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Archive-name: Slaves/lind206.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life


Part 2 - Chapter 6 






Master Paul and Mistress Marla placed the spread, naked, and now

sweating and tightly bound and gagged Linda on the concrete floor

of the garage just below the overhead trolley and rail system and

it's suspended cable and hook system. Marla retrieved a control 

box and cable from the overhead trolley and, by pressing buttons

on the control box, lowered the hook until it lay on top of the

broad leather strap that anchored Linda to the wide spread

"trays". Deftly, Marla slipped the hook through the D-Ring in the

broad black leather strap and flicked the button that caused the

hook and cable to pull taut and then begin raising Linda and her

"kneeling tray" system from the cold concrete floor. 


When the hook had reached it's zenith at the overhead trolley,

Marla replaced the control box in the side of the system and

motioned to Paul to help guide the now gently swaying, spread and

bound Linda toward the heavy wooden swinging doors he had passed

through earlier in the evening. As they approached, the doors

swung open to admit the sweating, bound and quivering suspended

slave and her two escorts. As the doors swung closed behind, the

two ushered their 'victim' through the second door, on down the

ramp, which had silently slid open as the swinging doors closed

behind them at the top of the ramp. 


The taut, quivering, spread, bound blond still moaned in the 

center of the room, seemingly oblivious to the entrance of her 

two former tormentors and their new charge, suspended from the 

trolley system in her wide spread, rod stayed 'trays'. The room 

was still an erie infra-red lit color that made the spread blond

look almost surrealistic, not to mention the effect it had upon 

the gently swaying and tightly bound Linda. 


Marla walked under Linda and reached upward and grasped her 

hanging nipples and their gold piercing rings. A faint gurgling 

moan emanated from above as Marla tensioned the nipples ever



"Get the cat, Master's over on the leather bench 

along the wall", Marla commanded. He looked at the leather clad 

she-devil in front of him and frowned. She smiled, softened her 

voice, and said "shall we begin 'playing' with our aroused and 

hungering charge, Master? We'll need the cat, over there on the 

bench to warm her up a bit, I suspect". 


Satisfied with the change in voice tone and thus MUTUALLY invited

to participate, he walk over and retrieved the well oiled, nine 

tailed cat from the bench and walked slowly under the now 

vibrating and heavily moaning and gurgling Linda from the rear to

face Marla...Mistress Marla. 


She drew the nipples ever downward with her thumbs and 

forefingers as Master Paul began a slow litany of nine tailed 

"loving" across the downward stretched breasts anchored in

Marla's thumb and forefinger nipple vices. Back and forth went

the oiled leather strands across the undersides of the stretched

orbs of His new slave and willing victim. As He applied the

singing cat He watched the belly over His head ripple with an all

too familiar pattern as the knotted muscles of a tightly bound,

spread and suspended Linda drove her slave's hunger litany into

the valley of HER Master's pleasure. As the oiled strands

caressed harder and harder on the undersides of the suspended

and nipple tensioned hemispheres, He watched the rippling belly

muscles drive his charge wild with hunger which was only

adequately fed by the twin buzzing shafts Marla had inserted in

her in the car. The shaft stuffed deep into her now thoroughly

wet sexual passage walked in and out, seemingly on its own, as

Linda attempted to feed her hunger and need from deep inside. The

rear shaft remained substantially stationary as the muscles there

gripped it tightly and held it firm and deep. 


The fully street clothed Master raised His free left hand and, 

palm upward, traversed it from just below the reddening breasts 

to the wet valley where the buzzing shaft moved in and out,

almost magically. The feel of the rippling muscles intensified

under His palm as Linda responded to His touch and her hunger

rose to be further fed by the deeply buried, pistoning shaft and

the slapping nine well oiled thongs. Traversing the palm back and

forth over the wet belly, Master Paul increased the tempo and the

force of the cat as Mistress Marla drew the nipples yet further

downward. The gurgling moans from above became a soft keening but

muffled scream as the buried shaft was drawn inward out of sight

and the belly muscles contracted tightly.  



AND FEEL!", Mistress Marla exclaimed. 


He did and the muscles beneath His hand tightened still further

as the once buried shaft flew out of its wet and open hiding 

place and literally shot across the red tinted chamber and fluids

flowed from the now empty and rippling hole to drip down onto the

floor and meet the tightly pressing palm as it traversed from 

reddening breasts to wet valley and back. The keening, muffled

scream above became a seeking moan. Marla released the nipples

and took the cat from His hand as He stepped backward, extended

the fingers and thumb of His left hand, wrapped them tightly

together and thrust the pointed hand into the empty, spasming,

dark and wet chamber of sexual pleasure....inward....ever inward

until the hand had disappeared and only the wrist was visible

extending from the valley between the widely spread, bound legs

that quivered and rippled with obvious pleasure and hunger. 


As His hand sank into the wet orifice, Master Paul felt the 

rolling, churning innards of his slave wildly reflecting the 

multi-orgasmic state of the "flying" Linda. He opened the finger

tips and began massaging the soft, round cap before them with

it's split 'mouth', teasing and moving the churning cervix and in

a way that caused the wet walls around his imprisoned wrist to 

massage and alternately tighten and release endlessly until a 

long, urgent and muffled scream was heard from above and all of

the muscles contracted and then relaxed and the sound from above



Slowly Master Paul withdrew the soaked left hand from it's now 

relaxed sheath. He looked at Mistress Marla and smiled,

knowingly, as She smiled back and said "I believe the lady has 

just gotten her first 'rocks off' session of the night, don't



He nodded as He stepped back and Marla retrieved the hoist 

control from the trolley and lowered Linda slightly so that She 

could release the strap the drew her trainer encased head back. 

As the limp neck allowed the head to fall forward, Mistress Marla

grasped the wet hair and held the head up as She unbuckled and

removed the trainer and gag. She released the hair and the head

dropped to hang downward, chin on heaving chest. Master Paul

ducked between the widespread legs, feeling the moisture drip

onto His partially bald head as He edged forward, slowly, to gaze

upon the slack face before Him. Linda was out like a switched off

light as her body began to shiver and shake from the after

effects of her journey to sexual satisfaction and oblivion. 


Master Paul continued to stand below the gently swaying Linda, 

the top of his head brushing the still rigid, ringed nipples, as

He waited for His new slave to return from her trip to sexual 

completeness and total ecstasy. 



came the soft sound from a pair of slowly parting lips as the

eyes fluttered and slowly opened and focused on Him. 


After a long pause and a few shuddering movements overhead, she

said ......."is MY MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR pleased with me, Master?" 


He smiled, focusing upon and watching Mistress Marla beyond the

downward tilted head of His querying slave. "You have given ME no

pleasure, slave! You have merely 'taken' pleasure at MY hands!" 


He watched Mistress Marla, in the background, begin whipping the

formerly lethargic blond in the blocks and rams device into a 

frenzy of motion, confined at her extremities by the black rubber

block restraints at the ends of the rams that fully encased her 

hands and feet. Using the cat in a vicious and continuous

circular track, Mistress Marla worked upward from the right ankle

into the now seeking blond's crotch and back down the left leg to

the left ankle. Mistress Marla repeated the process over and over

until, finally, She began applying Her attentions to the rippling

belly that was now straining forward to receive the nine oiled 

strands. The bound and spread blond was now pleading wildly with

HER Mistress......... 


"mmmmoooorrrreeee, MISTRESS......pppllleeeaaasseee.....MORE......

....hhhhuuuurrrrttttt mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" as the 

smacking, slapping litany went on and on and approached and then

engulfed the quivering blond's breasts and nipples, which were 

rigid and darkening from the effects of the attention being plied

upon her by the leather clad Mistress Marla. 


Master Paul step out from under the hanging, spread and bound 

Linda and, grasping her hair in His left hand, raised her head 

upward and backward until she was facing the leather clad 

Mistress and her now screaming begging blond charge. 


"There, my lovely slave, is where I shall shortly have YOU.......

.........spread and stretched before ME.....screaming for MY 

attentions and YOUR pleasure.........does my slave 'look forward'

to HER Master's 'attentions' in the rams and blocks?" 


"YYYYYYEEEESSSSS MASTER!"......came the reply as the bound and 

suspended body shivered and rippled before Him in the wide spread

'kneeling trays'........"Oh, yyyyeeeesss, MMMMAAAASSSTTTEEERRR!"


"Now, MY little satisfied and bound is your turn to

please ME............" and He released the hair and let her head

fall back down as He retrieved the control and lowered her until

her three wet orifices were aligned with His now rigid member, 

encased in street clothes, still. He slowly walked over to the

leather bench and carefully undressed, placing each article of

removed clothing on the bench, until, He was naked and ready. 


"Over in the corner, Master Paul, you will find a leather vest 

and a pair of leather pants specially made for you, I believe"  

..... Mistress Marla shouted above the screaming and begging

blond's voice which now filled the room with familiar and

pleasing sounds to His trained and accustomed ears. "They are a

'gift' from your new slave, MASTER....." Marla shouted to Him. 


He walked over to the corner and took the two black leather 

articles off their hooks.  As He returned to the bench, He sensed

that He was being carefully watched and looked over toward the 

swaying Linda. The brown eyes met His as the smiling, cherubic 

face tilted toward Him. She never spoke a word. The eyes and the

gentle, knowing smile said it all.......more than words ever 

could or would. 


Deftly, He stepped into the long legged leather pants and secured

them around His waist. Looking downward, He saw that His new 

slave had thought well of her own pleasure and the potential of 

it from HER NEW MASTER. The entire crotch of the pants was

missing and His manhood stuck rigidly outward and ready to 'take'

His slave. He chuckled, turned toward Linda and saw the wide 

grin and the loving, caressing eyes tell Him she understood. He

grabbed the vest and while walking back over to her amidst the 

rising, pleasure filled, begging screams of the now bucking and 

raging blond, slipped the vest on and left it open. The black 

leather vest hung from His shoulders as He approached Linda, who

had dutifully and submissively lowered her head and her eyes as 

HER MASTER advanced toward her. 


Standing in front of the swaying, sweating, anticipating and 

shivering Linda, Master Paul reached downward and grasped the wet

chestnut colored hair before Him, on either side of the down 

turned head and drew her head backward, once more. As the face 

rose to stand opposite the open leather pants and the vertically

projecting rigid male member, a soft pink tongue slowly appeared

from between tender red lips and slowly licked around and around

and around an ever widening, toothless mouth. He could hear the 

sighs coming from the opening mouth as the tongue swept around 

and around and around in anticipation of what was to come. 


" submissive, seeking slave.......tell me

what it is that you want from YOUR MASTER..........." 


The eyes remained closed as the low, sexy voice began the litany

that was to become SO FAMILIAR in the days, weeks, months and 

years that would follow this night and many others........ 


"If MY MASTER pleases that it be so.......THE LAST MASTER OF THE

RINGS and the PROUD owner of 'linda'.........the LAST TRUE AND


...I would give thee pleasure, MY MASTER......" 


The sweeping tongue resumed and extended, ever inviting and ever

beckoning Him to the citadel of wet and complete attention that

His new slave held in wait for her Master.....her ONLY Master and

as she had so plainly stated it, THE LAST MASTER OF THE RINGS. 


Slowly, He moved forward between the grasping arms that held His

hands locked tightly in the wet hair, but stopping short of the 

seeking tongue and lips and holding the head and wildly seeking 

mouth just fractions of an inch out of range. 


"Beg me, my slave bitch........tell me what YOU will do for YOUR

MASTER if He grants you this favor to give Him pleasure and



"please.......MMMMAAAASSSTTTTEEERRRRR! Please place MY MASTER in

my mouth so that I may give Him pleasures such as He has never 

had before....please MASTER let me tend to your needs and give 




The eyes never opened and the head was held just out of range as

He let her continue to beg and to plead with Him. Finally,

slowly, he drew the seeking tongue and open, ovaled mouth forward

to make contact with Him. The tongue first swept over the rigid 

round tip and licked slowly back and forth underneath in the most

sensitive area, alternating between withdrawing and sliding

across the slit on the tip and then back underneath to lave and



Neither of them seemed to be in a hurry as she carefully and 

increasingly alternated back and forth with the flicking, laving

tongue as the blond's pleas and screams and beggings keened

through the dimly red lit room. He watched her body, suspended

from above and spread naked in the trays before Him, shiver and

ripple in anticipation and hunger. Her hands, extending out from

under the broad leather strap and it's anchored D-Ring, slowly

clenched and released as she laved and licked and serviced HER

MASTER, inviting Him ever onward and inward to take His pleasure

from her talented and trained mouth and tongue.....a mouth that

contained no teeth....a mouth that HER MASTER owned.......a mouth

and tongue that slowly now withdrew as the ever more hungry and

urgent voice began, once again, to slowly and lowly address Him

with the respect and the honor only HIS SLAVE could give Him....


"Please MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRRR.....please feed your hungry slave....

....please let your slave feed upon HER MASTER and give Him




Slowly, carefully, He drew the ovaled sheath of the wet lips, 

below, over the length of the ever more rigid shaft as He felt 

the tongue slowly, then faster and faster, circle the advancing

shaft. Then, effortlessly and slowly; then faster and faster, He

began advancing and retreating the mouth, lips and tongue with

the tightened fists in the ever wettening hair as He listened to

the snorting breath of the straining slave and felt the hot air

hit Him below. As He increased the tempo and tightened the fists

in her hair, rocking her back and forth over the length of Him,

He listened to her moan and smelled the rising sexual fever in

her. The strapped down arms and hands tightened as she clenched

the hands into fists and bore down on the "best part of HER

Master" with everything she had.......licking, sucking, laving

and alternately tightening and loosening her lips and gums...

...milking HER Master....and seeking to be fed, once more. 


As He rose to "fly" with her, pistoning in and out of the wildly

servicing and highly pleasing mouth, He drew her deeper and

deeper onto Him, where the muscles in her throat began to add to

His pleasure as the now supersensitized tip alternately entered 

and retreated from the deepest part of His slave's attentions.  

As the boiling, creamy culmination of His pleasure rose from the

twin sacks below and traveled outward toward His ever hungering 

slave's seeking, sucking, laving, licking and contracting and 

loosening mouth, tongue, lips and throat, she felt the rising

tide and swiftly dammed down upon Him with lips and gums and held

Him in check, building His pleasure to intolerable levels as He 

spasmed and gasped for release. 


As swiftly as the 'lock' had been placed upon Him, it was 

released, and the moaning sound in her throat was replaced by the

sound of hungry gulping and the cheeks of her mouth suctioned 

inward as she sought to devour HER Master's new feeding of her. 

The ritual went on for many long and pleasure filled seconds as

she passionately and completely drained every drop of Her

Master's 'seed' from Him and devoured it dutifully and hungrily,

trackingit into her quivering belly. 


When it was over and His climax had subsided, some MINUTES later,

He slowly pushed her away and back along the rigid shaft; ever so

slowly and ever so carefully to allow her to lick and clean Him 

slowly and carefully along His entire length. As the tip exited 

from the mouth, a low voice, fully satisfied, said........ 

"Thank you, Master........the last proud and only slave of THE 


PAUL....for feeding my Master 'pleasured' 

sufficiently or does he require His slave to attend to his 

servicing some more?".........and the tongue resumed it's initial

tracking back and forth under the still VERY sensitive head and

up through the slit on the tip and then back, below. He stood

there,  holding her hair and letting her lick and tease Him

outrageously and continuously for several more minutes, her eyes

closed, still, and her breath still panting as the pink tongue

laved and loved Him outrageously and continuously until he could

stand it no more and retreated from her range and let her head

lower where he released her hair and stepped backward still



As Master Paul gazed upon the suspended, bound and naked form of

His now well fed slave, He thought of the many things He would 

'visit' upon this hungry bitch slave of His before the night 

faded into daylight outside. Here in this dimly lit dungeon of an

accomplished and obviously wealthy Mistress, He would teach His

new slave to behave as He wished and would train her to His every

willful wish and pleasure. Here, He would develop a routine for 

her to follow in approaching Him. Here, He would show her the 

proper positions for submission before Him and the wisdom and 

practicality of them as well. 


And, here, this night and in the morning, would He teach her of 

"SEVENS" and the variation of His position for her, before him, 

for receiving "SEVENS". Here, in the seconds and minutes and 

hours to come, He would extract obedience from her as he trained

her to HIS WAYS for all time and eternity. When this night and 

this day were through, THE LAST PROUD SLAVE OF THE LAST PROUD 


question in all things, forever more, having learned the 

consequences of disobedience and the terror of that punishment

in real fear and real punishments of a set and standard nature. 


Perhaps, if there were time, He would show her the SEVEN-FIVE-

SEVEN punishment He would visit upon her if she dared to ever

reject or refuse Him while before Him. But especially, this

night, and this coming day, would He describe to her the

Penthouse and the coming fitting for all of her leather garb and

bondage gear and how they were to be used upon her. 


He knew He would drive her WILD with hunger as He described and 

demonstrated what was to come over the days, weeks and months

ahead. It was her very nature to rise upward and fly in sexual

frenzy as He spoke to her of such things. Many times, already, He

had watched her rise to the command of His voice and the siren

song that brought her wet submissions before Him. For Linda...

..."linda"... ...the slave of Master Paul....needed only His

voice to begin her flight into their realm, and they both knew it

 well.....VERY WELL.  So well could He do this that she would

NEVER AGAIN ever dare wear slacks or shorts in public with

Him.....for to do so would be a supreme embarrassment to her,

with an ever wet crotch and legs exposed to all who could see

them and the results of HER MASTER'S VOICE upon her, every time

He spoke to her. 


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