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Archive-name: Slaves/lind207.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life


Part 2 - Chapter 7 





Having reflected, with pleasure, about what He would next do with

His personal and complete slave and submissive, linda, Master

Paul turned to survey the sights and scenes before Him.....the

still begging, moaning, gurgling and screaming blond slave hung

in the imprisoning blocks and rams a very short distance away and

her Mistress, Mistress Marla, who was extracting the last ounce

of "flight" out of the pleading, begging, moaning blond with

hissing and swishing applications of the well oiled and

continuously slapping cat, alternated with torments to the

extremely rigid nipples and wide spread sex of the writhing



At the moment, Mistress Marla had her fist buried inside her

"charge" and was amplifying and and orchestrating the beggings,

screamings and moanings in a way all too familiar to Master Paul.

The belly muscles of the blond rolled in continuous and constant

spasms of pleasure and reaction to the activity being visited

upon her feminine insides by this she-devil expert in such

matters......who knew, perhaps better than Her "subject", what

affects the manipulations were having and would have. 


As the beggings and moanings grew louder and more urgent in

nature, Mistress Marla quickly popped Her closed fist out of the

expanded wet cavity, causing the sweating blond to snap her head

forward and stare at the She-devil in absolute fear and horror as

the results of the quick manuever tore through her and then left

her EMPTY..........and wanting to be refilled in the extreme.....


"......Oh, NO MISTRESS!!!!.......PLEASE, MISTRESS.....





"Please WHAT?....BITCH!", came the reply. 


Low and slowly......"please Mistress.....don't stop..." 


"Master Paul.....would you like to FINISH this simpering bitch

for me?.......I'm tired of her....." came Mistress Marla's reply.


"Oh nnnnnoooooooooooo, MISTRESS.......please no...not HIM!



As the blond quaked and bucked in genuine fear and apprehension,

Master Paul slowly walked over to stand beside Mistress Marla and

to glare into the pale blue eyes of the spread, sweating beauty

before them. 


" take the cat and work with her for a while....I

need to tend to linda for a while and get the holding cell

prepared for this one.......see if you can take her the 'rest of

the way', will you?" Marla said in a low even tone as she handed

Him the cat, then turned and walked toward linda. 


Master Paul heard linda, behind Him, suck in her breath and then

begin slowly and carefully pleading with the approaching Mistress

Marla...... "no, Mistress......please......He's MY MASTER....




He did not turn around to watch what happened next, but He

shuddered at the inadvertent omission linda had just made of the

word "Mistress" at the end of her impassioned and sincere plea to

Mistress Marla.......and heard the "results" of Mistress Marla's

"reaction" as linda's low voice rose to a screaming, whining

pleading crescendo........ 





DON`T DO THAT TO ME........IT HURTS SO BAD............" 


Sounds of flesh on flesh reverberated through the room as linda

continued to scream and plead her apologies to Mistress Marla and

Mistress Marla continued to punish her for the transgression....

.. now, TWICE, repeated..... 


Master Paul turned His head slightly and out of the corner of

His eye, saw Mistress Marla drawing a nipple tightly downward by

it's golden piercing ring as Her other hand whipped back and

forth across the distended breast....He shuddered and refocused

His attention on the still pleading but slowly settling down

slave in the blocks and rams before Him........... 


"now, what was this about 'NOT HIM', spread, horny

little misbehaving, submissive slut?..........hummmmmmm?"


"No, SIR....I didn't mean it...SIR....honestly, I DIDN'T!!!" came

the reply in a low and VERY submissive voice.  


"Oh, I'm sure....NOW....that's true, but let's see if you can

make amends for your little transgression of 'choices', shall



He stepped between the outstretched legs and slowly inserted His

fingers into the spread, blond's very very very wet 'valley'

before Him and then slowly slid the lips open and slid His thumb

and forefinger upward until He encountered the hooded little nub

at the top. Carefully, thumb and forefinger surrounded the

quivering small seat of extreme pleasure in all women and lightly

gripping on either side, slowly, He descended thumb and fore-

finger to the base and up tight against the seat of the nub....

...then tightening ever so slowly He began to stroke up and 

down....listening to the reaction........ 


"oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo.......ppppppllllll

eeeeeaaassseeee .......SIR.......aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......." and

the pleas died away in swift intakes of breath and a careful

arching of the body TOWARD Him to lessen the pressure or do

ANYTHING to stop the effect of this simplest of all "holds" of a

Master on His female submissive "subject"................


Long ago, many years back, He had learned a great deal about this

sensitive and prone to so much pleasure nub, and how it could,

when properly aroused and sensitized, be used as THE most potent

and fearful form of PUNISHMENT a woman could experience.....while

in the throes of sexual pleasure and either in or close to

orgasm...and He knew exactly how much pressure to exert and how

much "stroking" to do to extract what He wanted.........


"Now, little blond, misbehaving, for me........

up....come up and show me what you can do for a Master when He

'handles' you" the gurgling, grunting, moaning and

bearing down sounds began involuntarily to stream from the

blond's wide open mouth and her head rolled around and around on

her shoulders..........her body tensing like a tight bowstring...

...outward toward Him,......NEVER away............ 


In the background, He could hear the hoist motor beginning to run

as linda's pleas had died away to silence. 


The spreadeagled, sweating and arched blond attempted to keep up

with the rhythm of her tormentor's thumb and fore finger. He

could feel the tingling between them as she grunted and spasmed

and attempted to do something, ANYTHING, to relieve the sexual

pressure He was so expertly applying to her, on her and driving

her with, through an orgasmic array of pleasure/pain torments

like nothing she had ever experienced before....not even from her

new Mistress, Mistress Marla........ 


"What IS my name, my flying little slut....MY NAME?" 


"uuuuuhhhhhhhhh.......Mmmmmm, mmmmmm,  Mmmmmmmmassster PPPPPP,

PPPPP PPPPPPAAAAUUUULLLL, sssss, ssss, sssssiiiirrrrrr........"


Tightening slightly and quickening the stroke ever so slightly...

"..........Whose MASTER, am I, bitch?" 




"Shall we FIND OUT,.......RIGHT NOW......whose MASTER I AM?






Tighter....faster........"no, WHAT, BITCH???" 




trailed off the answer as the head bobbed wildly around and the

body arched toward Him even further............... 


"That's correct....SLAVE.......YOUR Master............YOURS! So

long as I have you where I want you and YOU want to be, you are



"........aaaahhhhhhhh....yes Master......yyyyyoooouuuurrrrssss!"


He released the thumb and forefinger and quickly withdrew the grunting and moaning mouth exploded in a........





"Beg, me......convince me to resume........" 


"oh god......please Master.....please....I'll do anything you

want....take me.....use me.......but....pppppplllleeeeeaasssseeee


SSSSEEEEE!" came the expected reply. 


"Take you? Use you?.....what sort of language is that, slave?"








He stepped back and set the cat in motion, up through the wet

spread valley before Him, swiftly and HARD, taking particular

care to have the tips lick continuously exactly where His thumb

and forefinger had been before........over and over and over...


As the sweating, straining blond arched into the licking, oiled

strands and hissed...literally hissed.......... 







....And the body before Him arched one last time, straining

outward and then went slack in the rams and blocks as the head

rolled over backwards and the eyes slid closed.......FINISHED...



He tossed the cat across the room onto the leather covered bench,

and, after checking His swooning 'charge' to make certain she was

breathing normally and in no danger, He turned and walked toward

linda and Mistress Marla. 


The sight before Him shocked him, at first. Mistress Marla had

removed the spreader rods or bars from between the trays linda

was strapped into, kneeling, thus allowing her legs to splay out

wider, or so it seemed. As He studied the position more

carefully, He realized that linda now controlled the spread of

the trays and her legs......and she could move them wider,

outward or draw them in tight, at will. 


Except for ONE SMALL FACTOR.....Mistress Marla was standing

behind her, commanding...."spread bitch....wider...

...wider yet......slut.....wider.......wider than that....., hold them their.........." 


As He watched, Mistress Marla began applying a crop with a

leather loop on the end to the splayed and split wet slit before

Her,......the legs started to close....and the commanding voice

reverberated through the room......... 





"yyyyeeeeeesssss....MISTRESS.......anything you say...MISTRESS!"


The crop toyed with the spread linda......teasing her all along

her spread lips, caressing the rings and burrowing into the open

valley......over and over and over as the legs closed ever so

slightly in reaction to what was going on and then widened even



Master Paul watched the scene in silence as Mistress and slave

seemingly teased and worked together, with each was

difficult to determine just who, EXACTLY, was getting the most

pleasure out of the episode before Him. 


"Ok, bitch, close em up...."  


The legs swung shut, pulling the broad leather strap over linda's

back down taut. The strain of holding her legs that way showed on

linda's body and her face as she tightened every muscle to do it.

Marla slapped her naked behind with an open palm and said........

...."now hold em that way until I tell you otherwise....."


Walking over to Him, Marla said to Paul..."I see you finished our

little blond friend......good....I'll take her down and put her

away to 'hang around' for a tend to linda for a

while........she LIKES this "loose in the trays" gig..........."

and with that, Marla  walked back toward the sagging, still

sweating and now slightly shuddering blond in the blocks and



As Master Paul walked up close to the hanging linda, doubled up

and bound tightly into her "kneeling trays" and up as high as the

overhead hoist could take her, she raised her head up......He

gave a slight shudder as He viewed an angry red welt across her

cheek.  Straining, she tried to smile, ever so slightly, back at

Him...but the effort was sort of pathetic....she looked, for all

the world, like whipped, wet, straining and hurt puppy dog.

Reaching up into the trolley drawer, He retrieved the control box

and slowly lowered her down to the the floor where He discon-

nected the hook from the D-Ring in the broad strap, raised the

hook and cable back up and pushed the trolley back out of the



Carefully, He released the broad leather strap that bound linda

into the trays and from which she had been suspended and threw it

over her back onto the floor on the other side of her. Next He

disconnected the link between her cuffed wrists on her back and

then, finally, He unbuckled the two broad, black leather straps

on either leg and tray that held her down tight, kneeling in

them. Placing His hands in her armpits, He raised her to sitting

position in the trays, knees together and let her rest for a

while, watching her carefully. She kept her head down and said

not a word to Him. When she was upright He could see a small

amount of dried blood on her left nipple and surmised that the

nipple ring had torn her flesh.  


After a few minutes of rest, He took linda's hands in His and

helped her off the elevated trays, to stand before Him, naked,

head down and eyes lowered. No words were spoken between them. In

the background He could hear Mistress Marla removing and moving

the now wide awake blond to the far end of the room and a door

being unlocked and opened. Shortly thereafter, the begging and

pleading started all over from the blond, from inside the room..


"Nooooo Mistress....not up, please....not TONIGHT!

Let me sleep in the bed upstairs, please, Mistress." There was a

loud crack of a crop on bare flesh and a long, moaning whimper,

then silence. He focused His attention back on linda........ 


"Spread your legs and stand with them apart for a while......."


She slowly spread them open about three feet and stood there,

hands at her sides, head and eyes lowered. He walked around

behind her and ran His hand up and down her naked back and

behind, slowly caressing her as she shivered under His touch. He

took her hair, from the rear, in His left hand and drew her head

back so her eyes were staring up at the ceiling, and said........


"Now, MY slave, MY total submissive and MY possession, are we

ready to begin learning how YOUR MASTER wishes you to obey Him?"


The answer, unhesitatingly, softly, and very clipped and short,

came back....... 


"yes, MASTER" 


"Kneel on the carpet, legs apart as they are." 


"yes, Master" 


"Put your behind down tight on the floor between your legs."

"yes Master" 


Releasing her hair, "head down, eyes down, chin on your chest"


"yes Master" 


"Place the tops of your feet on the carpet, toes pointing

backward and place your hands, palms upward, on the tops of your



"Yes, Master" 


"This is the position I want you to take every time you come to

me to be my slave and fly for you understand ME?"




Walking around in front of her, He stood, just in front of her, a

foot or so from her spread knees and placing His hands in her

hair, bent her forward between the spread knees as He said....


"Place your hands behind your back, one palm in the other,

straight back, and lick my feet, slave....." 


From below, "yes, Master" and then the feeling of a soft tongue

sliding over the tops of first one foot and then the other, and

the head moving as the tongue searched for, found and licked,

carefully, ten separate toes and then withdrew and the lips

gently kissed each foot....... 


He sighed through a knowing grin as he stared down at the still

wet head of chestnut colored hair and the trembling arms, hands

and body below Him. She was obviously, completely enjoying this,

far more than He was or that He had hoped that she would.


He reached down and took her shoulders, palm under each, and sat

her back up, saying....... 


"When we 'meet', each time, you will do what you just did when I

stand where I just did, after you have assumed the position....



"Oh, YES, Master.....I understand!" and a long shuddering sigh

from the down turned mouth could be plainly heard. 


"Place your hands, palm up, back on your thighs." 


"Yes, Master" 


Walking behind her, took her hair in both His hands, at the rear

of her head, and drew her backward, as he said..... 


"Close your eyes and lie back slowly.......all the way back

between your legs...." 


"yes, Master....thank you Master" 


"For what?" 


"For showing me YOUR WAYS for me Master" 


"Do you like them?" 


"Oh,....YYYEEEESSSS MASTER.....VERY VERY MUCH, Master" came the



"This, my sole slave and only possession, is your FIRST POSITION

before YOUR Master and it's three separate variations. You will

always sit this way, upright, when you are with me, even in the

car, which you have already done and therefore know, don't you?"


"YES, MASTER!" (a shudder as memories of that returned to her)


"In the forward position, you greet me as you did, with lips and

tongue, just as you did tonight, for the first time....every time

we begin...without me telling you you understand?"


Yes, Master...I understand Master...COMPLETELY, MASTER!" (another

sigh and shudder). 


"It does not matter who is in the room. If you are naked and have

come to serve me, you will do you understand?"


"Yes Master.....may I ask you a question Master?" 




"Will you have others with us, Master, when we are together this



"Perhaps, but that depends on what you and I agree to, my

slave...between us and ONLY us!" 


"Yes, Master....I understand you, Master" (a long, contented



"In the forward position, I may bind and strap you tightly, and

leave you there if you misbehave or disobey me in MINOR ways, do

you understand me?" 


"YES, MASTER" (strong, clipped and very quickly said) 


"And in this, backward position, legs spread wide, your back and

head upon the floor, toes pointed back and soles of your feet

exposed upward along side you, hands palm up on your thighs, and

legs spread wide THIS POSITION you shall receive

SEVENS for things such as failing to call me Master after each 

set of words or answers you speak to you understand





He smiled and chuckled to himself as he slowly left her and

walked over to the leather covered bench and retrieved the well

oiled and previously well USED cat and then walked back to stand

beside her. 


"I misbehaving wench! You've just EARNED a seven,

haven't you?" 


"YES..........MASTER!" came the reply. 


"Sevens are administered with a cat or a crop upon the soles of

your feet, the palms of your hands, upon your bare breasts and

upon the 'valley of your Master's pleasures', in rotation... separate strokes to seven separate and predetermined

locations, always the you understand me, slave?" 


A long shudder, and low moan followed by a timid "yes, Master".


And with that, He carefully whipped the soles of her feet, the

palms of her hands, each breast and then laid the crop , length-

wise, up the middle of her spread legs in quick succession, as

she moaned and spread her legs wider and thrust her chest body

upward to meet the last three "strokes". 


"That is a SEVEN, slave" 


"I like them, MASTER........I like them very very much, MASTER!"


"Some slaves fear them a great deal........they will beg and

plead to avoid them." 



LOT, MASTER!!!" came the unhesitating reply. 


Somehow, He knew that would be her answer,.....He knew it!


"One final item..........the punishment for you rejecting me or

ejecting me, ANY PART of me......from your mouth or any other

orifice of your body....from the valley of MY pleasures or any

where A SEVEN-FIVE-SEVEN......this you will



"yes, Master?" (a long shudder) 


"SEVEN continuous SEVENS, administered hard and fast, in quick

succession, followed by FIVE MINUTES of *THIS*"........stooping

down, He reached between her splayed legs, running His thumb and

forefinger up from the VERY WET soft and lightly spasming mouth

of her sexual passage until the hooded and tingling stem of her

sexual core was between His thumb and fore finger as the blond's

had been just a short time ago......... 


"OH, NO MASTER.......I won't EVER reject you or push you out of

me.....EVER....NOT EVER.......MASTER.........I promise you.....

.....I will take you inside me and service you......I won't

reject you.......EVER, MY MASTER........" and a low moan as the

finger and thumb tightened and slowly gripped her in the most

intimate and "knowing" of ways........"NO, MASTER.....NEVER,

MASTER.......NOT EVER...MASTER!!!!" she shot back at Him, tersely

and fully meaning every word as the full impact of FIVE MINUTES

of this registered upon her...... 


He watched the knot of fear tighten in her belly muscles and

ripple across her lower torso as her breath quickened......

...and released her and stood back up. 






"Would you REALLY do that to me for FIVE MINUTES, Master, if I

rejected you from my mouth or 'other places' Master?" 


"Without hesitation, slave.....WITHOUT HESITATION!" 


"Thank you, Master....I understand, Master" 


Walking behind her, He placed the palms of His hands under her

shoulders and raised her to an upright, 'normal' kneeling version

of His FIRST POSITION and left her there, head down, eyes cast

downward, palms on thighs, upward, knees spread far far apart and

walked to the far end of the room to the open door leading into

what looked like a black leather lined cell of some sort. As He

walked, he thought about how wet linda had been when He had

demonstrated the SEVEN-FIVE-SEVEN......wetter then when Marla,

Mistress Marla, had been working on her earlier and when he had

His hand up inside her........ 


He now KNEW linda absolutely reacted, with extreme hunger and

fear built passion, to the routines He had just explained and

demonstrated. Any woman He had ever used them on previously, had

done the same. They were HIS punishments and position(s)...

...uniquely His. Something He had slowly developed over the years

after working with several good slaves.....full and complete

submissives....sexual submissives, all......and He understood the

effect of the kneeling, spread position as it tensioned and

focused tendons and muscles and amplified the sexual effect of

His words and His actions or attentions on His slave(s). From

what linda had previously done, He knew she was familiar with the

workings of the position and could do it for long periods of

time, effortlessly, it seemed. He would find that out, for sure,



Stepping through the door to the cell, He was greeted by a

strange and wild sight, on the wall to His left, framed in solid

black leather.......... 


"Come here, Master Paul, and see the 'resting position' of my

little blond bitch slave you wore out, out there!" Marla 

exclaimed to Him as he walked toward them. 


There, on a long, padded and leather covered wall, was the blond

slave, bound tight to it, face outward, splayed in a wide "X",

no part of her touching floor or ceiling, black leather straps

anchoring her tightly to the wall at wrists, forearms, and upper

arms above, across her forehead, a wide, ball gag containing

strap over her mouth, a padded blinder strap over her eyes, a 

very wide strap across her upper chest under her arms, a wider

one yet across her belly and four wide straps across her upper

and lower legs, splayed out below as her arms were above. From

between her legs came a two inch wide strap that rose upward and

buckled to a strap and belt buckle riveted to the strap over her

belly......a strap that passed through leather loops on the ends

of buried shafts that filled her, front and back, and from which

two wires ran from each shaft base to a small, many knobbed,

black box on the wall. On each nipple,  was affixed a butterfly

nipple clamp, from which hung a fair sized lead weight.  


As He approached the strapped up blond He could hear her muffled,

guttural moans and protests but not much else. Marla ran Her

hands over the bound and spread blond's splayed body and then

walked to the the black box and turned dials. A low humm came

from the buried shafts inside the now quivering blond. As Marla

turned the knobs the humm grew louder and louder. Satisfied, She

released the knob and walked over to Master Paul. 


"You like my little special resting arrangement for this bitch,

Master Paul?" 


It was then that He noticed four extra pairs of wires coming out

from under the crotch dividing and splitting black leather strap

and going up to the many knobbed control box...... 


"What are the other four sets of wires for, Marla?" 


"Oh, those......deep inside her pussy are two silver 'eggs' with

vibrators in between the two plugs, front and rear,

there is another one, laid crossways and held tight there with

the strap, and finally, there is another, buried above the front

shaft, in the slit, up against her clit, above, just below it and

just touching it. I only have the vibrators on in the shafts at

present, which, incidentally, I can expand or contract inside her

with one of the knobs.......the shafts will expand outward or



She went back to the many knobbed box and began adjusting other

knobs.  Each adjustment brought a 'reaction' from the helplessly

bound and spread slave......and the weights on the nipple clamps

began to sway and bob continuously as the adjustments were made.


As Mistress Marla adjusted and 'tuned' the knobs and the devices

they controlled, the strapped open slave's toes began to curl

involuntarily, and her fists clenched.....He could see her jaws

tighten, also, as she bore down on the ball gag with her teeth...


Marla continued to adjust and tune as the belly muscles of the

now jerking blond ripple with sexual excitement and reactions...

...the muscles in her neck and the rest of her body began to

tighten, visibly, and her breath, through only her nostrils, came

in quick, deep snorts. 


Paul watched the Mistress continue making adjustments out of the

corner of His eyes as he watched the 'reactions' they caused on

the strapped body before Him.........several final adjustments

caused the blond to stiffen visibly and mightily, after which a

long snorting sigh was heard and she went limp in the straps,

toes uncurling, palms opening and all muscles relaxing.......


Mistress Marla stepped away from the box and walked over to Him

to stand next to Him........... 


"OUT!....Like a light!........In record time, too!....... Watch

what happens next as she comes around.....I've left the devices

where they were set when she went'll be back

in a minute." 


She left the room and He stood there watching the limp blond

strapped to the wall before Him. After several minutes, the toes

and fingers moved slightly, and then the body, strapped tight as

it was, jerked wildly against the straps and a long series of

gagged, protesting moans and muffled screams could be heard as

the fists tensioned and released and the toes curled and un-

curled.........and that process went on for several more minutes,

accompanied, always, by the panting, snorting sounds of increased

breathing through the nose and the onset and increase of the

rippling belly muscles and then a general tightening of all

muscles, over the entire body, followed by a long muffled scream

or moan and then total relaxation as the blond went 'lights out'



Marla came back in the room just as the strapped up slave was

coming back to life a second time....... 

"See?.....She's good for dozens of those, through the night....

and when I'm through with her, she'll do ANYTHING I ask of her or

command her to do........this little trick is my 'specialty',

Master Paul.......I take uncooperative women who may not want to

do my bidding and be my slave or someone else's, especially women

who are, shall we say, less then appreciative of sexually

pleasing a man or a woman to whom they belong or will belong, and

I teach them to appreciate VOLUNTARY SEX through long and


SCIOUSNESS in this fully bound and helpless position....."


Marla walked over to the now orgasmically rising blond and pulled

the nipple clamps out fiercely from her chest with one hand and

began whipping the tensioned breasts with the crop She held in

Her other hand..........continuously over, under, in between and

on the sides of each the blond's muffled screams

and gurgling moans rose and the toes curled and fists clenched

once again and she again passed out.......this time, coated from

head to toes with sweat.........and with a solid golden stream

of urine streaming down her limp legs onto the terrazzo floor

below her; streaming off the ends of her toes in multiple golden



Marla turned around and walked back to Master Paul. 


"Come on out here.....I want to show you something linda built

for me....designed......a while back.....from memory.......I just

moved her for you so you can see her handiwork used on her....."

and Marla and Paul walked out of the cell, Marla closing the

door, with a final sounding slam, behind her. As the door slammed

shut, Master Paul thought about the endless series of orgasms the

blond would experience through the coming hours and He shuddered. was not good to leave a slave that way, unattended. 


As His eyes focused on the room before him, in the dim, infra-red

light, He saw linda, stretched horizontal in the middle of the

room where the blond had been in the rams and blocks. Only,

linda was stretched between four rams with her hands and feet in

the black rubber blocks, spreadeagled, face up, horizontally,

about crotch height with a fifth ram rising from the floor and

under her back. All five rams were coming out of the floor, and

none were extending down from the ceiling, as before with the

blond. The one at her middle back had a rubber block or pad that

gripped her from the top of her behind, along her back for maybe

eighteen inches toward her shoulder blades. The block was huge

and rose up around her sides. An eighteen inch wide black leather

strap rose out of one side of the huge block and passed over her

belly to anchor tightly to the rubber block's other side. 


Linda was exactly horizontal, fully spread and very very tightly

tensioned out of the large belly and back block toward each

outer, spread ram and hand or foot encasing rubber block. As He

walked around to her head, hanging backward, hair dangling down

toward the floor, He said........ 


"Well, lovely slave....what have we here?" 


"Alex's RAMS, MASTER!" came the terse reply. 


"I you 'like' them, slave?" 


"NO MASTER!!!" came the terser reply, filled with fear which was

emphasized by a long shudder through her body. 


"I see.......who put you in these, slave?" 


"ALEX, MASTER!" another shudder. 


"Did Alex hurt you in these?" 




"Are you afraid of them?" 


"Terrified, MASTER....." 


"Then why are you in them, MY lovely slave?" 


"Mistress Marla put me in them to show you what Alex did to me,



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