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Archive-name: Slaves/meet-pam.txt


Archive-title: Meeting Pam

     "So waddya want?" I asked Pam, tapping my foot with


     "I brought what you told me," she answered sheepishly,

extending her tote bag.  Inside were a set of restraints, which I

had ordered her to bring.


     I met Pam through a BBS.  At first we just chatted on line,

shooting the breeze, until one day I mentioned that she didn't

seem to have too much of an opinion about a certain subject. 

"Well, maybe I'm just too submissive," she said quietly.

     "Is that it?"  I asked, "Are you sub, Pam?" I said

kiddingly.  "Yes," she said.  "I really get off on being

dominated."  I found it both surprising and a bit uncomfortable

to be chatting with her this way, but I was feeling lonely and

exceptionally horny that night so I decided to play out the


     "Maybe you should just hop in your car and come see me," I

said, my heart slamming in my chest, wondering about her reply. 

The screen remained blank for several seconds.  Finally the words

appeared: "Where do you live?"

     I gave her the address.

     "What should I wear?"

     Hmmm.  "You will wear a light summer dress, sleeveless,

buttoning down the front.  Do you own such a dress?"


     "Underneath the dress you will wear black bra and panties,

the sexiest you own.  You DO have those, don't you?"


     "Do you have any 'toys'?"

     "I have some bondage things."

     "Bring them. You aren't that far.  It should only take you

an hour to get here.  And, Pam?"


     "When you arrive at the door you will be barefoot. 

Otherwise I won't let you in.  Do you understand?"


     "An hour, then.  Goodbye." And I logged off the system.


     It was the longest hour of my life.  The anticipation was

turning me into a nervous wreck.  What had I done?  How could I

invite this stranger to my house?  Was I crazy?  What if she was

an ax murderer?  A crazed female who used this as a method of

finding her victims?  What if she were 4'4" and 350 pounds?  She

said she was 5'7", 120, with a 36-24-35 figure, long black hair

and blue eyes.  Was she bullshitting me?  How many people lie

about their appearance, knowing they'll never see, or be seen by,

the person on the other end?  I was honest: 5'10", 180, a

personal trainer in excellent shape and possessing a VIVID

imagination which made for some pleasant evenings with some like-

minded ladies.

     Precisely an hour had gone by when I heard a car pull into

my driveway.  My throat was dry as I answered the knock at the


     "Coming," I croaked.  I opened the door and there stood Pam. 

She hadn't been lying.

     She was gorgeous!  Exactly as she had described herself, and

wearing exactly what I had dictated.

     And barefoot!

     "Come in," I said non-commitally.  "So waddya want?"

     She didn't look at me, waiting for me to tell her what to

do.  When I saw that she was truly serious I ambled over to the

leather couch.  She remained in the doorway.  "Come here," I

said, trying my best Mickey Rourke impersonation.  She came to

the sofa and sat down.


barked.  Pam immediately rose, a bit cowed.

     "That's better. Stand in front of me.  That's a very pretty

dress you have on.  Buttons and everything."

     "Just like you told me to wear," she said shyly.

     "That's right.  Now unbutton it.  Slowly."

     Pam started at the top, and went down her dress.  My dick

throbbed with each new expanse of exposed skin.  Her tan was deep

and her skin looked very soft and well cared for.  

     Pam wore a black half-bra which opened in front, barely

covering her erect nipples.  Her panties were cut high in the

thigh and flattered her shapely hips and ass.  "Slide the dress

off your shoulders."  The material fell to the floor with a soft rustle.

     I was really getting into it; telling her what to do and

having her obey without hesitation was a real power boost.  "Take

off your bra, Pam."

     Her fingers shook as they undid the clasp and drop the

garment after the dress.

     "Now I want you to rub your fingers across the crotch of

your panties."  Pam ran two manicured fingers across the silky

material.  After a couple of minutes, I asked her if she was

getting wet.

     "Mmmmmm," she responded.  "Faster," I commanded.

     She increased her tempo.  Her eyes half closed as her knees

buckled a bit.  "You can cum this way, can you?"  I asked her.

     "Uhhh-huuuhhh," Pam gasped.

     "NO YOU CAN'T!" I shouted and jumped off the couch to grab

her hands away from her sopping cunt.  "Nooo," she cried,


     I pushed her to her knees.  "Unzip me," I ordered.  "Take it

out.  Hold it in your hands.  Don't rub it, don't kiss it, don't

suck it.  Just hold it."

     Her hands were soft and slightly damp from her pussy.  "Now

look me in the eye and tell me how much you want to suck it, Pam. 

Convince me to let you suck my cock."

     She hesitated.  "Come on tell me!"

     "May I suck you cock, please...feel you on my lips?"

     "You gotta do better than that, kid," I chided.  

     "I want to feel you in my mouth, I want to taste you...."

     "Yeah, maybe you'd like me to cum down your throat?

     "Oh, yes!"

               "Or maybe all over your face.  Is that what you want, Pam?"

     "And on my breasts...."

     "All right, you can suck it.  I like it sucked loud and

wet."  Pam took the head in her lips and licked around, touching

my heavy balls and rubbing them gently.  After a few minutes of

this I grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up.

     "Get your bag and follow me," I told her.

     The bedroom was well-lit and contained a king-size bed

covered in blue satin.  There was also a dresser and a large

beanbag chair with a lambskin on it in the middle of the room. 

"Put the bag on the bed," I told her.  Pam put down the bag and

turned to face me.

     "I think I dropped something behind the beanbag.  Bend over

and get it for me."  She knelt in front of the chair, hiking her

juicy panty-covered ass into the air invitingly.  And who was I

not to accept such an invitation?

     I ripped off my clothes and leapt upon her.  I stroked my

cock across her ass while I reached around to massage her

bouncing tits.  "You like this, baby?  Getting turned on?" 

"Yes," came a muffled reply.  

     "What do you want me to do with all this cock, Pam?  Do you

want me to FUCK you with it?"

     "Yes, PLEASE!!"

     "You know the rules....You have to tell me how much you want


     "Please fuck me, I really want it in me."

     "Yeah, you really do?"


     "You want me rubbing it against your swollen pussy lips or

do you want me DEEP inside you?"

     "In me.  Oh, in me, please!"

     I grabbed her hips.  "You like it rough like this, don't

you, baby?"  She nodded.  I pressed the my cockhead aginst her

lips and pushed slowly.

     I rubbed the head of my prick against her soft hair, just

touching her labia.  "Yes, you'd like me to go in slooowly," I

said, pushing the head in.  She flinched.  "Slooowly," another

inch.  "Mmmmmm," Pam moaned.  "Then SHOVE IT ALL THE WAY IN!" and

with that I rammed in into her tight, slick hole, all the way to

my balls.  It easily went in but she shrieked with amazement. 

"Then out again...and IN!"  Pam's whole body was quivering

beneath me as I pumped away for several minutes.  "How does that

feel, Pam.  Does that feel nice?  Having my cock slide in and out

of your hot, wet hole?"

     "I love it!  I'm gonna cum!  Almost...there..."


NOW!," I roared, pulling out and leaving her woefully


     "Noooo, please fuck me.  Please.  Maaaaake meeeee CUMMM!!"

     "NO.  Get up on the bed, you cunt!" I ordered, slapping her

ass when she didn't move fast enough.  Pam stretched out on the

large mattress while I retrieved the manacles from her bag.  They

were leather and padded with soft fur. I attached a pair to her

wrists and then to the brass headboard, prying her arms wide

across the bed.  I took two more and did the same to her ankles

and the footboard, spreadeagling her across the bed.  I slipped

some pillows behind her to put her in a semi-reclining position

as well as one under the small of her back and ass.

     "I can have you any way I want, Pam.  What would you like me

to do?  Should I fuck your jugs and cum all over your face? 

Should I shove my cock down your throat?  Do you want me in your

pussy. Or maybe I should eat you.?"

     She strained against her bindings, shoving her hips at me. 

"Eat me, please eat me.  Now, please do it.  I want your mouth on


     Silently I moved to the foot of the bed.  I kissed her right

instep, moving slowly up her shin and around to her calf,

alternating lips with tongue.  Once I reached her knee, I trailed

a wet tongue up the inside of her thigh until I was two inches inch.  She smelled so sweet!  Pam tried to push

herself toward me as I blew across her clit.  And just as she

thought I would touch her sex, I moved away.

     "Ahhhhh, shit, don't do that!  Don't tease me anymore,


     Unheedingly, I repeated the procedure on her left leg, the

same pattern of kisses and licks until I was back at her

lovehole.  This time I gently touched the tip of my tongue

against her throbbing nubbin.

     "Ohhh MYYYYY GOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" she screamed, thrusting

her hips against my mouth.  "YEAH, Do it. Eat my pussy, lover! 

Oh, yessss!"

               "Is this what you want, Pam. Do you like this?  Tell me or

I'll stop."

     "Ohpleasedon'tstopIlovewhatyou'redoingtomeEatmypussy." the

words came out in a torrent as she reached for her orgasm.  "Fuck

me with your tongue!  FUCK MEEEEE WITH YOUR TONGUE!!!!"  Her

thighs gripped my head as I pushed my tongue all the way in.

     "Are you gonna cum, Pam?  Are you gonna cum for me?  Are you

just there?"

     "Yes, yessss, YESSS!"  And her body thrashed against me and

the restraints.  I was sure she'd rip them right off the bed, so

intense was her climax.

     I returned my lips to hers, tugging them, swiping with my



     After several gut-wrenching climaxes, I looked down at her

and said, "I think you could use a good fucking right about now,

Pam.  What do you think?"

     "Oh, yessss.  Please!  Do meeeee!"

     I moved up to her mouth.  Even though she was definitely

well lubricated, I wanted to feel her oral wetness coating my

cock.  She took it right in and sucked greedily, loudly.  I

rubbed it across her face, watching her face all the while.  She

looked deeply into my eyes, luxuriating in the warmth across her


     I slid down her body, trailing pre-cum juice down her chest

and taut stomach.  I untied her legs and put them up against my

chest.  Once at the portal of her pussy, I toyed with her.  She

gasped with delight as I easily slid it into her.  After just a

few pumps I knew I was about to explode and warned her.  "Where

should I cum?"  

     "Anywhere you want," she whispered.

     "I think I want you to see it flying out of my cock and all

over your sweet tits.  How about that, Pam?"

     "Yeah, that sounds nice. Do you have a big load for me?  Let

it fly, baby!

     And fly it did, the first hot blast hitting her right cheek

as her head whipped back and forth. The next spurts landed square

on her ample chest, a copious amount.  I shifted to rub it into

her with my cock.  She craned her head forward and I let her lick

me clean.

     After a few minutes of recovery, I released her from her

bonds and pulled her close for a warm hug.  She nuzzled against

me, sticky from my cum, but satisfied.

     Can't wait to get back to the computer and see who else is



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