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Archive-name: Slaves/mall1.txt

Archive-author: Vermillion

Archive-title: At the Mall (Part 1)

They were finishing up breakfast one Saturday morning in December.  It

was cold and both were wrapped up in warm terry cloth robes.  Earlier,

when he poured her coffee, he had leaned over her to loosen the ties on her

robe.  He had opened the front of the robe so he could watch her breasts. 

They hung heavily, moving with each breath she took.  The ring in her

nipple occasionally sparkled when it caught the morning sunlight.  

"I think we need to go to the mall, Alice", he said, looking over the top of

the paper.  She wrinkled her nose, "I've done all my shopping, you go by

yourself".  "No, you don't understand" he said, getting up and going to

stand behind her.  He slipped his hands down her chest and cupped her

breasts.  "YOU are going to go to the mall, Alice, I want to show you off

to the world".  She smiled up at him as he rotated the ring and kissed the

back of her neck.   

"Stand up, time to dress you".  She stood, in the middle of the carpet. 

"Take off the robe".  She let it drop and shivered in the cold.  "Not fast

enough" he said, and slapped her ass hard.  "That should warm you a bit". 

She stood straighter.  He played with her breasts for a moment, "hands at

the back of your neck".  She did and her breasts stood out.  He sucked on

each nipple getting it large, and then tightened a nipple clamp on each. 

They stung going on, but she didn't mind.  She had become used to them,

and after a moment the pressure felt good.  

"Perhaps we need a little weight on them", he said, pulling out two fishing

weights hung on earring wires, swinging them in front of her.  She kept her

eyes straight ahead.  He hooked them on the clamps, and they immediately

pulled her nipples down.  She tried not to react, but couldn't help sucking

in her breath, hard.  "Only a small gasp?  Perhaps you need more."  "No

sir", she replied, "they are quite heavy, thank you."  He smiled at her,

"good, good, now here's a blouse to wear."  He handed her a loose, dark

purple blouse.  She put her arms in carefully and shrugged it onto her

shoulders.  Gingerly, she buttoned it over the chain and weights.

"Now, turn around and bend over the table.  Slide up the table, so you

barely touch the ground with your toes".   The table was cold, and she was

pressing her breasts hard against it.  "Spread your legs, wider, wider" and she

felt cold lube being rubbed into her ass.  The tip of the butt plug played

with her anus.  "You will keep the butt plug in, until I take it out", he said,

and pushed it into her.  She wasn't quite ready, and moaned as the plug was

forced in and widened her.  He stopped and admired the view for a

moment.  "You still feel cold, love, let me warm you", he said, starting to

spank her.  It stung at first, but gradually turned into a warmth that spread

over her whole lower body.  "Are you aroused yet?" he asked, touching her

cunt gently.  She was, and he was satisfied. 

"Now, I want to spread your labia, with clamps, the way we did the other

night".  She wished he wasn't being so clinical, and would touch her, and

tease her and make her want these things.  She felt like a doll being dressed

for a party.  "I've got some straps to go around your thighs", he said as he 

wrapped a bright purple band around the plumpest and most tender part of

each thigh.  They were like two wide wrist watch bands at the top of each

leg.  He cinched them securely. Each had a D-ring which he moved to the

inside of her thighs.  "Do they pinch, are they tight?", he asked.  "They are

tight," she said "and I won't forget that I am wearing them, but they don't

pinch. too much."   He took another pair of nipple clamps and attached one

to each D-ring.  "Turn around" he said, "sit on the very edge of the table". 

She scooted forward till her ass was just at the edge.  "Spread your legs

apart, wide".  Using one hand, he pulled her right labia open and towards

the clamp.  He used the other hand to guide the jaws on the clamp on to

the tender flesh held between thumb and forefinger.  As he tightened the

clamp she cried out.  "Too much?" he asked.  She squeezed her eyes shut

and reached deep inside  "No, just stings".  He attached the other and tears

began to flow.  He stroked her labia and touched her clit.  She felt the

pleasure and the pain blending inside of her and reached for her lover, to

stroke him and tell him that she wanted him.  "You're very brave, sweetie"

he said, and standing up, kissed the top of her head.  "I do love you"

"Now, the rest of your clothes.  Here's your skirt", he handed her a wide

paisley skirt that fell gracefully below her knees.  "And stockings", the kind

that didn't need garters.  They were dark, almost black in color, and made

her skin look whiter in comparison.  The purple above them stood out

clearly if anyone had looked.  "Put the stockings on first".  She stood

carefully and drew them on, careful to not to move or pull on the chain

between the two clamps.  They came up to a point below where the straps

circled her thighs.  Then she slipped the skirt over head, and settled it

around her waist. 

"I feel very open, exposed" she said, as she zipped up the skirt, feeling her

breasts sway under the blouse.  "Exactly", he said, "now turn around and

bend over".  As she stood up, she could tell that the chain between the labia

clamps wouldn't limit the length of her stride.  But it was cold and knocked

against her warm legs with the even the small steps she took to turn around

and position herself.  The clamps themselves however, would affect her gait,

as they stretched her labia out to her thighs.  Her cunt would be held wide

open as long as the clamps stayed attached.  She bent over the table and

waited for him.  He pulled the skirt up over her hips, and caressed her ass. 

"Stand still, just like that while I get dressed."  He twisted the butt plug

once, and set the chain swinging.  He watched her try hard not to move as

he dressed, pulling on his own comfortable clothes.      

They put on coats, hers a short waist length jacket, and went to the car.  It

was hard for her to walk down the block.  She was very aware of her body,

pushed and pulled by metal ornaments.  She felt the chain between her

thighs swinging back and forth.   The chain between her breasts was pressed

down by the coat, but the weights still dragged on her nipples.  "You drive",

he said coming up to the car, watching her discomfort, "but you need to pay

attention to the road, my words, and your body in that order".  She nodded

and got in.  All her movements were slow and deliberate.  She carefully put

the seatbelt between her breasts, and started the car.  

After they pulled out, he started to instruct her.   "First thing", he said,

"today, whenever you sit, you lift your skirt, so your naked ass is against the

seat or chair.  You can arrange the skirt around you, however you like,

unless I tell you otherwise.  Pull over and do that now".  She stopped the

car, and lifted the skirt up behind her.  It was long enough to cover her

knees in front, but it bunched up on the sides and in back.  The seat was

cold against her ass, but she felt her cunt dampen again.

"Now, here are your instructions for the mall, a couple of things you must

do before we can go home.  You must go into the women's rooms.  It can't

be empty, and there must be at least one other woman watching, not in the

stalls.  I would prefer that as many women as possible see you.  You must

unbutton your blouse, take off one nipple clamp and reattach it.  Fiddle

with it.  Keep your breasts exposed.  The other women should be able to see

your breasts.  If anyone asks you what you are wearing you must explain

the nipple clamps.  If they ask why, you must tell them you are a slave and

your master requires you to do it.  If they want to touch your breasts you

must let them.  If someone asks what else you are doing or wearing for your

master, you must show them the labia clamps and straps.  Invite them to

inspect your labia.  No one may penetrate you, but it will please me to have

many people look at you.  If anyone asks anything else, answer honestly and

submissively.  Do you understand?"  She nodded.  Her heart was pounding

but she knew how to do this.  Once she got to the mall, she could close her

eyes and just plunge in.  But now, she directed her attention to the traffic on

the highway and tried to concentrate on that.  

"That is only the first thing.  I also want you to show yourself to a man.  I

don't care how you do it or where you do it.  But he must be within at

least ten feet of you.  You need to do more than just flash him.  You need

to explain that you are a slave and are ordered to do this.  You are not to

let another man touch you, but you must again answer all questions.  If he

wants to examine the clamps you must let him, but tell him that you under

orders not to let another man touch you.  I won't be with you, but I will

be watching.  Do not go anywhere that I cannot follow, except for your

excursion into the women's room.  But do not look for me to help you." 

She watched the traffic get heavier as they left the highway and neared the

mall.  It was going to be crowded and the driving was difficult.

"Finally, I want to fuck you.  I will fuck you.  Somewhere before we get

back home.  You must oblige me and not hesitate when I demand it."  She

finally pulled into the parking lot at the mall, and started looking for a

parking place.  "Now, I know you won't fail me on these.  But, we don't go

home till you expose yourself the way I require, even if we are still at the

mall at 10pm tonight."  He knew her well enough to know that she would

not want to stay past lunch, especially with the Christmas crowds.  "I will

have other small tasks for you while we are there.  The penalty for refusal

or even hesitation will be more public humiliation, plus menial labor at

home. No uppity bottoms on this trip, Alice".  She found a parking place

and with relief turned the car off.  It was hard to drive and think about the

mall at the same time.

They got out of the car, and he took her elbow, steering her into the mall. 

As they entered, she could see it was absolutely packed with holiday

shoppers.  She wondered if all of these other people were having fun. 

Inside, it was warmer and they opened their coats, and she started to walk

carefully into the crowd.  He stopped and turned her towards him.  "Kiss

me, Alice, kiss me now".  She reached up for him, and he kissed her as hard

as he could.  But he let his hands roam down her back, and started pulling

on her skirt.  He lifted it, past the top of her stockings, so that the purple

straps, which must look like garters were visible.  She realized that the chain

between her legs was probably visible too.  "I love you, Alice" he whispered

in her ear as he held her skirt up.  She knew it was going to be a long

shopping trip.


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