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Archive-name: Slaves/lind205.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life

Part 2 - Chapter 5 




Paul sat in the dark corner booth in the back of the Lounge and 

watched Linda's husband and his friends over in the seats at the of which was his favorite seat when Linda was

dancing. As he surveyed the scene and took note of the burly

construction types with Johnny, he saw the dark haired statuesque

woman in the black leather outfit come out of the dancers'

dressing room. She walked briskly across the back of the Lounge

room and approached Paul's booth purposefully. 


"Hi, Paul! I'm Marla. Linda tells me that you and I have a 

'mutual interest' in her." 


"Oh? While you're sitting down, how about explaining that?" 


"I have a better idea, Paul. How about you and I taking a walk 

outside and a short ride so I can show you some things I think 

you might be interested in.....just show, Paul...JUST SHOW!!!" 


"What do you have in mind, Marla. I'd sort of like to stay here 

and watch Linda dance." 


"We can do that later, Paul. I promised Linda I'd drive you over

to my place and show you something she and I own together." 


"Such as?" 


"I don't want to talk about it here Paul.....drink up and let's

go......I told Linda we'd be back in an hour or then

the 'little, smug asshole' and his rowdy buddies will be gone...

I hope!", Marla said, tilting her head toward the bar and Johnny

and his friends. 


Downing his J&B on the rocks and leaving a five on the table, 

Paul got up and followed Marla from the back of the Lounge out 

through the front door. 


Marla turned toward him when they were outside and extended her 

right hand, saying, "I'm MISTRESS MARLA, Paul.....MASTER PAUL...

.....and it appears that Linda.......SLAVE our shared

'charge' and mutual 'plaything'". 


Paul looked into her cold, calculating face and deep and even

colder cat green eyes,......and then he smiled and said, "Well

I'll be damned! So Linda has a MISTRESS, does she?". 


"Uh, Huh.....a DAMN GOOD ONE, Paul....MASTER PAUL! Let's take 

your car, shall we? We're going to my place." 


They walked over to the Lincoln Town Car, parked in the back of 

the lot, where Paul opened the door for Marla and she got in and

smiled up at him as he closed the door. 


After he got into the car, started it and had driven out of the 

shopping center parking lot, Marla said "Linda is really

'thunderstruck' by you, MASTER PAUL. She's thinking about little

else but you lately, big, mean, Master!" 


"Yah, I kinda gathered that was the case, Marla....MISTRESS 

MARLA! And I also have a feeling that hubby has gotten the 

'message' somehow, also?" 


"You're right; he has! Linda generally tells him everything, ONE

WAY OR ANOTHER......almost always. He's good at getting it out of

her, Paul." 


"Mind telling me 'how' and 'why'?" 


"No, not at all. She either tells him or when he finds out by 

himself, those guys who were with him tonight take Linda 

downstairs in their basement and strap her into what Johnny 

refers to as 'Linda's fucking machine', after which they take 

turns ass and cunt fucking her while she sucks another one of 

them off. Johnny watches. I have a key to their house. After we 

get done at my place we'll take a drive over to their house and 

I'll show you it and explain how it works. Before they strap her

into the 'machine', Johnny always makes her dance for them and 

strip naked in preparation for the machine. That sometimes can 

go on for and hour before they get around to 'saddling up'. 

Linda says she hates it because it's so demeaning and they're so

rough with her.......but I think other wise, Paul." 


Paul sat there behind the wheel and mulled over what Marla had 

just told him. He had suspected that Johnny was a little, shall 

we say, 'unusual', but the son of a bitch was turning out to be a

14 karat shit! "Fucking Machine, eh?" Paul thought to himself. "I

wonder how often that happens to her?" he said out loud. 


"Not very often, Paul......she really does HATE it....the whole 

sick scene........but only because it's in their home and because

Tamara is almost always there when they take 'mommy' to the 

basement and lock the basement door. Tamara can hear them in the

basement but she can't see what they are doing. She asks Linda 

lots of questions about it, though...later." 


"That's SICK, Marla!" 


"Uh, Huh....I agree....but that's the "price" Linda's going to 

pay for messing with you every time Johnny catches her at it and

she hasn't told him about it." 


"Has she told him yet?" 




"Think she will?" 




"Think he'll find out?" 


"Yup! He suspects something NOW! But he's not sure. He brought 

those rowdy sons a bitches with him tonight to the Lounge to 

'remind' her a bit. She's a wreck. Especially since she saw you 

in there when they came in. I agreed to get you out of there so 

she wouldn't be tempted to dance in any special way like she's 

been doing for you lately." 


"You know about THAT, Marla? How?" 


"I was in the Lounge one night when you two were 'going at it' 

hot and heavy and saw the, shall we say, 'attraction' between

you.  I can't say that I either approve or disapprove. Right now

I'm a little jealous about it all." 


"I don't think I even have to comment on that 'jealous' thing, do

I, Marla?" 


"Nope! But I'm going to fix that, TONIGHT, so we are sort of 

'partners' instead of competitors, MASTER PAUL (with emphasis). 

That way, I can cover for her all the time because Johnny 

approves of ME and she can always say she's at my place. He knows

she has to have what she has to have. He just wants only certain

'types' giving it to her. You don't qualify, Paul. Not in

Johnny's book you don't!" 


"Why's that?" 


"You're male, pal. No male messes with her without permission..

...except the Lounge Crowd.......and then only because Johnny has

aspirations of becoming a mafioso type.....that and the fact that

he's scared shitless of them. He'll let that 'ride'. But you? NO

WAY, JOSE'!!! If he finds out, she'll spend the night in the

basement getting screwed half to death while he watches.  Over

and over again. And she knows its coming if she gets 'caught'

with you." 


"Well I'll be Goddamned! No wonder she's been so damn skittish

and half in a panic. She NEVER told ME!!!" 


"No, and she probably still won't....that's why you and I are 

going for this you know the 'score' and play it 

'safe' for her sake." 


"'Safe' meaning I quit seeing her and 'playing with her', Marla?"


"No way.........MASTER Paul!!!! No fuckin way! She made her 

choice the first time she saw you in that crumby Lounge. She just

wants you to understand the 'score' and not take stupid chances 

that will get her half fucked to death again." 


"It's happened before, I take it?" 


"Yup, a few times. Not many, but a few. She got it because of



"I thought you said he didn't mind WOMEN messing with her?" 


"He doesn' long as she tells him before she does 

it....she forgot that little detail in my case....and got worked

over for two nights and a day. They started on her at 3AM on a 

Saturday morning and kept it up until 8AM Sunday Morning. Then 

Johnny made her take Tamara to church down the street at 10AM." 


"Real cute.....real damn cute! The guy must be a real son of 

bitch, Marla?" 


"He is THAT....but he loves her in his own way." 


"What's Linda got to say about all this?" 


"Not much......Johnny has pulled her out of some real 

jams.....she loves him in a wierd sort of way.....but she gets 

really sick of his grab ass tactics and all of his crooked 

dealing and stuff....on top of the basement sessions." 


"I take it she's a 'sex object' or 'show piece' for him with his

friends and that he's into some illegal stuff?" 


"Uh, huh....he runs drugs....little shit......and he steals quite

a bit. And, DEFINITELY, Johnny 'shows Linda off' to all his

buddies.  He calls her "his own private, toothless, dancing

whore' in front of them. She hates THAT most of all...especially

when he starts grabbing her ass, petting her crotch or squeezing

her tits in front of them." 


"Hummmmmm, I see.........has she got any way of getting out of 

all that shit, Marla?" 


"Yup....she sure does! You're looking at half of her 'out' and

the other half you look at every morning in the mirror!" 


"I somehow was afraid that was what you were going to say. Why me

and why you?" 


"First, Linda can 'get her rocks off' playing with you and me. 

She doesn't have to 'go hunting' any more or run away from 

'home'. Second, she thinks she just might be able to get out of 

the Lounge and get an honest job if she tries, though I doubt 

that like hell. She can't type, can't take shorthand and she 

doesn't have a high school diploma. Getting a GOOD job will be 

damn tough for her to do, given that set of problems. And, third,

she thinks that because you are, shall we say 'well to do', you 

might be able to help her by giving her advice, perhaps loaning 

her a few bucks and helping her get a GOOD job." 


Paul sat and let the words run around in his head for a while. 

"Had, again!" he thought. Before he could say it....though he 

probably wasn't going to say it to Marla, Marla said: 


"Those are my words and my analyses, Paul. Linda won't tell you 

any of that and won't ask you. But I think I know her well enough

to know what she's hoping for from you. If you can't 'deliver' on

points two and three she's still going to take point one and 

enjoy it for all it's worth....which, in her case, is a lot....a

real bunch." 


"Hummmmmm, and if I don't come across with points two and three 

I'm no better than her Goddamn husband....RIGHT, Marla?" 


"You said it, pal....I didn't! And Linda will never say it....but

she may, eventually, think it!" 


"Thanks....I needed that! A whole bunch, Marla." 


"Yah, well need or not, you got it.....turn here and pull in the

drive next to the big stone house with the all

the way back to the attached garage....I've got the garage door 

opener in my purse."  


Paul did as she said, noting that these were old, turn of the 

century houses in a special part of town, which was pretty run 

down but on the agenda of a few civic organizations and the city

to become a classic "remodeling and restoration" area for 

"historical homes". As he drove the Lincoln up into the drive and

toward the garage he marveled at the pure size and masonry work 

of 'Marla's House'. "This your place, Marla?", he asked. 


" and the damn it?" 


"I love it! It has class and character!" 


Laughing, Marla pulled the garage door opener out of her purse 

and hit the button while saying "That ain't all you're going to 

'love' about this place, M-A-S-T-E-R PAUL (long heavy emphasis)!

The 'inside' of my 'castle' every bit lives up to the promises it

makes on the outside.....IF YOU ARE AN INQUISITOR OR A WILLING 




Paul let that ride as the car rolled into the garage and he 

braked to a stop. The garage door closed behind them with a soft

'thud'. Marla got out of the car and started to walk around to 

his side as he shut off the engine, put the car in park and set 

the brake. She opened the door and bowed at the waist, saying: 




SUBMISSIVES!  You are the FIRST enter this

gray stone container of screams and moans.........follow me!" 


Marla walked over to a long sloping ramp leading into what seemed

to be the basement of the house......a ramp that had an I-Beam 

trolley above it from the garage down into the basement.......a 

beam system that ended about at the back door of Paul's Lincoln.

He followed her down the ramp to a huge wooden door that was 

swinging open, seemingly all on it's own. As they walked through

the open door a second door a few feet ahead began to open as the

one behind swung shut with a very final 'thump'.  


As the second door moved sideways, sliding on apparent rollers, 

Paul heard a faint, quivering voice begin begging plaintively: 


"Oh, please MISTRESS...........PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!! It hurts 



As Paul's eyes became accustomed to the glowing infrared like 

light he saw a white X-Shaped form in the middle of the 

room....the source of the pleas........quivering in mid-air. 

There, before his adjusting eyes, hung a well built, sweating, 

blonde haired obvious 'victim' of Mistress Marla'a 

'attentions', suspended from blocklike objects that enclosed her

wrists and hands. She was spread hugely open by similar block

like objects that encased her feet and ankles. From the nipple on

each breast a wire angled upward over a two small pulleys and

then downward to what looked like small and numerous weights

attached to the end of the wire. A huge shaft of some sort angled

up from the floor and into the split cheeks of the pleading

blonde slave's behind where it was obviously buried in her rectum

to the hilt and held her somewhat back so she was impaled and

stretching against the shaft in a forward direction. The nipple

wires had a similar effect, but in the opposite direction....



Marla strode forward to the tortured blonde and slipped a black 

leather gloved hand into her spread, empty and wet pussy..... 

....wet, Paul could see, from the faint red beads of light around

it. "You may 'hurt', bitch.......but you are also enjoying it....

......AREN'T YOU.....SLAVE WHORE??? AREN'T YOU???? BITCH!!!!" 


The quivering voice gasped "yyyyeeeessss, MISTRESS........I LOVE



As his eyes became still more accustomed to the glowing red 

light, Paul saw the red stripes all over the body and limbs of 

the quivering blonde slave stretched and impaled and sweating 

before his eyes. Her thighs and belly and breasts were 

particularly and heavily striped. As Paul strode around the 

suspended, spread and impaled beauty....and she was THAT...a REAL

BEAUTY......he saw that her head back position was caused by a 

strong black strap running from a large ring into which her long

hair had been braided downward to encircle the shaft that split 

her ass cheeks and back up to attach to the ring in her hair. 


The blonde shivered and moaned loudly as Marla continued to play

with her pussy with one hand and to slap her stretched breasts 

with the other gloved hand. 


"Well....MASTER PAUL (with vehement exclamation)? How do you 

like my 'torture chamber' and my latest 'learning slave'?



"How long's she been suspended that way, MARLA?", Paul asked. 


"MISTRESS MARLA!!!!" She sneered back. "HERE, I AM SUPREME AND I

AM........MISTRESS........IN FRONT OF A SLAVE.....MY SLAVE..... 

.....MASTER PAUL (same vicious tone)!!!!" 


" long?" 


"Just since I left for the Lounge.....about an hour 

ago......she's just getting 'warmed up', Master Paul.......she 

can take a lot more than this....AND WANTS IT.....don't you,



A faint "yes mistress" gurgled from the upturned quivering face 

and head, followed by a low rising groan and then a wild begging

scream.  As Paul walked all the way around the suspended,

sweating blonde slave he realized that she was actually standing

in the blocks that encased her feet and ankles and was not

genuinely suspended by her hands and wrists. He bent down and

examined the blocks and saw that they were mounted on pipe

stanchions, actually hydraulic ram arms coming out of steel

cylinders in the floor. He stood up and looked at the hand and

wrist encasing blocks and realized that they, similarly, were

attached to the same sort of hydraulic steel ram arms coming down

from the ceiling and hydraulic tubes up there. The sweating, now

screaming slave was anchored but not suspended at the ends of the

four inventive shining steel pistons. 


"You like those 'little beauties'....MASTER PAUL? I suspect 

Linda has told you about those things and the custom casted 

rubber hand and foot blocks that Alex's friends used on her and 

her 'sisters' in Mexico, hasn't she?" 


"No, as a matter of fact, she hasn't." 


"Get her to tell you THAT tale some day, MASTER'll

make your balls shrivel up and your cock spit for a week!!! I

can't believe she hasn't told you about the castle down in Mexico

and the "Training Amphitheater"............where these little 

hydraulic gems were the focal point of the place and the reason 

why literally hundreds of otherwise normal women agreed to do 

ANYTHING their MASTERS asked of them once they'd watched one of 

their 'SISTERS' 'treated' to a 'session' in the 'Ram Pit'. Oh, 

well....she probably will get around to telling you some day. 

Ingenuous, aren't they?" she asked as she reached over a flicked

something with her right hand. 


The shaft stuffed between the blonde's ass cheeks slipped 

downward toward the floor and came out of her rectum with a

'pop'.  Another few flicks of the right hand and the lower rams

moved downward toward the floor and the upper ones rose toward

the ceiling as the now bucking and screaming naked blond slave 

begged and pleaded and literally screamed her lungs out.  


As Paul watched, the red tinted beads of sweat increased in 

number and the screams nearly deafened him.....and the rams moved

slowly upward and downward, pulling the sagging, bucking slave 

into an upright and stretched 'X' position with the now freed 

head shaking violently back and forth in a wild body language 

expression of the screaming "no's" echoing around the 'torture 



The arms and legs stretched taut and the strain was evident.  

With each passing second the white, sweating, stretched body 

became more rigid and stretched. And then the rams stopped. 


"You fucking whore!!!!...........this is 

NOTHING...nothing at all!!! Tonight you will know what REAL PAIN

is, my pretty slave!!!! REAL PAIN!!! Here, MASTER PAUL (same 

sneering tone), make the bitch 'appreciate' a MASTER'S TOUCH!", 

as Marla threw him a leather cat of nine tails that had obviously

been used before on the stretched, screaming slave. 


Paul cringed at the thought of whipping this stretched column of

pure pain and suffering.....and Marla sneered "what's wrong,

MASTER?  Afraid to 'HURT' the bitch? DO IT.....she LOVES IT!!! DO



He walked behind the taut white sweating 'X' that was still 

screaming wildly and lashed her across the cheeks of her ass. 

The screams rose and then 'broke' into a strangled, gasping



"AGAIN!!!! And this time....HARDER and CONTINUOUSLY........WHIP 


And listen to her......LISTEN.....CAREFULLY!!!!" 


Paul resumed the whipping, lashing sideways and continuously from

the knees up to the shoulders and back down.........trying not to

hit too hard but still be convincing.........Marla strode around

the now hoarse and gurgling slave, snatched the cat out of Paul's

hand and began laying the whip on with what seemed like all her 

strength.....the screams came back and rose higher and higher....

.....until, finally, with a quick upward slash, Marla shot the 

nine tails straight up between the blonde screamer's wide spread

legs and repeated the process five more times in quick



The screams abruptly stopped on about the third stroke between 

the outstretched legs and the almost totally hoarse voice lowly 



"Ohhhhhh, yyyyyyeeeeessssss MMMMMIIIISSSSTTTTRRRREEEESSSSSS......


and continued onward as the last three were delivered up the 

spread wet valley to splat across the quivering belly.....and 

when the last of the six had been delivered.....the.......low 

voice rose in pitch and intensity and begged for STILL MORE.... 



I'm mistress......please more.......please..."

and then died away to soft sobs. 


"See,......MASTER (sneeringly, again)? She loves it and she wants

MORE....much more! Would you like to 'finish her'? Hummmmmm?" 


Marla walked around to the control column for the rams and 

flicked the switches......the upper rams began to move downward 

as the arms moved backward and the shiny shafts began to angle 

ever so slightly........the process continued until the still 

stretched and quivering, sobbing blonde slave was angled at 

about forty five degrees, backward and then Marla released the 

switches. She walked around to Paul and thrust her hand between 

his legs and felt him......"You're ready.....fuck her.....go 

ahead and fuck her while I finish her off......." 


Paul walked around in front of the sobbing, sweating, stretched 

blonde slave and unbuckled and unzipped his pants and dropped 

them to the floor, followed by his boxer shorts. Stepping out of

them he strode forward and without otherwise touching the spread

sobbing woman he thrust himself deep into her and began fucking 

her. Marla began, simultaneously, whipping her wire stretched

breasts and nipples...........methodically but not savagely, this

time......the sobbing ceased and low, keening scream of pure

pleasure arose from the quivering vocal cords and gurgled forth

from the open, gasping mouth. 


As Paul plunged in an out of the wet, slurping sucking hole he 

began to feel it contract and release him with each stroke and 

then after about a dozen strokes with the 'cat' he felt the 

muscles in the slave's cunt tighten down on him and heard the 

wild screams and moans of a total orgasm take over. The orgasm 

continued, along with the whip strokes across the breasts and 

nipples as he sawed in and out of the tightening pussy to a 

climax and shot the climaxing blonde slave full of cum...... 

......he continued for several minutes afterward, fucking the 

moaning and satisfied still orgasming slave........still feeling

her muscles gripping him tightly.....and then pulled out and 

backed away..........which brought another long string of pleas 

and begging and moaning for Mistress Marla to make him "fuck me"

........until they died away into a gurgling moan. 


Paul retrieved his shorts and pants and redressed. Marla came 

around beside him and put her hand on his shoulder.  

"Satisfied, MASTER PAUL? You could fuck her for hours on end that

way and I could whip her tits off and she'd still beg for more 

and keep coming.........she wasn't always that way.....but after

a little training on my part........she developed a very high 

tolerance for pain and a very strong 'need' to be climaxed 

continuously. Normally, I use a dildo on her and plug her ass 

with another one while I simultaneously whip her. Neat, huh?" 


She flicked the switches and the blonde moved back into the 

position she was in when Paul walked into this 'torture chamber'

in the basement of an old victorian castle of a house. Marla 

replaced the shaft in the blonde's ass and drew the head backward

with the strap. She walked over to the dangling nipple weights 

and added to them so the nipples stretched upward and forward 

even more. Paul watched it all and watched his cum dribble out of

the still contracting pussy and down the profusely sweating 

blonde's legs. 


"How long are you going to leave her that way, Mistress Marla?" 


"All night and part of tomorrow...........when we bring Linda 

back here later tonight, they can keep each other company.....

perhaps even sing a few duets for us before the night's over" 


Paul shivered, just thinking about Linda going through this and 

perhaps more, but he said nothing. Marla took him on a guided 

tour of the dungeon or torture chamber as she called it and 

showed him literally dozens of devices and 'systems' designed 

specifically and exclusively for the 'torturing' of the female 

of the species. The collection was unbelievable and so were the

restraints....all made of black leather, softened with linseed 

oil and supple. Then Marla took him to a corner of the room and 

flip a wall switch and showed him a hoisting mechanism consisting

of a cable and hook that allowed her to move a bound slave 

upward or downward from floor to floor in the three story 

victorian castle like home, complete with trap doors on each 

floor. He listened as she explained that she had borrowed that 

idea, also, from Linda's description of Master Chris' setup in 

Parkersburg. This time, Paul lied and said he knew about THAT. 


They went upstairs and Marla gave him a tour of the otherwise 

normal looking house.............except, for the trap doors, or

so it seemed. After she had worked him all the way up to the

Master Bedroom and shown him that, she asked him: 


"Would you believe that there are presently nine.....count em

....NINE slaves in this house besides the one you fucked in the



He shook his head 'no' and Marla walked over to a set of wall 

switches and knobs on a panel by the huge king sized bed. She 

flicked the switch and the bed rose slowly upward and began to 

rotate until the underside, rotating up toward him, revealed a 

petite naked brunette strapped eloquently and tightly to the 

underside, fully gagged, blindfolded and quivering in her 

stringent bondage. Marla pointed downward at the floor under the

bed as the mattress and box springs completed their 'flip' 

leaving the bound little beauty face upward. There, on the floor,

beneath the bed, were what looked like two breast cups and a 

strange looking thing about where the brunette's pussy would be 

when she was face down under the bed against the floor. Marla 

walked back to the switch and played with the controls. Shafts 

rose and rotated and pistoned back and forth from the pussy 

centered device.....and the rims of the breast cups contracted 

as small needle like devices appeared from nowhere all along the

interior surface of the cups. 


"This is how I amuse myself and prepare my 'nightcap' before I go

to sleep, Master Paul!" She flipped the switches and rotated the

small brunette slave strapped to the bed back into her original

position and gave a couple of the switches a slight flick and a

little twist on several knobs. Paul heard a low gurgling sound

coming from under the bed. "May as well start warming the bitch

up for later!  You may get horny when we get back here with



As they walked back through each room, Marla, through the 

flipping of switches and rotating of knobs, disclosed eight more

naked, bound, gaged and blindfolded slaves, all female and all 

uniquely imprisoned in what looked like a very "normal" house... by room. One of them was in a state of exhaustion because

Marla had left her dildo's running at high speed and her breast

stimulators and nipple suckers running the same way.....she was

totally fucked out and limp. He helped Marla take her out of the

contraption and put her on the hoist that sent her to the

basement, which it turned out, had several 'holding cells' that

were padded on all the walls, ceiling a floor. When they got

back to the basement, Marla carried the exhausted slave to a pure

white padded cell, laid her on the floor and slammed and locked 

the door. 


Paul couldn't resist........he had to ask her........"are all 

these lovely ladies here of their own free will and accord, 

Marla....or are you holding them captive?" 


"Only the blonde on the 'rams' is here, kind of against her will.

Her lover, the brunette under the bed upstairs, brought her to me

for, shall we say, 'training'. She wanted a submissive 'partner'

she could watch submitting and make love to knowing that she had

the same desires and needs. I obliged." 


"And the blonde (glancing over at the suspended, ram held still 

dripping sweating slave in the center of the basement 'torture

room') is about 'ready', I presume?" 


"Oh hell no! But now I can let the two of em go 'home' and 

they'll come back when I call them or if they want to 'play' with

me. But she is a long way from being submissive enough. That will

take weeks and maybe months more......for her to get to where 

Linda is, for example." 


"And where, pray tell, IS Linda in this thing? Just how far along

is she." 


Marla grinned at Paul and said "You mean you don't KNOW? You 

really don't know, Paul? Linda is the STAR ATTRACTION in my

STABLE.  You could punish her to death and she'd love it......

...put her in the rams, for example, and pull her apart......and

all she'd do is cum 'til she died. She is the 'model' and the

instigator of all this......AND, SHE IS THE ONE WHO DESIGNED MOST



Paul shook his head and asked, "How in the hell could you afford

all this stuff? It had to cost tens of thousands of dollars." 


"It did....INDEED....IT DID!!! But, I had a rich

mother and father were wealthy as shit......until the day they 

died in a plane crash. As the only child, I got it all. To 

supplement the investments I have from that inheritance, I 

occasionally take on an 'errant young lady', and a few older 

ones, who, for various reasons, need training and taught to be 

properly submissive. It pays VERY VERY WELL, Paul.......

Excellent! That's how I did it and continue to do it." 


"Aren't you afraid of somehow, shall we say, 'getting caught'." 


"Not really. I trained some cops' wives and girl friends. WELL! 

Gave em back a submissive woman that would fuck em and suck em 

for hours on end and play 'bondage games' with em 'til hell 

freezes over. The 'ladies' and their husbands or boy friends 

don't know where this place is and have never seen the road to it

or away from it. Later tonight, I'll show you how I do that using

Linda. The trolley from the garage to the cellar is a small part

of it. That's why I wanted your car instead of mine, tonight,

Paul.  Here, help me carry this thing back up to the car.....I

don't want to fuck with the trolley....we're late as it is,



And with that, they picked up a strange 'trays and spreader rods'

device and lugged it out of the basement torture room and up to 

the car where Marla placed it in the center of the back seat of 

the Lincoln. They got in the car and Marla opened the garage door

as Paul backed out and down the drive to the street, heading for

Linda's house, as Marla had promised. As they drove away, Paul 

asked Marla, "Am I the first man to ever see your 'slave castle',



"No....but you are the first one to know where, exactly, it's 

located and the first to see, almost everything in it." 




"Later, MASTER'll get to see it ALL! That

I promise. That's what Linda wants. She wants to be there when 

you do. I don't think you could quite handle the few things I 

didn't show you unless she was there, demonstrating them for you.

She is only one of three submissives who can tolerate that much,

shall we say, 'submission', to make it palatable, eh?" 


Paul shivered and drove on toward Linda and Johnny's house, 

wondering what the hell he had really gotten into by messing with

Linda. He was sure he would find out before the night was over...

...damn sure of it! 


As he drove across the south end of town in the Lincoln Town Car

with Marla on board, Paul reflected on the facts about Linda he 

presently knew for sure. He was beginning to see a pattern to 

the people Linda "played with" and had recognized Linda's 

skillful hands and wild submissive's imagination in all that he 

saw at Marla's "Castle". The equipment and layouts were indi-

cative of things he had heard straight from Linda's mouth while

she was "flying" bound down on his lap. He knew, absolutely KNEW,

that Marla's place had been designed and perhaps built by the

"chief submissive" in Marla's "stable", NOT MARLA. And he had a 

suspicion that what he was about to see at Linda's home would be

no different in that respect. 


Paul wheeled the big car around the turn onto Linda's street and

park across the street and six houses beyond, just to be safe. 

Marla got out and walked across the street, down six houses and 

up onto the front door. She rang the bell and waited....a long 

time. No answer. She fumbled with her purse and took out a key 

which she used to let herself in. A few minutes later she came 

out on the porch and waved to Paul to come in with her. 


Paul got out of the car, locked the doors and shut them and then

walked down the street and into the house behind Marla. As he 

entered he noted that the place was only "so-so" comfort wise and

not very well kept up. Marla guided him to the kitchen and down 

through a door and a steep set of rickety stairs to the basement

which she had lighted somewhat, by turning on the stair light



"OK, sit down in the 'MASTER'S CHAIR', MASTER PAUL and let me 

demonstrate Linda's special 'misbehaving' punishment room for

you".  She walked to a panel on the wall and flipped a switch and

a set of colored lights came on and illuminated a dancer's

platform at the far end of the room. Carpeted, canopied and with

four side poles of some substance, one on each corner, running

floor to ceiling. 


"This is where Linda 'entertains' Johnny's 'friends' and her 

punishment sex machine types, Master Paul. Johnny has her start 

fully clothed the moment they bring her down here, dancing on the

stage. As she gets going, he has her shed all her clothes and 

dance for the guys to get both her and them horny and worked up.

She knows better than to refuse, because if she does refuse, she

gets bound to THIS and dry fucked for starters!!!" 


A spotlight came on and illuminated a rather huge, black, leather

covered 'saw horse' in the center of the room. Like a carpenter's

saw horse only bigger and specially made......leather covered 

with straps in various places. Two pairs of legs were adjustable

up and down, and stuck out at 45 degree angles from the top at

both ends down to the floor. Marla had him get up and come look

at the device, closely, as she explained it. Paul didn't think it

need explaining but he listened. 


"They put Linda on the top of this thing, face down, her head 

sticking over this end and her ass hanging off the back. Her arms

and legs are buckled down on the legs and the big wide leather 

strap in the middle is tightened down over her back to secure her

to the top horizontal 'bar', but it really isn't needed and 

neither are the arm straps, Master Paul." And with that 

statement, Marla took a pair of two to three foot long slender

stainless steel rods down from the wall and slid them through

holes in the top horizontal piece or bar at the back and the

front, crossways, and then she stood back. 


"The front rod is passed through Linda's nipple rings and through

the top of the "horse". The back rod is passed through two of 

Linda's four cunt rings and through the horse. Once 'in place', 

there is no way in the world she can get off the horse until 

someone withdraws the two rods. You will note the small holes in

each side of the rod at the edge of the 'horse'?" 


"Yes, Marla, I see them", Paul replied. 


"These small pad locks are passed through the holes in each rod 

on either side of the horse so that LINDA cannot withdraw the 

rods when her arms are not strapped to the legs. Neat, huh?" 


Paul did not respond. 


"Once she's, shall we say, 'attached', she can move her legs and

arms and head all she wants, but she cannot get up until 

'someone' unlocks and withdraws the rods. It's ingenious and 

terrifyingly EFFECTIVE. She is restrained by her sex organs only

and does not dare try to get off or to move her body to any

extent.  She simply has to lay there and accept whatever happens

to her, and A LOT 'HAPPENS'.....believe me it does!", Marla

exclaimed with a 'hiss'. 


"I'll bet it does," Paul said lowly and quietly almost under his



"If Johnny ever catches Linda messing with you, before she tells

him about you (and she won't tell him, Paul, that I KNOW!).....

he'll walk into the Lounge some night with his buddies from the

job and after she's through dancing they will hustle her out to

the car and bring her down here. When she's been made to dance to

a nude and aroused state after some 'hits' of Marijuana, and

maybe other shit, they'll lift her off the stage, lay her over

this baby, slip the rods in and lock em, and then 'go at her' all

night long and all the next day.....continuously.....three and

four at a time......while Johnny watches........mouth, ass, cunt,

armpits, hands.........the whole scene.........fucking her

continuously until she's exhausted and then some more and some 

more and still more!" 


"How in the hell do you know so much about this Marla? Hummmm?",

Paul queried her. 


"Because, a couple of times, Johnny invited me to watch the



"That's 'sick', Marla!!!" 


"Ummm, Hummmm.....and it's also FUN! The bitch hates this place 

but when she's wound up and running she 'performs' beautifully 

and continuously, taking everything they dish out and screaming 

for more until they 'overdo' it which they always do." 


Marla withdrew the rods and put them back and then shut off the 

lights on the stage and the horse and motioned to Paul to follow

her back upstairs, where, when he was back in the kitchen, she 

key-locked the basement door deadbolt. Paul followed her out of 

the house and she locked the front door deadbolt, too. 


Later, as they drove back toward the lounge, Paul asked Marla, 

"Do you honestly BELIEVE that Johnny 'invented, designed and 

built' that basement punishment room, Marla? Do you really?" 


"NOPE!....I KNOW THAT LINDA DID!!! Does that surprise you?" 


"No, it sure doesn't! NOTHING about Linda surprises me. I KNOW 

she COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY designed your place, didn't she?" 


"Uh, Huh....she sure did! And well, I might add! The 'lady' has 

been 'around' and she knows how to develop fear and anticipation

in submissives, being perhaps the most submissive and fearful of

them ALL, Paul!" 


"Is all that stuff from her memories and past, Marla.....or is 

it strictly a case of fantasy fulfillment?" 


"BOTH! I gather she has not told you ALL about her past, Paul,..



"That's correct....but ENOUGH.......enough for me to recognize 

some of the stuff at your place as well as in the basement back



"Has she mentioned Alex or told you about what he did to her and



"She's mentioned him, yes......but no details yet! Why?" 


"Get her to tell you about him and the way he did her.......make

her tell you about where he took her in Mexico and what she saw 

there......AND EXPERIENCED!!!! But make damn sure you can 'handle

it' before you get her going on that 'trip'. It's not very

'pretty' and if you aren't careful, she'll make you sick as hell

with that 'tale'......a true story, incidentally, from beginning

to end!!!"


"What's so sickening about it, Marla?" 


"You ask LINDA, Paul.....ASK HER!!!! Then decide for yourself 

what's 'sick' about it!....understand?" 


"No, I don't....but I'll 'ask' her....pointedly, OK?" 


"Uh, Huh.....say, let's stop at the Chinese Restaurant and get 

something to eat. I'm starved! You game?" 




"You know how to get there?" 


"Yup......Linda and I were there earlier tonight!" 


Marla smiled at him, knowingly, and patted him on the right 

shoulder, but said nothing. 


They stopped at the restaurant, ate two big dinners and

appetizers and about an hour and a half later drove back to the

Lounge.  Marla left him in the Lincoln Town Car in the back of

the parking lot and went inside. It was about 2:00AM. About

2:25AM, Marla came out of the Lounge front door with Linda

following along behind. As Paul watched them approach his car, he

noticed that Linda had her head lowered so her chin was on her

chest and was walking lock stepped and very submissively behind

Marla, who opened the back door of the Lincoln for Linda and

pointed for her to get in. Linda got in, sat down and said

nothing as Marla shut the door and walked around and got in

through the opposite back door. 


"OK, MASTER PAUL......let's take our misbehaving, slave bitch to

my place!...........Don't turn the interior lights on, MASTER 

PAUL...I have to get the bitch ready............OK, SLAVE...

STRIP!!!!.......NOW......GET IT ALL OFF.......then get on your

favorite device in your favorite position.........," MARLA

snarled out to Linda. 


Paul heard a long sigh followed by a weak "yes, Mistress" and 

heard the rustling of clothes and then heard Linda moving around

in the back seat. He looked up into the mirror and saw her 

kneeling on her knees, spread wide apart and placed in the two 

tray like arrangements of the device Marla had helped him carry 

out of the dungeon at her place and put on his back seat. Paul 

heard the sound of leather straps being buckled down and the 

sound made by a slave being ball gagged.......followed by low 

moans and gurgles and the sound of hands moving over flesh....a 

lot of such sounds.....and the moans grew deeper and more 

pronounced as he drove toward Marla's place. When they entered 

the driveway, Paul heard the garage door opener click in the back

seat and saw the doors rise. He drove in, parked the car, and 

turned off the engine. Marla told him to get out and go around to

the back door on the other side, as the garage door lowered and 

the lights in the garage came on in a dull red glow this time. 


Paul, trying to get accustomed to the low, faint red light, 

opened the back door and looked inside. There, on his back seat,

knelt a gagged and securely bound, naked and quivering Linda, 

'mounted' in the strange 'device' he and Marla had put into the 

backseat earlier. Her legs were hugely spread, strapped together,

thigh to calf and strapped to a tray arrangement under each leg.

A wide leather strap running from the outside of one tray ran 

over her back and presumably was buckled tightly down to the 

other side. Linda had a 'trainer and gag' arrangement thrust in 

her mouth and bridging her face and going over her head. A 

leather strap pulled her head up and back because it was looped 

through a ring in the top of the trainer and buckled through a 

ring in the strap over her back. Thrusting out Linda's behind 

were two buzzing dildos, one for each 'hole' and on her nipples 

were a set of tightly screwed down nipple clamps. Linda was 

moaning softly, sweating and trembling as Marla spoke to him: 


"OK, lift her up off the seat and help me get her out of the car

and up onto the trolley, MASTER PAUL.....we've got some 'work' to

do with her and we best be getting to it......SOON!", Marla

hissed at him. 


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