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Archive-name: Slaves/mywkend3.txt

Archive-author: Essen M

Archive-title: First Weekend - 3

It was now some time Saturday morning and i really didn't sleep that 

well last night.  i heard someone moving in the house, but they never 

came near the glass doors so that i could see who it was.  i just kept 

laying here hoping that who ever it was would come out and say some-

thing to me, but they never did.  After all, i was still in no position 

to do much of any thing.


Well, the sun was coming up now pretty good, and it was about to come 

over the roof of the house.  When it did it was going to be shinning 

right on me, and i had NO protection from it.  As the morning went on 

and it kept getting lighter and lighter, i kept hoping that someone,

anyone, would come out of that door.  Now i could hear two people 

talking in the house, so i assumed that they were both up.  The longer 

that no one came to the door the more i started to think that they had 

forgotten about me altogether.  Yet i knew better in the back of my mind.

It is just that i feel so strange laying here like this and not being 

able to do any thing about it.


All of a sudden both of them came out and walked over to me.  i had no 

idea of what time it was and i really didn't care at this point.  i just 

wanted them to do some thing, anything.  MASTER looked down at me and 

asked if i had a good night's sleep, and i didn't want to offend HIM - 

so i said YES.  But the truth of the matter is that i was scared to death 

every time i heard a sound that i didn't know.  i don't believe i have 

ever felt so helpless in my entire life until last night.


MASTER looked over at Linda and told her to take her key and let me loose.  

I was surprised to hear that as i figured that HE would at least want me 

in my waist belt, but HE didn't.  The next thing HE said was for her to 

take me to the bathroom and to get me some thing to drink and eat.  I

didn't understand what was going on at this point, especially after last 

night.  HE mentioned as we were walking away that it would be best if i 

didn't eat any thing too heavy, as i had a busy day to look forward to.  

So i took HIM at HIS word and only ate one egg and a dry piece of toast.


Once i was done with what breakfast i was going to have and had all that

I wanted to drink, i was told to come back outside where HE was sitting.

He ordered me to get back on the ground and to let Linda refasten my 

legs back to the bottom of the pipes.  i did just as HE said as i felt 

that it would be unwise not to.


After my legs were back apart and fastened to the pipes HE told Linda 

to come with HIM.  They went to the back of the yard where i kept my 

picnic table, and brought it to where i was.  They placed it almost 

to the pipes in front of me.  Then MASTER asked Linda to give HIM a 

hand in lifting me up and laying me face down on the table.  HE told 

Linda to hold me there until HE returned.  i didn't know what HE was

up to, but with the little pressure that Linda had on my back i could 

surely not get up.  i could not even raise my head to see where MASTER 

went to.  So i accepted the position that i was in and just stayed still.


It didn't take MASTER long before HE was back!  i didn't see HIM carrying 

anything or at least i don't think i did. Then i could hear HIM taking 

one of the chains down from the top of the pipe.  As Linda was still 

somewhat holding me down, i didn't want to make an issue out of trying 

to look, so i knew that i would find out shortly any way.  i was right 

as MASTER came around in front of me with the chain and a pair of cuffs.

He put the cuffs on me first and the fastened the two rings together with 

the hook on the end of the chain. Then HE pulled my arms forward and 

fastened the chain under the table some place.  i don't know where but 

I do know HE pulled the chain tight so that i was now held down by the

chain.  Well what a fix there i was with my legs apart andhooked to the 

bottom of two pipes and now bent at the waist and layed across a picnic 

table.  What was next?


I guess that i never should have thought that as i soon found out.  

MASTER walked behind me and i could hear paper tearing.  The next thing 

I heard was the sound of rubber or some thing in that order snapping.  

Well MASTER called for Linda to come closer to HIM as HE wanted to show 

her what to do next.  i could feel HIM place one hand on the middle of

my back, and then the shock hit me.  All of a sudden i felt a finger 

coming up inside me, and deep too.  MASTER moved it around and around 

until it felt like HE was looking for gold or some thing.  i just knew 

that the more HE moved HIS finger the more it hurt.  MASTER then told 

Linda to put on the other glove and do the same thing.  After hearing 

the same sound and feeling her hand on my back i knew the finger was 

next.  Well, in it came and around and around it went just as MASTER'S 

did.  MASTER was asking if she felt certain things and after some more 

probing she said that she did. MASTER then told her that what she was 

feeling was solids that were still up inside me, and that they had to 

be removed before they could go on with what was next.  So MASTER told 

her to put me back in my waist chain and cuffs, and then either take 

me to the bathroom or the back of the yard and clean me out.


It was a simple task for Linda now to put me into my waist chain, and 

after that she didn't bother using leg shackles as we just walked to 

the back of the yard.  There was a garden hose out there that she decided

to use, and she did.  i was afraid that the pressure was too high, but she

just turned it up a little.  She had me lay on my side and put the hose 

end just barely inside me.  i could feel myself filling up, and then she 

took the hose out.  She told me to hold it in for a few minutes and the 

get up and go get rid of it.  i did as she instructed and came back where 

she was. She bent me back over at the waist and put her finger back up 

inside me again.  She moved it around as before and then said that maybe 

one more time.  Well i got back down on my side again and in came the 

hose end.  This time she put more in then before as i started to move 

around because of the extra pressure.  She rolled me over on my back and 

started to rub my stomach and both side of my waist.  That only added to 

the discomfort i was feeling because of the water. After a few minutes 

she told me to go and get rid of it and come right back.  This time i 

was glad to go and didn't waste a second in doing what she said.


Well it took a few minutes more this time to expell all the water, but 

she didn't seem to mind the wait.  When i came back to her she bent me 

over and did the same as before, only this time deeper and longer.  She 

said that i felt cleaned out, but she wanted to one more big one to make

sure as she herself didn't know what MASTER had planned.  So i got back 

down on my side and waited for her to put the hose end back in me.  But 

this time she wanted to be different and had me lay on my back facing her.  

She told me to pick my knees up and when i did she reached between my legs 

and pushed the nozzel in me.  With one long squeeze of the handle the 

water was rushing inside me (fast).  i tried to slide away but she 

reached for my belt and held me where i could not pull the hose end out.

Damn i don't know how much she got up inside me, but it felt like ten 

gallons.  After she turned the water off she started rubbing me again 

and pressing down to loosen what ever might still be up inside me. As 

she was doing this i just wanted to scream, but i gritted my teeth 

instead.  She then told me to go and expell this on in the house so that 

she could make sure that it was clear.  i headed for the house (slow) as 

walking with this one hurt.  Besides, i didn't want to lose any

of it before i got to where she told me to go.  So i took short steps 

and finally made it!


It seemed like ten or so minutes before she came into the bathroom and 

when she arrived she asked if i was done? i told her that i thought i 

was and i was ready to get up. She told me to do just that!  i don't 

know what she was looking for but what ever it was she was satisfied 

as she flushed the commode.


We then went back out side where MASTER was sitting in a lawn chair 

waiting for us.  HE looked at her and said that it sure took long 

enough.  HE then told her to put me back into the same position as 

before because HE wanted me to practice some thing and that was the 

best position for it. After i had my legs refastened to the pipes and 

my arms pulled forward again she walked away.  MASTER walked around

to the front of me and checked the chain to see how tight it was. HE 

reached under the table and released it and the pulled me even tighter 

before refastening it.  HE said to Linda that it was best that i was 

tight as i would not like what was next, and being tight would help.

While i was in the bathroom MASTER had gone and got a few items and 

had them laying off to the side.  i didn't pay any attention when i 

walked out or i would have know what was next.  MASTER reached over 

and picked up a tube of KY gel and the then a single zippy nozzel.  

He opened the tube of KY and dabbed a little on the end of the zippy.  

He then called Linda over closer to HIM and showed her how to put it 

up inside me.  i mean how far and so forth!  Then HE picked up a black 

squeeze bulb with a silver twist screw on it, and fastened it to one of 

the two lines coming out of me now. HE showed her how to take her thumb 

and first finger and close the valve as HE squeezed the bulb several 

times. HE explained to her that the wrinkled part of the nozzel inside 

me was now expanding and that would prevent it from coming out or allowing 

any thing to pass.  HE pumped it until i let out a moan, and HE stopped.  

At this point HE asked her if she heard me moan, and she said she did.  

He told her that - that was usually a good way to tell that it was tight, 

but one little pump past that never hurt.


Then HE released the air in the nozzel and slipped it back out of me.  

Once it was back in HIS hand HE pumped it back up again to show Linda 

just how big it would get, and that it would do serious damage if ever 

inflated to that size while inside me.  She said that she understood, 

and asked HIM what HE wanted her to do?  HE handed the nozzel to her and 

told her to take an hour or so getting use to putting it up inside me.  

I heard what HE said and just about started to beg HIM not to have her 

do it.  But before i did HE disappeared into the house. i guess at this 

point HE was taking care of some business as i could hear MASTER on the 

phone talking to some one, but could not make out what they were saying.


Well Linda started her practice and being in the position that i was i 

had NO choice but to let her.  The first few times she was really careful 

and it didn't seem too bad.  But then she started to feel confident and 

inflated the nozzel more and more each time.  Finally i let out ayell 

as it really hurt!  That is when MASTER returned and told her to do it 

one more time in front of HIM so that HE could see what she had learned.

So she did!


MASTER seemed pleased at the way she picked up using the zippy so fast, 

and told her that it was time to get down to business.  HE instructed 

her to leave the nozzel in and fasten me between the pipe again.  She 

did and as she slipped the chains over the top MASTER could see that 

being shorter them HIM she was having a problem.  HE came over and

finished hooking me at that point, but did tell her that HE would come 

up with a better way for her to hook me later.


So there i was between the pipe again and feeling like i had a tail with 

that nozzel hanging out of me.  MASTER called Linda to follow HIM back 

into the house as they needed to get some thing.  They both went into 

the house and came right back out.  MASTER was carrying a large bottle 

of water and Linda had the small pump that MASTER had used before.  She 

also had quite a bit of clear tubing that was used to hook every thing 

together.  The picnic table was still in front of me and MASTER layed 

everything on it except the water bottle.  HE looked at Linda and told 

her that it would be easier for HIM at this point to show her rather 

then try and explain it.  HE then took one of the long tubes and fastened 

one end to the tube coming out of me.  The other end HE attached to one 

of the two fittings on the pump.  Then HE got the water bottle and sat 

it beside the pump and went to get a shorter piece of tubing.  That he

fastened to the other opening on the pump and slipped the other end it 

into the bottle of water.  HE walked back toward the house and came back 

with an extension cord that HE used to plug the pump in.  Still on the 

table was several more pieces of tubing and a coil of electric cord.  

That is what HE picked up next.  Taking that over to the pump HE attached 

it to some place on the side of it.  HE layed the cord down and told Linda 

to help HIM move the table to one side.  After that HE went and got a 

lawn chair and put it about twenty feet in front of me, telling Linda to 

do the same!  As she was placing her chair MASTER went and picked

up the coil of wire and unrolled it as HE came back to HIS chair. The 

he just sat down! 


I noticed that the end of the cord that HE had in HIS hand had what looked 

like a push button on it.  Well, that is just what it was as i saw HIS 

thumb press it and that is when i knew what was next.  i heard the pump 

run before i felt the water running inside me, but at this point what

difference did it make which came first?  MASTER explained to Linda that 

each one of the black lines on the bottle was one quart of liquid.  And 

for the first one never use much more the two quarts as a starter.  But 

after the third fill, three or slightly more could be used.


Now for demonstration purposes let me just quickly put in one quart.  At 

that point HE explained that the harder the button was pushed the faster 

the pump ran and the farther the water would be pushed in.  HE must of 

pressed the button all the way down as it sure didn't take long for the 

first quart to get inside me.  Now (he said) lets just ease the next one 

in and let her hold them for a few minutes before i show you the easy way 

to let it out of her.


After a few minutes MASTER came up beside me and asked Linda to bring HIM 

the other empty bottle out of the house. After she came with it MASTER 

took a clamp out of HIS pocket and slipped it on the water tube.  Then HE 

separated the tubing at that point and placed the end in the empty bottle.

Once it was in there HE released the clamp that HE had on the line and the 

water inside me ran out into the bottle. It, too, was marked with black 

lines that measured one quart each. All this time HE was talking to Linda 

explaining what HE was doing and looking for.  HE told her that she was 

to wait until as much of the water that could come out did, and

that the longer she waited the more that would come out.


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