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Archive-name: Slaves/mywkend1.txt

Archive-author: Essen M

Archive-title: First Weekend - 1

    Well it all started over a simple mistake that i should

have known better then to make.  But as it turned out i was

more interested in myself then what would happen because of

it.  And i soon learned the errors of my ways.


    The work week ended early Friday so i was about to get

home a few hours before i normally did.  i had not planned on

getting off work early, but since i did it seemed to make

every thing start that much sooner and would also make it

last that much longer.  That was the only thing that seemed

to be out of place - a longer then normal work break.


    As i walked through the door i was immediately asked what

i was doing home?  i explained that i was finished for the

week and the rest of it was for myself.  The house guest

that lives with me snapped and said "not so fast".  Your

MASTER called and gave me some very specific instructions for

you when you arrived.  i was told that you were not due

until around five, but since you're here we might as well get



    As you see i am a submissive and have a part time

MASTER, but now with a full time assistant.  So even though

i was some what surprised, i still went ahead and ask what

she wanted.  She asked what if any plans i had for the

weekend, i told her of a planned meeting and coffee for

Saturday.  She asked if i could cancel it, and i said that i

thought that i could.  So i was told to do just that!  After

clearing my schedule of every thing until Monday i was

ordered to strip down.  i started to leave and go to my room

and take every thing off as i normally did after work.  But

as i attempted to leave she snapped again and asked "where

do you think you're going?"  i said "to my room to change!"  

"Not so fast; i want you to strip right here, and then i will

decide if you can leave."  So i did!


    Once i was out of my clothes she told me to spread my

feet apart and raise my arms as she wanted to look me over.

So, as expected, i did just what she commanded.  It was

obivious now that she was intending to be in full charge of

at least the rest of the day, and i had better get use to



    When she had finished looking me over to her

satisfaction, she asked when i last ate?  i told her at

dinner, and she just said "fine".  She told me to stand

where i was as she left down the hall.  She came back with

my good old red water bottle and all the little things that

went with it.  She handed them to me and told me to go and

get my self cleaned out, good and clean.  When i was finished

i was i was to call her and have her come and check.

Well this took about an hour as i had done it many times

before, so i was getting rather good at it.  Once i had felt

that i was finished i leaned out the door of the bathroom

and called for her.  She entered the bathroom and asked

where my last discharge was?  i said that i had flushed it

after i finished!  She snapped how in the hell do you

expect me to know if your finished when you didn't leave me

any thing to look at?  i said that i assumed that she would

take my word for it as i had done it so many times before.  Well

she snapped again and told me that SHE was not taking any

thing for granted.  Then she told me to fill the bag and

fill my self up, and hold it until she returned.  i did just

that and sat and waited and waited.  When she arrived she

told me to stand, and as i did, i realized just how long i

had been holding the enema.  As i got up the cramps hit me

and i just about doubled over with stomach pains.  But i did

stand as straight as i could.  She said that i had better

stand up straight or i would hold the water until Christmas.

it was a real strain, but I managed to stand up straight

enough so that she was satisfied.  She then told me to sit

and let it out, and do not flush it away or we would do it



    As i sat down it just seemed to come out and i could do

nothing to either hold it back or slow it down.  But damn it

felt so good to get that pressure out of me!  Once i was

about finished she told me to stand and let her look, i did.

 She smiled and said that i was right i was good and giving

my self a good cleaning, and to finish letting the rest out.

 Then i was to take a warm shower and come back into the

living room for further instructions.


    It took about fifteen or twenty minutes for me to finish

with what she wanted done, and to dry off.  As i walked down

the hall i could see her sitting in a chair reading some

thing on a piece of paper.  When i entered the room i walked

over to where she was, and stood in front of her (i assumed

that this is what she wanted).  She ordered me to kneel in

front of her, and every time from now on when i was naked i

would kneel in front of her unless i was told different.  At

this point i had a stunned look on my face, but i did just as

she commanded.  Once i was on my knees and looking up at her

she told me to put my hands together behind my back and just

stay there.  i did it and didn't move until she finished

reading what ever it was that she was reading.


    When she was finished she told me to go and get my waste

belt and leather cuffs.  i got up and proceed to the den

where they were kept.  At this point i started to wonder

what was on that paper since i didn't know that she even knew 

about any of the leather items that were in the house.  As you 

will see, at this point, she had only been living with me for 

just under a week, and there were NO signs of her having looked 

around. When i returned with what she had requested i handed 

them to her.  She looked them over for a minute, as if trying 

to figure out just how they worked, but i think she was a fast

learner.  She told me to turn around and after i did she

placed the belt around my waist and buckled it tight behind

my back.  Then she had me turn back around and put a padded

cuff on each wrist.  She looked for the short leather straps

that i had brought with it, and when she found them she

finished fastening the cuffs to the belt.  There i was naked

and in a waist belt so that i could not use my hands or arms

at all.


    She then ordered me to take her to where the rest of the

leather gear was at.  Once we were in the den i told her

where to look as i was not in any position to point.  She

went over to the chest and opened it.  As she looked inside

she got this smile on her face just about the time she said

"wow what a selection".  She reached into the chest and came

out with a set of leg shackles and held them up in front of

her.  She asked where the key was, and i told her that

MASTER had it.  She asked if there was an extra key?  i said

yes but that i didn't know where it was. i said that it was

in the house some place though.  Then she said that this was

what she was looking for and walked over toward me.  She

knelt down and commenced to put the shackles on me.  As she

was fastening the last one on i asked her what she was

intending to do.  She snapped at me saying that i was not

to talk unless i was asked a question or told to.  So i

didn't get my answer, but i did get told my place.  At this

point i was in NO position to argue with her for what ever

reason, and i didn't intend to, either.


    She walked back into the living room and told me to

follow her.  As she sat back down in the easy chair she

called me over, and when i was in front of her, i just stood

there.  She reached out and shoved me back a little and

stood up with a funny look on her face.  "What did i tell you?"

she snapped as she looked into my eyes?  i said that i didn't

remember, and she then repeated her instructions.  "i told

you that when you were in front of me you would kneel, didn't



  i answered "YES!"


  "So why didn't you kneel?"


  i answered "i forgot"!


  She snapped "i FORGOT what?"


    i just stood there not knowing what to say next, so i

figured that i would not say any thing.  That is when she

snapped again:


  "FORGOT what?"


    i still didn't say any thing - but she came back with

the answer.  From now on when i addressed her i would refer

to her as MISTRESS, and if i didn't i would surely regret



    Well, now, i understood what was happening and i kind of

had a good idea of what was going to happen.  You see, in

the past, my MASTER was not able to spend that much time with

me and therefore i was not totally under HIS control.  But

as it now appeared HE had acquired an ASSISTANT that was

going to handle and control me while HE was away.  This idea

i was not overly fond of, but under the present conditions

what choice did i have?


    SHE sat back down and told me to come to HER.  When

i was in front of HER i immediately got down on my knees and

looked up at HER, waiting for HER next command.  SHE just sat

back and didn't say a word, until SHE told me to go and get

HER a soda from the refrigator.  i got up and went to the

kitchen to get HER one. Needless to say, it was not easy.

But i managed to get it and brought it to HER, unopened.

SHE looked at me and snapped, "what am i going to do with

this?"  i didn't answer, i just stood there.  SHE handed it

back to me and told me to open it!  As i was holding it in

my hand, all that i could think about was HOW.  i asked HER

if i could speak, and SHE granted me permission.  At that

point i told HER that i didn't think that i could open it

for HER in my present condition, and SHE replied that i had

better find a way - QUICK.


    i started thinking as fast as i could and the only way

that i could come up with was to put it between my legs and

hold it while i used one hand to open it.  So as i placed it

between my legs, (boy it was cold), i sqeezed my legs closed

and pulled one hand around and unscrewed the cap.  After i

had the cap off i grabbed the bottle and stood back up

handing it to HER.  SHE was still sitting and commenced to

take a few sips from it.  The SHE reached out and handed it

back to me.  SHE told me to put the caps back on it and put

it back in the refrigator until later.


    This i knew was not going to be easy.  i first had to

pick up the cap and hold it while i placed the bottle back

between my legs.  i was able to do that and i was able to

get the cap started, finally.  Once i had the bottle closed

and started to go put it away, SHE called me.  SHE said that

she wanted one more drink before i put it up.  So i had to

do every thing over again and hand it to HER, open.  It must

have took thirty minutes for HER to just get three or four

drinks out of it, but what did SHE care?


    It was now late in the afternoon and SHE had been some

what easy on me since the soda routine.  But now it was time

for supper and SHE went and fixed HER a sandwich.  At the

same time SHE fixed me a bowl of chichen soup and set it on

the floor.  i looked at HER and wondered what was next?  SHE

instructed me to come over to HER and eat my supper.  i knew

better to ask how, so i just got down on my knees again and

did the best that i could to get the soup out of the bowl.

i was kind of hungry so i got as much as i could before SHE

picked it up.  SHE looked over at me and said in a sarcastic

voice - "we don't want you to get to full now do we?"  i

didn't know what SHE meant, but my mind was running guess

after guess, and none of them i liked.


    SHE went back into the living room and sat back down it

what appeared now to be HER favorite chair.  SHE called for

me as i expected, and i came and assumed the proper

position.  SHE looked down at me and said that we were going

to wait now until my MASTER arrived.  SHE said that he was

due around seven and had several surprises for me.


To Be Continued ->


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