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Archive-name: Slaves/master.txt


Archive-title: Master

The phone conversation had been short but the message had been interesting

enough to get her warmed up. Her Master was bringing a friend, a stranger to

her, home to share their play tonight. She hoped her hardening nipples did

not show through her blouse or that anyone geussed she was getting wet

between her legs. Her Master was bringing someone new for her o satisfy along

with him. She wondered all day about what he would have her do, what they

would do to her that night.

She arrived home early and undressed, waiting as directed in the play room.

The play room was a sizeable, well heated room of mats, leather padded

furniture, and various kinds of toys used for the pleasure they sought. The

girl had served many men and women in this room and had endured much pleasure

and pleasure/pain. Each time it was different as each of life's experiences

are different for those who know where to look and how to look.

The girl sat in the dimly lit room, the light of candles playing across her

taught, strong body, clothed only in a thin gold chain around her waist. She

waited with anticipation and was tempted to touch herself, to rub her clit

and pinch her nipples as she waited for the men. She did so momentarily but

remembered that her pleasure was greatest when she waited to take her

pleasure at her Master's hands and under his knowledge.

The men arrived on time and entered the playroom accompanied by the music and

the candlelight. She knew to greet the Stranger and she went to him, looking

into his eyes and running her fingers up and down his chest. She licked his

nipples and then kissed him softly. Then she looked to her Master who smiled

warmly and motioned toward the wall.

They stood the Stranger against the warm, padded wall and placed his wrists

in leather thongs firmly attached to the wall. His arms were now held above

his head.

She looked again to the Master who smiled, looked down at the man's semi-

erect cock and then to the Girl. "Make him feel excrutiating pleasure while I

watch. Make him beg for release. Serve him well and I will be pleasured


She began by pressing her nude body against his, close against the wall.

Licking and nibbling his neck and shoulders as her hard breasts brushed

against his chest. She leaned forward and bit his ears and kissed him hard

and long on the mouth. Her tongue let him know its skill and what it would do

to him shortly. The Girl moved slowly downward, licking his chest and biting

his nipples as she dropped to her knees. By the time she reached his cock he

was almost hard.

Her tongue ran up and down the underside, and then the other surfaces of his

warm rod. She looked up at him and saw his approval and then over to her

Master, who was slowly stroking his cock in voyeuristic delight. She held the

cock tightly in her hand and began to slurp and suck just the head, being

careful not to go any further. Her tongue licked the tiny slit at the end and

traced invisible wet lines around the edge.

She looked up at him again and saw the pleasure building in his face.

The Girl took his cock in her mouth and began to suck in earnest. Slow

strokes taking more and more of his warm rod into her mouth, lips holding and

caressing him. Saliva building until slurping and sucking sounds could be

heard clearly above the quiet background music.

The Stranger was very high now and after looking into his glazed eyes again,

she began to deep throat him. Hers was a communication with her subject with

his eyes and the trmors through his body telling her much about what he felt

and what he needed for his satisfaction.

The Master watched all of this with a smile, applying oil to his cock and

continuing to stroke its full length, slowly but without ever stopping. The

clue, he had learned long ago, was to escalate pleasure until it is pain or

almost so, and not to let the subject decide when he or she receive relief.

Another must do that. He had taught her how to do that to men; how to make

herself a true instrument of pleasure. She would do that for this man and

later they would both do the same to her, in the ways she needed.

He gained satisfaction not just in teaching her and deriving pleasure from

her, but in watching her pleasure others. So many men are only boys, still

making snide remarks among themselves about what they had experienced the

night before or drooling over crass girly magazines. For them sex was still

dirty, something of the schoolyard even though they might be decades older.

For him, and for the Girl, pleasure was life, a continuing work of art, an

expansion of the mind and senses to offset the foolishness of day to day


And as he watched hew realized all over again what an artist she was.

Watching her was like watching a great dancer. Her lips and mouth on his

cock, the expressions on her face, the careful movement of hands and fingers.

She knew how to play men like instruments. He saw the strong muscles of her

back and legs and the long dark hair down her back. He heard the smacking and

slurping sounds as she sucked this man into oblivion and it was more enticing

than most music. Months before he had had a video camera system installed in

the play room. Everything they all did that night would be recorded and at

another time she would suck him while he watched it all over again.

Now she was stroking his cock long and hard while she licked his balls. The

Stranger was showing signs of losing control and she must watch him closely

as he neared his point of saturation. She stopped, looked up into his eyes

and clamped her strong fingers around the base of his cock. The Stranger

cringed and begged her not to stop. The Master smiled as she looked to him.

After the Stranger had cooled down a bit she sat back on her haunches and

began to slowly finger herself as he watched. She looked directly into his

eyes as she worked herself. He squirmed, unable to finish himself off.

Finally she leaned forward again and began sucking him again. Her mouth met

the contours of his rock hard penis, tongueing the sensitive spots, letting

him feel her throat and then stopping again when he got too close.

Then she sat back again and ran two fingers against her clit and into her

vagina for his and her Master's enjoyment. She looked at her Master who had

been stroking himself and maintaining control throughout. She wondered what

he would do. When the Stranger came would we walk the two steps over, bear

her face before him and come on it?

She turned her attention back to the Stranger who was rapidly crossing the

border between pleasure/pleasure and pleasure/pain. Nothing she had done was

painful in the usual sense of the word, quite the opposite. But she knew how

to prevent him from gaining his release and that was causing him much

distress and the tension built in his balls and cock, in his heart and lungs

and in his legs. He could not be still now and the Master warned him that if

he were not still he would never order her to finish him off.

The ceremony had gone on for an hour now. The Stranger was holding in place

but was shaking and crying in pleasure/pain. She was especially hot to him

now, asking him in a soft voice if he wanted to come on her. Blowing hot

breath against his cock and balls. Slurping loudly as she sucked him and

licking his balls as she deep throated him and buried her nose in his pubic

hair at the end of a long slow stroke.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her Master nod slightly in signal.

She reached behind him and stuck a wetted finger in the Stranger ass and

quickly inserted it up to the second knuckle. She began to stroke his cock

swiftly in tip to base strokes, the wet cock making shlapp! sounds each time

she did so. The Stranger shook even more now, so much so that she thought he

might pass out. And then he began to thrash about wildly in his bonds and

scream. heading snapping to and fro.

His cock had been pointed slightly upward and the cum which had been building

up in larger and larger quantities during his ordeal suddenly spurted in gobs

across the gap to her neck, breasts and chin. As soon as the first spurt was

out she devoured him quickly, burined his quivering rod in her mouth and then

her throat. Sucking him hard and long until he was dry... and still. The

Stranger cried in relief. The Master still stood, muscles distended but still

in control of himself, and the performance.

After a period of time the Stranger had regained some measure of composure

and was released from his bonds. No sooner had he been released than the

Master supervised the Girl's tying.

Using the same leather thongs attached to the wall she was positioned almost

standing with her hands spread against the wall and her legs spread as well.

Among policmen the world over this is commonly know as "the position"

subjects assume against a wall while they are searched. Facing a wall, the

individual is bent slightly with legs spread and hands spread flat and apart

on the wall. Only the Girl's hands were tied to the wall and the position

ensured that although her legs were not tied, she had very limited freedom of


The Stranger knelt between her legs now in front of her, his back to the wall

and began to eat her. Soon she would find one of the reasons why the Master

had brought this particular man along tonight. He could do to her what she

had just done to him...and with equal skill.

He licked her slit and sucked roughly on her clit as a finger was inserted

inside her. After a period of watching the Master approached and stuck one of

his fingers into her ass and fucked her with his finger as she squirmed

against her bonds.

The Master moved to her side and pulled gently on her nipple rings and then

took two pieces of twine and tied them to the rings. The lines were then run

to the wall through two separate rings attached to the wall. At the end of

each line the Master tied a small weight. A small lead weight like a fishing

sinker, except these were encased in black velvet. In this way, there would

be a constant tug on her nipples and if she moved sharply the weights would

be pulled and bounce and tug a bit more. They would be like two extra hands

pinching her nipples as the Master used his own hands elsewhere.

The Stranger ministrations and the weights on her nipples had placed the girl

in a state of escalating pleasure, frustrated by the position which prevented

her from moving too much and posed a challange to her strong back and legs.

Both the Stranger and the Master were enjoying watching her squirm and

watching her fine muscles stand out against the tension of her position.

The Master began to sftly stroke her ass and back, massaging the well toned

and tanned muscles, fingering her anus.

And then he slapped her across the ass. Smoothing her ass and then, slap! And

again, slap! Now she had to contend with real pleasure/pain. The expert

tongue on her cunt and a finger exploring her vagina. The weights on her

nipples and now her Master's spanking. He continued until her ass was red.

He then began to lick it. Slowly all over. The cheeks, her anus, everything.

She had to continue squirming being probed and worked on all sides.  And then

she felt the soft tip of her Master large cock at the entrance of her vagina.

A second later he had sunk into her up to his balls. She was suddenly filled.

She felt his strong legs against the back of hers.

The passion that had built in him as he had watched her suck the Stranger and

as he had watched the Stranger cause her to squirm in her bonds was now

directed through his fucking. He slid in and out of her with long strokes

while the Stranger continued the dance of his tongue on her clit and the

weights pulled on her nipples.

The Master reached around and forward and taking the placed of the weights,

took her nipples between his fingers and squeezed hard. She inhaled sharply.

He continued fucking her hard and fast. The room filled with their animal

sounds. She came again and again and she knew that her pressure would be that

the Master might not let her rest, that he would keep her coming until she

collpased against the wall or until he was ready to satisfy himself.

They continued, the three of them as the perspiration ran down her lovely

muscled back and as her juices ran down her legs and over the Stranger's

face. Sweat had broken out on her brow and the salty liquid stung her eyes as

it dripped down her face. She sounded like an animal in heat, breathing like

a marathon runner. The sensations came from her cunt, her nipples and her

clit and there was also the strain from her legs and back which had been

building from the position they were in.

The Master motioned to the Stranger to pick up the dildo nearby and the

plastic cock replaced the real one as the Master stood back momentarily. The

Stranger was now running the dildo in and out of her as he licked her clit.

The Master poised himself and placed his cock at her ass. Slowly he entered

her and when he had done so he moved his hips in a rotating motion along with

the penetrations and withdrawals. The tightness was what he wanted and as he

reached forward again to pinch her nipples he could feel the cum flowing from

his balls, finally being welcomed by his self control.

She was coming again and he decided to join her. Grunted and burying his face

in her wet back, he came in her ass as she bucked violently against him.

Their screams came in unison and her body tensed once more.

Bonds released, the three lay on the mat like athletes just having completed

a hard one game. Panting, in a pile and slumped against each other to take in

the smells and tastes and each others warmth.


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