I approached the door I could hear them

on the other side.  I leaned side ways so that I could turn

the knob, and opened it.  When I got it open I saw that it

was Barbara and some guy that I had NO IDEA who he was. When

he saw me he stepped back and it appeared that his lower lip

dropped a bit.  Well if you saw some like me standing in the

manor I was you would be stunned too.  Once he was able to

speak again the first thing he said was (Barb your right

this is going to be interesting), and left it at that.  So

the only thing that did for me was make me wonder that much

more what was going to happen.

    As him and Barb came in I closed the door behind them,

and followed them to the patio.  Linda asked them what they

were drinking, as any polite hostess would do.  They named

their drinks and I was sent off to both make them and serve

them.  Which was NO EASY task at the present time.  But I

did manage to get them their drinks!  After a few minutes it

was another round, and then another.  It was getting late

now as the sun was starting to set, and noting had really

happened yet.  As of this point I realized that I had never

heard this man name mentioned, and as usual I was curious.

But believe me I was not going to ask!

    Linda stood up and said - OK I GUESS WE CAN GET STARTED

NOW.  That is when this man asked if he could look me over

before things got going, and Linda told him sure.  So he

called me over to him, and I stood in front of him.  He told

me to turn around and bend over, I did.  That is when he

took at least two fingers and jammed them right up inside

me.  I stood up and let out some sort of sound along with a

YOU S.O.B. at the same time.  At that point I just knew that

I had really screwed up, and sure enough I did.  Linda came

over and slapped me accrosed the face as hard as she could,

telling me that I was not to insult her guests.  I just knew

my face was RED as it stung like hell.  The man got up and

told Linda that it was not correct to get physical, at least

not so it showed.  He asked Linda that sense it was he who

was insulted - could he have her permission to regain his

pride?  She looked at Barb and then back at him!  She then


WHAT EVER MANOR YOU CARE TO.  That is when he asked Barb to

show him around and to let him see what he had to work with.

    I guess it was five or ten minutes before they finished

doing their looking, but as far as I was concerned it was

not long enough.  This man came back with a hand full of

different things, and I knew just who they were for.  I was

told to assume a kneeling position in the middle of the

floor, and I did.  He then asked Barb to come over and he

handed her several items.  I found out that they were two

hoops for my pierced ears and two mini-bar bells for my

nipples.  He asked Barb if she would put them in their

proper places, and she did.  I was glad that it was her as

putting some thing in a pierced nipple is not easy, and

should never be done by some one that does not know how.

Well once the four items were in place he had me stand.  I

assumed that he was just going to suspend me or some thing


    He took some small loop chain and had me bend my head so

that he could put one chain between my left ear and left

nipple, and the same on the other side.  Now my head was

bend and I could not nor did I dare try to raise it.  Well

being that I could now see the floor real well I saw him

coming and he had a spreader bar with him.  He knelt down

and removed the shackles that I was wearing and replaced

them with the spreader bar.  At this time he pushed my legs

some what farther apart, but no so that I was off balance.

He then edged me over to the opening between the living room

and the den.  Once we were about center in the opening he

took my arms loose from my waste belt and fastened the cuffs

together behind my back, and removed the belt.  I heard him

reach for some thing and could feel him working behind me.

That is when I felt a rope or some thing on that order being

fastened to the hook that held my cuffs together.  Once that

was completed he pulled on what ever it was and my arms were

pulled up in the air.  Again I was not really off balance

more just out of balance.  So that is when he knelt down

again and separated my legs wide apart this time.  NOW I WAS

OFF BALANCE!  He then went back behind me and raised my arms

so that I was suspended by them and stretched tight.

    Three I was:  My legs were apart and my head bend and

now my arms pulled up behind me.  I was breathing slow at

this point as I was hurting like hell, and wanted nothing

but down.

    I heard him walk away from me and I assumed he went and

sat back down.  I could hear the conversation going on and

that is when I heard him say that he would leave me like

this for a half hour or so to soften me up some.  Well the

time passed, but it seemed like a lot more then a half hour.

 I heard him walking again and then I could see his shoes

next to me.  He reached down and grabbed me between the legs

saying (you don't mind this now - do you?)  I replied (NO

SIR), and didn't say any more.  About then he walked away

again and came right back in front of me.  He had a bar gag

in his hand and ordered me to open my mouth.  I did with out

hesitation, and he placed the gag in place.  At this point

he was talking to me some, and I was listening very close.

He told me that the reason he placed the gag in my mouth was

that he didn't want to bother the neighbors.  What neighbors

I thought, the closest ones are a half mile or better away.

At this point I just knew I would not like what was coming,

and I really believed that.

    He then went back behind me again and lifted my arms

even more to the point that I though that I was going to

faint.  Once they were where he wanted them he stepped back

to admire his handy work - I guess.  The next thing I knew I

felt a belt or some thing strike me accrosed the ASS.  The

pain was intense and stinging.  The second and third blow

came one right after the other.  Then there was a short

period before more came.  It didn't take many before I was

trying to scream and cry and move around.  But being in the

suspended position I was it hurt even more to do that.  AND


    He whipped me several more times before going over and

sitting back down.  I could hear him telling Linda and Barb

that he wanted to whip me at least once more then leave me

to think about what i said.  Believe me I was already

thinking about what i said, and more time was not needed.

But TRUE to his word he came back and whipped me several

more times.  By now I was almost to the point that I didn't

feel a thing, and I think he knew it.  So after he finished

whipping me he jerked on my arms one more time and put me in

even more strain and pain.

    He then walked over to Linda and Barb and said the time

was late  and he needed to go.  He asked if Barb could drive

him to his car, and she agreed.  He then asked Linda if she

would be kind enough to let me down at her convince, and she

agreed.  So the next thing I heard was the front door

opening and closing and a car leaving.  Yet I was still the

same way I was and now had to depend on Linda for any


    She walked over to me and told me that sense I looked so

comfortable that she would leave me until it was time to go

to bed.  GOD that was over an hour from now!  She did just

as she said, and when it was time to get some sleep she let

me down and I went to my room.  It took me a good while to

get to sleep as I needed to let my body come back to normal.

 But I did get some sleep that night and even though I was

sore the next day I never let on.  I had hoped that Linda

would never ask him back again, and if she did I was out of

town.  I really wanted to believe that Linda didn't learn

any thing from him and do what he did to me again her self.

To this day I still hope that...........

    My life has a new meaning and it should be obvious that

this will continue ->



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