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Archive-name: Slaves/misdest2.txt


Archive-title: Mistress Destiny - 2

                     "Mistress Destiny's Playroom"

  By now, Mistress Destiny became bored with her punishment of my sore

penis. "Get up off the table, you Worm!" she commanded me. She removed

the belts and undid all the straps as I quickly slid off the table.

At this point I was ready to get the hell out of there, I didn't care

how beautiful she was...or if really did want to fuck her brains out.

  "Follow me", she said and we left the examination room we shuffled

down a hall past one room and then to another that contained a full

spa and a jacuzzi already bubbling and ready for occupancy.  "I want

you to slide into the hot tub and let yourself relax a bit... for me"

she said.  I slid into the tub and the warm water felt good all over.

I noticed she also wanted to relax, removing her boots and her other

sexy garments slipping in right next to me.  She began by rubbing her

big 44D's up against my chest as I reached over to grab her low around

the waist pull her closer to me.  We kissed passionately for a few

moments as she moved closer against me. My rigid cock pushed up against

her belly. I was trying to lift her so I could slip myself inside her.

We let our tongues entwine for a few moments.  WOW!  She sure was a

thing of beauty even it she was a Bitch.

  She started to undulate her hips and rub her clit against my ragging

hardon.  "Oh, Baby...," I started to say.   "STOP!" she cut me off,

"I want you to call me Mistress at all times... I can see you are in

further need of more serious servitude before we can continue."  With

that she slipped out of the jacuzzi and threw me a towel and ordered me

to get out fast. As I dried myself off as she pointed over to a low-

slung hammock suspended between two posts and ordered me to climb in.

  "No, Worm, face-DOWN," not face-up.  I had a hell of a time trying

to shift my weight to turn over and lay with my ragging hardon pressing

up against my stomach.  Mistress came over and bound first my wrists to

to the front end of the hammock. Then she tied my ankles apart securing

me in place.  I laid there waiting...waiting...and nothing happened.

  She just walked around rubbing my buttocks and squeezing both of my

ass cheeks together, hoping to get a further rise out of me.  It did!

I could feel my rigid cock was anxious to find her slit and bury myself

deep in her love nest.  After a few minutes of teasing, she picked up a

towel drying herself off... while I laid there, with no place to go.

Then she took the wet towel and started to flay me with it hard across

my ass.  One.. two.. three.. quick smacks across my ass with that wet

towel. I felt the bite.  "Ouch, Mistress...Come on... that hurts!" and

again I protested vigorously. "Oh, I see you don't like the punishment,

you Worm," she said as she tossed down the towel leaving the room.

  Within a minute she reentered the room with a anal vibrator all lubed

up and ready to go.  She reached down and parted the cheeks on my ass

and took a small amount of lubricant on her outstretched finger as she

probed for my rosebud.  "Hey, Bitch! that's my asshole your playing

with..." I told her.  "I can see you need further conditioning Slave."

She put the dildo-gag back into my mouth as she secured it in place.

This time, due to laying on my stomach, I had difficulty in breathing

because the dildo base rested on the hammock and I had to turn my head

to grab some breaths of air.  Then she applied some well placed swats

to my asscheeks to get me warmed up a bit.  My sphincter muscle offered

little or no resistance to her probing forefinger and she had already

sunk it deeply into me. "Oooooo....O.....," I tried to reply.  "A good

Slave should be always ready to serve his Mistress, no matter how bitchy

or demanding or what she asks of him," she replied as she gave my ass a

few more swats with her free hand.

  As she withdrew her finger from my hole she brought the anal plug in

and started shoving it into me.  The T-plug had a base with a flat end

holding it firmly in place.  I felt myself snorting heavily out of the

end of the hollow shaft. She was obviously enjoying her game as she

affectionately toyed with her own breasts and occasionally lifted those

huge mammaries up to her lips kissing her own nipples.

  With the anal plug buried to the hilt she slid underneath the hammock

and pulled my cock and balls through a small hole in the bottom. She

was giggling now and totally out of control humiliating me as she also

enjoyed herself in my punishment.  I didn't know it at the time, but she

had inserted a dildo deep within her pussy.  She was getting herself off

by ramming it hard in and out of her own cunt.  She began by fondling

my cock and balls and by squeezing them together real hard. She tugged

on them occasionally as she ran her hand up and down my member. I could

only respond with a few snorts out the end of the gag.  I was waiting

for her to slip my cock into her mouth but it never happened. Instead,

she bent my cock backwards until I felt myself rise into the breach of

the suspended hammock.  Again tears ran down my cheeks.

  I forgot about the T-plug buried in my ass. With a quick twist of the

knob she powered up the vibrator as my sphincter muscle was pulsating

out of control.  I couldn't take this torment much longer and began to

ejaculate my load all over the place.  When Mistress saw the jism she

grabbed my cock harder and began to masturbate my dick up and down for

me even harder.  I must have come loads.  It never felt so good to come,.

even if I didn't have it in her pussy.  I was totally covered in a mass

of sweat and perspiration. I was totally exhausted.

  "Well, you thought you did good, did you!" she belted out. "You Worm

you weren't suppose to CUM yet!"  "I'll fix you for that, Slave." She

used the towel and cleaned off my dick and turned off the vibrator. All

this time I was snorting and cavorting through that hollow end of the


  She left the anal plug stay in place. Then she attached a cock harness

around the length of my cock and balls and suspended a weight on them

as she let in go.  Instantly, I felt my eyes grow with tears again and

more snorting followed.  "Now, Slave I hope you have learned to call me

Mistress," she demanded.  I tried to mumble, "Please, Mistress Destiny,"

through the gag but it came out as a bunch of unintelligent garbled


  "That COCK of yours needs further punishment," she gloated. "I want

you to feel the pressure of the weights for a while before we start or

do anything else," she quipped.  She left the weights in place for close

to ten minutes while I muffled and snorted through this part of my real

training.  She undid the harness holding the weight and I felt my eyes

clear and I could breathe a sigh of relief.  I laid there for what

seemed like an awfully long time trying to regain all my composure.

"Here, that's enough punishment for you now Slave," she said.

  She took off the cock harness and asked me "How's my new Slave doing."

I responded with some muffled grunts. "Oh, I can see you can't talk very

well." She took out the dildo-gag and I noticed I had put some teeth

marks on the shaft from the training I had just experienced.  She untied

me from the hammock and I rolled out standing on the floor aching all

over.  "Do you want to see my dungeon," she said.  "YES, Mistress." I

quickly responded, knowing well in advance that if I didn't tell her

what she wanted to hear I would be in trouble again. This woman was the

most gorgeous female I had ever layed my eyes on.  I followed her down

the hall past the room before we entered the spa.  Behind that other

locked door was the most elaborate dungeon I had ever seen in my life.

It closely resembled my own private stable with my own forms of various

instruments of restraint.  She began explaining each device in detail

as I stood next to her motionless and just nodded my head or replied,

"Yes, Mistress each time she looked at me with those sultry blue eyes.

  I noticed a form-fitting ottoman on the floor.  I asked her what that

was used for as she continued with her tour of the dungeon. "Oh, I use

that for my disobedient female slaves."  She continued explaining that

her females would bend over and lay forward and into the form. As she

talked she posed for me and moved herself into position putting her

wrists down next to the cuffs.  The form fit mostly the waist area of

a woman and was all padded with a double-U shapped opening so that a

submissive female's breasts hung loose.  She fitted well in this device

and her magnificent breasts swung down and accentuating her dark brown

nipples. I quickly moved down and around to her front and reached my

hands down along next to the cuffs.  I bent down when I saw this great

opportunity present itself and said, "You mean you clamp them down here

and here!"  I swung the wrist clamps around and snapped them shut and

locking her tightly in place.  "That's right Slave, now unsnap me from

these handcuffs and we'll continue on with your own training.

   I told her "My training just ended Bitch... and from now on you will

do well to LEARN to address me as Master."

 (Continued See "MISDEST3")


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