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Archive-name: Slaves/lind201.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life

             A NEW MASTER..........AND SOME OLD MEMORIES

                        Part II - Chapter 1

The door opened slowly and, glancing furtively and quickly both

ways down the long hallway, Linda  hurriedly stepped inside. As the

big heavy, ornate door closed behind her, she looked up into

those pale blue eyes on the tan bearded face, not really daring

to speak, but thinking she really ought to say.....something.

He reached over and slipped her travel bag off her shoulder and

set it up on the counter behind the door, which was part of a small

wet bar. As his hand released the bag on the counter top, it

retrieved a black object before making its journey back toward her. 

As he raised the object up off the counter, he reached up with his 

other hand and grasp the dangling end and raised a black leather,

three inch wide, buckle ended band. As it rotated in his hands, Linda could

see that it had stainless steel studs covering it all along one side. 

Turning the strap so the studs faced away from Linda, he raised it

horizontally and carefully slipped it beneath her uptilted chin, wrapping 

it around her slender throat and neck and buckling it firmly and most 

knowingly at the back of her now shivering and trembling slim neck.

Without a word, he turned and walked over to a high, soft cushioned and

armed bar chair and, turning toward her, sat down.

He pointed to the counter top, where an array of black, stainless

steel studded, black, leather straps with buckles lay in waiting........

..........Linda walked timidly to the counter, and facing him, began with

deliberate and loving care, to retrieve them one at a time from the counter

and place them carefully.....AND TIGHTLY.......around each of her

trembling limbs. 

When she had completed the task, she walked around the counter

and over next to his high padded chair, black stainless steel

studded bands of leather some three or four inches wide gleaming

at her throat, on her two wrists and just above her two ankles. She 

turned her back to him just a foot or so from his chair and placed her

two leather encased wrists behind her on the skirt covered cheeks

of her protruding behind. 

The sound of the old, familiar "Click - Snap" reached her ears, twice, 

as she felt the D-Rings on the steel studded, leather restraints tugged

toward each other and locked together securely.

He slipped slowly out of the chair and walked around in front of her, 

looking her straight in the eyes. A strong hand settled on her head and

pressed her firmly downward to her knees. As the hand left her

head, it descended in front of her and then to the side of her skirt,

where it was joined by its mate. The waist band of her skirt was

quickly opened as the hands expertly undid the hooks from the

eyes and then lowered the "hidden zipper" to its very bottom stop.

The skirt was quickly pressed downward by hands on both of her small

but still protruding hips, until it lay crumpled  around the base of her 

upper kneeling legs, on the floor and across the tops of her backward 

extended lower legs and pointed toes.

A firm finger reached under her pantyless sex, touching the

budding opening of her anus, and then traveled slowly and

knowingly back forward and up through her now very wet sex

toward the high, sensitive "V" at it's top where an expectant and

shivering small fleshy knob waited in anticipation and expectation;

expectations that were about to become thoroughly fullfilled!

As the finger slowly and tantilizingly passed over the small, sensitive, 

sheathed button, having first brushed between the small golden rings hanging 

from her outer lips, it withdrew, and rising in front of her body, settled 

on her lower lip. Linda slowly ovaled her mouth and laved the wet, long finger 

with her senitive adoring tongue as it slowly slid into her mouth. From the 

time the finger first touched her below, she stared steadily and longingly 

into his pale blue eyes.

"Welcome, pretty Linda, with the rings of gold........welcome my

pretty, submissive slave to the continuation of your training by

a master who knows you and understands you as none have before,"

came the firm, strong male voice from above, as she licked and

sucked on the moisture coated finger that now exuded the smell

and the taste of her rising passions.

The finger slowly and lovingly withdrew from her mouth and then

two firm hands reached down under her pinioned arms and lifted

her slowly up off her knees and the floor and placed her gently

on her high heeled feet. He turned her slowly and lovingly around and 

guided her swiftly down a large hallway, one hand on her leather

collar and the other on her leather cuffed wrists, leaving her skirt 

laying crumpled, behind on the floor. 

As she was propelled through a door at the end of the wide

hallway, he hurried her quickly to wide, carpeted, open expanse at

the foot of a huge, skirted, four poster bed where he raised her secured

arms, and their binding black leather straps, swiftly upward up behind her 

as she bent obligingly forward at the waist and her head descended to stare 

from between her naked, high heeled feet and legs, under the arch of her 

sandy brown hair covered sex at the firm male legs rising behind her.

"Click-Snap" and he walked in front of her downward thrust head

and shoulders, her connected hands and upward extended arms now tensioned by 

a long stainless steel chain hnaging tightly from a large steel ring bolt

screwed into the ceiling far above.

He reached down under her bent, now quivering upper body and slowly undid

the buttons of her blouse, raising it outward and upward tucking it over 

her hoisted, tensioned arms.

His hands left her arms and the blouse and did not return for a

moment. When they did, they brought two fierce looking nipple clamps with them which he placed over the twin, hardened tips of her pierced 

golden ringed nipples and screwed down......TIGHT. Linda moaned softly

and her body trembled.

The knowing fingers left their tortured and clamped "victims"

behind to be incessantly grasped and compressed as Linda continued to moan

softly and breathlessly, for the first time blurted out......"MASTER,...

...OH,....  ........MASTER,............HOW I'VE WAITED FOR YOU!......

..SO LONG... .....AND SO................LONELY!!!"


in due time.................when you are...............'READY'!"

He moved off toward the high four postered bed and returned to

kneel at her leather encased ankles. As she gazed through her

legs he attached a long black rod to her left ankle and then

lifted her right foot and spread it wide where he attached the

other end of the rod with a "Click-Snap" and set her high heeled right 

foot carefully back on the floor. The position caused her arms to raise 

still further from her body as she settled downward in a wide open,

forced and spread stance, the ringed lips of her protruding and engorged 

sex slowly opening to reveal the beginings of an ever widening

valley and the ever so slight pulsating, opening and closing

movements in the mouth of her wet and aching sex. 

He stood up slowly and reached over to stroke the cheeks of her

naked behind gently as he walked toward the door and then down

the hall way. After what seemed like hours and hours to Linda, he

returned to her ever so slowly and deliberately. As she gazed

between her spread legs under the frame of her spreading four

nether rings, she saw the tight leather pants and bare feet of a.... 

MASTER.............HER MASTER...............RETURNED!!!

He slowly bent down and carefully released the ends of the rod from her 

tight, wide, leather ankle cuffs and then stood up equally slowly.

Reaching upward, he released her connected wrists and stood her

upright under the dangling stainless steel chain and its clasp. 

Linda looked upward at the heavy chain and huge eyebolt and shivered

again. Working swiftly, without comment, he removed the connector from 

between her wrists, swung first one wrist and then the other around in front

of her, pulling them upward while stripping the blouse from her in one

fluid motion. As the blouse slid first down arm and then down the other, 

her wrists flew upward to be captured by the familiar "Click-Snap". And then 

sudenly and swiftly, as Linda stood with her wrists suspended in

front of her glazed eyes and breathed heavily, he reached swiftly

downward and thrust his finger through the D-Ring in her ankle strap

and thrust her bare leg up before her eyes and dropped the D-Ring

into the clip holding her wrists. She heard the telltale "Click-Snap" and 

felt her other leg grasped and driven swiftly upward where the she

watched its D-Ring drop into the same clip and heard the very,

very FINAL, "Click-Snap". AND LINDA...........SUBMISSIVE SEXUAL





SHE WAS "HOME".....................AT LAST!!!!

Helplessly drawn upward, engorged, hardening nipples trapped between

twin punishing jaws that brought back the moans and the rippling shivers

from so long ago.

She tipped her head backwards as she saw him approach, knowing

that the leather strap and round rubber object in his hand was

soon to be placed in her now gaping, wide mouth. He slid the

device swiftly into her eager mouth and strapped it securely

behind her damp sweat coated hair, and then turned to retrieve a

a very fragile looking short, many, thonged whip...........which

instantly begin spinning in his MASTERLY trained hand as it

slowly hissed its whirling song of love and caressed her

compressed sex lips and hanging behind.

As he "kissed" her continuously with the whirling "lover", Linda

began to moan and to sing her submissive sweet songs........rising higher 

and higher until she flew over the peak, her cramped sex contracting and 

dilating deep between her tightly pressed lips as the singing lashes of her 

'lover' reddened her and stroked her to a place she had longingly sought

for all these many lonely months and even years.

As she slowly rotated in her panting, suspended position, after

her unreasoned and total climax, she felt a hand release her

ankle and the set her high heeled foot on the floor, followed by a repeat 

as the other foot was carefully lowered. Her wrists came free from

the long shiny chain, hanging, still and very starkly from the bold

shining ringbolt above. Linda gazed lovingly up into those pale blue

eyes as his hands removed the strap from behind her head, she

exclaimed in a breathless hiss.........."thank you, my

master....oh thank much...........may I lick you and

suck you and.......................?" as her quivering voice

slowly faded to a whisper and stopped.

Her master walked around to the high four poster bed where he

rolled onto his back and stared out at her naked, sweating form.

Nipples still hardened and clamped tightly from the top of her

golden nipple piercing rings upward. She walk slowly around the

bed and slid her naked protruding buttocks across the silky

cover. With her back turned to him, she slowly raised her arm over his

lower belly and let the elbow settle on the bed. She quickly

lowered the zipper on his tight leather pants and worked them down

off his hips toward to his knees as he raised up to accomodate her.

Reaching swiftly under his suspended twin sacks, she placed two

fingers on the track that his rising seeds of passion and climax

would have to follow as they sped upwards to and through the extend rigid 

shaft with its smooth, circumcised head, now rising before Linda's eyes.

With the other hand, she reached inside of her mouth........and

carefully withdrew her imitation teeth and set them carefully on

the bed beside his outstretched thighs...........and then slowly

lowered her ovaled mouth and drove the smooth, reddening shaft to

the back of her throat..............circling the base of the

shaft with a petite but ever tigthening thumb and forefinger, as

she massaged the base of the swelling shaft expertly, first slowly and 

then more rapidly, straight up and down.

As her attentions grew more frenzied, she slip the rounded head

from between her lips and leaned the rigid shaft backward on his

hair swirled belly where she laved it from the base to the tip,

over and over and over again, paying careful attention to the

senitive, still empty "tube" that left the shaft and rose up to

join the head below the split side of the darkening head. As she

whipped her talented tongue over this hypersenitized area, he

moaned softly and then let out a deep throated groan.....AND

LINDA SMILED............then raised the lengthening shaft upward

and drove her tightened lips down over it as she tightened her

grip on his two swollen sacks, pressing ever inward and upward

with her two fingers on their underside up into his groin and

tightened the grasp of the rising and falling thumb and fore

finger encircling the base of his shaft.

She licked and she sucked as she drove him deep into and out of her 

throat, with incoming and outgoing sounds of held and then

released, life giving, lung filling breath.

And as she drove onward, responding moans and groans reaching her

ears, and she felt the telltale signs in her sack cupping hand as she blocked 

the rising rush of his hot bubbling sperm with the two carefully placed 

fingers beneath the now contracting, spasming sacks. Held thus in

check, lovely "slave" Linda drove downward with her lips until

they touched the thumb and forefinger circling the base of the

shaft and then turned her throat muscles loose to milk the long

thick shaft and squeeze the sensitive head in microbursts of

strong muscular contractions....................and turned her

"master" into a slave to her she drove

him wild with need and the desire to "come"...........while

holding him in check and pushing him higher and higher, ever

upward to dizzying frantic heights. 

She listened to him moan and fertively he mouthed

strings of passion driven words and pleas.........and as she

increased the pressures of both sets of fingers and drove further

down on the still dry, now trembling and shaking shaft.

After she had held him in check for almost a full minute,

listening to him moan and feeling him rock from side to side and

rise upward in an ever increasing pistoning motion, she grudgingly

removed the two blocking fingers at the base of his hanging, now

shrinking twin sacks and tightened her entire curled hand around

them to assist them in their contracting she kept

the circled fingers at the base of the shaft tigthened and

allowed nothing to pass upward until she raised her head upward and looking 

down her sloped pretty nose, released the the bubbling upward rushing

torrent at the base of the shaft. As formerly trapped male semen rose 

swiftly upward in the tube on the back of the shaft, she popped

her tight lips over the deep purple head and strangled the base

of the head, thus filtering the sperm as it screamed upward

through the taut stretched connecting tube and causing sensations

few males have or will ever experience as the boiling stream exploded

into her mouth................and then Linda dropped straight down to the

base of the rigid quaking shaft with her ovaled and tighted lips

as the hot male sperm shot into her clasping throat and down into

her eager receiving belly.

She stayed down in that position for as long as she could, then

rose upward, slipping the smooth hot head back out through her

ovaled, still tight lips, and then kissed the wet sticky tip as she 

rose steadily away.

She reached down on the bed and swiftly retrieved her "little secrets",

placing them firmly back in her amazingly wet, but not sticky mouth before 

they were seen, and then turned around and smiled with a passionate, wide

eyed "subservient" (well, perhaps, a "little" subservient and submissive!) 

and satisfied smile. The look that she got in return, from and

exhausted and panting "master" was one of absolute wonder and amazement.


low husky voice..............observing the nodding, gasping reply

with some considerable amusement.

Later, she told him the long and torrid story of how she gained

such exsquisite talent and how "her little secret" had come to pass.

(Yes, he had "noticed" the exquisite "difference" of a very

smooth and toothless mouth skimming up and down his "manhood"......

..............AND HOW HE HAD................NOTICED!!!...........)

He listened quietly, not wanting to interrupt. And when it was

finished, he reached over and pulled Linda on top of him where she

quickly and expertly rose up and thrust his recovering shaft deep

inside her still hungry and eager.........nay, starving!....deep sex.....

and she rode him and rode him with long driving, engulfing and

tight squeezing strokes as he lifted her trapped, hardened

nipples toward the far away ceiling................and they both

came together in a moaning and pleasure filled orgasm that left each

as a total integral part of the other, feeling and searching and

finding at last!

Linda feel asleep laying over Paul belly to belly and breasts to

hairy chest, nipple clamps and all. About and hour later, just before

noon, she got up and walked into the bathroom where she tended to

her needs and took a quick shower. After toweling herself dry,

she applied liberal amounts of shalamar to her body and strolled

quietly back into the room with a soapy wash cloth, a hot plain

water soaked wash cloth and a large dry towel. Her nipple clips

were still firmly in place!

She sat on the edge of the bed and tenderly grasped the shrunken

and flacid shaft laying on Paul's lower belly and slowly lathered

it and his hanging manhood, being careful not to hurt him in the process.

That task, completed, she rinsed him clean with the wet, hot

plain water wash cloth and dried him with gentle pats. Of course,

"MASTER" PAUL woke up early in the process, but he never said a

word. When Linda finished and had thrown the wet wash clothes on

top of the towel onto the floor beside the bed, she got up from

the bed and walked over to a large leather satchel at the foot of

the bed.

She rummaged around in the bag for a while and then returned with

two very wide buckling thigh straps which she slipped around her

upper legs and buckled tightly on the inside of each thigh. She

handed Paul three double ended snap clips and then got onto the

bed and rising over him, settled down with her knees on either

side of him and settled her clean, scented sex down on top of his

now rising shaft, taking him, again, up inside her, and then

settling down tightly until she and Paul were tightly "joined"

with their curled pubic hair welded together. She retrieved one

of the double snapping clips from him and connected the D-Ring on

her thigh strap to the one on her ankle strap. She repeated the process on

the other side. Then she thrust her hands down behind her and

forced them out to the side where Paul clipped them together and

Linda swung them back behind her and reached down with her hands

to begin playing with Pauls loose male sacks laying on his legs,

enveloped by Linda's hot ring pierced spread sex lips.

Paul lay there quietly as she set herself up the way she wanted

to be. When she was through, he was astounded to realize that she

was sitting backward on his upper legs, her soft bottom resting

tightly on them, her sex resting tightly up against his......and

bound in that position and unable and VERY unwilling to rise!

Linda gazed down into Pauls pale blue loving eyes and began to

tighten and loosen all of the internal muscles in her lower belly

and in her behind. A rippling, clenching and releasing effect

that caused Paul's deeply buried and growing shaft to be

alternately squeezed and released.

Linda gave absolutely no outward signs of effort or motion,

except that Paul could see the muscles in her lower belly

rippling back and forth and could feel the cheeks of her behind

clenching and unclenching on his legs. 

"Paul?............MY SWEET MASTER PAUL...........I want to tell

you a story about me.............and I want you to listen carefully

and try to understand who I am and what I am............", Linda

said softly. 

"While I tell my story, I want you to feel me and how I react to

the story................I won't move much if at all, and you,

eventually, will "come" one or more times............enjoy it and

be my MASTER.............PLEASE, PAUL?", Linda finished in a deep,

throaty and already sexually driven voice.

"Proceed, lovely slave...........LINDA...........PROCEED!", Paul

said softly but authoritatively.

                 End of Part II - Chapter 1


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