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Archive-name: Slaves/

Archive-author: Bix

Archive-title: Tale at the Mall, A

I received the following from my slave a few days ago. She had been

very depressed because of a serious medical condition her mother

was undergoing and, to take her mind off that problem, I had

assigned her the task of showing her pussy to at least one stranger

everyday. Because of her depression, she had not done well in

accomplishing her task.

This shows how she 'bent over backwards' to please...

100% unexaggerated truth.




I hope this will help to make you understand how much I want to

please you and how I hope that you will allow me to use this

adventure to make up for not complying with your order from Friday

afternoon.  I want you to know that I love being your slave, it's

just difficult at times for me to always do everything in every way

you expect.  I hope you can understand that.  I'm sorry if I've

disappointed you.

                    THE STRANGER AT THE MALL

I was in a fairly good mood, uplifted by the fact that my mom was

doing better today.  She seemed in better spirits and was able to

speak more concisely and that made me feel much better.  

I wasn't particularly looking forward to the long drive home; I

needed to get gas and I also had noticed that my purse was ready to

fall apart.  It was about 3:30 p.m. and I decided to stop at the

mall right down the street from the hospital.  There was a gas

station right in front of it, so I got gas beforehand and then

turned into the mall parking lot.  I got out and headed inside

quickly, fighting the wind and the lightly blowing snow.  I had

worn a skirt today, because I was determined not to fail at my

assignment a second day in a row.

I stepped inside the doors and shivered.  I hate winter!  I

unbuttoned my coat and took off my gloves as I walked into the

mall.  It wasn't huge, like I had imagined it might be.  About the

size of College Park Mall, with many of the same stores.  I started

walking and told myself that I was not going to buy anything except

a purse.  Oh, yeah, and some cough drops.

I walked into Perry Drugs first to get the cough drops.  I looked

around for a little bit and then picked up a package and headed for

the checkout.  I paid for them and opened the package to put one in

my mouth before I replaced it in the bag.  I walked a little

further down the mall, stopping a few different stores to look at

purses.  I wasn't finding anything I liked.  I was starting to get

frustrated and glanced at my watch.  I needed to get going if I was

going to make it home at a reasonable hour to eat dinner and relax

a little.

I checked one last store and, not finding anything, decided I would

just leave.  My back was starting to hurt a little.  It had been

aching all week from driving so much, and I decided to get

something to drink real quick and sit for a minute before getting

back in that car.  I stopped and got a lemonade and found a seat on

a bench.  I was sitting, watching people go by, when I noticed an

attractive man sit down across from me on the other bench.  I had

been thinking about how I was going to accomplish my assignment all

day and had pretty much decided to do it while I was at the video

store, but now, a new thought popped into my mind.  

I crossed my legs the other way and caught his eye as I did so.  I

smiled at him and he smiled back.   I opened my coat and let it

fall to the sides of me, exposing my legs completely.  I had worn

a garter belt and stockings, hoping that they would make me feel a

little sexier.  I looked away down the mall, and I could feel his

eyes on my legs and face.  I looked back at him and looked him

straight in the eyes.  He kinda looked embarrassed and looked away.

I uncrossed my legs and opened them slightly.  I started looking

through my purse as if I were searching for something.  As I

continued, I opened my legs farther and farther until he could see

the tops of my stockings from the gap, although I doubt he could

see my pussy yet.

Not even sure he was looking at me, I put my purse on my lap and

continued to search through it.  The movement of the purse on my

lap moved my skirt up my thighs (with a little help from my hand on

the other side, out of his sight) and soon my garters were easily

visible.  Luckily, we were in a fairly secluded part of the mall

that was not quite as busy, otherwise, I might have had more

admirers than I bargained for.  I put my purse down on the bench

beside me and as I leaned over to do so, I stretched one leg all

the way out and spread them even more.  There was no doubt in my

mind that he was getting a full view of my pussy, if he was

looking.  I lifted my head and glanced over at him, and sure

enough, he was.  I turned my head to meet my eyes and stared at

him, smiling.  He smiled back and his hand grazed the crotch of his

pants.  I don't know if he was doing that for my benefit or if he

was simply adjusting or scratching.

I put my purse over my shoulder and stood up.  I walked over to him

and sat down next to him.  He sort of cleared his throat and smiled

at me.  "Did you like what you saw?" I asked him softly. 

"Yes, I did," he replied, nervous.

"Would you like to see it closer?" 

"Are you serious?" he said, looking at me.

"Yes, I am," I said, looking him straight in the eye.  "We could go

into the guy's bathroom and I'll show you.  In fact, I might even

give you hand job, too."

"No shit?" he said.  "Don't bullshit me."

"I'm not kidding, but I don't have much time.  I need to get going

soon.  Where's the bathrooms?"

"Down there.  Just follow me," he said, getting up.

"Ok."  I got up and started to follow him.  I knew I couldn't

really go through with the handjob part, and wasn't real sure if I

wanted to try to show my pussy again, alone.  I wasn't really sure

why I even mentioned it.  Now, it didn't sound like such a great

idea.  I had to figure out how to get out of this without pissing

him off and having him beat the shit out of me.

I followed him about ten steps behind.  When I saw him turn the

corner down the hallway to the bathrooms.  I stopped him.  "Hey,

why don't you go in first, it's going to look really weird for us

to go in together especially if there's other guys in there," I

said.  That was logical.

"You're right.  I check and let you know when it's clear."

"Ok, I'm going to go throw this cup away and I'll be right back,"

I said.  I don't know why he didn't think that I could throw it

away in the bathroom, but he must have been so excited that he

didn't question me.  

"Ok, hurry up."

"You just get ready," I said and smiled as sexy as I could.

He went into the bathroom and I turned and walked quickly down the

hallway.  I found a trash can, threw the cup away and raced down

the mall, ducking in and out of several stores in case he was

following me.  I finally reached the exit and ran to my car, almost

falling and breaking my leg on the slippery, new snow.

I jumped in and started the engine and quickly pulled out onto the

highway.  I was breathing so hard I could hardly stand it.  I was

scared shitless.  That was the stupidest, most brazen thing I'd

ever done and I couldn't believe I even thought of it, much less

actually suggested and almost did it!  I don't think I could've

actually gone through with it no matter what.  Being two feet from

someone is a heck of a lot different than talking dirty to them

over the phone.  That's just too dangerous for me.  I'll stick to

flashing from afar and making obscene calls.

I know you would have rather me actually done what I suggested, but

I just couldn't.  Even so, I did accomplish my assignment and

actually a little more.  So, I hope this sort of makes up for

yesterday.  If not, I'm sorry, I did the best I could.

your slave


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