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Archive-name: Slaves/melissa.txt


Archive-title: Melissa

Melissa found the note in her mailbox. She recognized his handwriting

and drew a quick breath. She walked to her desk before opening it.

Her pulse quickened and her nipples began to harden. The note was

short and to the point. "You will prepare for a weekend trip. You will

only bring a yakata, the personal hygiene items as necessary, and

your toys. You will be ready at 5 P.M. on Friday." It was unsigned.

There was no need. Her thoughts were confused with the erotic

memories of the last time and bewilderment of the coming weekend.

The remaining days of the week past quickly. On Friday afternoon,

she packed her small bag and waited. At 5 P.M. sharp, there was a

single knock at her door. Melissa picked up her bag, opened the door

and went with him.

As they walked to the car, she looked at him. Not much had changed

in the six months since she last saw him. He still walked with light,

silent steps. His hair was shorter now, but that didn't surprise her. His

hair length and whether or not he wore a beard, was constantly

changing. He hadn't gained any weight and he was tanned. His mouth

and eyes is what intrigued her. They were capable of laughing and

cold silence at the same time. It is said that the eyes are the windows

of the soul. His eyes told nothing. Jeremy's eyes seldom did.

Jeremy opened the car door for her and after she got in, he took her

bag. He went around to his side and opened the door and threw her

bag onto the back seat. After starting the car, he opened the center

arm rest and took out a sleep mask. "Put this on and don't remove it

until I tell you."  As Melissa put on the mask and her visual world was

shut off, she heard strains of Beethovens's 1st and 2nd Sonatas

playing. "I know that you like classical music and I brought some of

my favorites for us to listen to." he said. As the cello and the piano

played, she began to relax.

"What have you been doing the last few months?" he asked.

"Just working and trying to stay busy. My father was here a few

months ago on his way to Singapore. I was offered some new training

for work but I turned it down because they couldn't promise me any

substantial promotion afterwards. Where have you been and what

have you been up to?"

Jeremy was quiet for a moment before answering. When he spoke,

his voice was smooth and with a touch of an accent. "I've been in and

out of the area a couple of times since the last time you saw me. I

couldn't contact you because of the projects. The rest of the time, I've

been wearing my troubleshooter's hat and have been jumping from

one hot spot to another."  They continued to talk about everything

except what she really wanted to know, what was going to happen

this weekend.

They had been driving for about 45 minutes in heavy traffic when they

turned off onto a smaller road. The traffic was lighter now and she

could tell that they were going uphill through a series of switchbacks.

Traffic had lightened enough that Melissa only heard an occasional

car passing. Jeremy slowed down and turned off the paved road. The

car bounced along a dirt road for about 15 minutes and finally

stopped. He got out of the car and came around to Melissa's side

and opened her door.

"Can I take this mask off now?"

"Not yet, just a few more minutes." She could smell the scent of pines

and a wood fire burning.

Jeremy took Melissa by the arm and guided her towards her

destination. She could hear a small brook splashing in the

background. She stumbled slightly on the flagstone walkway. They

stopped walking and Melissa heard a sliding door open. "Step up" he

said and as she did, she felt the warmth of the fire she smelled

earlier. Jeremy shut the door and led Melissa closer to the fire.

He stopped and turned to Melissa, "You may take off the mask now."

As Melissa lifted the mask, she saw that she was in a room with a

stone fireplace against one long wall and the opposite wall had open

shoji screens overlooking a Japanese garden with a small stream. The

floor was of polished hardwood with tatami mats in front of the

fireplace. The room had very little furniture, just a low table and a

small wooden chest. There was two closed doors on the far wall and

the single door that they came in behind her.

"Welcome to my retreat" Jeremy said. "This is where you will become

aware of yourself and your desires. These rooms will be your

classrooms and I will assist you in your learning."

Melissa looked at Jeremy and asked "What will I be learning?"

"You will look into yourself and come to face with the other side of

your sexuality.

"What do you mean, the other side?"

"It is the side which we have bordered in the past, yet I didn't think

you were ready to explore. If you wish to look, there is different sides

to everything. In the Orient, the two sides are called Yin and Yang,

separately they are exact opposites, together they mesh as one to

complete a whole. We have always stayed on the side that you know,

this weekend you will learn the other side of your sexuality and

desires. Your sexuality will become whole."

Once again Melissa's heart began to race and she felt her face start

to color from either excitement or apprehension, she wasn't sure. "Are

you ready to begin?" With a deep breath she nodded her head yes.

Pointing to the wall with the two doors, he said "Go into the room on

the right and remove your clothes. There is a connecting door to the

bathroom. After your bath, trim your pussy hair and remove all

makeup including fingernail and toenail polish. You will find the

necessary items in the bathroom. Do not put any clothes on and

return out here when you have completed those tasks."

Entering the door on the right, she found herself in a bare scant room

with tatami mats and a larger wooden chest against one wall. On the

floor was a large futon. It was a rich burgundy color with a golden

crest like symbol. One wall had closets with sliding doors with the

same symbol on it.  As Melissa was hanging up her clothes, she

began to think what this weekend was all about. She recalled their

previous lovemaking and she remembered how much she enjoyed the

skill with which he was able to turn her body into a hot, tingling mass

of sexual desires. The way that Jeremy's lips and fingertips felt as

they glided over her body. She also remembered the look in his eyes

when he would pinch or bite her nipples. She had always wondered

what was going through his mind at those times and now she knew

that she was to soon find out. This didn't frightened her, if anything,

it heightened her desires. In him, she found a person that she could

trust and who was caring. He had taken her to that plateau so many

times before and now she was ready to continue with the journey.

Melissa entered the bathroom and found that some of the contents of

her bag were on the vanity counter next to the sink, along with a

comb and scissors, a jar of cleansing cream, and a bottle of polish

remover with a small bag of cotton balls. Every item was laid as if in

a specific order. Her bath was poured and the water had a fragrant

smell to it. She picked up the comb and scissors and started to comb

her pussy hair. The thick luxurious bush of hair shined in the light and

Melissa found her pussy getting wet. She started trimming the hair

and continued until just a downy layer of curls covered her pussy.

Picking up the cleansing cream, she removed her makeup and then

she removed all her nail polish.

Slipping into the bath, she looked around the bathroom. It was

definitely a man's bathroom, but she was surprised by the style of the

bathroom in comparison to the other rooms. While the other rooms

were bare and somewhat austere, the walls of the bathroom were of

large pale grey river rocks, smoothed and burnished from the constant

flow of water. The counter tops and floors were slate slabs. The

bathing area was raised and set off in a recess in the wall completely

surrounded by glass, so it was possible to look out at the hills and

woods surrounding the house. The slate hued bathtub was large

enough for two. The lighting was subdued, the room's fixtures were

of rich brass, and the air was warm and moist. Melissa felt as if she

was in an open air bath or a small grotto.

The water was hot and silky. Melissa felt the tensions flow from her

body and her mind relaxed as well. Her hands drifted down to her

breasts and to her parted thighs. As her fingers lightly stroked her

nipple, it began to stiffen with arousal and anticipation. Gently

pinching the nipples caused her to gently suck her breath. She felt

her body start to tingle. As she worked her nipples into hard points,

the pain/pleasure that she loved began to seep over her. Melissa

pulled hard on the nipples, twisting them as she did so. Taking her

left nipple between her fingertips, she rolled and pinched it until she

had to bite her lip to keep from crying out in sheer pleasure.

With the fingers of her other hand, she started to slowly caress the

inner lips of her pussy. The touch of her fingertips sent the inner lips

of her pussy. The touch of her fingertips sent small jolts of electricity

coursing through her, making her feel vibrant and sensual. As her

fingers continued to work their way slowly inside her, Melissa felt

herself slipping into a state of sexuality. First one finger, then two, and

then the third finger slipped inside her pussy. Her thumb stroked her

clit and she had kept her pace slow first, but with each stroke, her

fingers increased their tempo and depth. As Melissa came close to

coming, her strokes became hard and fast. As she came, she pinched

her nipples hard between her knuckle and nail. When she did this, her

world became centered between her thighs, deep within her pussy.

Melissa was aware of the bright light, the aura, that surrounded her

when she came. That light slowly faded as the sensations receded

and she opened her eyes and slowly took her hands away from her

body. She reached for a washcloth and started to wash her body. Her

nipples where still tender from the attention that they were just given,

but the water felt smooth and silky as it rippled over them.

When Melissa had cleaned the rest of her body and stepped out of

the bathtub, she reached for the towel and was surprised to find that

it was warmed by the towel rack. The soft towel drank up the moisture

on the rounded surfaces of her body. Her skin felt smooth to the

touch after the oils of the water. She let the towel drop at the edge of

the bath. She was ready and opened the door to the main room.

The room was dimly lit with only the fire and several small candles for

illumination. Jeremy was standing by the fire and he looked up as she

entered the room. He was wearing a light grey cotton yakata. "You

look beautiful and radiant, I hope the bath refreshed you. Come by

the fire." As Melissa walked over to him, he watched as her full

breasts swung in rhythmic time to her hips as she walked. He noted

the soft contours of her body and the soft transparent down of hair

covering her sex. She looked into his eyes and now she could read

them. He was pleased with what he saw.

"Are you ready to begin?" Melissa gave a gentle nod of her head. He

walked over to the chest and withdrew a thin pillow from it. He placed

it in front of the fire and said "Kneel on this and watch the fire. I want

you to listen to what I say, but most of all, I want you to understand." 

Jeremy's voice became a soft whisper as he continued. "This

weekend we will expand on the roles that we have already assumed.

This weekend, you will begin the learning of domination and

submissive. This is not to be mistaken for sadism and masochism. In

S/M, there is no true love or trust. Only the need to hurt and to be

hurt. As a submissive, you will learn that you are to be cherished. It

isn't wrong to want to be submissive. I hope that I will be as worthy

a teacher as I know you will be a student. Do you understand and

accept what I just said?" Again, Melissa's head nodded.

"Your rules for this weekend are simple. You will obey what I say. You

will not wear any clothes or any makeup. You will address me as "Sir"

or as "Teacher". You will not speak unless given permission. You may

ask any question as long as it pertains to your training. When our

meals are delivered to us, you will not eat until I give you permission.

Do you understand and accept what I have just said?" She nodded

her head yes, but he said in a stern tone, "I didn't hear what you



"Yes what?"

"Yes Teacher."

"Good, I'm pleased." Again he walked over to the chest and he

reached in and started to pull out objects and place them on the low

table. "Come over here." Melissa got up and walked over to the table.

On it, he had lined up her `toys', which he had taken from her bag.

"I see that you have added a few." On the table were a set of Ben-wa

balls, a small vibrator, and a set of nipple clamps that he had given

her. Beside them, started to place other objects. A flesh colored dildo,

over six inches long and about 5 inches around was the first to be

placed on the table. She noted that it looked very much like his cock.

Next was a series of anal plugs. These ranged from 3 inches long and

3/4 of an inch wide to 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. The sleep

mask that she had worn for the journey was lain on the table. Jeremy

then placed 2 sets of leather cuffs on the table. "We will add these to

your set now and maybe some others later on."

As she looked at these new toys, she began to understand what it

was that was being asked of her. She was to surrender to him, part

of her physical freedom, in return for a sexual freedom that she hadn't

known before. For a moment, she didn't think that she was ready to

proceed, but when she remembered what he had said about trusting,

she was ready.

"I am ready to start now Teacher."

"Fine, lay down on your back on the tatami by the fire." Melissa

walked over to the fire and laid down in front of it. "I now want you to

spread your arms and legs outward. I am not going to restrain you

now. I want you to hold your arms and legs spread out. I am going

to make love to you now with my hands and my mouth. If you move

or say anything, I will stop."

With that he knelt down next to her heard and started to rub her

temples. Jeremy's fingers seemed to sense the tension that she was

now feeling. His fingers massaged her temples and her scalp. When

he had finished with her temples, he worked his fingers downwards

to Melissa's neck and shoulders. Again Jeremy's fingers sought out

the tight bundles of muscle and nerves and rubbed them until they

loosened. He took hold of her hands and worked each arm. His

fingers and hands pushed and rolled the muscles of her arms until

they seemed to flow out of his hands back to the floor.

Jeremy shifted his position until he was a Melissa's feet. He took each

foot and rubbed it, sliding his hands up her calves. He rubbed each

leg separately now. His fingers danced around her thighs. The closer

he got to her pussy, the more sensual his caresses became. Each

time that she thought he would move his hands to her pussy, he

would stop and move the other direction. Jeremy could smell her sex

now as her pussy was getting wetter and her pussy lips began to

glisten. He continued to rub her legs, making them totally relaxed, but

her pussy was in a state of sexual excitement. It took everything

Melissa had to keep from crying out or moving from the pleasure

inside of her, but as his hands moved about her body, her body

became softer. Melissa could feel her body tingling as is every nerve

ending was alive.

Jeremy again shifted positions so that he was now kneeling next to

her right side. He looked into her eyes, his face lit up with a smile on

his face and in his eyes, he said "Let the concert begin." He touched

her nipples with his fingers, rolling them gently between his fingertips.

As he gently stroked the left nipple, he quickly pinched the right one.

She caught her breath before she said anything. He continued to

stroke and pinch her nipples, causing them to become harder and he

listened as her breathing come fast and shallow. He bent his head

down and with care and tenderness, took one nipple between his lips.

Jeremy's tongue softly caressed the nipple. He changed nipples and

brought both to the point of aching from the pleasure that was giving

them. While he was sucking on one nipple, his left hand was playing

with the other nipple and his right hand started to trace down towards

Melissa's pussy.

With his cupped hand, he started to caress her pussy. He slowly

started to work his finger into her pussy. As soon as his finger

touched her clit, he bit and pinched Melissa's nipples. It was as if an

electrical shock had surged through her body. Melissa could not keep

from crying out. As soon as she did, he stopped and sat back on his

heels. "You were given one order and you just failed that order. For

that you will be punished. Roll over onto your stomach." When she

was on her stomach, Jeremy drew his hand back and smacked her

ass three times with the flat of her hand. Melissa was surprised by the

first blow and by the time the third one had landed, she was ready for


While the slaps stung her, she found that they also excited her. She

felt tears in her eyes but she also felt a burning passion within her. 

"Turn onto your back again. When you disobey me, no matter how

small the infraction, you will be punished in one form or another."

Without saying another word, he took her right nipple into his mouth

and continued to suck on it as if nothing had happened.

Jeremy's lips and fingers continued to do the magic as they had

before, as he gently sucked on her nipples. As his teeth and fingers

bit and pinched her breasts, Melissa's passion grew. After each time

that he would do this, his other hand would gently stroke her pussy.

The more that he stroked her, the more that she wanted him. As he

stroked her, he started to insert his fingers into her warmth. Because

of her wetness, two of his fingers slipped inside her. His fingers

explored her inner walls, while his mouth and hands explored her

breasts. He added another finger and then the fourth. He was

pumping his hand faster now and his teeth were slowly nibbling at the

hardness of her nipples. Melissa wanted to feel more of his hand

inside her, to fill her up. She wanted his teeth to bite hard on her

flesh, but she did not speak, for she was afraid that he would stop


Jeremy reached out with his thumb and began to flick it back and

forth against her clit. With this action, he brought her to the edge.

When he knew that he had her there, he pushed his fingers deep

inside of her and again bit and pinched hard on her nipples. The

wave of the orgasm overcame her. The muscles of her vagina

clamped around his fingers and Melissa felt that the rest of her body

quivering, as if her insides were of jello. No one had ever made her

come as hard as she just did. When she opened her eyes, Jeremy

was still sitting there. His hands were still working their magic on her

nipples and in her pussy. He had a knowing smile on his face when

he asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

Melissa was unable to speak, so she just nodded her head. "I'm glad

that you enjoyed it and you behaved quite well. If you learn quickly

and obediently, I will reward you for your progress. If you do not,

there will be no pleasure. I now want you to suck my cock, for we

both enjoy the way it makes us feel. But this time it will be a little

different. You have always taken my cum in your mouth, yet you have

not been able to swallow it because of the taste. I want you to put

this mint drop in your mouth, it will mask the taste. Each time that you

give me a blowjob, you will put a mint in your mouth until you

become accustomed to the taste. Then you will only suck on the mint

for a few moments before you take my cock in your mouth. In time,

you will no longer need the mint." He held out the mint in his hand.

Melissa dropped to her knees and took the mint from his fingers with

her lips.

As the cool, refreshing taste filled her mouth, she untied his yakata

and she gazed at his cock. It was still soft and supple. In the light of

the fire, the dark hair surrounding his cock seemed to have red

highlights.  She reached out and touched his cock with her fingertips.

Melissa slid her hand down and started to stroke his balls. The skin

around his balls was smooth, almost hairless. It gave the sensation of

a stain bag with two heavy orbs in it. With her other hand, she lifted

his cock and gently blew on it. As she brought her lips closer to the

head of the cock, she could see the veins that supplied the blood that

engorged the shaft when excited.  Melissa's tongue flicked out and

touched the tip. She felt the excitement start to build up in his cock

and within her own pussy. As she slid the cock into her mouth, she

felt the softness start to give way and she started to slip her tongue

around the stiffening cock.

Jeremy reached down and started to caress her breasts. He cupped

his hands and lifted her breasts up. His fingers touched her nipples

and gently he started to squeeze and roll them between his fingers.

Melissa's breath started to come faster again.

Melissa moved her head back and slid his cock out of her mouth.

Jeremy's cock was hard and glistening. Her mouth moved up and

down his shaft with her tongue flicking out touching it as her head

moved. She moved her head back up to the tip and she slid the cock

back into her mouth. Her lips were held firm to increase the pressure.

Melissa started to roll Jeremy's balls in her hand and used her

fingernails to stroke the skin between the sac and his ass.

His fingers pressed firmly into the flesh of her breasts. Her nipples

were hard now, his fingers had been pulling and pinching them. The

harder he pulled on them, the more excited she became. Melissa

never knew when he was going to pinch them. He gave no indication.

Jeremy would be gently stroking them and then without warning, he

would pinch her nipples hard enough to cause her to give out with a

small cry of pain...or was it pleasure. Each time that Jeremy would do

this, her pussy would become wetter and the wetter her pussy got,

the more that Melissa wanted to feel his cock thrusting deep inside


Melissa took on of his balls into her mouth and rolled it around with

her tongue. She continued to stroke his cock with one hand and

finger his asshole with the other. She switched balls in her mouth and

sucked on it.  As Melissa pulled her head back and let the ball pop

out of her mouth, she heard Jeremy groan. She took his cock back

in her mouth and slid it in down to the base. Melissa felt the cock hit

the back of her throat. She began to pump her head back and forth,

sliding his cock between her lips. Her tongue explored Jeremy's flesh,

from the tip of his cock to the base. Each time she slid his cock into

her mouth, she felt his cock hit the back of her throat and his hair

tickled her nose.

Melissa could feel his cock start to throb. She quickly took it out of

her mouth and squeezed the base. As she felt the tension leave his

cock, she again moved her mouth down to his balls. She licked his

balls and moved her head back between his legs. Melissa's tongue

flicked out to touch the rim of his asshole. A loud groan escaped his

lips and with this she renewed her efforts. Jeremy stopped her by

putting his hand on her cheek and backing away. He turned around,

leaned forward against the fireplace and said "Do it good." She

reached between his legs, grabbed hold of his cock and started to

slowly pump it.

She started to tongue the cheeks of his ass, swirling the tip of her

tongue as she went. Her tongue and fingers moved back and forth

across his ass, as she started to increase the pressure on his cock.

Melissa's tongue moved to the small, tight opening of Jeremy's

asshole. She licked his ass with the flat of her tongue and then

followed it with the tip of her tongue.  Melissa slowly played the tip of

her tongue into the opening and worked it around in a circle. She

could feel the tension of his cock with her hand and the relaxation of

his ass with her tongue and she knew the glorious agony that he was

going through. She pumped her tongue in and out faster and faster

and he started to sway his hips in time with her tongue. "God, you

don't know how much I love that." Yet, Melissa knew and she was

glad that she was able to please him as much as he pleased her.

"I must feel your mouth again." and he turned around. Melissa took

Jeremy's cock in her mouth again and slowly drew it all the way in

until it touched the back of her throat. As she slid the cock out of her

mouth, her tongue was rolling around the shaft. When she had just

the tip in her mouth, she started to massage it with her lips and

tongue. She took his balls in her right hand and gently rolled and

pulled on them. The index finger of her left hand began to snake up

his ass, repelled briefly by his inner muscles, until she felt the tension

leave and her finger slipped inside him.

When she did this, Jeremy started to move his hips, pushing his cock

into her mouth. She opened her lips and took him in slowly. Her lips

kept tension on his shaft as he slid deeper into her throat. Melissa's

head started to pump up and down his shaft and her finger began

to slide in and out of his ass. She turned her finger, keeping pressure

on his inner ring. With her head pumping, she could feel his cock hit

the back of her throat.  Jeremy increased the speed of his hips and

began to thrust his cock into her mouth. She could feel his cock

begin to swell and she began to pump her finger faster. As his cock

fucked her mouth, he could feel his sperm start to rise. When Melissa

stuck her finger in his ass, he almost came, now there was no

stopping it.

Melissa felt his cock start to throb and she swallowed his cock to the

hilt. With her lips and tongue milking his cock and her finger probing

his ass, she felt him start to cum. Her finger jammed into his ass and

she took his cock even deeper into her throat. As the cum hit the

back of her throat, she could taste the sweetness of the mint, Melissa

continued to suck on his cock, drawing as hard as she could. Jeremy

took her head into his hands and looked down into her face. "That

was great, you were exceptional."

"I am tired now and we have a full day ahead of us. Go into the

bedroom and wait for me." Melissa went into the bedroom and stood

beside the futon.  Jeremy walked in and told her to sit down on the

futon. He was carrying a tray. From the tray he handed her a hot, wet

towel to freshen up with and he sat down beside her. "You have done

very well tonight. I've not restrained you except by words. Tonight,

when you sleep, you will sleep with these leather cuffs on your wrists.

This is not a punishment, just a means of making you aware of

submissiveness." Jeremy knelt down and fastened the cuffs to her


"Now roll over." When Melissa had rolled over, he took the smallest

anal plug and lubricated it with a clear jell. With he jell coated finger,

he slowly inserted his finger into her tight behind. "Relax, don't tighten

up.  You will feel yourself loosen up in a moment." Melissa's ass

began to relax it's tightness and he slid his finger in and out of her.

As she became more relaxed, he inserted another finger inside her.

She felt a full and tight feeling and the more he stroked her the more

pleasant it felt.

Jeremy withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the plug. After his

fingers, it was small enough to slip into her without difficulty. It was

not as filling as his fingers were but she was aware of it's presence.

He picked up the towel and wiped his hands.

"I told you that I was an ass man. This will train your ass slowly,

without any harm to you. Over the course of this weekend, I will

slowly increase the size of the plugs until you can accept me." Jeremy

rolled her over onto her back and lay down beside her. He kissed her

and then turned off the light. As the moonlight filtered through the

windows, she thought of the night's twists and turns. Melissa cuddled

closer to him and with a smile on her lips, fell asleep.

Melissa hung the robe on the hook behind the door and sat down on

the stool. She took the shower nozzle off the wall hook and started to

wet down her body. The light mist of the shower began to fog the air.

The water was like a hard rain on her skin. It was hard enough to

stimulate the skin, yet gentle enough to envelope Melissa in a soft,

warm feeling. Melissa picked up the soap and began to rub the bar

on her breasts. As Melissa's skin turned silky from the soap and the

water, Melissa's mind began to relax from the tensions of the

meetings. Her hands traveled up and down her body, spreading the

frothy later. At first, Melissa didn't notice that her hands were

massaging her nipples and breasts. She noted, with pleasure, the

softness of her flesh and the sensual touch of her soapy fingers.

Her nipples became hard and reached their full sensitivity. As she

stroked and massaged her nipples, the warmth began to spread

throughout her body until it reached her loins. Melissa began to

squeeze her thighs together, which caused the contractions of

muscles inside her pussy. Melissa was now floating away in her own

cloud of sensual and erotic pleasure. Her feeling of seclusion was

intensified by the mist that had surrounded her in the ofuru. As the hot

spray hit Melissa's nipples, Melissa felt a surge run through her body.

By now, all the soap had been washed away, yet Melissa was

unaware of that. She was only aware of the pleasure that was building

up inside of her and was surging to be released. Melissa's breathing

was now short and shallow. Melissa knew that the pleasure from her

nipples was only a fraction of the pleasure that her fingers were now

finding in her pussy.

Melissa moved the shower nozzle down so that the stream of water

was now directed at the soft inner folds of her pussy. The inner lips

and the clitoris, enlarged by her excitement, were now feeling

hundreds of fingers massaging them. Melissa felt the first wave start

to rise from within her.  As that wave crested, it was followed by the

second and third orgasm. It took a moment for Melissa to draw a

deep breath. It had been a long time since she had done something

like this and she found that she had missed that feeling where the fire

in her pussy consumed her and all that was around her.

Melissa could not see the far wall because of the steam. She felt fresh

and clean now and was tempted to forget the bath, but she

remembered what Jeremy had said about being relaxed and letting

the mind turn off.

Melissa turned on the hot water and sat down in the bathtub. Because

of the length, or the lack of it, Melissa's legs were doubled up with

her feet no more than 6 inches in front of her. As the water began to

get deeper and hotter, Melissa found that moving around made the

water seem hotter. Melissa had no idea how hot the water was, only

that when she took her arm out of the water to turn off the water, her

skin was the same color as a freshly cooked lobster.

Melissa leaned against the wall and said "I feel tired, relaxed and

refreshed. You were right about the bath."

Melissa said "I'm famished. I noticed that you have a tendency to get

very hungry after you have been in that tub."

"It's an ofuru."

"Whatever, let's go eat."

The restaurant was small, holding no more that 25 - 30 people.

Jeremy and Melissa sat down at the counter stools.

"Mama has a hamburger steak here that you might enjoy." Jeremy


"What makes it good?" Melissa asked.

"I don't know how she seasons the meat, but she broils it and serves

it with a rich, dark brown gravy. She then tops the whole thing with

a fried egg, sunny side up. The edges of the egg are crispy with a

delicate crunch and the flavor of the egg enhances, without being

overwhelming." Jeremy said with a straight face. "Of course, if that is

not to your liking, she can pan fry fresh scallops in butter with a touch

of garlic. She butterfly cuts the scallops so they are cooked tender all

the way through. Or you could have a fresh salmon cutlet, broiled with

a pinch of basil and dill. Which would you prefer?" Melissa just looked

at Jeremy after watching his face while he described the food. By the

look on his face, she had discovered one of his favorite things, good


"I think I'll have a salad."

Dinner had gone quite well. Jeremy had scallops and Melissa had a

salad like few that she had before. What Mama could do with meat

and seafood, she also accomplished with the salads.

During the meal, the one liners and double-entendre continued at a

heightened pace. That certain something was back in the air and

there was no mistaking it's presence. Yet at times, there was silence.

There was no words to say nor was there a need.

"Well, I better get you back to your hotel." said Jeremy.

When Melissa and Jeremy arrived at Melissa's door, Jeremy took

Melissa into his arms and kissed her gently on the lips. Melissa

molded her body into Jeremy's.


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