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Archive-name: Slaves/mywkend6.txt

Archive-author: Essen M

Archive-title: First Weekend - 6

    It was hard to believe that Sunday had come around so

soon, and then again it seemed like it would never come.  As

you see I knew Friday that some time Sunday was going to be

the end of this, and I would either be well trained or in

more serious trouble then before.  I hope that I will be

considered WELL TRAINED as I don't know if I could handle

another 48 hours like this.  But ONLY my MASTER can tell me

the answer to that, and I feel sure that he will.

    Landa has came back out to me and released me from the

strain that she left me in.  I mean completely released me,

but with a work of advise.  She just suggested mind you that

we keep what happened between us, and I agreed.  Linda up to

now seemed to be a follower of direction as I, but after the

little extra.  I just don't know any more what she might do.

 How ever I have to take in to consideration that she is a

women and has to have some limits as to what she will do.

    I am up now and have regained some of the use of my legs

after having them where they felt dead.  Boy I hate it when

they wake up as it feels like a million pins sticking all at

the same time.  I walked over to Linda and asked if I could

talk to her, and she allowed me to.  I mentioned that so

many things had happened between us in the last day and a

half, was there any thing more that she was going to do?

She said that today was not going to be too bad unless I

made it that way.  Well you just know by now that I have no

intention of doing that, and that is for sure.  So sense I

didn't have another question I went on with my business.

That being getting some thing to eat as I felt starved, and

using the restroom with out being waited on.  My stomach was

grouling so bad that I had to put some thing in it even if

it was water.  And after a couple of BIG glasses I sure felt

better.  But I still had to realize that I was due for more

of the past and I had better sike my self up to it.

    MASTER didn't get up until nine, and when he saw me

walking around he didn't say any thing.  I figure that he

knew I would be loose when he awoke, and had instructed

Linda to let me loose.  Well that again told me some thing

about Linda, that being she still followed orders.  So I

felt better thinking that today was going to be much the

same as the others, MASTER would be incharge.

    It was about ten now and MASTER went into my den to make

some phone calls.  I knew this as I heard him tell Linda

that was what he was going to do.  So now sense he was up I

walked like a cat so as not to distrube him.  I felt that

when he came back amoung us that some thing would happen

then, and sure enough it did.

    MASTER told me to slip on a gown and one that was not

too long.  I went to my room and picked out one and came

back wearing it.  It was one that came between my hips and

the back of my knees.  When MASTER saw it he jumped up and

yelled at me.  I told you not too long, can't you do any

thing right yet.  So before he could yell any more I went

and pick out a black one that I had that just came to the

bottom of my hips.  It was sheer and you could see through

it like it was not even on.  I hurried back to him and let

him look!  Now that is what I intended and he didn't say

another word.  I didn't know what he had on his mind, but I

new one thing for sure.  This gown I was wearing was OK if I

was standing stright, but if I bent in the slightest

direction some thing showed.  So I assumed that his plans

had some thing to do with what I was wearing.

    As time passed and it was now after noon I was thinking

that my day was over, and nothing more was going to take

place.  WRONG!  About one I heard the chimes in the hall go

off telling me that some one has passes the electric eye at

the front gate.  Well a few seconds later the low buzzer

went off and I knew they were on the walk coming up to the

door.  I waited to see who was going to answer the door, as

I didn't feel dressed for it.  That is where I was wrong as

MASTER told me to go and see who it was.  I didn't want to

but I did!  When I opened the door (just a crack) I

recognized the couple that was there and went ahead and

invited them in.  MASTER was now just a few feet behind me

and he asked them if they brought what he suggested, they

said YES.  About twenty or so minutes later the same thing

happened, but this time I just went to the door.  Again it

was some one that we knew!  This happened three more times

and now there were five couples in the house, and I knew

then that MASTER was finished with me.  Surely he would not

do any thing while all these people were here, surely.

    The rest of the afternoon went perty well as I played

waitress and Linda played bartender.  MASTER just sat around

making conversation with the men and the women talked amount

them selves.  How ever I should have been a bit more

observent, because if I was I would have know some thing was

in the wind.  It was now about six and the local news just

went off.  MASTER never misses it when he is home or here!

So he stood up and said " Well now for the reason I asked

you here".  Essen has been a BAD girl and I have done what I

could to help make her better, and more responsive.  But I

really have run out of ideas.  So LADIES I invited you and

your husband to come and bring the one thing that you had at

the your home (sex related) that you hated to have used on

you the most.  Did you all bring something?  The answer was

a resounding YES.  OK the this is how we will continue!

    Each of you in turn (in the order you arrived) will have

the opportunity to demonstrate the item here.  Essen will be

the model and you will use it on her in the mannor that it

has been or has been suggested used on you.  I only asked

you to bring the item as I felt that if there was some other

item or items needed fro preparation, they would probably be

here already.  Linda my new assistant will lend what ever

extra help you need while doing the demonstration.  Now is

that understood?  Again YES!

                       COUPLE - ONE -

    The first lady got up in front of the group and told

every one that her husband wanted to watch her use a dildo

and mastrabate until she dripped.  She thought the idea was

discusing because she had never done it with any one looking

on.  She reached in her purse and came out with the larges

dildo that I had ever seen.  She attempted to hand it to

MASTER for what ever reason, but he told her that he was not

the one going to use it.  So as I was in easy reach she of

course handed it to me.  MASTER then told me to move out in

front of every one and start doing my thing.

    I must have felt the same way as she did only five times

worse.  I could not seem to get started, and besides after

last night I really thought that I was cummed out.  But as

you can guess MASTER insisted, and I opened my legs and

started to slip that hugh thing in me.  I was dry and it

took a few minutes to get it in, but once I did I went ahead

and used it.  I keep looking at every one watching me

especially the women that was having me do this.  She seemed

to be the most interested in what the others were thinking

as well as how I looked while I was getting OFF.  It was

about five minutes or so more and I had my first orgams, but

I could tell it was light.  I knew I had to keep it up until

some thing ran out of me, so I kept using the dildo harder

and harder.  On the third orgasm I finally was able to allow

some to pass the side of the dildo, and on my hand.  When

they saw that I was allowed to stop and I just stood there.

MASTER asked the women if she felt satisfied and she said

she did.  So MASTER told me to go and get cleaned up and

come back.

                       COUPLE - TWO -

    This women had the simplest item of all, a pair of hand

cuffs.  But the task that she wanted me to do was not really

to my liking.  Her husband liked to hand cuff her behing her

back and make her SUCK him off at least twice.  When she

said that I looked over at MASTER and waited for him to tell

her that was OUT.  But instead he looked back and me and

said that he hoped that her husband was a quick cummer.  I

thought to my self (thanks alot)!

    Up to now I was still wearing what was a near miss for a

gown, but this time I had to strip in front of these people

and let her hand cuff me.  Then her husband came to the area

where I was at and stood where every one could see and

opened his pants.  When he brought that monster out I

thought that the dildo was small compaired to his living

tool.  She was still standing next to me and helped me get

on my knees.  Then the rest was up to me as I opened my

mouth and let that MONSTER pass my teeth.  As i sucked on ti

I could feel him getting warmer and warmer, and before long

he went off.  GOD like to took the back of my head off, and

there was more cum the I could keep in my mouth.

    Once I adjusted from the first go round I took his cock

and started working on it again.  It was going a bit soft so

I really sucked on it so that it would not have to be

restarted fro DEAD.  As he started to get hard again he

reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled me into it.  He

shoved it so far in I was gasping for air, and he started

working me like a pussy.  He kept it up and again I could

feel him getting hot.  This time I also felt that he was

holding back from going off, and I soon found out he was.

    All of a sudden he pulled me up to him so far that I had

mu lower lip on his balls, and as he held me there he went

off.  He filled my mouth again and told me that I was to

drink ever drop before he would let me go.  I choched some

and did manage to get it all down!  He then let me lose and

with a smile on his face said "we need to do this again -

honey".  I thought to my self (Fat chance) if I had any

thing to do with it.

    As I got up the women came over to me and took her hand

cuffs off.  She said that she liked what she saw and would

more then likely let her husband do it to her.  She actually

thanked me for what I did.

    MASTER again let me go and clean up and this time rinse

my mouth out with listerene.  Damn even after that I could

still taste his sweety cock, and my through would carry his

cum the rest of the day.  But I did have two of the five out

of the way and that ment I was almost half way.

    I came back in to the room again expecting to have to

preform the next act, but MASTER said that I would have a

half hour off before the next preformance.  Nice touch I was

now a preformer!

                       COUPLE - THREE -

    The third women only had a suggestion.  Her husband

wanted to watch her get it from two men at the same time and

maybe suck off a third.  MASTER said to her that was the one

pleasure that I had not had this weerekend, and maybe I

would enjoy it.  So as I was still stripped he asked her

where she would like me to be positioned.  She though for a

moment and then said (how about out in the yard)?  MASTER

said fine with him, so every one started heading for the

yard.  I kind of held back some, but wound up out there with


    All this time Linda was still tending bar and enjoying

ever minute of what I was going through.  I just wish that

just once she would have a taste of her own medicne.

    Sense there were five men they had to select three

between them that were going to have me.  Personally I knew

I was sore and would hate every second of it, but sense I

didn't have a choice I got down on the ground and waited for


    I layed on my back while the first man loosened me up

and got his dick in me.  Then we rolled over on our sides

while the next gentleman (not really) got down behind me and

started to try and put his dick in.  He was having a bit of

a problem, but he as all men managed to do what he wanted.

The third man got down on his knees and lifted my head some

so that he could slip his dick in my mouth.  Once I was in

that position it seemed that they all picked up a rythm and

some one was coming while another was going and the motion

began.  The kept this up for some time and then I felt the

one in front of me go off.  That is when they decided to

change positions and each take me by my pussy.  DAMN that

ment I would be fucked three times in each hole, and I

didn't think that was part of the deal.  But so it turned

out that really was the deal, and a bad one for me.

    When they were finished I felt like I was walking bow

leged, and maybe I was.  I didn't even wait for MASTER to

tell me to go and clean up, I just went.  This time I took

my time as I was sore now and knew I would be sorer in the

morning.  So I also knew I was past the half way point


                       COUPLE - FOUR -

    The forth women also only had a request!  She mentioned

that her husband has said some thing at one time that MASTER

gave me enemas when I would get out of line.  She said that

she had read several stories concerning that, but had never

seen one given for that purpose.  She was hoping that she

could watch me get a good filling to the point that I looked

seven months pregnant.  MASTER sat ther for a few seconds I

guess thinking about it.  Then he asked her if she wanted to

give it to me or let some one else do it?

    She then sat there a few seconds before saying that she

had NO idea how to get things ready, but beyond that she

would love to make me fat.  MASTER called for you-know-who

to come over then.  He told Linda to go with me and this

women and get me ready to take a LARGE VOLUME enema, and to

use the extra special equipment.  Well Linda picked up

several items and the three of us headed for the house.

Once we were out of sight of the others Linda started to

show this women what she intended to use on me.  When the

women saw the double enema tip she let out a dasp.  You mean

you can put that up inside her and it doesn't hurt.  Linda

said that she would not go that far, but yes it went up

inside me.  That is when the women said (I've got to see


    Linda told me to get down on the floor and lay on my

side.  The she told me to pull my knees up to my tits, and

she slipped the nozzel in.  While I was still in this

position she inflatted it and clamped the fill lines so that

she could take the inflaters off.  She looked up at the

women and told her that what ever she put in me now would

stay there.  The women asked Linda where would be a good

place to do it so that every one could see?  Linda of course

had the perfect place, and that was out back between the

pipes.  So out we went!  I was moving slow as it hurts to

walk with an inflated enema tip, but I still made it.  As we

passed through the door the others could see that I had some

thing hanging out of me.  They didn't ask what, but they did

all try and get a better look.  We went stright over to the

two pipes that were still up.  Linda had to move one of them

back closer to the other as they were too far apart for what

she wanted.

    Once she had them in there correct position she had me

lay down and went to get what she needed to fasten my legs

and arms.  After my legs were fastened she used the two

cables and hooks to raise me up to a standing position.  She

then walked to the house and came back with an almost full

bottle of water.  She moved things around so that master

could watch the water level, but was out of the way to the

rest of them.  The she put all the tubes and extras together

so that I was now ready to get pregnant.

    She took the push button and handed it to the lady that

was now standing in front of me just looking.  She explained

that the harder she pushed on the button the faster water

would be pumped into me.  The women said (pumped), and Linda

replied that is what I said.  You need a pump because she is

standing and water wont run up..

    Well she tried the button and saw that I moved and she

knew that she had put some in me then.  She then turned

around to the rest of the group and asked if they could all

see?  The shifted there possitions some and then said they

could.  She then said that they were going to watch what

happens to a women that not careful and get knocked up.

That is when she stepped to the side and pushed the button.

I could feel the water coming into me now and it was not

that fast, but it didn't take long before I was almost full.

 My stomach was tight now and I could feel it start to

streach outward.  She kept the water coming and coming until

I let out a cry.  Please no more - please!  She stopped and

looked at me and asked if she was hurting me?  Before I

could answer MASTER stood up and told her to keep going as I

could take a lot more yet.  He would have know as he was

sitting beside the water bottle.  She started the pump again

only this time slower.  GOD it was hurting me but she never

stopped.  At this point I was begging her to stop and she

just ignored me.  Then she stopped and looked out at the

others and said (well almost instant 7 months pregnant).  I

was crying and hoping that she was through, and she was.

MASTER got up and came over to me and called for Linda.  He

told her to clamp off the line and to leave me there for

fifteen minutes so that every one could take a good look.

The don't release the pressure until she had me in the house

and in the bathroom.  Linda agreed!

    When Linda got me to the bathroom and had me stand while

she released the clam, I was just shaking.  When I felt the

pressure drop and heard the water hit the commode like a

water hose.  I was sure glad when she took off the clamps on

the nozzel and pulled it out.  Then I was able to sit and

get the rest out, what a great feeling.  She left me alone

and told me to come back in when I was cleaned up and

finished.  So that is just what I did, but at my own time.

I knew there was one more women left, and this had to be the

hard one of the day.

                       COUPLE - FIVE -

    Well this time it was sure to turn out interesting as

finally Miss Linday would have to join in at the request of

one of MASTER guest.  And the good part is that I knew when

I heard the request that MASTER was delighted with it.  When

Linda heard it she almost went into shock, and I personally

enjoyed every second of it.  At the same time I knew that

MASTER would have to do it, and that even made me feel

better.  Because up to now it was just fine and dandy for me

to be stripped, beaten and abused - but not Ms Linda she

considered her self to be above all this.  Now she was going

to get a small portion of her own medicne (love it - just

love it).

    The LAST request before the agravation was over was

really the simplest of all yet at the same time it involved

some one who had up until now had not really partisapated.

The women wanted to see how good I could treat a women just

in case she had the chance to use me some time.  But she

didn't want me to service her, only see what i could do with

a women if I had to.  So after MASTER asked the other four

women which one wanted to be the one that was pleased, and

got no response.  He had to honor the request and come up

with some one for the receiver of my attention.

    That is when MASTER took Linda off to the kitchen and

stated that she was to get down with me and let me do what

ever I was couched to do.  I could hear Linda as well as the

others could when she said (-NO WAY-).  But being that I new

MASTER and that the word NO was not some thing he took

lightly, I just new she would be my receiver.  So I sat back

and waited to see what was going to happen, and soon found


    MASTER came back with out Linda, but she was soon to

follow.  MASTER told her that he did not expect her to take

her cloths off in front of these couples, but she could go

to her room and get ready.  That is when some one behind me

said in a loud voice (whats the matter is she SHY)?  Well I

just knew that you didn't goat Linda or make it sound like a

dare as that was what she was going to do.  And with the

blink of an eye she was down to her panties.  She turned

facing away from every one and slipped her satin bikini

panties down slowly past her hips and as her rounded ass was

now showing she continued past her knees until they layed at

her feet.  No one could see more then her well formed hips

and just a little between her legs.  I had seen Linda in the

buff several times and new shee was my version of a doll.

She knew that she was causing the men if nothing else to get

waterie eyes with strain, and MASTER was kind of chuckeling

to him self while this was taking place.  Well Linda was not

any virgin at making men lust as I could tell.  As she

slowly turned to face all of us they were watching every

hair come around.  When she finally was facing us I could

hear several low comments as to her appearence.  And all

were compliments and other self wishes.  Like would I like

to get into that and so forth.  But to the task at hand!

    Linda got down on the floor and pulled her feet up so

that she could spread her legs where I could get into her.

I got down in front of her and eased myself up toward her

well formed sex slot.  She was already using her two fingers

to minnipluate her lips and to open them as I touched her

with my toung.  Once I entered her with my wet toung she let

out a gasp of air with a low moan.  As I moved around her

and in and out she started to move her hips in every

direction.  Back and forth side to side and even up and down

to let me get every tiny corner of her.  It didn't take very

long as she seemed primed to have this done to her, and when

it was all over Linda just layed there completely relaxed

and I knew quite satisfied.

    After all that we had been through in the past day and a

half she still looked up at me as I was still kneeling in

front of her.  She puckered her lips as if to pass a kiss

and said that she loved it.  She also said that we would do

this again soon, and really I was hoping we would.  It was

one of the few things that happened to me that I didn't mind

doing after I started.  I think that if I could have I would

have went right down on her again, but this time with more


    At this point I assumed that I was now considered

punished for what was no more then a simple error in

judgement.  MASTER told me to make my exit by passing in

front of each guest and allowing them one more close look at

me.  I did that with ease and disapeared down the hall into

my room.  Once I was there I hopped up on my bed and let out

the biggest sigh of reliefe that I could.  I know that NO

ONE heard me as the door was closed, but I would not have

cared anyway.  I was just so - so glad that it was over.

    I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I remember

was getting up for some thing and it was dark out side.

Linda heard me walking and came out of her room to see me.

That is when she told me that things were no longer the same

here, and that starting tomorrow there would be several new

rules to follow.  She also said that she was going to start

new procedures when I came in from work each day, but didn't

go past that.  So I just went back to my room and didn't

give it another though.

    What was just fourty eight hours has turned into a never

ending life style, and I shall from this point on relate

what takes place as time passes..

- submissivly YOUR - essen m..


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