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Archive-name: Slaves/misdest3.txt


Archive-title: Mistress Destiny - 3

                        "A Slave's Revenge"

  "Oh, Mistress I have a surprise for see I'm not that totally

submissive...I prefer to be very DOMIANNT!" I snarled. With that I gave

her bum a few hard slaps to see if she was really paying me the proper

respect and attention I now so eagerly deserved.   "Owww," she replied.

Her ass was poised high as she moved around trying to free herself from

her precarious position.  I ran my hand down over her bald pussy as I

felt her squirming around and around.  "Now stay there," I told her.

And with her loins quivering I gave her bum a few more hot swats across

her beautiful outstretched ass.

"Does the Mistress want to play a few more games?" I asked her.

  "Hey, Slave this isn't funny, Let Me Go!" she demanded with a stern

tone. She was much more demanding this time and I could tell her temper

was growing shorter by the minute.  "Hey, listen Bitch I want some sweet

revenge for all the punishment you gave my cock. I reached down with

both hands and squeezed her nipples between my fingers. "Ouch, Slave

that hurts," as she again vigorously protested my squeezing of her tits.

I pulled on them hard as I rolled them between my fingers and at the

same time I massaged those great 44D's for all they were worth.  "You're

not suppose to touch the Mistress," she protested again. "Oh.. NO, well

try this on for size and I gave her ass checks a few more slaps to get

her bum a little redder as I began to enjoy myself for the first time.

"Ouch, you Worm...let me go!" she screamed again.  I got the same cock

gag she had used on me. I moved it up to her lips but she wouldn't open

her mouth to let me slip it in.  I gave her ass a few more well chosen

slaps across her outstretched loins to loosen her up.   Well she took

that dildo cock right in her mouth like a good cocksucker.  Of course,

all this time she continued with her verbal abuse of me and HER rights

as the Mistress.

  I slid myself under the form and started by slowly letting my tongue

flay over her areolas until she was taking deep breaths very heavily

through the gag.  I sucked first her left nipple hungrily in my mouth,

running my tongue all around the areola before I plopped it out. Then I

slid over and started to suck on the right one.  I felt myself begin to

get hard again all over.  As I scooted myself under her tits, I took

my cock and started banging it up against her nips still coated with

my saliva.  She was looking straight down at my cock the whole time and

watching me tease her.  I took my cockhead as I pushed it up and rubbed

it over each nipple.  I could hear her moaning softly now with a sheer

feeling of ecstasy.  I knew she was starting to get hot now as I undid

the cock-gag and replaced it with my own cock and pushed her head back

down so she took the entire length of my shaft in her mouth.  She was

starting to come around now.  My pleasure never felt so good as she

continued to bob up and down sinking my prick all way down into her

throat. It seemed she couldn't get enough cock and she began to swirl

her tongue around the tip of my cockhead.  I knew this couldn't go on

much longer so I lifted her head off my cock and look around for some

other devious devices. I took the dildo-gag and slipped it back in her

mouth.  She was sucking hard on the dildo as she took eagerly took all

of it deep into her mouth.

  As I searched the drawers in the table I found some nipple clamps.

These I assumed she used on her disobedient female submissive slaves for

her own pleasures. I opened the clamp and rolled it back over her areola

as I admistered each one to her dark brown nipples.  Of course, I had to

tongue her nip up a bit before I tightened it.  I tighten each one down a

a bit more.  First, she groaned a bit with a muffled snort or two, but

soon she was purring as I ran my hot tongue all over her breasts. I saw

the gleam coming from her eyes knowing that she too was getting hornier.

Her nipples had fully engorged themselves now from the pressure of the

clamps as I tongued each one properly.  I slid my hand under the ottoman

parting her fleshy thighs with my hand.  I found her bald pussy. It was

already dripping wet from my devilish pleasures.  First, I inserted my

forefinger and rolled it around and around in her wetness.  I could tell

she was obviously getting aroused because she making purring sounds out

through the hole in the dildo.  Then I slipped in my second finger with

no effort at all.  Now, the third finger went in and I almost had my

whole hand buried inside her.  A little more twisting and there! I sunk

my whole fist deep into her pussy.  I slowly shoved my hand in and out

of her cunt. She snorted a few more times but I knew she too was also

enjoying her fist-fucking as much as I was. I removed the dildo-gag

from her mouth and undid the strap from around her neck.

  I withdrew my hand and I couldn't contain myself anymore.  I moved

back around behind her and stuck my rigid prick into her slopping wet

slit.  My cock made loud slurping sounds as I started to thrust into her

pussy deeper and deeper. Her ass was poised high on the ottoman for me

to enter her vagina.  I grabbed her around the waist as I penetrated her

gash further and deeper until I was in her to the hilt.  I pumped her

slowly and rhytmically as I could feel her vaginal muscles throb around

the base of my cock.  I picked up the pace now and rammed into her more

and more as I started to fell myself beginning to ejaculate.  A few more

strokes and I was exploding in her as loads of jism came out of the tip

of my cockhead.  I was totally exhausted as I pulled out of her and just

let my limp pecker rest directly between her ass cheeks.  Purring now,

she muffled out some more soft moans and I knew Mistress Destiny had

found her one and only true Master.

  Within a few minutes I noticed I was starting to get hard again. The

tip of my cockhead just resting up against her hole. I spread her ass

cheeks wide apart with my hands and I grew still harder.  Mistress knew

what I had in mind for her. I could tell from the series of small short

muffled snorts that she knew she was going to get an ass-reaming that

she would not soon forget.  I reached my hand over to the table where

the open tube of lubricant still laid on the towel. I liberally applied

some to the tip of my cockhead.  What remained on my fingers I rubbed

over her rosebud and slipped my forefinger into her asshole easily and

without any resistance at all.  The upraised position of her gorgeous

ass was too much for me. I couldn't hold myself off much longer, pushing

my cockhead past her relaxed sphincter.  I inched closer into her on my

knees and I heard her moaning softly again.  This wasn't going to stop

me from penetrating her all the more and giving this Bitch the best

butt-fucking that she royally deserved.

  I reached my hand down with just the head of my penis inside her hole

to find her pussy starting to get wet again.  On the table lay another

dildo so I reached up and grabbed it and started to slide it into her

pussy.  I didn't have any trouble at all getting it buried deep in her.

In fact, she was squirming around so much that it was easier to slip

my love tool into her asshole even further.  I continued to penetrate

her and my cock almost bent in half because I was so damn hard.  A few

more strokes and I started to pick up the pace.  I could even feel the

dildo inside her pussy from above and this stimulated me even more. The

next thing I knew I was starting to come real hard.  I reached under my

balls and powered up the dildo.  It was electrifying!!!  The sensation

of my cumming in her asshole coupled with the effects of the dildo as

it vibrated wildly in her pussy.  "Ohhhhh, Mistress, you are so GOOD!",

I told her, as my cock responded with squirts of cum.  I reached down

and squeezed her tits for her and I knew Mistress Destiny had responded

only too well in her bid for a passionate climax.

  "Ohhhh, Master that's GOOD," she screamed out as she responded to

that buzzing vibrator deep in her pussy.  "I know Mistress, you are

GOOD TOO!," as my cock spewed forth one more last drop of cum in her

pulsating rosebud.

  Later, Mistress Destiny thanked me for stopping to visit.  "Master,

the door is always open for you," she said.  I gave her a passionate

kiss as I departed for the bus station in mid-town Manhattan.

This time I had found my true destiny!



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