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Archive-name: Slaves/lind204.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life


                     Part 2 - Chapter 4 



                           IS BUILT  

            (and MISTRESS MARLA comes on the 'scene') 


After the long, all day session with Master Paul in the Penthouse

apartment, Linda spent a lot of time just dreaming about him and

about her next 'session' with him (if, in fact, it ever

'happened', which she prayed and hoped it did). She absolutely 

KNEW there would be a 'next session' if she had ANYTHING to say 

about it and she set about making very sure that Master Paul 

understood, PRECISELY how much she wanted a, not 

REPEAT......BETTER!..... performance set up. 


Laying in bed, after she had gotten off work, the night of that 

fateful day Slave Linda and Master Paul had 'played together' for

the very first time, Linda tried to think of something she could

say to Paul...Master Paul......or send him......that he would 

really appreciate and that would say what she wanted said in a 

nice way. She decided on sending him a copy of her favorite poem

"SLOW ME DOWN, LORD" and added some pointed comments at the end 

of the page along with a drawing of a butterfly, a wall pinned 

butterfly, spreadeagled across the back of the envelope flap in 

brilliant colors. 


Laying there in bed, she also reflected on how blunt he'd been 

when she'd called him at his office around five o'clock. Was he 

losing interest in her? Or was he, perhaps, a bit fearful or 

maybe even 'sickened' by her 'performance' today? It wouldn't be

the first 'would be Master' who had gotten 'cold feet' after the

first real encounter with her and her strange tastes and extreme

tolerances to high levels of bondage, physical and sexual punish-

ment and just plain pain. She'd 'lost' a dozen or more such

squeemish 'masters' whom, once she started 'training' them and 

familiarizing them in her REAL wants, needs and desires, had 

backed away from her for good. Paul......MASTER PAUL......didn't

seem like that type to her, she reflected, while laying there in

the bed that night. 


Linda finished the 'letter', put a stamp on it, got up and put 

her robe on, walked down the stairs, out the front door and down

the street to the mail box on the corner. The cool sidewalk felt

good on her bare feet as she stood in front of the mailbox under

the street light and read the 6:25AM pickup time on the box. She

chuckled as she realized that if Paul was going to get this 

'letter' today, the U.S. Postal Service's vaunted "in by 9 out by

5" boast would be put to the test really well, today. Glancing 

down at her watch in the dim light, she saw it was 3:22AM and, 

with a yawn, inserted the 'letter' and headed back down the 

street, padding along in her bare feet, to the house to get some

much needed sleep. She was very stiff and not just a little sore

from the hours of 'love making' and 'special treatments' she'd 

gotten from and given to her new found, she hoped, Master Paul. 

That and the five hour dancing session had made her vow that 

she'd never ever again try to 'get back to normal' so quickly 

after a 'session' with MASTER PAUL. 


When she got back to the bedroom, Johnny had come to bed from the

front room couch and started his 'twenty questions' routine with

her. God damnit, that pissed her off. He could stay out and play

around all hours of the night (and day) with whomever he wished 

and she was supposed to keep her big mouth shut and not question

him or bug him about it. Like tonight, for instance. She'd walked

in the door from work at 2:20AM and he was asleep on the couch

with Gina,from the lounge.....asleep, HELL!......he was sprawled

over the top of her spread legs (one foot on the floor and the

other hooked up over the couch back) where he had obviously

'died' after doing his usual thing, with a blanket only partially

covering his bare, hairy little ass. She'd left him to sleep it 

off still 'in the saddle' and had gone to bed, mad as hell that 

he pulled such crap with Tammara in the house. Johnny could do 

anything he wanted as far as she was concerned, just so long as 

he didn't do it in front of her eight year old pride and joy. 

Tammara WAS NOT going to end up being a 'Linda' way was 

she. Not if Linda had anything to say about it, anyway! 


As Johnny pressed her about 'her day' Linda got really mad at him

and gave him holy hell about nosing around in her life and the 

goddamn double standard 'you fucking male egotists' maintain when

it comes to what you can do as opposed to what your socalled 

women are allowed to do. Linda effectively fended Johnny and his

questions off and settled in to her side of the bed, ignoring his

continued drunken bitching and protesting. Finally the booze and

the nights 'play' activities got the best of him and he fell off

into a sound sleep, snooring up a storm. 


Linda lay there thinking back to Paul and the 'session, re-

creating all the events of the day in her mind. As she mentally

walked herself back through this first, learning and teaching, 

session with Paul....MASTER Paul.......she could feel herself 

getting aroused. 


"Damn", she thought, "I'd sure like to have Master Paul alone 

with me in that 'basement room' and 'slave palace' back in

Parkersburg.....he'd have a ball with me and I could really teach

him about what 'makes Linda tick'.......LINDA THE SLAVE!.......".

Linda kept thinking and dreaming of Paul....MASTER Paul.......

.....being the 'Master of the Rings' and of her being back in

their clutches and in HIS......until the thoughts made her

hornier and hornier and she finally got up and went in the

bathroom to satisfy her 'problem' by fingering herself vigorously

while squeezing and pulling her nipple and its ring with her free

hand. She worked herself to a credible climax and 'sort of'

orgasm and then went back to bed and fell asleep. 


Two and a half hours later, Linda pulled herself out of the bed,

shut off the alarm clock, and went downstairs to make breakfast 

and pack lunches for Johnny and Tammara. She kicked the sleeping

whore on the couch out the door and got her two 'troops' off to 

work and to school. When she was sure they were both on their way

and long gone, she picked up the phone and dialed Paul's office.

The receptionist answered the phone and she asked for Paul in the

formal, business "Mr." terminology. She was informed that he was

out of the office for the day on a project and wouldn't be back 

until late, if at all. Did she want to leave a message? "No, I'll

call back tommorrow", Linda had told her. The receptionist 

informed her that he would be out of the state for two weeks, 

starting tomorrow, and probably couldn't be reached in person 

tomorrow or for the next two weeks. Was she sure she didn't want

to leave a message? 


"No, that's OK," Linda said, disappointment probably showing in 

the tone of her voice and voice inflections, "I'll try in couple

of weeks. It's really not THAT important that I reach him, thank

you." She hung up and sat there thinking that she just HAD to see

him sooner than two weeks from now. She wanted to find out, for

sure, if he'd 'accepted' her strange appetite for sexual and

physical abuse and bondage and her extreme need for sexual



"Of course he has", she thought to herself. "Otherwise, why in 

the hell would he have brought all that bondage and punishment 

equipment to the Penthouse Apartment with him and 'done her

thing' all yesterday if he hadn't?". 


"Oh well", she thought, "I may as well get some more sleep. I 

have to work the next three days and nights at the lounge from 4

to 7PM and 9PM to 2AM." 


That afternoon, while Linda was up on the stage dancing the 

second number of her three number set, around 5:30PM, she saw

Paul.....Master Paul....come through the door and head for the

empty seat at his favorite end of the bar. Linda turned on the

'moves' and started dancing like she had a reason for doing it,

instead of just 'playing at it' to tease the customers, the way

she had been doing, up until then. Paul seem to be ignoring her

at first. Not looking at her and not even acknowledging that she

was there, dancing. Linda glanced straight down at him and got no

reponse. She picked up the pace and still....nothing. The second

song ended and the third began......"You Light Up My Life"......!

When she started to move and the words started flowing from the

speakers, Paul looked up at her, in the mirror, and smiled.....a

big, bold, kind-eyed smile that made her warm all over. She

turned away from him and, looking carefully back into the mirror

to see who was watching besides him ......(no one was....they

were all watching her gyrating usual!).........Linda

looked back at her MASTER's eyes in the mirror and ran her tongue

around her lips twice, then pulled it back into her mouth and

finished the rest of her songs by placing her hands in obvious...

...(to her and her Master, ONLY!).......very brief 'psuedo

bondage positions', some with her feet and arms spread out wide

imitating a bound spreadeagled and splayed or exposed position...

.....the "mounting ring" position.  Linda even inserted the

psuedo 'effects' or 'reactions' of being hit with a cat or cane

as she positioned herself spreadeagled and 'reacted' to the

phantom 'punishment' from a whistling, oily, masterfully wielded,

multi-tailed lover. Her Master just watched her eyes in the

mirror, nodding his 'approval' to each new 'position' and the

effects of the phantom punishment. No one else in the place

really caught on to what was going on and certainly not why. 


As she started down off the stage after that, her third and last

number of the set, Linda looked over her shoulder at him and was

met by those kindly, pale blue eyes staring back and a big broad



She walked around the bar and made her 'rounds', stopping to talk

with the regulars and then wandered over to the far end of the 

U-shaped bar and slid quietly into the chair along side her blue-

eyed, bearded, tall, new master.......MASTER PAUL.........whom

she had chosen to be her THIRD REAL MASTER. 


He turned and stared into her eyes............Linda.....Slave

Linda........just sort of 'melted' inside and slid down in the

highbacked swiveled bar chair along side him..............and

lowered her head and her eyes so that she was looking up at him

from a 'humbled' position............... 


Paul turned around and looked at her downturned head and upturned

eyes with a stearn look on his face........and Linda slid further

down into the chair, lowered her eyes, rotated the chair toward 

him and spread her stocking legs out wide on either side of his

chair. She took her hands off the chair arms and slid them behind

her back and clasp them there.......and said in a low voice,

" need of his....SLAVE.......

again, SIR?" with the emphasis where it BELONGED, as she had

learned long ago. 


"Ummm, Hummmmmmmmm.........he has all kinds of needs,......

...SLAVE!", ......."and is the pretty, misbehaving, 'untamed'....

....SLAVE saftisfy those needs?"......

.......or is she still thinking of only herself and her inconse-

quential needs.........?", came the low and demanding reply from



Without hesitation, Linda replied in a low voice, eyes and head 

still lowered, legs splayed out around his chair and hands clasp

in the small of her back behind her....."Ohhhhhhhhh........... 


.....she most DEFINITELY............IS!!!!", came the emphasized,

low, slow and drawn out reply from Linda,.....without hesitation.


Paul looked around the lounge and saw that no one was watching

them and noted that there was no one on their side of the

U-shaped bar. When he had assured himself that no one could see

what he was about to do to Linda, he carefully and deliberately

leaned slightly forward toward her, sliding his right hand up her

hose covered left leg, over her thigh and patted the crotch of

the bikini dancing costume.....and then, slowly and in a low

voice said........"I'm going to have a 'surprise' for you... of these days......very very soon..........a

REAL that will make you all wet and keep you

that way for a long, LONG time.........perhaps, even PERMANENTLY,

when you think about it....which you will.....all the time......

....would you like that, .......BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY?............

would you like having your 'wings' pinned by your....MASTER?.... you can REALLY...........FLY?" 


The hand slid flat over her dampening dance costume crotch piece,

fingers aimed downward between her quivering cheeks and tightened

so that he was 'gripping' her in a most obscene (but unseen, by 

anyone else) way...........and he slid the thin bikini strip 

covering aside and thrust three fingers into her wet sex and then

spread them, stretching her further open...............and slowly

slid the fingers in and out while watching her sheepish, up 

turned eyes gaze at him with increasing lust and desire.........


Removing the fingers, he pulled the cloth strip back over her 

teased organ and then gripped it and slid it back and forth 

through the valley he had just briefly 'plundered'............ 


"Indeed, I have a REAL surprise for you, beautiful BUTTERFLY.....

.....and one you will TRUELY love with all your being....and, 

perhaps, FEAR, with part of that that

what you wanted to hear, BUTERFLY?......does that 'turn you on'?,

he asked her ever so gentlely but ever so firmly. 



yyyyeeesss.............I LLLIIIKKKEEE surprises from my........

.......MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR!!!, " Linda responded in a low throaty

voice, staring alternately at what his right hand was doing and 

then into his pale blue eyes and literally melting into the high

backed seat as her hormones flowed wildly and she got wetter and

wetter with each tensioning of that cloth strip being dragged

back and forth over her splayed and spread nether lips. 


Satisfied that he had stirred Linda up sufficiently, Paul with-

drew his hand and turned back toward the bar. Linda remained

where she was, taking in small, barely audible gasps of breath as

she tried to calm herself down. 


Looking over his shoulder at her trying to 'get herself

together',  Paul asked her quite matter of factly, "Would you

like a nice cool drink, Linda? slack your thirst and

cool you down a little bit?..........BUTTERFLIES DON'T 'FLY' IN


Linda took a few seconds to come around to a normal response mode

and then said quietly...."yes, PLEASE,.....SIR.....a J&B on the 

rocks with a twist will do fine,....PLEASE.....",and very quietly


as more of a question than an answer. 


He ordered two J&B's on the rocks and when they came he and Linda

sat quietly, a little ways apart, facing the bar, and talked 

normally for about fifteeen or twenty minutes,......his necessary

'reinforcing' completed and the Master/Slave relationship 

satisfied for the moment, at least. Linda asked him to stick 

around until her shift was over at Seven O'clock. Paul said he 

had a better idea and would come back to meet her for a quick 

dinner in between shifts. He asked her if she'd like to eat at 

the Chinese Kitchen about two and a half or three miles away.  

Did she want to meet him there?  


Linda told him she didn't have the car....Johnny had it out 

whoring around again.......she'd had to ride in to the Lounge 

with Tina, one of the other dancers......and that she was going 

to have to ride back home with her later tonight when she got off

work. Paul told Linda he'd meet her out front of the Lounge at a

little after Seven.......say Seven-Ten? She said that was fine 

and they sat there and talked about 'little things' for another 

fifteen or twenty minutes until Linda had to get up and play her

next set of three songs. As they talked they had stared into each

others eyes lovingly and gentlely, each savoring the presence of

the other as if there was no tomorrow. The words didn't much was the proximity and the 'looks' that mattered...

and they both knew it.....WELL! 


When Linda got up, she stepped toward Paul and leaned over so her

mouth was an inch or so from his ear and said.......These three 

are for you, Paul.....MY MASTER PAUL...........THE 'BUTTERFLY 

COLLECTOR'............these are JUST FOR YYYOOOUUU,...........

............MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR!!!" and then turned an walked 

away toward the juke box. 


And....INDEED......they WERE!!! 


..........along with all the 'hidden' gestures, motions and

positions........which Linda weaved into her dancing for her

Paul.........her MASTER a most imperceptible

way........through those three very 'special' numbers..........

.......her eyes continually locked on his when she was facing the

mirror..................... When she finished she got down and

started to walk around the huge U-shaped bar toward him.........

..............but he was GONE! 


At 7:10PM, on the button, Linda came out of the front door of the

Lounge in her halter top, shorts and sandals with her large brown

purse slung over her shoulder and headed for the far back row of

the parking lot and the big idling Lincoln Town Car sitting there

with its blue eyed, bearded driver slid down in the driver's 

seat, head back against the head rest, eyes closed............. 


Linda opened the door and slid in onto the front seat, setting 

her purse on the floor in the middle of the car, and shut the 

door quietly. Paul didn't move. 


Linda swung around to face him and pulled her legs up on the 

broad seat under her and let them spread out as wide as the seat

would allow. Settling back down on the seat, her behind now 

lowered to the seat surface beteen her spread legs, she lowered 

her head in the now familiar 'humble' position and gazed upward 

at Paul.....Master Paul.....and said........................ 


"...........ummmmmmmm, I think my MMMMAAAASSSSTTTTEEEERRRR may

need something besides 'food' to satisfy his............... 

...........HHHUUUNNNGGGEEERRRSSSS.............doesn't he....... 



Paul raised his head up off the head rest and turned toward her.

Looking sternly into her downcast eyes, he put the big car in

gear and eased it out of the parking space and out through the

lot toward the street. As the car turned onto the side street

that led back to the parking lot and lounge, Linda slid forward

on the seat until her knees were against his leg, keeping her

head down and her eyes humbly focused on her Master in the



She reached down with her right hand and slid the zipper on his 

slacks all the way down, carefully and skillfully unbuckled his 

belt, unbuttoned the top of his slacks and peeled them back to 

either side of his hips and then pushed his shorts down his hairy

lower stomach and reached under them and gentlely retrieved his 

growing shaft, while tucking the top of the shorts beneath it and

the two loose sacks under it. Paul smiled, but said nothing 

whatever, concentrating on the driving as best he could. 


Linda lowered her eyes to concentrate on the object of her hand's she circled the base of the growing member

with her thumb and forefinger and applied gentle and then firmer

pressure and then  began to stroke him in short half inch to one

inch slow motions. As the car sped down the side street with its

'preoccuppied' driver, Linda slowly lowered her head until her 

lips were a fraction of an inch above the rising flesh and 

carefully and gentlely inserted her tongue into the small split 

at the top of the head and moved it back and forth.......then 

retracted the tongue and sighed............"ummmmmmmm, ssssoooo 

GGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD"............followed by a return of the 

darting tongue which this time rimmed the head and began licking

the underside and its 'channel' that lead to the split opening in

the head................................. 


Paul took a deep breath and tried to concentrate his clouding 

eyes on the road and the approaching stop light at the main 

thoroughfare leading to the Chinese Kitchen a couple or three 

miles down the road.....but said nothing to her....nothing at

all. The pressure caused by the thumb and forefinger ringing the

base of his cock and the shorts pressing his balls up against the

rising shaft was driving him quickly upward into a sexual frenzy,

not to mention the 'attentive' tongue that now swept over the 

shaft with skillfull and deliberate teasing.............and the 

hot breath of the perpetrator of all this 'attention' blowing 

ever more strongly on the increasingly wet shaft............ 


As the car came to a halt at the traffic light turning red, the 

laving tongue retreated, wetting the lips positioned just a 

fraction of an inch above him...............and then slowly the 

brown haired head sank downward and the now rigid shaft slid 

gently through the gripping lips until it was totally contained

within the attentive mouth with it's constantly laving and 

swishing tongue and the grasping, gulping throat that now had a 

firm lock on the sensitive head..............................  

.............and Paul realized that somehow Linda had gotten her

teeth out of the way and was smooth lipping and gumming the base

of his cock just above the ringing thumb and finger............ 

...........Linda, moaned deep in her throat and increased the 

attention she was giving the 'best part' of her Master....... 

and began slowly and then more quickly to raise up and lower back

down onto him, increasing both the length and the tightness of 

the stroking with her ringing lock at the base................ 


The thirty second light changed but the big car stood still.... angry horn sounded from behind, causing the 'distracted'

Paul to release the brakes and hit the the

car advanced into the intersection................. 


When the traffic coming through had cleared, the horn sounded 

from behind again and Paul swung the car into the east bound curb

lane of the main thoroughfare..............while the 'busy' Linda

took note of none of it all and continued to increase the 

pressures and the frequencies of the now wild 'strokes' being 

administered to Paul's expanded and stiff shaft............the 

moans and the snorting intakes of breath between insertions and 

releases of the head in her throat increased continually as she 

began skillfully to draw his seed upward from the trapped, 

squeezed sacks............................................ 


At the next stoplight about a mile or so down the road, the car 

slid to a screeching halt.............and the 'attentions' in 

Paul's 'lap' increased ten fold as Linda brought him screaming to

a full climax before the light had changed. 


Paul moaned loudly and gasped as his sperm rose up into Linda's 

rising mouth and the gripping lips.....................and Linda

stopped her upward motion with her lips locked around the 

underside of the swollen, spurting head............slashing the 

expert tongue back and forth across the spitting, open slit and 

pushing the fluid she was so skillfully 'milking' from him off 

into her cheeks to wait for her later attentions............. 


When the light changed, Paul was coming back down from his 'trip'

and managed to get the car underway and headed down the road 

reasonably straight................while the ministering Linda 

continued to 'catch' and 'store' the milky, tangy fluids in her



Paul took his hand off the back of the seat and lowered it to the

top of Linda's sandy brown head and gentlely stroked her hair as

the collecting tongue and trapping lips continued their task. 


A half a mile further down the road, the lips loosened and the 

head rose upward until he was again free of them............and 

then tilted sideways and lowered slowly, allowing a darting 

tongue to bath and clean the reddened shaft from top to bottom as

a pair of eyes with a curious, loving look stared up into Pauls.


He alternated between watching the road and watching the loving 

eyes stare up at him as the tongue continued its chosen 

'cleaning' task. When she was finished, Linda raised her head up

and carefully released the still rigid shaft and began gentlely 

returning it to it's 'resting place', carefully inserting her 

fingers in the waistband of his shorts and freeing the now tight

and compact twin fleshy globes and sliding them gentlely back 

into their 'place'. 


She lifted outward on the shorts and brought them upward to their

normal position with the back of her hand while the palm slid 

smoothly along the length of the shaft, and stopping, patted the

head, which was now laying against Pauls hairy lower belly, still

erect and still VERY sensitive. He gave a slight jerk and went

through the throes of yet another post orgasmic ejaculation.....

....which Linda took note of by scooping the milky fluid up with

her fingers and then raising them to her lips and licking and

sucking them clean, not ever blinking her eyes or their gazing

stare off of his eyes.............. 


Once cleaned, the fingers returned to pull the flaps of his 

slacks back together, pull up the zippper, button the button at 

the top and reinsert the belt loop in the buckle and tighten it 

and lock it to the position where it had been and belonged. 


All that skillfully and completely done and accomplished, she 

raised the still wet hand and stroked the beard on the left side

of his face as she began to tilt her head backward, inches from 

and to the right and in front of him.............  

...........where the lips parted and the tongue emerged covered 

with his seed and rolled slowly back and forth, savoring its 

coating..............and then retreated as the head tilted 

further back, eyes still on his, and the throat muscles began to

devour the tangy product of her efforts. 


As the careful and sexily articulated swallowing process pro-

ceeded Linda let out a soft............."ummmmmm, my Master's cum

tastes so very very GGGOOOOOODDDD!"


Paul gazed at this self styled SLAVE through clouded eyes and

said, ....."my God, woman, I could have wrecked the car!....What

would people have said finding us locked together that way 

smashed into another car or a telephone pole?" 


The quiet reply from the lowered head, his hand still resting on

top of it, downcast eyes, servile and humble, came lowly an

slowly out of the still sticky wet lips.........................


"MY MMMMAAAASSSSTTTTEEEERRRR handled his 'duties' and his......


........MASTER! one of my Master's 'hungers' is 

satisfied and his Slave has had her favorite 'appetizer' before



Paul looked into the pitifully loving and admiring eyes and 

smiled, emitting a long surpressed chuckle as he did. "Yes, ARE.............DIFFERENT! Very, very



She tilted her head back upright and turned it sideways toward 

his extended arm where she kissed the hairy forearm and licked it

lovingly for a few seconds and then turned back to say........ 


"I've wanted to do that to you since the first time I saw you, Master Paul! You do taste good and you're such a

complete joy to love and attend

really are! Is that the first time anyone's ever gotten you off

while you drove down the road,..........MASTER?" 


"Ummmm, Hummmmmmmm.......... the VERY FIRST TIME,....lovely



The drive into the restaurant parking lot approached on the

right. Lowering his other hand to the wheel from the top of

Linda's head, Paul turned in, sped to the back of the parking lot

and parked the  car. Once the ignition was off, he turned toward

Linda and looked at her.............. 


Linda had slid back across the seat and was again perched in the

spread legged, behind on the seat, head lowered and eyes downcast

position. Quite the humble slave, once again, spread open and 

awaiting her master's orders...............OR ATTENTIONS........

as he might choose. The position she now occuppied became a 

'normal' 'resting position' during all of the times they played 

together from then on. When she was on a floor or a bed, she 

could manage to keep her knees and legs far far apart, spreading

herself open and ready for him in the process.........she did it

with ease, with skill and in a way that invited his attentions. 

AND,.......she always put her hands and arms behind her back, 

locked hand gripping forearm to hand gripping forearm......

without ever EVER being told to do it. From that day forward, it

was just something she did automatically when they were alone...

any place. 


Paul looked around outside the car and, seeing no one in sight, 

reached over and pulled the halter top upward above her breasts 

exposing the pert orbs and their ringed nipples. He teased the 

pointed ringed objects with his finger tips, with both hands and

circled them carefully and gentlely. 


Continuing to play with her this way, he raised one hand to her 

downturned mouth and inserted his index finger between her lips 

where the still sticky tongue laved it and carressed it carefully

and dutifully, her eyes still downcast and not daring, now, to 

look up at his. 


As Linda stared downward at his fingers playing with her, she saw

them withdraw and the hand turn backward a few inches from her 

teased breast. She gave a quick snorting intake of breath just as

the finger tips shot toward her stationary breast and nipple.....

.........but never flinched when they connected..........just 

moaned and sucked and laved harder on the finger in her mouth. 


The hand punished both breasts and their nipples mercilessly for

a full thirty seconds or so while she watched through glazing,

glassey eyes. Then they stopped and the finger withdrew from her

suctioning mouth.  


"THANK YOU, MASTER." was the only thing that came from Linda's



A forefinger and thumb approached each nipple, raised the rings 

to horizontal and grasped each nipple from the top and bottom, as

a moaning and humming sound rose in Linda's throat. 


As they tightened down on each nipple, the sound rose in pitch 

and a hisssssing "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................." could be 

heard from the downward pointed mouth and head. 


Paul held her tightly that way for another thirty or forty

seconds and then released his grip...........which brought a

hissing....  ".............uuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........."

from her lips. 


"One of these days, Slave, I'm going to put that ring back in 

your nose and wire those nipples of yours back up the way they

belong", Paul said to her softly. 


"YES, MASTER," came the reply and nothing else. 


"And one of these days I'm going hang you up and punish you until

you beg me to stop.......absolutely BEG me to quit.....SLAVE!", 

Paul told her in a more firm voice this time. 





While Paul was doing all this he was watching her spread crotch 

where the shorts were becoming darker and darker from the 

increasing flow of 'juices' brought on by his attentions. 


He reached forward and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and 

then thrust his hand down her lower belly, palm inward and began

playing with her wet lips and their wetter 'contents' and 

fingering her four 'cunt rings'................slowly bringing 

her breath to a fever pitch and causing her to emit passion 

filled moans and sighs. When he had gotten her to a frenzy of 

sound and breathing he again grasped the nipple with his free 

hand and squeezed it tightly...........and then turned his hand 

slightly to add a torturing, twisting motion to the already 

horrendous punishment he was inflicting..................... 




moaning scream and shuddered to a climax as he thrust his fingers

deep inside her. 


As the orgasm died away, he let go of her nipple and removed his

wet hand from her shorts. As the hand rose, Linda lowered her 

head and licked his fingers clean of herself...........laving and

tonguing every last drop from his fingers and hand. 


As he withdrew the now clean but wet hand, she said only one



"THANK YOU,..................MASTER." 


He raised her bowed head up with his hand and kissed her full on

the lips after which he said,..."you're MOST WELCOME.....SLAVE!"

And then pulled her halter top back down and zipped up and 

buttoned her shorts for her. Linda remained, kneeling and spread

with her arms clasp behind her the whole time.  


Paul reached into her purse, extracted her full dentures, tilted

her head back and as Linda opened her mouth, he carefully 

inserted them. She positioned them with her tongue and again 

lowered her head. 


"Linda, I'm building you a 'BUTTERFLY CAGE'............a very 

SPECIAL CAGE with all sorts of terrifying and new equipment to 

teach you how to BEHAVE...................for this, your THIRD, 

and I hope, LAST..............MASTER", Paul told her matter of



"YESSSSSSS, MASTER", came the only reply. 


"Tommorrow, at One O'Clock I'll take you out to get measured and

'fitted' a 'friend's' saddle and leather shop for some SPECIAL

EQUIPMENT I have in mind for you, SLAVE." 


"YESSSSS, MASTER", came the answer, again. 


"Will you be ready for me to pick you up at One tomorrow after-



"Yes, Master". 


That out of the way, Paul tilted her head back with a hand on her

chin and kissed her wetly and longly on the lips, inserting his 

tongue in her mouth and having it greeted by its eager counter-

part on the other end. Paul withdrew, finally, and reaching

around Linda, he lowered her clasped arms and pulled her hands in

front of her where he gentlely raised them palm up and kissed

each palm, licking it gentlely as he did and then set them on the

seat between her legs. 


"Now, Linda, my love......the LOVE OF MY LIFE..........let's go 

eat chinese food, shall we?" 


"Yes, SIR!........your slave has worked up QUITE AN APPETITE 

after her SPECIAL APPETIZER a while ago", she said with a silly 

smirk on her face. 


"I'll bet SHE HAS", Paul replied. 


During dinner, Linda told him that her friend Marla was coming by

the lounge tonight and wanted to meet him, if he didn't mind. 

Paul querried her about Marla but all he got was that Marla was 

'special' to her just as Paul was.....only different....and that

Paul would 'enjoy' meeting Marla, she was sure. 


When they got back to the car and started toward the lounge at 

about 8:30PM, Linda slid over on the seat next to him as he drove

out of the parking lot. She leaned over and put her mouth next to

his ear and whispered.............."I LOVE YOU, MASTER.....I

really and truly do..........and I want you to be my PERMANENT learn teach take me and

enjoy me..... to punish me when I'm BBBAAAADDDD...............and

make me do what you want me to do.....MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR!.......

........does my Master understand what his Slave is saying?" 


Paul merely nodded and she licked his ear as she placed her hand

gentlely between his spread legs...............then carefully wet

his ear with her tongue and blew in it gentlely before saying...


".......and I can make you sssssooooo hhhhhaaaaappppppppppyyyyy, very very happy." 


Paul sighed and said......"Not AGAIN, you she devil of a slave

witch!  You'll wreck the car and get us both killed!" 


She continued to lave his ear with her tongue; darting it in and

out and breathing on the wet surface as she slowly stroked his 

manhood through his pants causing what Paul had thought was a 

spent cock to begin rising once more to the careful attentions 

being lavished on it. The thing had a 'mind of its own' when 

Linda started attending to that she very 

obviously controlled when Paul let her......and he was not in a 

mood to stop her just now. 


"Come on, Linda, you sex crazy bitch ARE going

to get us both killed if you keep that up", Paul told her. 


"Then may your slave make a slight 'suggestion' and suggest that

you find a place to pull off the road for a while.........since 

she still has about twenty minutes to serve him................ 

.......if my MMMAAASSSTTTEEERRR, desires 'service'........SIR?.. satisfy what seems to be his....ENDLESS HUNGER!!!" she

said softly into his wettened ear. 


Paul glanced around and saw a row of darkened buildings off on 

the right, then quickly turned off the thoroughfare onto the 

service road in front of them and slid the big car in behind them

up next to a vacant loading dock and hidden from prying eyes. 


As soon as the car came to a stop and Paul had turn off the

ignition, Linda said, "Please slide over in the passenger's seat

.....Master......SIR!" Paul started to slide over as Linda

unzipped her shorts, slid them down her legs onto the floor, and

then turned around, knelt down on the floor facing the seat and

hiked Paul's right leg over her head and down on the seat so she

was between his spread legs, kneeling on the floor of the car,

facing him. She carefully unzipped, unbottoned and unbuckled his

slacks, once more, except this time, she slid the slacks and his

shorts down his legs, over his knees and down to the floor where

they stayed around his ankles. 


Linda quietly pushed him back and reclined the seat, and then in

the broad but dying daylight, made careful and thorough love to

him on the front seat of the car..........leaving nothing out as

she went about her slave maiden's subservient duties of 'servi-

cing' him one more time. 


In the end, after licking, sucking and laving him to another 

raging hardon, while pleading with him that she was 'just doing 

her full duty as his slave and handmaiden' to avoid being 

'punished' as an unattentive slave, Linda had slid up on the seat

facing him, swung her bent leg over his lap, and slowly lowered 

herself down onto his standing, swollen shaft until she had it 

buried full length inside of her and was staring into his smokey

eyes from inches away.....................leaning over him. 


Linda kissed the end of his nose and then snuggled in tight to 

him and ran her tongue up and down his neck, finishing by trading

a long, tongue involved kiss on his lips and then drew back a 

ways and raised up slowly until the head of his shaft was gripped

in the mouth of her talented 'pussy'..............while moving

her arms to the horizontal, behind the back, 'slave position' she

had assumed on the seat next to him earlier. 


She lowered her head and cast her eyes downward as she began a 

slow descent down the length of his throbbing member with the 

tight sheath and its convulsive but controlled contractions and 

relaxations. In the 'slave position', this time straddling her

MASTER in the slave's spread legged position, arms locked

horzontal behind her and with her MASTER's shaft buried deep up

inside her for her slave's careful sheathing and attentions, she

'serviced' him. 

As Linda worked in her humbled, bowed position to slowly and 

methodically sheath and unsheath his member in it's spread open 

and survile 'scabbard', offered without word or comment by the 

'servicing' slave, Paul reached behind her and locked her arms 

together with a large hand as he whipped the halter top up off

her heaving breasts and began punishing the ringed nipples in



"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........................." came the 

hisssing moan from the downturned face as he jammed her arms 

upward to lift her up on the shaft and then dropped her to plunge

back down...............and, with the other hand dealing fearful

punishment to the exposed nipples at the same time..............


......AND.....AGAIN....THEY 'FLEW'.......TOGETHER.......Linda to

the combined sex and pain orgasm and Paul to levels of pleasure 

and a climax he had never known before............especially on 

the front seat of his own car (or anyone else's, for that

matter!), without the 'aid' of a single human hand and little if

any 'normal' motions of standard sexual intercourse.......except

at the very end when Linda felt him cumming inside her and rose

up until he almost slipped out of her........and then drove

fiercely downward slamming into his legs...........and repeated

that process so that she quickly unsheathed and then resheathed

the spurting shaft with a tight gripping skill and the driving 

'strokes' that took every ounce of Paul's 'need' from him and 

left him thoroughly spent. He had ceased to punish Linda's 

reddened breasts and nipples when she had let out a wild panting

scream and shuddered to her orgasm almost simmultaneously with



When he got his breath back, Paul reached up and yanked Linda's 

head backward with a firm grip in her sandy brown hair and stared

into her eyes lovingly and said stearnly........."my little slave

bitch, you are in for a real 'session' in the very near future... you will never, ever forget and always

matter where you go or what you do.............SOON, SLAVE....

....S-O-O-N........your every pore in and every hair on your body

and your every move will be mine to do with as....I......WANT...

..AND punish unmercifully and ruthlessly......and

to extract the utmost of obedience............DO YOU UNDERSTAND




RRRR!" came the reply as those words and those words alone

brought the still 'mounted' Linda to another shuddering mini-



Paul watched her 'spend' herself as she stared downward into his

eyes and shivered in satisfaction and fearful anticipation of the

promised events to come. 


After a couple of minutes of staring at each other, still 

sexually joined, Linda raised up off Paul's still stiff shaft and

slide back down on the floor on her knees, where she again leaned

forward and cleaned his glistening cock with her tongue until it

was devoid of the sticky fluids, and again, with an obscene look

on her face, exhibited the mouth full of cum and made a another 

great production of swallowing it.  


Linda restored Paul's clothing carefully and lovingly and lifted

his right leg back over her head. Paul slid into the drivers seat

behind the wheel and started the car as Linda pulled herself up 

onto the passenger seat, turned facing him and knelt down on the

seat in the spread kneed, ass cheeks on the seat, arms clasped 

behind her back and head bowed position. Her halter was still up

off her breasts and her shorts were still on the floor as Paul 

drove out from behind the buildings and back to the Lounge. 


When he had parked in the back row and turned off the engine, 

Linda took her left hand from behind her back, eyes still 

downcast and head bowed, and with her hand, grasped his right

hand, and guided it to the middle of her spread legs and began

slowly and methodically to insert his fingers in her and dip out

the products of their love making from deep inside her..........

then raising the hand to her lips, she cleaned it slowly and

lovingly with her tongue and returned the hand to get more. This

process was repeated a half dozen times until she was satisfied

she had the job completed, after which, she returned his hand to

his lap. 


In continued silence, Linda removed the other hand from behind 

her, pulled her halter down, then turned around and put her 

shorts back on. She slid her feet into her sandals, picked up her

purse, opened the door and stepped out into the parking lot. 

Paul watched the door close and Linda walk across the parking lot

to the Lounge. It was 8:55PM. 


Paul sat there for a long while, perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, smoked

a cigarette and relaxed while he contemplated the past almost two

hours of 'unusual' occurrences with Linda....Slave Linda.....and

then decided he'd go in the lounge and have a few drinks to relax

further and contemplate further his new 'slave acquisition' in

person.........and see what her 'coming down' reactions were. He

was curious beyond belief about her moods, modes and personal-

ities that she seemed to turn off and on at will. 


When he entered the Lounge, the bar seats were all full, includ-

ing his favorite end seat, so he walked to the rear of the Lounge

and took a seat in the last booth on the wall opposite the bar

and dance stage, next to the hallway to the back door and the

restrooms.  The juke box was on the other side of the hallway.

His booth and it bracketed the hallway on either side. He sat

down in the booth seat up against the back wall and slid into the

corner so he could see the whole place from that far, back,

corner seat. It was then that he noticed a little short guy with

a beard sitting in his 'usual' seat at the bar, talking to what

looked like a bunch of construction workers sitting in a row next

to him. 


About that time, B.J. stepped up to the booth and asked him what

he wanted. "A J&B on the rocks, please", he replied. 


"You're new here, aren't you?", B.J. asked. 


"Uhh, Huhhhh............started coming in here about three weeks

ago.......nice place.....even nicer people!", Paul answered. 


"You're kinda 'sweet on' Linda, aren't cha?", she asked. 


"And you're kinda nosey....aren't cha, B.J.?", he replied. 


"Soooo, you know my name, do ya? Know how I got it,......BIG

BOY?...PAUL..........seeeee.......I know your name too!", she

shot back. 


"I've heard how you got it,......but seeing and feeling beats

'hearing',B.J., my love!" 


She shrugged and started to walk away, but turned back......"by

the way, Paul, that's Linda's HUSBAND Johnny sitting over there

in.....YOUR........SEAT....and those are his carpenter buddies!"

............and THEN she walked away. 


Paul eyeballed the little guy sitting in his 'normal' seat and as

he did,he saw a tall, very well formed woman with black hair and

a dark complexion wearing a black pair of slacks, black blouse

and black leather jacket come through the front door and walk all

the way across the room to the dancers' dressing room door in the

other back corner of the Lounge opposite where Paul was sitting.

She open the door to the dressing room and disappeared inside. 




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