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Archive-name: Slaves/mywkend4.txt

Archive-author: Essen M

Archive-title: First Weekend - 4

    It appeared that I was really into some thing now and

there was not too damn much I could do about it until the

powers to be were ready to stop.  So as I adjusted my mind

and thoughts to accept the faits that were to follow, and to

not let my self think ahead.  I was now kind of resolved to

the fact that as long as I didn't let it get to me it

wouldn't.  BUT you can just bet that the best layed plans

were going to come to a screaching halt as the day went on.

    Linda was now acting like a little kid with a new toy,

and that toy was me.  She would just wait long enough before

clamping the tube and hooking up the line from the pump.

Then it was fill again.  As she watched the bottle getting

empty she was also watching me get full.  I knew by the way

that I felt that my stomach was expanding every time, and

that was what she was watching.  About an hour and a half

had passed now and I could sense that she was getting tired

of just putting in and letting out.  So when she asked

MASTER if there was any thing else that he wanted her to do

I got concerned again.  MASTER looked at her with what

appeared to be an open mind and asked what she thought.

Well she replied - I was looking at some of the tapes you

let me watch and I was wondering (she hesatated), what about

the one where (you know) upside down?  MASTER just sat there

for a second or two and said that might be just the thing.

But we need a few things first!  So you just keep her busy

here and let me run to town and get a few things.

    Well I heard the door close and MASTERS truck start.  I

didn't know what he ment by town, but either way he would be

gone for at least a half an hour as I lived several miles

from the closest store.  It turned out that it was more like

fourth five minutes before he returned, and came back to the

back yard.  He didn't have any thing with him so I didn't

know if he bought any thing or not.  He called Linda off to

the side where I could only see them as he wispered to her

about what ever.  The next thing I knew was that Linda came

over to me and clamped the tube closed and started to let me

empty out.  While this was taking place she walked out to

the front with MASTER and I guess looked over what he had

purchased.  As I said at this point I didn't have any idea

what it might be, but I was glad to have the chance to let

all the water in me out.  And believe me I took full

advantage of the period to!

    A few minutes later Linda came back by her self with a

ball gag and a pillow case.  I knew what the ball gag was

for, but the pillow case?  She told me to open up and she

slipped the ball in and fastened it behind my head.  Then

she slipped the pillow case over my head and I could feel

her starting to let me lose.  As she let each arm down she

fastened it to my waste belt.  As of this time that was the

only thing that had never been removed, just kind of shifted

around.  So before long both my arms were attached again and

I was sitting on the ground waiting for her to let my legs

lose.  Well she did!  I could not see so she had to help me

up and then she lead me to one of the room in the house, and

I could hear her close the door.  After she left I kind of

felt my way around to the point that I new I was in the

master bedroom.  So I half stepped to the bed and decided to

just lay down and relay for the first time in almost two

days.  The only bad part it was not long enough before she

came back and got me.

    She lead me back out side because I still had the pillow

case on over my head.  I seemed to sense that we were back

over by the pipes again, but not for sure.  Next I was told

to get down on my knees and after I did she unfastened one

arm at a time and refastened them where my legs were

fastened before.  Next I could feel both her and MASTER pick

me up and turned me over as they laid me back.  That is when

I heard a strange sound that I didn't know.  It sounded like

metal to metal, but it took a few more minutes before I knew

for sure.  Not until I felt my heavy cuffs being put on my

ankles and then some thing being hooked to them.  I was

still loose, but I knew that some thing was fastened to each

leg.  Then I was getting the idea as I heard that metal

sound again and began to feel my legs being lifted up.  I

could hear the sound and it seemed to go in conjuction with

the fact that my legs were going up.  Soon I was almost

upside down and the pillow case fell off my head by its

self.  At this point my arms were still loose, but my legs

were now in the air being pulled toward the top of the pipe

on each side.

    My head was facing the chairs where MASTER went and was

now sitting and I turned my head and saw that Linda was

standing next to one of the pipes.  On that pipe was a new

thing that looked like what some of the boat trailers had to

pull the boat on up on it.  I turned my head and looked over

at the other pipe, and saw the same thing there.  I noticed

Linda's hand reach for the handle and then started to turn

it.  As she did I felt that leg being raised up higher and

higher.  Then she went to the other side and brought that

leg up where the other one was and a little bit higher.  She

did this several times until I was high enough so that my

arms were no longer bent at the elbows.  I was now suspended

by my ankles, but she was not satisfied yet.  She looked

over toward MASTER and asked him what he thought - That is

when he told her that she was doing it and he was there just

to watch.

    Damn I didn't like the sound of that, but here again

what was I going to do?  So she went to the other side again

and lifed me until both my arm and leg were tight on that

side. The she did the same thing to the other side.  The

next thing she did was come around to the front of me and

ask with a smart remark - (are you comfortable)?  What a

dumb question!  NO I WASN'T COMFORTABLE!!

    Well I was still wearing my gag so I was not able to

talk to her to even ask what what she planned.  She went

around behind me and I could feel her holding the end of the

tube.  I could tell that she hooked it together with the one

from the pump as it felt heaver when she let it hang.  After

she stepped back and admired her work she went over where

MASTER was still sitting.  She reached down and picked up

the button and sat down beside him.  The next thing I knew

the pump had started and a second or two later I felt the

first of the water running into me.  I could see the bottle

with the water in it, so this time I could tell how much was

going in.  I saw her pass the first quart, but for some

reason it felt like three.  I guess that it was because I

was in this upside down position.  As the water kept comming

I was starting to hurt more and more.  Before long I started

making moaning sounds and then as she just kept the water

running I really started to get loud.  All that was coming

out of my mouth was muffled, but she had to know that I was

in real pain.  But she never stopped the water she just

slowed it down and kept it coming.  Well finally I was both

trying to scream and crying at the same time, and then she

stopped.  She walked over to me and leaned over to looked me

in the face.  She said at that point that I had better learn

to like this as this was just the first of many that was

going to come in the next twenty four hour.  As I belong to

her now and from now on I always would.

    Well she just left me hang there for the longest time.

Then she asked MASTER to come over and look at some thing.

She noticed that I was able to push some of the water out of

me past the zippy.  She asked him if she could add more air

or was there some thing else that could be used to make me

hold it.  MASTER told her that he would be right back, and

he went into the house.  He came right back out and had the

double zippy that we had.  That had only been used on me

about twice, but I knew that it really hurt and there was no

chance of me pushing past it.  He told Linda to let some of

the water out and then let me down so that he could show her

how to use this new nozzel.

    Well she went through the same procedure as before by

clamping off the tube and changing bottles.  Boy let me tell

you that when she started the water coming back out I just

about fainted it felt so good.  Not all the water could or

did come out in this position, but enough did so that I

didn't hurt as bad.  Both her and MASTER let me down

together and laied me out on the ground.  At that point I

was able to get most of the water to come out with just a

little pushing.  MASTER came behind me and let the air out

of the zippy and that ever felt great.  You really don't

know what kind of pressure is felt unless you have one up

inside you.  And it is hard to explain no matter how hard I

try.  But that is not to say that I didn't enjoy it!

    MASTER told Linda to let my hand lose and to get me up

and walk me around the yard a bit.  She did and I knew that

I needed to move some also.  So I took full advantage of the

chance to get some exercise. She let me walk on my own while

they were both playing with the new nozzel.  MASTER again

was showing her the finer points of it and telling her how

to use it as compaired to the single.  As you see with one

bulb inside and one just on the outside, between the two of

them the really cause a complete seal.  So when Linda felt

that she was clear as to what to do, she stated that to

MASTER.  That is when MASTER told her to go get me and get

me up on the table.  She didn't come for me but I saw her

motion for me to return, and I did.

    When I was over with them Linda told me to get up on the

picnic table, and I climbed up on it.  MASTER told me to lay

face down and to spread my legs.  I did but I guess it was

not wide enough as he (snaped) and told me wider or he would

tie them apart.  I then spread them so that my knees were

touching each side of the table.  They were far enough apart

that my ass was lifted some off the table and both my cheeks

were wide apart.  MASTER looked at me and told me to stay

that way until he said to move.

    OK - Linda go and put it in just like you did the other,

and remember what I told you.  She took a few steps and was

directly behind me with the KY jelly in one hand and the

zippy in the other.  She must have dabbed a little on the

tip as I felt the oily feeling as it started in.  The double

zippy goes in just a little bit farther then the single and

the inner bulb is inflated first.  As she pumped the inner

bulb up I could feel in getting tighter and tighter.  Then I

let out the short sigh that she was waiting for and she

stopped.  The next thing I felt was the outer bulb being

inflated as it rubed just a bit as it got larger.  Not so

that it hurt, but enought to know that it was getting

bigger.  That is when I felt the pulling feeling of the two

bulbs trying to come together.  I let out a louder sigh when

I had enough, and she then felt that they were right.  But

she asked MASTER to come over and check her work, and he

did.  He reached down and tugged on it and told her that it

was just the way that it should be.

    The double zippy that was now in me has a larger fill

tube then the single.  So that just ment that I could not

only be filled faster but more pressure would come off when

it was opened.

    I had already had more enemas today then most people get

in a year, and I was really getting tender in the stomach.

MASTER asked Linda how much she had been able to get in me

already, and she replied just under three quarts.  So MASTER

told her get me off the table and to fasten my legs to the

pipes and to put my arms back on my waste belt.  She did

with some haste!  The he instructed her to get the sun

shower bag that he had for camping and to put three quarts

and one cup of water in it.  Once she had done that he took

it and hung it to the top of the pipe.  During this time she

fastened the tubes together and I assumed that I was ready

for what ever was next.  I was!

    MASTER went back over to his chair where he had a good

view of me, and told Linda to just open the bag and come sit

down.  Before she did she asked what would happen, and he

just replied that I was going to put on a show for them.

    She did just as he said and before, she was to her chair

a lot of the water had already run in me.  As she sat down

and was watching me the water was really running in.  I

started to move as MASTER knew I would trying to get

comfortable as the water really caused me to hurt and

expand.  Before long I was pulling at my legs and rolling

from side to side as best I could to do any thing to stop it

from either coming in or hurting.  The bag was high enough

that it was all going to run in and I didn't know until then

that MASTER had put a one way valve in the line.  I could

not push out a drop of what was inside me.  By now the water

had all run out of the bag and I was moving in all kinds of

ways to do any thing to make it stop.  They both just sat

over there watching me, and I know they were laughing at me.

 But what came next is what I really didn't like..

To be continued->


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