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Archive-name: Slaves/lind105.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life


                        Part 1  -  Chapter 5

As Linda withdrew her hands from her shaking body, seated before

the mirror on the small dancers' dressing table, she tried to

clear her mind of the thoughts of the tortured past and deal with

her present "situation" well as the future.

But her mind wandered for just an instant to savor that fateful

introduction to a new sexual life and it tried to

recreate the warm sexual sensations and mind controling legacy of

expected and hoped for pain that always accompanied it.....with

the correct partner..............A MASTER!

Linda took her spread legs off the table top and set them on the

floor. She glanced down at her wet hand and her stained bikini

briefs and reached into her dressing bag to get another of her

many revealing and hand made dancers' outfits.

She carefully retrieved them, placed them on the table and then stood

up and stripped the stained pants down her legs to the floor. As

she stood up to unhook her bikini top she caught a glance of her

golden, shining four nether rings in the mirror and as the top

was removed from her breasts she stared at the two shining upper

rings reflected in the mirror in front of her. Linda shook her

head a little, shuddered, and threw the pale blue outfit into

the yawning, spread mouth of her open travel bag.

Hurriedly, she slipped into her extra black outfit, retrieved a

brush from her bag and straightened her hair and then pitched the

brush back into the bag and zipped it shut.

As she unlocked the dressing room door and came through it, she

saw B.J. dancing on the stage. B.J. looked at Linda and raised

two fingers, telling her that this was her second song. Linda

hurried to the juke box, arriving there as B.J.'s second song

ended and the third began. Linda pitched the quarters into the

machine and, from memory, selected three song numbers on the

lighted numbered and lettered buttons.......then walked back to

the cash register on the end of the bar by the dressing room door.

Her deeply tanned, black haired, tall, moustached Italian-American boss,

John, was ringing up a round of drinks as she approached the register.

John looked up as Linda said: "Have you given any more thought

about giving me a loan or an advance, John?"

"Sure, Linda", John said, looking her straight in the eyes, "We

can WORK it out." "How much do you need?"

Linda didn't like the tone of his voice, but replied in a

whispered, low throaty, deep voice "Eight Hundred and Fifty Bucks.....

....I know it's a lot, but the damn bank repoed my Firebird last night....

......the bastards hot wired it and drove it away in the middle

of the night......I had to take a cab to work this afternoon."

"That's a helluva a lot of money, Linda!", John said after whistling lowly

and, again, smiling at her. "But, OK......I'll do it and you can

work it off." "When you get through, we'll discuss it.........AND THE TERMS 

AND CONDITIONS..............YOU'RE UP!" "Hustle it, girl!!!!"

"THANKS, BOSS!" Linda exclaimed as she came around the end of the

bar and mounted the stairs to the raised dancing stage in the middle of

the U-Shaped Bar.

"Don't thank me, got to pay it

way or the other!" she heard him say as she hit the raised

platform with her bare feet, some eight steps above the sunken

bar's floor. 

The music started and Linda swung into action, glancing into the

mirror toward the other end of the bar.

"SHIT!", she thought....."He's gone!". The chair where the

bearded blue eyed stranger had been seated was now empty. She

glanced quickly and searchingly around the room, but he was no

where in sight. She looked back at the empty place at the bar and

saw that there were no drinks, cigarettes or bar napkins sitting

there and knew he had left while she was "recovering" in the back

dressing room.

She finished her three songs and wandered through the semi-filled

bar, from table to table, talking to some of the customers she

knew. The rest of the shift went pretty fast as she sat with one

customer after another sipping their "gifts" to her, slowly, so she

wouldn't get plastered to the gills before dinner. She danced

three more sets before seven o'clock rolled around and the music

and dancers ceased. Within ten minutes, the place emptied out

with only about a handful of "regulars" still at the bar. 

Linda was sitting next to one of them when John leaned over on

both of elbows, hands bracing his tanned face, and said "You got

a way home, Linda?"

"Nope", came the answer.

"Hhhmmmmmmm," came the pondering reply.

"Wanta work the night shift?"......"I'm short two girls tonight".

Hell, "why not", Linda thought. "Johnny's home taking care of

Tammara by now and I need the bucks......besides, it's Friday

Night and the tips will be usual".

"SURE!........why not?......I don't have anything better to do", Linda

told him. "You given my 'request' any more thought".

"Yah.........let's go get a pizza and talk about it, Ok?" he said.

As he lifted his elbows up off the bar and walked away, she

watched his retreating back and thought to herself about the

tales she'd heard about this big, tanned, black haired, moustached,

"Italiano" lower middle aged operator. He was alleged to be one

of the few sworn, blood "brothers" of the local "mafiosa".... a

fact she could neither confirm nor deny from her personal knowledge 

of him, which was negligible. One thing.......he ran a tight ship

here in the lounge......never letting anything get out of hand,

EVER and always checking the register. He also spent a great deal

of his time talking with his customers and making them feel like

they belong in the place.........which is probably why this

little out of the way shopping center lounge was so damn popular.

The place did a hell of a business...........better that almost

any place she'd ever worked in before.

Linda excused herself, thanked her bar companion for the drink,

and as usual, left three quarters of it sitting there in the

glass as she walked around the end of the U-Shaped bar and into

the dressing room to change.

A little while later, she came back out carrying her travel bag,

dressed in black slacks and a loose pale blue silk looking blouse

and wearing a pair of brown sandals. As she came through the

dressing room door she saw John standing behind cash register

talking to Jo Ellen, the bartender.

"I'm ready, boss!" Linda exclaimed.

"In a minute, Linda..........I gotta check Jo Ellen in first...OK?"

Linda walked over and around the outside of the bar and headed

for the door. Once outside, she took a deep breath of the fresh

spring air and looked out at the blinding sun sitting quite a

ways above the western horizon. The light blinded her momentarily

after her almost four hours in the dimly lit lounge, but the air

felt GREAT as it replaced the stale smokey gunk that passed for

air inside that place. She walked over and sat on the back bumper

of John's new Caddy, setting her bag down on the dull asphalt

parking lot as she did. 

"What she'd really like to do", she thought, "was take a ride out

to Crooked Creek Lake and Dam, south of town, and sit on a dock

with her long, slender tanned legs and  pale white feet in the

still cold spring time water." "But, that'll have to wait for a

while until she got her Firebird back from the godamn bank."

She'd still have it if Johnny hadn't have been laid off all

Winter, and she hadn't been so damn stubborn about going back to

work dancing. The unemployment money just hadn't been enough to

cover everything, and despite her desire to stay home and take

care of her eight year old daughter, Tammara, Linda had finally

volunteered to go back to work at the only job she knew well....

DANCING! At first, Johnny wasn't at all happy about the idea of

her back in the "circuit", but he got over it swiftly as she

brought one neat looking dancer home after another to "party" and

perform on their go-go stage at home. Johnny had built it for her

when she quit the dancing game a couple of years after Tammara

was born and she'd had her partial hysterectomy....partial

because they had left her ovaries in along with her cervix. Any-

way, Johnny was beginning to enjoy her return to dancing.....maybe 

too much, she thought. After six weeks, he was having a ball

entertaining her dancer friends in their twin, double home in a

run down but not hopeless section of the south end of town. She

was pretty sure that he was "making it" with some of them, which

did not in the least upset her. The two of them had their sort of

unusual "code of married ethics" they operated by that allowed

either one to "play around" with whomever they wished, so long as

it didn't interfere a whole lot with their lives and their daughter.

As Linda thought about Johnny and their daughter, John walked up

in front of her.

"You ready?"

"Uh Huh,.........Just give me a minute to call home and tell em I

have to work tonight", Linda replied. She walked over to the pay

phone on the wall outside the lounge door, made her call and then

came back and got in the Caddy next to John.

John took her to "Othello's", a VERY NICE italian restaurant

about two or three miles away and they had a quiet dinner in one

of the private dinning rooms, in subdued lighting, all by themselves.

"Some Pizza", she had thought when it was over and they were

sipping after dinner cocktails.

John leaned back in his chair and looked across the table at her.

"We have to be getting back,'s eight forty-five!"

She started to get up and he said....."Sit down a minute and

let's talk about your 'problem', Linda." "I'm willing to bail

your car out of hock for you..........providing........that you

work double shifts...........and, providing that you are willing

to work 'private parties'.......after hours.....for me?" "You

willing to do that, Linda?"

The prospect of having her Firebird back, substantially paid off,

made her happy, but this was going to be a lot of work.....and it

would keep her away from home from 3:00 or 3:30 in the afternoon

until 2:45 or 3:00AM in the morning six days a week. That's

didn't count the time involved in the 'Private Party' thing,

either. She wasn't going to get a hell of a lot of nighttime

sleep if she took this deal, she could see that.

She looked at John and said "I think I can do that.....I'll have

to work it out with Johnny and Tammara but I think it'll work."

"Before you give me a definite 'YES', Linda, I want you to know

that my 'Private Parties" are pretty 'rough''ll have

to dance're going to have to

dig out your 'old tricks and talents' and 'entertain' my friends

in between dancing sets." "Is that OK with you?"

Shaking a little, having ignored, originally, his reference to

'Private Parties', she was now having to deal with the subject

directly....since he had now made it VERY clear what he expected

from her. She thought about it and then asked....."Entertain them

HOW?, John.........What do you want me to do?........Specifically?"

"Bluntly?......Dance naked, play with yourself in front of them

on the stage and then go down and play with THEM.......any way

they want you to and for as long as they want you to.......until

four thirty or five in the morning....maybe longer......but just

on Saturday Nights....Sunday Mornings," he replied almost non-shalantly

and with virtually no expression on his face or in his eyes.

"The first "private party".... a very SPECIAL ONE........for some

of my 'BUSINESS PARTNERS'", he stated....."if

you want the money, you have to start tonight, Linda!"

And,...having put the cards on the table for her to play with and

choose from, he got up and started for the door without another

word said between them.

Linda was silent all the way back to the Lounge, all during her

first set and even during the time in between the first and the

second sets. She thought about John's 'proposition' the whole

time and honestly couldn't see any way in the world she could

turn him down. She'd asked him for the money. She was the one who

had started the whole thing, not him. Now, she reckoned, she was

either going to have to shit or get off the damn pot......PERIOD.

Three years ago, she'd run away from "home" (and Johnny,

especially) and had earned her living hooking her way across the

country from coast to coast. She'd been gone over a year and had,

quite honestly, enjoyed the freedom for the first eight months

until she got wrapped up with her 'problem,' again, down in San

Diego, California, after which her mind hadn't been either free

or made many reasonable decisions in her behalf.......but her

crazy assed body sure had. She shook her head and cleared those

memories from her mind. "That was ANOTHER story," she thought...

and though not one she particularly wanted to forget all the

time, she had no time for it be sure.

She sat in the back corner booth thinking about whether she was

going to "go the rest of the way" with John and stick around

after she quit dancing at 2:00AM and join the "PARTY". 

During the course of the rest of the evening, Linda had pondered

John's "offer" but he hadn't pressed her for an answer and she

hadn't volunteered one, either.

2:00AM rolled around pretty fast and the other two dancers

started to pack it up to leave. Linda had parked herself in the

back booth, again.........still...........and was now finishing

her third or fourth J&B on the rocks. She made no move to get up

and go get dressed, but just sat there and drank and stared down

at the table.

Finally, at about 2:45AM when John had chased all the patrons out

of the lounge and locked the door and Jo Ellen had rung out and

was restocking the beer coolers behind the bar, John walked over

and sat down in the booth across from her.

"It's no big deal, Linda........really it isn't", he said softly.

"I presume, since you're still here, we've got ourselves a 'deal', babe?"

She looked up at him from between her hand outlined face, propped

on her elbows over her J.B..............a little glassy eyed and

fairly well resigned.........and blurted........."I'm still here,

aren't I?" "What the hell do YOU think, John?"

"Hey!............Don't get pissed at me, sweetie!.........I'm not

FORCING you to do anything...........nothin at all!.......CORRECT?"

He was was her problem and her

decision......he hadn't pressed her about it the whole night.

Just waited. Frankly, she appreciated THAT more than she was

willing to tell him........but she had a sneaking suspicion he

already knew it and had simply been letting her work it out within

herself until she had come to a rational decision........."RATIONAL

DECISION, MY ASS," she thought. "Stripping nude, dancing nude and

very obscenely in front of a bunch of Italiano types and then

fucking and sucking them to their big black little hearts'


or even REASONABLE, for that matter!"

"She stared across the table at him and said....."I'm sorry,

John. It's just been a while since I consented to this sort of shit.

Really, it has..........but, it's OK....I'll do it."

"OK, Linda.......just stay put.........have another drink or two......

........and RELAX..............just put your feet up and take it easy!"

"Jo Ellen!!!" "Get Linda another double J&B on the rocks, will ya?"

He got up from the booth and walked back through the hallway past

the restrooms to the back door. Linda heard him unlock it and

prop it part way open and then felt the cool, fresh night air on

her left shoulder as a gentle breeze slipped past her in the

booth by the hallway. 

About 3:15, with only herself and John in the place, Linda heard

a pair of shoes coming down the back hallway, followed by a "Hey,

GUMMBAHHH, how'sa the tricks?" She recognized the voice. It was Pasqual,

the little, bald owner of the Quality Inn,........her buddy and a

"nice guy", Linda recalled.

"Hi, Linda!..................."how ya been?"

She didn't answer him, but took another deep swallow of cool,

numbing J&B........"Shit", she thought, "this is going to be a

bitch if all these guys are regular customers like him!" "I'll

never be able to look em in the eye again!" She shook her sand

brown hair out and thought: "What the fuck!" "I've been 'here'

before and I'll no doubt, be 'here' ain't no big

fuckin' deal makin' your money on your knees and your back!" "Get

your shit together, you dumb fuckin' bitch", she admonished her

ever numbing mind.

"Hi, 'friend''s the motel business these days?"

Linda querried Pasqual.

"Ahhhhh, SO, SO," he exclaimed with a fingers extended and a 180 degree

rotation of the hand palm down to palm up and back again several

times in quick succession. "How's by you, Linda? Life treatin'

you right these days?"

She gave him the same hand gesture back. He nodded and walked

over to John who had come around the bar........put his arms

around John............and pounded him on the back with his hands.

Linda could hear them whispering to each other, but she couldn't

make out the words at she heard more feet coming

down the back hallway at the same time. She picked up her glass

and took another big swallow of melted ice dilluted, straight, top

shelf J.B. and then eyeballed the arriving entourage as they

walked into the room and over to repeat the embracing bit with John.

Finally, when they'd all 'done their thing' and virtually all of

them had turned around at one time or another to stare over at

her crouched in the back corner of her protecting booth, John

walked over past her and down the back hallway. She heard him

slam the door and lock it. 

His feet padded back up the hallway and stopped alongside her

booth and private hiding place for the last hour or hour and half.

"OK, Kid............let's get the 'Show' on the road!" "You need

another drink?"

Linda nodded sheepishly, tears streaming from her eyes as she

looked up at him.

In a very low, throaty whisper, he smiled back down at her and said

"relax,'re one damn sexy

lady and you've got a lot of dancing talent.............from what

I've seen of your 'moves' and the way you work 'our' customers,

this'll be a cinch for you.........just choose your songs to

tell part of your 'act' and then give em hell, woman!" "YOU CAN

DO IT,.........I KNOW YOU CAN!" "Let's go!"

Linda looked back at him through glassy half drunken eyes and slid

out of her 'hiding place', then walked over to the juke box and

took one of the pile of quarters off the top of the machine. She

punched a number, plugged another quarter, punched another, and

on and on until she had about twenty songs loaded. Then she

walked between the leg of the bar and the wall, away from the

machine and turned left into the dressing room. She shut and

locked the door and then stripped her black dancing suit off and

stared at her five foot seven slim body in the mirror on the

dressing table. The gold rings glistened back at her. "Oh,

Goddamn it," she thought, "those things have got to come off or

I'll never hear the end of it from these guys!"

She carefully reached down between her legs and grasped each

ring, one at a time, between two fingers of each hand and snapped

them open, rotated them until the open portion had slipped

through her lips, and then set them, one at a time, on a kleenex

on the dressing table. She repeated the process with the gold

nipple rings, which were about twice the size of the "pussy"

rings as her errant husband refered to them all the time. 

After placing the remaining two gold rings on the kleenex, she

gentlely and carefully folded the tissue around them and reached

down and placed the precious package in the very bottom of her

travel bag.

As her hand came up from the bottom of the bag, she grasped her

makeup kit and lifted it out and onto the table, opening it and

setting some of it's contents out on the table. She sat down in

front of the mirror and started to make up her tear streaked, but

now dry face. She tinted her cheeks to a blushing shade, shadowed

her eyes in a deep bluish black sunken, but sexy look, lengthened

her eyebrows and filled them out wider and wider and then painted

her lips into a perfect 'cupids bow' form with a florescent

scarlet orange lip shade with her lip brush.

She ovaled her lips into a cock sized "O" and put the finishing

touchs on them so that they framed the deep, soon not to be

empty, ovaled cirlce that led into her open mouth.

Then she went to work on her nipples and breasts and when she was

done, they also, stared back from the mirror at her in sexy, sensuous

splendor and flesh tone tints ranging from the color of her white

skin through the color of her tanned belly to a very scarlet

orange florescent color on the nipples.

She stood up in front of the mirror and shaded the scar in on her

underbelly.........the one from her operation......and blotted out the

stretch lines on the sides of her lower midrif.

Satisfied, she put her foot up on the far outside of the dressing

table and cranked her remaining foot, on the floor, outward toward

the other end of the table. With one hand, she reached down and

spread the now opening lips of her sex and, with the other hand,

picked up her makeup and started to tint her hair surrounded lips

in varying shades and colors of the body, enhancing the natural

color and adding the same flourescent tones and quality to the

portalled entrance to her womanhood. When she was finished with

her handiwork, she laid the makeup down carefully on the dressing

table, and without closing her spread legs, reached under the

dressing table and flipped a small switch at it's under edge.

The overhead lights in the dressing room went off, as did the

makeup lights surrounding the large dressing table mirror, and in

their place the familiar "black light" glow of ultra-violet light

shimmered outward from the edges of the now dimmed mirror into

the darkened room.

As Linda gazed, numbly, into the mirror, it relected back a

glowing, sex filled image of four distinct portions of her now

thirty year old, slim, five foot seven inch womanly body......

...............she ovaled her lips and spread her legs wider as

she examined her "artwork" with satisfaction. There, before her

glazed eyes was a three level, four position image of the female

organs and mouth of the soon to be "dancer in the nude" for

John's "Business Associates". The image was such that a viewing

male would see first and foremost, the sex, breasts and mouth of

their "entertainer" of the evening, and perhaps, they never would

really see much else, under the black lighted Go-Go Stage Lights

and darkened lounge. Linda hoped so........she really and truly

hoped and prayed that they saw ONLY those parts of her she had

highlighted in glowing "black light makeup" so that she could

hide the rest from them until her "performance" was over and she

was out of the place.

Satisfied, she reached down and snapped off the "black lights"

and then set her right foot back on the floor and started out of

the room. As she came out of the door, John greeted her with

another glass of J&B on the rocks which she set aside on the cash

register as she picked up the little palm held stage lighting

control box, and stepped down into the sunken bar area floor and

then mounted the eight steps to the platform top and turned her

back on her "audience", the now relaxed white cheeks of her

behind gleaming out at them in the regular stage floodlights. She

looked at herself in the mirror that covered the back of the

stage area, and, with her finger on her right hand, thumbed the

'house lights' dimmer knob in a slow circle to kill all the

lights in the room but the lights on her stage.

She picked up the beat and the rhythm to the song playing in the

background and began to rotate her hips in a circle and move her

feet in perfect timing to music's base beat. As she picked up the

movement of her body in time to the song she began slowly

to turn toward the men seated along the U-Shaped bar and smiled

at each and everyone one of them as she made a full rotation back

toward the mirror. They applauded, enthusiastically, and she went

on throught the number making a concerted effort to keep her legs

fairly well closed throught the entire number.

As the music faded away from her first danced song, she turned

back toward the mirror and hit the "kill switch" for the stage

lights on the box in her right hand. The light died quickly

leaving the room pitch black and Linda moved swiftly to take her

"opening position" (chuckling to herself about the obvious pun as

she did).

It was silent in the room, dead quiet,........with only Linda's

slightly labored breathing audible when the next song started, a

tune that began with the crescendo music from the famous sound

track of "2001 - A SPACE ODDESSY"...........

The music rose in both volume and instrumental focus and pitch toward

it's volumetric and rhythmic "climax"...........and as it approached the

crescendo'ed effect she had played it for,......she screwed the

little light intensity knob on the box in her hand down until it

was in the off position and pushed the little 'black light' button.

Her audience saw nothing in the midst of the 2001 uproar and then

as the music built toward it's climaxing crescendo and the lead up

to it, what they saw, or started to see, brought audible hisses

of inward passing breath from the male mouths to Linda's ears....... front of them........on the raised

platform......was a perfect pair of female nether lips outlining

a female's sex canal in decreasing shades of intensity as the eye

viewed inward toward the black, spread, opening of her deepest sex

and seat of pleasure and passion..................

and above and behind the display stood two glowing peaks, the

pierced but ringless breasts of the erotic dancer spread before

them on her back, arched up on her head, feet flat on the floor

and knees bent at ninety degrees so that her straining back

arched above the platform and her wide spread legs provided a

darkened and unhighlighted set of very dim fleshy arrows pointing at the

erotic display before their eyes.

The hissing intake of breath increased and then stopped as the

scene before them, slowly, and surely, penetrated their alcohol

dulled minds................and Linda, slowly and diliberately,

cranked the blacklight knob toward it's maximum and then let the

little control box slide from her right hand onto the platform

and reached over her legs with both hands and spread back her sex

lips and began to rotate her crotch in a sexy, erotic and

maddening circle, carefully imitating the motions of a female's

movements in the throes of sexual intercourse and total sexual abandon.

The silence broke..........INTO A CRESCENDO OF CLAPPING AND


AND HIGHER TO ORGASMIC COMPLETION....................and Linda's

long years of training as a paid 'performer' of sexual favors

took over completely and she made this

"Linda's Night", NOT THEIRS!

                     End  Part 1  - Chapter 5


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