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Archive-name: Slaves/mall2.txt

Archive-author: Vermillion

Archive-title: At the Mall (Part 2)

        Sitting on the Corner Thinking about the People Passing By.

 I was sitting on a bench at the mall when I saw a woman 

who I imagined to be too beautiful for words stopped and asked me 

if I had the time.

 I replied, being the smart-ass that I am, "Do you have 

the energy?"  Immediately I believed this to be one of the worst 

faux-paus I could dare to make, but surprisingly she didn't walk 

away, she stood there and then asked:

 "The energy?  The energy for what?" 

 The question sounded stupidly interesting, but at the 

same time, there was also a certain sexy allure to it that I 

couldn't ignore.

 I gave her, "Sex.  You asked me if I had the time and I 

asked you if you had the energy for sex, because if you've got 

the time, I know I can make things happen for you."

 "You can make things happen for me?"  This time she 

sounded a little more than annoyed now that I'd carried my sick 

joke this far.

 "Yes.  Yes, I can make things happen for you."

 "Prove it," she said.

 "Okay, do you want to come with me?'

 "How else can you prove it to me if I don't come with 


 Now she was starting to make me feel like I was the one 

with a lightbulb that was unscrewed and unplugged.

 We walked out of the mall together, I was more nervous 

than I thought I should have to be, but if I had to guess, I 

would assume she felt the same way.  

 I took her to my car and she commented that she liked it 

which seemed to break the ice that had built up just a little 

bit.  If she was as cold as her personality, I guessed my dick 

had a good chance of getting a bad case of frost-burn.

 Anyway, I took her back to my apartment because it was 

only like a minute away and I thought at least I could be com-

fortable there.  Why do I get myself in situations like this?

 I opened the door and she hadn't started really bitching 

about the situation, but she wasn't really what I would call 

optimistic, either.

 I set my car keys on the table by the door and offered 

her something to drink.

 "Goddamn.  You are like every other guy I go out with.  

Take me home, this shit is old and boring.  Why can't some guy 

just throw me up against the wall and fuck the shit out of me as 

soon as the door is closed.  Once in a while, and I'm not saying 

this is all the time and all women, but once in a while, a woman 

likes to definitely be subordinated and caught off-guard when it 

comes to sex.  Any chance of that with you, have to be 

just like--"

 I pushed her up against the wall and shut her mouth with 

one of the best kisses I ever planted on anyone.  I didn't give 

her a chance to breathe as I explored her breast with my hand and 

worked my other hand up her skirt.  I knew she needed a chance to 

relax for just a second because of all the bullshit she was 

babbling at me before I started, so I moved away from her mouth 

and began to kiss her neck and then I heard her gasp, "Yeah, 

yeah, that's it, I think you've got the point."

 I managed to get the "skirt" hand into her panties and 

before long I found her moist slit, I rubbed my thumb over her 


 "Oh Jesus.  Fuck me!  Fuck me now."  She sounded like she 

was going to pass out, so I thought I'd play with her some more.  

I inserted two fingers into her dripping crotch and she easily 

took them in.  Her hands grasped my hair and pulled on it.  She 

brought my neck back and as she did, she moved her head down to 

kiss my neck and she forced me to insert my fingers as deep into 

her as I could get them.  I pulled my fingers out to rub them 

harder on her clit.

 "Oh fuck!"  She gasped.  Her leg kicked up around my 

waist and it was all I could do to keep from fucking her right 

there, but foreplay is always so much fun so I knew I couldn't 

stop now.

 I did some more handiwork on her by taking my hands out 

from under her skirt and working on the buttons that closed her 

blouse and hid her breasts, which by the best of my ability, had 

to be absolutely gorgeous.

 I pushed her blouse off and it was the first causality of 

clothing that was left dying on the floor.  I went to her shoul-

der strap to get her bra off by just pulling it down, and her 

bountiful breasts sprung out.  I decided that it was going to be 

more than just a feast for the eyes as I planted my tongue on one 

of her rosy nipples and brought it to its full, erect splendor.  

 She'd stopped saying much, just an occasional moan and a 

rubbing of my hair with her hands as I gave her a full work-out.

 "Fuck me, you've got to fuck me," she begged.

 As the lady says...

 So I went back to work on the rest of her clothes and 

within a matter of hurried seconds, I had her completely disrobed 

in front of me, while I was still wearing my clothes, minus the 

jacket which had grown to hot for me a long time ago.

 I went back to kissing her because she kissed like no one 

else I ever knew, allowing me to rob her tongue of innocence and 

for me to taste her as I'd never tasted another women.  She began 

to work on the buckle of my pants, because, as she'd said, "Fuck 


 She managed to get my pants undone and down to my ankles.  

I wore a pair of plaid boxers, but all the excitement had managed 

to have my erect penis springing forth like a flag pole on the 

Fourth of July and it was at the point the she had yanked my 

pants down, I forced my throbbing muscle into her and violently 

fucked her.

 She couldn't stop herself, I know she couldn't.  Her 

hands were all over me.  "Harder, harder," she said.  I couldn't 

believe what I was hearing.  Here I was, afraid I was hurting her 

and she's standing there asking me to fuck her harder.

 So I did.

 I rammed into with all the force I could, tiring myself 

like I never dreamed imaginable.  The feeling worked though, 

because within seconds we were both on the verge or orgasm, 

clasping one another tightly.  When she started to scream out of 

sheer pleasure for the moment, I shot my blistering wad inside 

her and she came with shudder.  I pulled out and fell to the 

floor.  I felt at that moment that if I never had sex again, I 

would probably be satisfied, nonetheless.

 My chest heaved up and down, and sweat dripped from my 

forehead.  My cock went back to it's flaccid state.  Looking up 

at her I knew I was still excited and wished I could pump another 

load of frothy cum into her, but I knew I was just too exhausted 

for any love-making on the same scale of what I'd just encoun-


 She reached for the purse she'd dropped on the floor when 

I first attacked her to get a cigarette and a lighter out.

 "Do you want one?"  She politely offered me.

 "Sure, why not."

 She lit us each a cigarette, and then, in what looked 

like an awkward position, she sat against the wall.

 "So, did I make things happen for you?" I just had to 


 "You certainly weren't bad.  You're tired, aren't you?"

 "Fuck yeah.  I've _never_ fucked anybody like that."

 "What did you have in mind before I gave you that sugges-

tion back in the hall?"

 "Well, I was going to have you follow me into the kitchen 

where I would have given you something to drink and asked to take 

your coat, you would have said yes and I would have laid it on 

the counter.  The conversation would have gotten real awkward at 

that point, so I was going to start taking off my shirt, button 

by slow tedious button.  You would have looked at me indifferent-

ly, but set your drink down and started doing the same so that 

the two of us would have been like a mirror except that we are of 

course dressed differently.  When I would have gotten my shirt 

off and you would have seen my washboard stomach, we would have 

taken a step toward one another, but you would have completed the 

gap, we would have embraced passionately and began to make love.  

My hands would have enjoyed the suppleness of your breasts and 

your hands would have enjoyed the hardness of my pecs.  We would 

have been joined at the mouth in a deep kiss that would have 

defined the relationship.  Hard and fast.  That would be agree-

able to the both of us.  You would have worked your way onto your 

knees where I would have hiked your skirt up over the rest of 

your body and pulled your underwear down to expose your rosy 

snatch.  You would have made no objection as I would have pene-

trated you from behind.  Your dripping, gapping snatch would have 

welcomed the thrust of my powerful phallus and I would have 

fucked you until we came."

 "Really," she asked.

 "Yeah, something, like that."  I'd grown erect talking to 

her and she pointed this out to me, as if I didn't know.

 She ground her cigarette out into her hand, which shocked 

and yet somehow excited me.  She tossed it aside, the put her 

hair over her ear and went to work on my cock, sucking it like I 

didn't believe any woman could.

 After a while of this exciting cock play, I asked her I 

she would move around so I could lick her snatch while she sucked 

me off.  She all too happily agreed and soon she was on her hands 

and knees straddling me, sucking me off as I worked through the 

alphabet on her oozing pussy.

 She tasted better than I'd ever dreamed a woman could 

taste and within seconds after changing positions, I shot a hot, 

steamy load of come down the back of her throat.  She swallowed 

drip after delicious drop and I was amazed at the enthusiasm with 

which she consumed the creamy liquid.

 She continued working on my cock and I had to force her 

to stop because the pleasure was just too much.  She rolled over 

and then jumped up.

 "I've really got to go."


 "I've got to go."


 "Can we say 'husband?'"


 "Husband, I have a husband he wouldn't like me fucking 

another guy while he's at work bringing me home a paycheck."

 "Oh, so what's your name," I asked her.

 "Kara.  Yours?"

 "Bob, pleased to meet you.  I guess you should go," I 

said matter-of-factly, "my husband will be home in a few also."


 "I said my..."

 "I heard you," she said as she stood up to get dressed, 

"Are you gay?"

 "No.  Happily bi."

        She smiled really big, "You and my husband need to get 

together sometime."  And she walked away.




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