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Archive-name: Slaves/misdest1.txt


Archive-title: Mistress Destiny - 1

                    "Meeting Mistress Destiny"

  I got off the bus at the Port of Authority terminal in New York

City and headed straight for the local newstand.  I bought the latest

issue of my favorite sleazy newspaper hoping to find some hot B&D

action in the Times Square area.

  The ad read:

  "Seeking submissive male who can service and please a fine dominatrix

beyond her wildest dreams! MUST be willing to submit to her many whims,

desires without question and enjoy being tied-up and also humiliated.

Only trained slaves need apply! I am blonde and well built: 44-23-36.

By Appointment only: 976-1011...Mistress Destiny"

  I walked into the phone booth on 42nd Street and dialed the phone

number.  After a couple of rings, a sultry voice answered "Hello!"

"I read your ad and I'm interested in the position as serving as your

Slave," I told her.  "Good! are you an experienced Slave?", she said.

"No, not really, but I'm a quick learner." I replied. "Well, very good

here's my address, 2401 10th Avenue, that's in the Village, you know.

And make sure you are prompt, you should be here within the next ten

or fifteen minutes."

  Well, hell even the most experienced Big Apple resident couldn't find

this place in the Village in less that ten minutes, and it took me

about thirty minutes to find the old brownstone and take the elevator

to the tenth floor of the apartment building.  I got off the elevator

and approached the penthouse apartment and knocking softly on the door.

  A gorgeous blonde opened the door decked out in a complete nurse's

uniform.  "I'm here about the ad," I said, "I'm the slave who called

you thirty minutes, or so, ago."   "You're late!, but do come in."

"Well, I'm sorry about that, but I'm from out of town and I had a hell

of a tough time finding the place."  We sat down and shot the bull for

a few minutes while she graciously poured me some wine as I drank a few

glasses to get loosened up.

  I was ready to get started, but she kept sizing me up to see if I was

really serious about being a submissive. "OK" she said, for now just in

that door and put your clothes over on the chair in the examination

room," she said.  I proceeded across the apartment to the examination

room and hastily removed all my clothes.  I picked up a towel off the

examination table and when I undressed and wrapped it around myself to

protect my modesty. I sat in the chair next to the wall and in within

a minute or two she walked in.  "You may address me as Mistress Destiny from now on," she said.

"My name is ...," I blurted out. "STOP!, as far as I'm concerned, you

are 'Slave' to me," she replied.

  She motioned me to come over to the center of the room and to sit on

the examination table.  "Here, I want you to scoot up here and remove

the towel."  I threw the towel back over on the chair as my buttocks

slid onto the soft cushion of the table.  The table was about waist

high and it had deep cushion padding which supported my legs and back

and fit me like a glove.  The Mistress was somewhat demanding now as

she had me spread my legs apart and began to restrain my ankles by

strapping them into fur cuffs on the outriggers on the far end.  "Hope

you are comfortable" she said.  "Yes, Mistress I'm doing just fine"

I replied.  "Good then," she spoke softly, "here put your hands up

here for me."  She cuffed my hands into the leather straps and I was

totally restrained and spread eagle helplessly with my arms and legs

spread wide open in my naked restraints the center of the room.

  No sooner did she put the tang into the belt loop on my right wrist

and she gave me a hard smack on my right thigh. "Slave, you were suppose

to be here in TEN minutes, not THIRTY!"  "But, I got lost, Mistress,

I could find the place!"  "Stop! I don't want to hear about your stupid

problems," and she reached down and firmly grabbed my penis squeezing

the tip real hard.  I pushed myself back into the cushion as I recoiled

from the pain as she was still holding onto my dick as she continued to

squeeze it even harder.  That really got my blood flowing and I could

feel my member also got harder.  She released her hold of my cockhead

as it fell loosely back to my leg. She walked over to the sink and she

retrieved a razor and shaving cream. She lathered up my cock and balls

as she shaved me totally hairless for the first time in my life! It was

actually kind of sexy turn-on to have this nurse shaving me and taking

such good care of my genitals for me.  She dried me off as she brushed

on some talcum all over my cock and balls.  I thought this was rather a

nice feeling and it was a pleasant surprise to her former squeezing and

discomfort I had experience earlier.  Her hand reached into the drawer

as she withdrew a cord and she tied my cock and balls all up in knots.

"Owww... that hurts don't do that," I yelled at her.  "Slave doesn't

like that..." she remarked as she gave a quick yanked to the cord she

had just wrapped around my penis. "Oww.." I recoiled again in pain.

  She came over to my head and raised her white uniform. Underneath her

skirt she had on the sexiest black garter belt and white stockings. She

was totally antiseptic.  I could see her pussy was bald and clean shaven

including her vulva.  "I want you to your tongue all over my outer lips

of my pussy for me," she remarked, "DO NOT, I repeat, do not let your

tongue go inside or you will regret it later!"  With that she pushed her

twat up against my face as my tongue lashed out to find her sopping wet

clit.  Her clitoris was standing almost at full attention as my tongue

went all over her slit.  She was overpowering as she undulated her hips.

  She was squirming and writhing around so, now and I smelled her sweet

musk as I tongued her vaginal lips, over an over. She pushed her erect

clit up hard against my face and I guess my tongue slipped into her for

a quick second or two.  "Slave, I told you NO penetration and she moved

over to my cock and gave the cord a tug again. "Oww! Hey! You know that

hurts please don't do that again ," I yelled.  "Slave, I gave you a dumb

order and you can't even do that!" as she playfully toyed with the cord

pulling it back and forth on my cock. My cock was getter much harder all

the time by now. "Oh, I see you're getting a hardon," she said and as

she delayed her playful little game.

  With that, Mistress said, "I'm going to get myself ready now," and

with a sly smile as she left the room, switching off the light. I just

laid there for what seemed like hours.  I woke up as she reentered the

room and turning on the light switch with a dull snap. My rigid member

had returned to its former limpid status.

  I opened my eyes and focused them on Mistress Destiny dressed in a

very erotic and seductive costume.  Her blonde hair was pulled back and

tied.  She was wearing a black outfit of patent leather with silver

studs on her bra and panties. Her seductive outfit complemented her from

her gorgeous breasts to her thigh-high black 5" high-heeled boots and

black nylons.  Her bra was of tight fitting latex held her 44D's poised

out and protruded straight up and out accenting those buxom globes. The

cups had cut-outs where she let about one-third of each of her titties

protruded outward balloning them out.  In each of her pierced nipples a

gold ring was tethered with a length of gold chain pulling her massive

tits together.  The tension of the chain on her own nips had to be an

obvious riser for her too!  She gave me a stern spank and then another

on the side of my thigh and buttocks. "Oww, that hurts...Stop! Quit

it," I protested.  She replied, "You Worm, we haven't even started yet

and you're complaining already."  She reached into the drawer in the

table and taking out some clothespins and opened each closure as she

clamped them on my nipples.  She had a small leather riding crop  with

a tawse on the end which she prompting whacked against the base of my

penis.  "Oww, stop it that hurts!" I told her again.  "I can see that

you are indeed in need of further obedience and discipline my Slave,"

and as she responded she had a sinister gleam in her blue eyes.

  She removed a gag-like device from the drawer which was in the shape

of a fat male penis.  The cock was about 4 inches diameter. It was soft

yet pliable, with a large air-hole burrowed through the center of the

penis.  The back end had a thick belt which she then fastened around my

neck as she fastened the buckle and slipped the dildo in past my lips.

I bit down as it entered my mouth.  "That should take care of your dumb

protests Slave, now were going to get on with the real work." The cock-

gag she used gave me room to breath and also let her hear me snorting

when she decided to speed up her punishing torture to my genitals.

  Mistress Destiny decided to remove the nipple clamps as she rubbed

my areolas getting my blood flowing again. She placed the clamping bar

tightly against my chest and pulled my nips up and into the clamps.

She tightened the thumb screws hard so my nips were being pulled back

away from my chest. This form of punishment brought tears back to my

into my eyes again. When she saw my pain she just giggled, and dropped

that set of magnificent boobs right down in my face.

  "How is your COCK doing my Slave", she asked.  I couldn't really tell

since I was on my back and all laid out.  Now she put her hand down and

grasped the base of my cock as started to squeeze and massage it again

until I was snorting out through the hole in the dildo.  "Good, Slave

we are making progress."  The nipple chain was tugging hard on her own

nipple rings as her breasts were also confined.  She undid the chains

and she removed the rings from each of her nipples.  She brought both

of those marvelous tits over and bent over and slipped my semi-rigid

member between those luscious tits of hers as she began to give herself

a titty-fuck. I felt my prick starting to swell and get harder with the

anticipation of an oncoming gushing orgasm.

  "Oh! it's getting so HARD," she moaned. "Good, I want to get it up

for you." She walked over in front of me as she took one breast at a

time and brought it up to her rosy lips and tongued each of her puffy

areolas until each nipple was also standing out and hard and firm. She

was tormenting me out of my mind, I thought, "You Bitch, you know I

can't do anything about it!"  She looked down at me and pulled hard on

on the nipple bar as I snorted a few more sounds out of the end of the

dildo cock. "Feeling good, Slave," she quipped to me as she squeezed

my cock hard again."

 (Continued See "MISDEST2")


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