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Archive-name: Slaves/martha.txt


Archive-title: Martha and my Pooch

Keywords: Bestial, Affairs

     Martha is a tall, thin, beautiful blonde, about 30 years old.  She

has long, shapely legs and very large breasts for someone so thin.  She

also has a bronze suntan year around.  She wears almost no makeup - she

doesn't need to.  Her golden blonde hair is wavy and falls several inches

below her shoulders.  Her thin, blonde pussy hair does not quite hide her

beautiful gash.  It almost looks like the cunt of a little girl.

     She is married to Don, a salesman who travels quite a bit.  She

started exploring the world of extramarital sex with me about a year ago. 

One recent summer day, my wife, Patty, went out of town on one of her

frequent business trips.  Ever horny, I called Martha and told her to

come over to my house as quickly as possible.  I had been planning this

particular session for a few weeks.

     Martha has had many new experiences with me in the past year.  She'd

been fucked by someone other than her husband for the first time in her

life.  She'd had been fucked in the ass for the first time in her life. 

She'd been fucked by two men at the same time for the first time, she had

sucked tit and eaten pussy for the first time, and had been gang banged

for the first time.  And the blossoming, sexually insatiable bitch had

thoroughly enjoyed every minute of each learning experience.

     Within an hour, I heard her car pull into my garage and the door

closing.  I opened the door and she stepped inside, swiftly placing her

arms around my neck, pressing her body against mine and kissing me full

on the mouth.  Her tongue forced its way inside me and she began rotating

her hips, rubbing her pussy on my thigh.

     "Hi, darling, what surprise to you have for me now?", she asked as

she stepped back.  She had on tight blue jeans and a western style long

sleeve shirt.  Her blonde hair was fixed in two pony tails, one over each

ear.  She looked very cute and sexy!

     "You'll see.  Let's go into the den."  She walked just in front of

me as we headed for the den.  I grabbed each one of her elbows and pulled

them together behind her and held them with one hand as I reached into my

shirt and pulled out a short piece of rope I had hidden there.  I wrapped

the rope around her elbows and tied them securely together behind her

back.  I turned her around and stood her against the wall.

     "What are you doing?"

     "Now, you're going to be my slave.  I can do anything I want with

you.  You have no control and no say about what happens."

     "You'll do nothing like that!" she responded contemptuously.  "I'll

be a slave to no one!"  Martha is a very proud lady, but I ignored her

comment.  Her western shirt had snaps in the front instead of buttons. 

With one motion, I ripped her shirt open.  Her large tits jiggled from

the force of the movement.  They were tan on top, down almost to her

round pink nipple, then the rest of them were milk white.  Because her

elbows were tied together behind her back, her tits stuck out even more

than usual.  I shoved her shirt off her shoulders and admired her

beautiful soft tits.

     "Untie me this instant, you bastard!"  She started to turn around so

I could untie her, but when she was about half way around, I grabbed her

tit and used it as a handle to spin her back around to face me.  I pushed

her back against the wall.

     "Let me go!  I'm going home!"  I slapped the side of her left breast

firmly with my open hand.  It swayed like a bowl of jello.  She was

shocked.  No man had ever given her physical pain before.  She stiffened,

not knowing what to expect next.  My hand print began to show on her tit.

     Still saying nothing, I knelt down in front of her, unbuckled her

belt, undid the snap and pulled her jeans down to her ankles.  I lifted

each foot and slid her pants off of her legs.  Of course, I was not very

careful or considerate of her feelings.

     "This is not fun.  Please untie me."  I slid my fingers under the

leg band of her panties, then shoved two of them into her cunt hole

without giving her time to lubricate.

     "Oohh!  That hurts!"  The bitch lied.  Her cunt was wet to the max

already and a small moan was escaping from her lips.  I slid my fingers

in and out of her pussy several times, then stopped and ripped her

panties off of her, exposing her thin blonde pussy hair and her sexy cunt

gash.  I gave her twat a lick and a kiss, then slipped my tongue to her

clit.  I licked the little fuck button until she started moving her hips

back and forth and began to breathing harder.  Then I stopped and stood


     "What are you going to do to me?"  I slapped her other tit with my

open hand, leaving a hand print on that one too.

     "You will not speak unless you are spoken to.  Do you understand?" 

I followed that command with a quick, sharp slap across her beautiful her


     "Yes."  Tears welled in her eyes, both from the physical pain and

the psychological abuse she was undergoing.  I grabbed a nipple in each

hand, squeezed and pulled and twisted until her tears began to fall from

her eyes.

     "You will address me as 'sir'."

     "Yes, sir".  She started to understand.

     "You are here for one thing and one thing only, you fucking, dumb

cunt.  My pleasure and my pleasure only.  Understand?"

     "Yes, sir."

     "Turn around."  She turned around. I took the belt from her jeans

and wrapped it around her arms just above her shirt which was pulled down

her arms as far as it would go.  I then untied the rope and slid her

shirt completely off.  Her arms were now secured by her belt.

     "Get in the den and get down on your knees.  Wait for me there,

bitch."  She silently obeyed.

     Thirty minutes later, after checking the mail, taking a leak, having

a cup of coffee and generally wasting time, I walked in the den.  She was

on her knees with her arms secured behind her back.  Her tits stuck out

because her back was forced into an arched position and her shoulders

were held back.  I reached down and cupped one of those large soft

breasts in my hand and began to massage.  It really felt good.

     "You will keep your legs spread all the time so that I can do

whatever I want with your miserable pussy or your shitty ass hole." 

     "Yes, sir".  She spread her knees about a foot and a half apart.  I

quickly undressed.  I stood back to admire the beautiful lady, trussed

and down on her knees, ready and anxious to fucked and abused.

     "Ask me if you can suck my dick."

     "May I suck your dick, sir?"

     "If you ask me nicer and convince me you really want to."

     "Please, sir, please let me suck your beautiful dick."  I stepped up

to her, my dick hanging right in front of her face.  She opened her mouth

and maneuvered it to take in my dick.  She sucked it into her mouth and

began pumping her head back and forth.  It soon began to swell, complete-

ly filling her mouth.  I let her continue until I was about to cum.

     "Suck my balls, slut."  She removed her mouth from around my dick.

     "Yes, sir."

     She licked my balls, then sucked one, then the other into her mouth. 

Then she really surprised me.  She managed to take both my balls into her

mouth and began to move them around with her tongue.

     "Now, lick my asshole."


     I stepped back.  She was still on her knees with her legs spread

apart and arms tied behind her.  Her shoulders were held back and her

tits stuck straight out.  I slapped her face hard.


     "Lick my asshole."  Tears were filling her eyes.

     "Yes, sir."  I turned around, dropped to my knees and spread my ass

cheeks to expose my shit chute to her mouth.  Her tongue began to lick

around my asshole in circles but her tongue stayed a couple of inches

away from my hole.

     "My asshole, you dumb, fucking slut whore!  Or do you want another

smack on that shit eating face?"

     "Yes, sir!"  Her tongue went to my asshole and began to lick.  She

licked it all over and then stuck her tongue inside.  What a feeling!  I

let continue for several more minutes, but had a hard time keeping from

jacking off.  I had to save it.  I stood up.

     "You did that very well, bitch.  Now, I will reward you."

     "Oh, thank you, sir."  I walked behind her. She was still on her

knees.  I laid on my back, slid my head under her and admired her

beautiful pussy.  Then I roughly kissed it and let my tongue wander over

her swelling pussy lips.  I hadn't shaved that day and I'm sure my

stubble was irritating at best.  My hands found their way to her now very

tender, swollen, hard nipples tits and I pinched them hard.  Her breath-

ing quickened again.

     My tongue wandered over her puffy cunt her lips, then into her very

wet hole.  I slid it in and out a few thousand times and charged course

to lick her inner lips, moving slowly up to her clit.  Once I reached her

clit, I sucked it into my mouth and begin to suck.

     "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!"  She couldn't contain her moaning.  I continue

to suck on her clit, not too delicately alternating with hard bites.

     "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  She was helpless with her

hands tied behind her back and my head between her legs, but it was

obvious she loved every second of her abuse.  Her body began to tremble

and I knew she was near an orgasm.  I didn't want to reward her too much,

so I stopped.

    "Do you want me to fuck you?"  I asked with a tone of contempt in my

voice.  I can tell by her raspy breathing that she was disappointed that

I withdrew my mouth from her crotch. 

     "Oh, yes, sir!  Please, my pussy is burning to have your dick

inside.  Please, please, fuck me, sir." 

     "Lie on your back, cunt."  I got two more ropes to tie around each

ankle, then spread her legs until they were at a 90 degree angle to her

body. I then tied the ends of each rope to the furniture to keep her legs


     I knelt in front of her, marveled at her swollen cunny and began to

massage the wet lips.  I slide a finger into her hot cunt a few times and

as she starts to moan, quickly withdraw it.  Then I shove it quickly into

her unsuspecting asshole.  Her whole body literally jumps off the floor. 

Sliding two fingers back into her cunt, I began rubbing these against the

finger in her shitter.  She was going wild with excitement, moaning and

cursing to beat the band!

     "Are you sure you want me to fuck you?"

     "Please, please fuck me.  Please, sir, please put your dick into my

aching pussy.  I really want you to fuck me, sir."  Just then there was a

noise at my back door.

     "What was that?" she asked with a start, afraid someone was coming


     "I'll go check." 

     "Untie me first!"

     "Fuck you, bitch.  Just shut up.  And don't go anywhere."  She

couldn't go anywhere.  The bitch couldn't move.

     I went to investigate the noise at the back door and found it was

only Barney, my old basset hound.  He wanted inside.  I opened the door

and Barney came in.  Sensing something, he ran immediately into the den

and saw Martha tied on the floor with her hands tied behind her and her

legs spread far apart.  Barney's sensitive nose smelled the sex that

filled the room.  He immediately went to the source of the smell,

Martha's hot cunt, and began to lick.

     "Noooo!" Martha protested.  Barney continued to lick.  Soon his

shaft began extending out of it's sheath.  I stood there dumbfounded. 

This was not part of the plan, but it looked awfully sexy.

     "Stop, Barney!  No!  No!"  Martha began to panic.  To her relief,

Barney stopped licking.  But then he began to mount Martha.  It was

strange for him to mount something lying on it's back, but Barney was now

turned on to care.

     "Please, sir, don't let him do this to me!  Please, sir, I'll do

anything, but not this!  Please don't let him fuck me!"  I was really

enjoying this.

     Barney's dick was now trying to find Martha's pussy.  He kept moving

it around looking for the hot hole.  I had to go over and help him.  I

gently grabbed his dog cock and fit it into the opening of Martha's

dripping pussy.

     "Oh!  No!  Make him stop!"  Barney began to pump furiously.  His

tongue hung out of his mouth as he accidently licked her heaving tits.

     "Ohhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhh, ssshhhiiittt!"  Martha's hips began to move

in rhythm with Barney's humping.  The hot fucking whore was enjoying it! 

She began to breath really heavy and her moans were getting louder.

     "Oh!"  The bitch was cuming!  Barney was apparently ready to cum

too.  But a sexy idea came to my mind.  I quickly pulled Barney off her

just before they both came.

     "I want you to suck him off.  I what you to suck this dog dick that

just fucked you and made you cum.  I want you to drink his dog cum,


     "No, please, sir!"  But she only protested weakly as a twinkle came

into her eyes.  She had not forgotten who the master was.  I made Barney

walk up her body with his legs on either side of her.  Basset hounds have

very short legs, so his stomach rubbed against hers as he walked from her

crotch to her head.  Then his stomach rubbed against her face as he

walked over her head.  When his hard, red, wet dick reached her mouth,

she opened immediately up and accepted the dog dick into her waiting

mouth.  Barney began to hump her mouth as the hot bitch moved her head

back and forth.

     To reward Martha, and myself, while she was sucking Barney off, I

began to massage her clit.  She went ape shit and sucked him with even

more enthusiasm.  I decided to fuck her while she was sucking the dick of

this magnificent animal.  Moving into position, I slid my hard dick into

her hot shit hole and began to pump.  Barney's back was right under my


     Martha sucked.

     Barney humped.

     I pumped.

     "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm."

     Martha was moaning with her mouth full.

     Soon Barney shot his load into Martha's mouth.  She loudly swallowed

every drop.  Barney's climax made Martha reach orgasm and it was one of

the most intense orgasms I've ever seen this cunt experience.  It must

have lasted for five minutes!  I couldn't stand it any longer and shot my

wad into Martha's tight, hot ass.  Barney had to literally pull his shaft

from Martha's mouth, then walked over to the corner and laid down to


     I rolled over and laid on my back, out of breath and exhausted. 

Martha was still tied and couldn't move.  I reached over and touched her

pussy with my hand.  That caused another orgasm to ripple through Martha.

     I didn't know what her reaction would be when I untied her.  I was a

little anxious when I finally began to release her.  But when she was

untied, and we stood up, she put her arms around me and kissed me

passionately.  Finally breaking the kiss, she sighed.

     "Sir, can Barney fuck my ass?  Please?"


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