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Archive-name: Slaves/lind301.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life


Part 3, Chapter 1 






Standing behind the sweating face and hair of His newly 

acquired slave and possession, between her outstretched and

tightly tensioned arms, Master Paul gazed downward at the eyes

and below Him. They were filled with REAL fear and yet there was

an ever present, all consuming, constant hunger glowing in them

as linda gazed back at Him and said........ 


"may I explain, to MY NEW MASTER, about the 'rams', please...



"You may begin.....slave." 


"A couple of years ago, I ran away from 'home', and Johnny,

Master. I hitch hiked across the country, mostly with truckers

and businessmen in their cars and trucks, pleasing them as they

wished, and only I could, in payment for the rides they gave me.

I ended up in California, where I 'worked' my way from Sacramento

to San Francisco, down the coast to Santa Barbara, into Los

Angeles and then, eventually into San Diego. By the time I got to

San Diego, I had several thousand dollars saved up and neatly

tucked away in my purse, garment bag and black leather 'equipment

bag', Master."


"I see........and how did you come by all that money, slave?"


"You know, Master....I 'worked' for know......"


"No, I don't *KNOW*.........tell me, specifically, how you

'worked for it', slave!" 


"Nooooooo, Master.....pppplllleeeaaassseee!!!! Don't make me tell

about's 'dirty'.....please Master....NO?" 


"Tell me!!!" 


"I.....I.......I....'made love' to men for money, Master....."


"You *FUCKED* and *SUCKED* them for money, is what you mean don't

you? You whored for them.....correct?" 


"......yyyyyyyeeeeessssss,.....Master............." came the

quiet and subdued reply as the eyes closed and the head turned

sideways to avoid His stare......." 


"OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AT ME, YOU WHORE!!!!" came the instant

response to linda's actions. 


The head snapped back to a face upward position and the eyes, now

genuinely filled with fear, remorse and dread, stared up at Him

in a questioning and wholely anticipating way. 


"That's, after having whored your way down the

California coast to San Diego, what did you do there, slave?"


"I....I rented a very very nice apartment, Master, on the top

floor of a very very exclusive apartment with a

lot of security and doormen and maids and things like that...I

furnished it with the money I made on the way down and with all

the money I made in the first couple of months that I was in the

apartment, Master. It was beautiful. I loved it, Master."




"Then, I MET ALEX, Master.....MASTER ALEX!!!" 




"In a bar one night, Master......I was 'working' and He sat down

across the bar from me and started 'doing things to me', Master.. know...what I you did at the Lounge, Master..

...only I wasn't dancing...I was sitting there, 'working',



Linda raised her head and glanced furtively and apprehensively at

Mistress Marla, who was standing between her wide stretched legs,

listening attentively to her every word......... 


"Master.....may I please tell you about JUST these rams.....

please....and wait until later or another time to tell you about

Alex, how I met Him and how I came to learn the rams from first

hand experience with them......please Master?" 


Paul glanced upward and forward at Marla who had a very 

dissatisfied frown on her face at that point, and then He glanced

downward at the now lowered head and eyes of His new slave....

eyes that were pleading for relief from going on with the



" may tell me ONLY about the rams, slave....BEGIN!"


"Master, as I explain, may Mistress Marla demonstrate them WITH

ME IN THEM....please, Master?" 




"....these rams, Master, are exactly like the ones used in the

'training place' Master Alex helped design in Mexico....Master.

They are VERY SPECIAL, Master....they can do things to a slave in

ways no one would ever EVER dream of or think possible.....the

rubber hand and foot 'molds' are special and are custom made for

each slave. They were serial numbered and marked just like the

slaves they were used on, Master......." 


Marla walked to the block encapsulating linda's left hand and,

inserting a special, seven sided, custom made allen wrench in

four holes in the corners of the black rubber block, carefully

unlocked the upper half of the block and removed it for Him to



As He turned to stare down at the hand within the opened block,

with Marla holding the upper half in Her hands away from the

hand encasing lower half, linda twisted her head sideways and

looked toward her left hand........ 


"....the hand block has two sets of molds inside it. The one that

my hand is in now allows a Master or Mistress to curl a slave's

palm and fingers around the steel gripping bar across it and

close her fist over it. When the upper block is replaced and

locked, she is holding on to the gripping bar, Master. The fist

is closed but the fingers are spread by the rubber projections

that go between the fingers......." 


Marla turned the upper half block up so he could see the ridges,

of solid black rubber.... wide ridges that spread the fingers. 


"'s very very uncomfortable, Master.....not like holding

onto a trapeze ring or anything,''s...

...very very....very scarey and uncomfortable, Master....." 


"I see....and the other position is with the hand, palm up, and

fingers spread and outstretched and set in the other five spread

channels above the gripping bar, I take it?", He asked. 


"Yes......Master....exactly....MASTER.........palm upward..

...fingers extended and spread wide, Master......." 


Marla silently replaced and relocked the block in the four

corners with a half twist of the special allen wrench, then

walked to linda's left foot and opened the bottom 'foot block'.


A similar two position arrangement could be seen in that with the foot extended and toes severally pointed,


SPLITTING DIVIDERS....and the other which allowed a normal, 'flat

footed' position, but again, with the toes channeled and divided

by black rubber. 


He nodded and Marla replaced and relocked the left foot block

with four cornered half twists of the allen wrench. Mistress

Marla placed the wrench on a shelf overhead and resumed Her

position between linda's legs, a foot or so away from the now

glistening nether lips........ 


"....would my Master like a demonstration of the rams and how

they can be used on His slave,.......Master?" 




Marla retrieved yet another control box and cable from overhead

and began to operate it. It had five toggle like switches or

posts on it that looked like miniature 'rams' themselves. 


" pushing or pulling on the switches, Master, you can make

the rams go up or pushing them forward, backward or

sideways, either way, you can make them move in the direction you

have pushed the switch....." 


Marla demonstrated by moving linda's left foot ram up and down,

side to side and forward and backward, ever so

move it more than slightly, away from linda, appeared as though

it would tear her leg off her body...... 


"Tell me something, my lovely, stretched slave.....can a Master

actually stretch His slave in these rams to the point where she

has her joints dislocated at the knees, hips, elbows and/or



With a quick shudder and a long fearful, moaning sigh, the answer

came back instantly and very fear filled and clipped...."YES,



"Did Alex or anyone ever do that to you?" 


Another quick shudder and REAL fear in pleading eyes....."YES,




As if to emphasize the point, Marla flicked the four switches in

such a way that all four hand and foot rams moved outward away

from linda's body or torso......the 'reaction' was immediate and






The rams stopped but stayed tensioned. Linda moaned as her voice

died off to silence with real fear in her eyes as she gazed up at



Mistress Marla, with a satisfied and very very perverse grin on

Her face, said to Him...."why don't you stand back out of the way

and I'll demonstrate the 'rams' for you,....MASTER Paul.....?"


He hesitated, greatly, to move, looking down into the still fear

filled eyes of linda below He thought about what kind

of monster could have dreamt up these things....with all their

potential for real harm and damage.......and as He stood looking

at her, linda said to Him...... 


"It's OK, Master.......Mistress Marla won't hurt me, Master...not

in any PERMANENT WAY....MASTER......may she 'do me' with the rams

Master? REALLY DO ME.....MASTER?.....PLEASE?" 


The eyes and voice pleaded for Him to 'allow' he

responded, looking from linda to Marla, with....."YOU MAY



Marla tensioned the rams a bit more which brought a further round

of pleas and promises from linda to DO ANYTHING Marla wanted of

her, and once tensioned and spread very very tightly, Marla put

the control box back up above and retrieved a well oiled, very

long stranded cat with knotted instead of plain ends on it.


Systematically, Marla applied the cat over the stretched linda

with a furor and fury unlike anything Master Paul had ever seen

before. As linda screamed and moaned and begged, not for surcease

or for Mistress Marla to stop, but for MORE....always and

forever MORE, Marla walked the oiled, black leather strands of

the cat over the slickly oiled body of the naked, sweating and

stretched linda.......concentrating, at the end of the series, on

breasts and gold ringed nipples and on the ringed nether lips....

.......driving linda into a continuous climax as orgasm after

orgasm rolled through her tightly stretched body....nothing

touching her but the knot ended nine tails of the well oiled cat.


With a wild, long, plaintive scream and cry, linda passed out and

her head dropped back to hang limp between her horizontally

stretched arms. The flatted breasts and their reddened, ringed

nipples, now very rigid, heaved with her breath, telling Master

Paul she was breathing far....OK. 


Marla walked around linda and reached up into the ceiling over

her chest and drew down two wires with nipple clamps at the ends

of them. Working swiftly, she captured each nipple in a clamp

with the wire leading from the clamp, loosely, upward to the

ceiling where it was anchored or tied off. She walked back

between linda's legs and similarly attached two clamps to the

lips of her wet, spread sex. Then, reaching upward, she again got

the five switch control box and laid it in the palm of her left

hand.  Carefully, Mistress Marla extended her palm over the five

switches and pressed downward. 


Linda sank slowly downward before Master Paul's eyes, and, after

several inches of downward movement, the nipple and nether lip

attached clamps and wires began to tension and pull up tightly

and increasingly......... 



.........NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO......." came the scream from a

now wide awake linda........ 


Yet, linda still moved downward as the clamps and their

restraining wires stayed UP, stationary, with their tender

clamped 'cargo' stretching away from her body........until, amid

wild screams for mercy, relief, and long begging pleas of 


Marla raised her palm and linda stopped moving downward. 


Marla walked to a wall and retrieved a short, wicked looking,

fine stranded whip, a miniature 'cat' in it's own right, and then

walked back to linda and began to systematically whip the four

clamp and wire stretched portions of linda's most sensitive and

intimate parts..........viciously and in rotation....... 


As He was about to intervene and stop Marla short, She ceased the

whipping and walked around to the head of the whimpering linda...


"Give *ME* pleasure, you worthless, screaming, simpering....

BITCH.........NOW........and when you *FINISH ME*,.....I'll stop

whipping you!!!!" 


Marla advanced on linda and straddled her head, her open sex over

a now rising mouth, lips and tongue........the lapping and

sucking could be heard even where Master Paul stood, some feet

away from Marla resumed the punishment of the two

lips and two nipples with the whip and linda worked frantically

and feverishly to 'get her off' so that the punishment would



Finally, after several minutes, Marla groaned and shuddered and

the fearful whipping ceased. Master Paul stood on the side,

watching and silently burning inside over what He had just

witnessed. The scene and Marla's conduct upset Him greatly. 


A spent Marla retreated and revealed a face that was pathetically

covered and soaked with female juices and a pair of pathetic,

pleading eyes that somehow told Master Paul to stay away and

leave them alone. 


He was LEARNING....slowly and very surely.....that His new slave

had capacities and apparent "hungers" for EXTREME torment and

submission beyond ANYTHING He had ever dreamt of, fantasized

about or seen in His entire life in another submissive female OR

male. He suspected, somehow, that Alex....MASTER Alex, as linda

still persisted in calling HIM, had had a great deal to do with



Linda licked her lips with her tongue as Mistress Marla once

again moved to stand between the outstretched legs, control box

in hand. 


"Now.....MASTER........I will demonstrate the full and complete

terror and versatility of the 'rams'......" 


Marla flicked the switches and slowly raised the center ram and

block that held linda's torso captive as She slowly lowered the

hand and foot rams and moved them ever so slightly toward linda's

torso to compensate for the downward lengthening and stretching

of linda's limbs.......the clamps and their overhead anchored

wires seemed to stay identically tensioned through the process,

until linda was bowed in an arch, naked, sweating and oil

covered, face upward. The eighteen inch rubber torso block was

pliable enough to arch with the bowed, stretched and quivering



Marla paused for a while and let Him study the 'position' and

it's 'possibilities'.....the arched slave with stretched nipples

and nether lips.......and then She reached out and quickly

unclamped the four clamps......linda gave a high pitched scream

as each clamp was released that died off into a final sobbing

shudder when the last was hanging loose from the overhead wires.


Slowly, with careful manipulation of the control box's switches,

Marla moved the rams at linda's hands inward toward her torso as

She raised the rams at the same time. As the hand rams came up

along side the center ram linda's arms were stretched upward

toward the ceiling and wide spread. Then, with similar expertise,

Mistress Marla lowered the spread foot rams and moved them to a

position along side the center ram and equally widespread like

the hand rams. Slowly, Marla stretched the captured linda upward

and downward, spreadeagled, vertically as the black leather belly

strap and block behind linda's back rotated ninety degrees on the

head of it's ram until linda was stretched to the limit in an

upright position, the foot blocks about six inches off the floor.


Having fully tensioned linda, once more, this time in a naked,

spreadeagled, vertical position, Mistress Marla put the control

box back up on it's shelf and began teasing linda's spread,

glistening "valley of her Master's pleasures" as linda called it.

Marla's other hand teased a rigid darkened nipple as She drove

linda ever upward in to orgasmic "flight". The teasing, complete

with insertion of one then two, then three, then four fingers,

then a thumb and then the entire fist up inside linda, went on

for many minutes as Paul listened to linda moaning and pleading

her submissive's "more Mistress...please MMMOOORRREEE" hunger



Tiring of the sexual teasing of the quivering, sweating,

vertically spreadeagled slave, Mistress Marla retreated,

retrieved the control box and with careful manipulations, placed

linda back in the spread horizontal position and then reversed

the raising and lowering of the hand and the foot rams so that

when the manuever was completed, linda was again vertically

spreadeagled, but this time, UP SIDE DOWN with her hand blocks

about a foot off the floor. The foot rams were extended upward

alongside linda and the hand rams were down near the floor,

widespread. The eighteen inch belly strap and back block had

rotated 180 degrees from it's former upright position.  


Linda's hair hung down toward the floor as the force of gravity

caused her breasts and nipples to appear uplifted toward her

hanging head and hair. Last minute adjustments further tensioned

and spread the upside down linda after which Mistress Marla put

the control box up and resumed Her teasing as before. Many

minutes went by as Marla teased the sweating, upside down,

spreadeagled slave into wild orgasms strung end to end. The pleas

and moanings of the slave's hunger song went on and on and

on....seemingly forever. 


Marla again tired of the teasing and ceased, walking over to

Master Paul and saying, slyly,...."they're quite versatile, these

five steel rams and their custom fitted blocks....aren't they

MASTER Paul?" 


He didn't reply, but simply glanced from Marla to the upside

down, shivering, sobbing, and spent linda and then back to Marla.


Marla walked away from Him and, securing the control box from

it's overhead perch, she started moving the rams and linda in the

blocks until she was in an upright, seemingly seated position,

about normal chair height off the floor, hands and arms overhead

and together above her head and her thighs horizontal and calves

and lower legs vertical and together. Slowly, Mistress Marla

spread the legs with the foot rams and moved them back toward

linda's torso as they spread wider and wider. The hand rams

spread and lowered until linda's arms were vertical and stretched

outward on either side of her body. When the rams ceased to move,

linda was upright, seemingly kneeling in the air, legs widely

splayed and knees tightly bent with her arms outward in a "swan

dive" position. The spread nether lips were exposed as Master

Paul had never ever seen before in His life. Then, slowly, Marla

raised the five rams and linda upward, maintaining her in this

position but raising her until her spread crotch was at eye

level. Marla put the control box back and picked up the vicious

short and thin stranded black oiled cat. As she approached linda,

the pleas began........ 



open MISTRESS!!!! You'll kill me.....MISTRESS.......



But all to no the thin short strands began

whirling in a circle and advanced on the exposed spread valley.

As they made contact the deep and now open wet channel began to

contract and expand as the strands caressed and teased fearfully

and continuously.  


Tiring of this teasing, pseudo-whipping, Marla tossed the small

cat on the floor and picked up the real thing with it's nine

knotted strands. Slowly, Mistress Marla walked behind linda and

amidst wild screaming protests for Her NOT to do it, She began

applying the cat, systematically, from behind the "seated" linda,

between her legs and up through the wet spread valley to slap

across the belly strap. The screams became long and plaintive

begging, not for relief, but for MORE! Always, forever and

hungeringly MORE! The session went on for many minutes as the

spread lips became red as fire and the expanding and contracting

empty sex reflected the sexual excitement being delivered and

extracted from the "seated" spread slave. 


linda screamed and begged for relief and ever more....always



Finally, Marla tired of the punishing, sexual catting of linda

and threw the cat on the floor. Master Paul stood off to the

side and continued to observe, remembering linda's soft request

for Him to "watch". 


Marla walked around in front of linda and slowly unbuckled the

eighteen inch belly strap. Then, grabbing the control box from

overhead She lowered the center ram and it's block, now freed

from linda or vice versa, to the floor. Using the allen wrench,

she removed the block from the ram and walked over to the wall to

a large black conical item stowed there. She motioned to Him to

come help her and He did. The two of them moved the three foot

high black cone with a six foot in diameter base over to the

center ram, lowered to the floor below linda's spread and

kneeling style legs. Carefully, Mistress Marla attached the huge

black cone to the ram and made some adjustments and connections.

Satisfied, she walked back over to the wall and came back with a

very large diameter rubber cock that was no more than five or

six inches long and had a flared base. The top of the member was

perhaps an inch and a half in diameter and the base, perhaps two

and a half or three inches. Walking up to the black cone, Marla

unscrewed a portion of the top and screwed the rubber dildo in

it's place. It fit perfectly, it's base aligning with the

truncated cone in an even fit all the way around. It was then,

that Paul noticed the leather straps on the sides of the cone.


Glancing at Master Paul briefly, Marla said..."now, MASTER, we

begin to 'TRAIN' your slave Alex's way......" 


Which brought the now lethargic linda fully to an attentive mode

as she lean her head down, chin on chest, and, for the first

time, THAT NIGHT, stared with horror at the black and ominous

cone andit's mounted cock on top......... 


"MISTRESS!!!! You pppprrrroooommmiiiiisssseeeeddd you wouldn't



Control box in hand, Mistress Marla raised the cone and it's ram

upward and by guiding linda carefully, She inserted the rubber

cock and slowly ram inserted it to it's based in the now grunting

linda who was "accepting" the 'lover' with wild and continuous

protests. Inserted, Marla ceased to raise the cone, set the

control box down and went about disconnecting the hand and foot

blocks from linda with the allen wrench. When Marla was finished,

Linda sat astride the black cone, the shaft buried deep inside

her, her legs down the sides of the cone, split exactly ninety

degrees. Quickly, Marla secured the black leather straps on the

cone around linda's thighs and ankles, pinning her to the cone.

Picking up the control box, Marla backed the hand and foot rams

away, far in front and back of linda. Linda's hands and arms

were free but there was nothing she could do with them. She

leaned forward and backward and attempted to brace herself on the

black, onyx-like, surfaced cone, but it was heavily oiled and

slippery, making the effort futile, at best. 


The rubber male member, which, at first, to Master Paul, did not

seem outrageously long but did seem very wide at the base, slowly

disappeared up inside linda as she tried to prevent it's advance

and simply accomplished a deeper and faster penetration by her

attempts to stop it. Any movement made her sink lower and further

down onto the shaft until her lips were spread wide AND THE BLACK



Slowly, Marla manipulated the controls and lowered linda, and the

penetrating cone and completely buried shaft downward until the

cone was almost resting on the floor. Almost...but NOT QUITE!


Then, slowly, all but the upper foot or so of the cone began to


and linda began to rotate with the cone, being tightly strapped

to it, but not so tightly that she could not slide down in the

straps around her thighs and the rotation

slowly picked up speed, the friction began to raise wild protests

from linda........... 


"......ohhhhh god, PROMISED you wouldn't do this



"I lied, BITCH!"....came Mistress Marla's instant and clipped



The cone turned fairly slowly and then picked up it

did, a slight opening appeared below the upper foot of the cone

and it's buried shaft and continued to widen as linda rose up and

tension started to show in her legs......


Marla stopped the cone, and tightened the straps on the ankles

and thighs until they bit into the flesh deeply and held it

locked securely. The open space between the upper section of the

cone and the lower was now two to three inches.....satisfied,

Marla picked up a set of wrist cuffs and attached them to linda's

wrists, then pulled her arms behind her back and clipped the

D-Rings on the cuffs together behind her back with a single gold



Picking up the box, she resumed the rotation of the cone and now

added a new motion to the device. The top foot of the cone,

stationary and unmoving before, began to rise and fall, syste-

matically pistoning in and out of the sweating, protesting

linda as she picked up rotational speed and the cone and shaft

drove up and down, relentlessly and mechanically, in and out of



As linda rotated and the cone and shaft drove in and out of her,

Marla set the control box down and picked up the long stranded

cat with the knotted ends and began lashing linda as she rotated

before her. The process continued for many minutes as the

protests slowly switched to the old familiar "hunger song" for

more and still more......ALWAYS MORE.......ALWAYS and in ALL



Marla picked up the control box and raised the rotating and now

"flying" linda upward, cone and all.......up and up and up..

..until she was up where her head was but inches from the

ceiling and the pistoning upper cone and shaft were at eye level

for Master Paul to see plainly......... 


The catting and the systematic fucking of a rotating and pleading

slave, begging for more and more, went on for what seemed like

hours. Linda stayed upright, which amazed Him no end, until,

finally, at the very end, she gave a wild screaming moan and

slumped forward and downward at the waist to hang down with her

nipples barely touching the cone and rubbing along it's oiled

surface as she continued to rotate and the shaft drove up and

down relentlessly. 


Master Paul started to walk toward Mistress Marla to stop the

rotation and the pistoning shaft but She motioned Him away. He

stood, arms folded across His chest, with a deep frown on His

face, as he watched His slave, bent double and hanging down on

the cone, legs tightly strapped and the infernal dildo and upper

cone driving in and out of her with suctioning, slurping, noisy

strokes, regain consciousness and attempted to lift the dragging

breasts and nipples off the black, oiled surface of the cone.

Finally, after a great deal of effort, she managed to sit

upright, her eyes glazed and the keening, hungering, pleading,

panting moans for more resuming as if she had not reached her

sexual peak and climax before. Marla set the control down on the

floor and walked over to Master Paul. 


"Let's go get a cup off coffee,......MASTER.....she'll 'keep' for

a while there......." 


He started to say something, but thought better of it as He

watched linda on the spinning cone and listened to her egging the

pistoning monster on......."FUCK ME....OH, FUCK ME....HARDER....


MMMMMMOOOOOORRRRREEEEE!!!!"...and watched her clench and unclench

her fists behind her back. 


He followed Marla up the stairs, wondering what in the HELL He

had walked into......... 


In the kitchen, Marla told Him, simply,....."you have seen

nothing......wait until you see the rest of what the rams can have seen NOTHING, MP old buddy.......NOTHING!!!"


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