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Archive-name: Slaves/mywkend2.txt

Archive-author: Essen M

Archive-title: First Weekend - 2

It was now going on seven thirty and MASTER has not arrived.  i was 

getting awful sore sitting in one position waiting, but i had this 

feeling that i had better not move.  Then came a knock on the door 

and the sound of a key in the lock.  MASTER has had a key to my house 

for some time, and i have never refused to allow HIM in.


HE walked into the living room and looked over at Linda.  HE asked 

her what i was doing inside when it was so nice out in the yard.  

She replied that she was not aware that i could have been taken 

outside.  HE then told her to bring me and follow HIM as HE went 

toward the sliding glass doors that lead to the yard.


After i got up i walked the best i could and followed MASTER to the 

den with Linda right behind me.  MASTER was standing at the doors 

waiting for us to arrive, and as we did HE went out into the yard.  

HE told Linda to bring me to him, and she grabed my arm and lead me 

in his direction.  HE was standing by the picnic table and there were 

several iron pipes laying around the area.  i stood there wondering 

what they had in mind, but still knew that i had better not ask.  So 

i just waited for one of them to tell me what was going to come next.  

And the wait was not long!


MASTER picked up one of the many pipes that were all around and placed 

it in another pipe that was in the ground.  Then HE instructed Linda 

to bring me over to where the pipe was.  HE told her to lay me down on 

my back and to unfasten the shackles that were on my legs.  She 

mentioned to HIM that HE had not given her a key.  So HE reached in 

his pocket and tossed her a small key on a large ring.  While HE was 

waiting for her to unlock my shackles HE told her that the key she was 

holding fit all the locks for the items HE had.  And that until HE had 

another one made she was to keep it with her at all times.


By now i was laying on my back on the ground next to this one pipe that 

was standing in the ground.  HE tossed her a leather strap and a cuff 

and told her to fasten my leg to the pipe.  It didn't take her long and 

she was waiting for HIM to tell her what next.  His next instruction was 

for her to take my other leg and pull it toward one of the other holes 

in the ground.  And to pull it to the farthest one that she could reach.  

So as there was still one side of the shackes hooked to that leg it was 

easy for her to pull it over while i was still standing up.  She passed 

several holes before she felt that i was as far apart as i could go.  

When she told MASTER that she thought that i was where HE wanted, HE 

just noded.  Then HE went and got another pipe the same length as the 

first, and placed it in the hole where my leg was.  MASTER then tossed 

her another short leather strap and cuff, telling her to do the same as 



There i was laying on the ground with my legs spread apart and fastened 

to the bottom of two pipes.  i was still wearing my waist belt, so 

MASTER told Linda to follow him.  HE said that i was not going any place 

until they got back.  So i just lay there with all kinds of different 

thoughts running through my head.


It seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes before they returned, but i 

really think that it was more like five.  But when they did return they 

were both carrying what appeared to be short chains with some sort of 

hook on them.  As they approched me i could see that, indeed, that is 

what they were.  i had no idea what they intended to do with them, but 

i was soon to find out.  MASTER told Linda to release my arms from the 

belt and fasten the hook in the ring on the cuff.  After she had both 

my arms released and her and MASTER had the short chains fastened, they 

lifted me to a some what standing position.  MASTER placed his chain 

over the top of the pipe and it sliped through a slot on the top and 

he hooked it to some thing on the side.  Then HE went around to the 

other side and did the same thing.  There i was not quite standing but 

looking rather uncomfortable.  i was!  MASTER pulled on the chain where 

he was and that pulled my arm even higher and tighter.  Then HE went to 

the other side and pulled on that one also.  Now i was streached tight 

between the two pipes and in no position to do anything.  MASTER said 

to Linda that they should go in and have a bit to eat and a drink as i 

needed to think about my situation for a while.  Then they left and 

disappeared into the house.


It was about sun down when they left me there, and it was well after 

dark before they came back.  MASTER was always the first one to come 

out of the house as HE was the first one to enter.  i could see 

MASTER coming toward me, but i could not see Linda that clear.  In a 

way i was glad that i couldn't!  When i did see her she had a wide 

leather strap in one of her hands, and some thing clutched in the 

other.  As she approched i still could not see what was in her one 

hand, not until she handed it to MASTER.  Then i knew it was one of 

the many ball gags that MASTER had for me.  MASTER stood in from of 

me and pinched my nose until i opened my mouth, and then HE slipped 

the ball part between my teeth.  The gag had a strap on it that HE 

put around my head to hold the gag in place.  Once HE was satisfied 

that it would not come out, and i could make no more then a grunting 

sound HE steped back.  HE then looked over at Linda and told her to 

do what they had talked about.  Well she walked around behind me and 

just stood there for a few seconds, as if she was trying to make up 

her mind whether or not to do it.  The next thing i knew was that i 

was being hit across the ass with the belt.  The blows were not that 

hard; just enough to let me know i was being hit.  MASTER told her to 

do it right or HE would use it on her.  So the next blow was much

much harder, and they were comming more often.  By now i was really 

feeling the blows and the only thing i could do was groan and cry some. 

Tears were running down each cheek, and the more she hit me the more 

they ran.


MASTER finally told her that she could stop, and she did.  But HE also 

told her that she was to do it again in thirty minutes for ten minutes. 

Then she was to wait thirty more minutes and do it again.  HE told her 

that HE wanted to see my ass red and welted before i would be allowed 

to be put to bed for the night.  After all HE told her - i had a busy 

day coming tomorrow and i did need some rest.


So after and hour or so she finished, and MASTER came out to look at me. 

He felt both sided of my ass, and was satisfied that they were welted.

i guess so as it really hurt for HIM to even touch me.


MASTER told Linda to go and get a sleeping bag out of the hall closet, 

and she left to do it.  When she returned MASTER told her to open the 

bag and lay in on the ground behind me, and she did as HE instructed.  

Then HE went to one side of me and let the chain loose that held my 

right arm, and went and did the same to the other side.  At this point 

MASTER was holding me so that i would not just fall in one direction or 

the other.  HE then lowered me to the ground and onto the open sleeping 

bag.  Speaking to Linda again, HE told her to go and find a sheet.  While 

she was gone looking for the bed sheet MASTER refastened my arms to my 

waist belt.  When she returned with it HE told her to cover me with it, 

and she did.  MASTER looked down at me for a minute, and then back 

toward Linda.  The last thing i heard HIM say was that it was time for 

him and Linda to get some sleep.  As i was not tucked in bed for the 



One thing that had been bothering me for several hours was how i was 

going to use the bathroom.  i didn't have permission to speak, and 

therefore, i didn't ask.  But that issue was becoming a necessary 

thing to know.  As several hours went by and i really wasn't getting 

much sleep in this position, i thought that i could hear some one 

comming near me.  Of course in the position i was hearing all kinds 

of sounds and strange noises.  But this time i was really hearing 

some one coming.  It turned out to be Linda as she came to see if i 

was all right.  With out being told to do so, may i add!  She loosened 

the gag in my mouth and asked if i was OK.  That is when i told her 

that i really needed to use the bathroom.  She said that she could 

not let me loose, but would try and think of something that might 

help.  She left and i thought that i heard her in the kitchen moving 

dishes and pans around.  Well i must of, as she came out with a 

shallow pan that she slipped under me.  She asked if i could use 

this and she would empty it when she left.  In the condition that 

i was in i could have used a straw, and it sure felt good to get 

that pressure off my kidneys.  It didn't take but a few seconds and 

i was finished.  She slipped the pan out and that was the last i saw 

of any one until morning.


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