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Archive-name: Slaves/lind102.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life

                LINDA'S PAST - PART 1 - CHAPTER 2


With her eyes focused on the mirror, staring at the moustached and

bearded big guy at the back right end of the U-Shaped bar, Linda

started her second number........a Beach Boys tune she loved. She

whipped into action, whirling around the stage in her pale blue bikini

top and pale blue bikini pants, but keeping her eyes glued to the mirror

all along the back of the stage and locked on the sexy big guy.

She never looked at him directly, but, instead always through the

huge mirror. She noted, (and so did her body as it continued to become

more sexually aroused and sexually stimulated), that he was locked onto her

eyes and never took HIS eyes off them.

She wriggled her ass at him; she shook her pert little breasts at

him; she, literally, used every trick she'd learned since she left the

farm in Delaware to get him to look at her BODY,........but he

never took his eyes off her eyes, no matter what she did. As the

song came to a close she couldn't help comparing this tall, large framed,

bearded male to that huge, handsome hulk and hunk of a man, who had so

"forcefully" and permanently entered her young life, in that strange 

basement room, in Parkersburg, that fateful and punishing night, years ago 

as she remained bound in leather straps, gagged and suspended between

stainless steel body forming and shaping rods, on her knees with

her arms and hands locked straight down toward the floor, her legs

spread wide, with the rubbery, hot, now wet, vibrating, at first sexually 

satisfying, twin male "engines" buried deeply and thickly to the hilt in her

hurting, but very wet, female sexual passage and up her stretched anal canal.

Hilda.....MISTRESS HILDA!.... had left the room a L-O-N-G time ago and the 

twin, pseudo male organs were still running rampant, at their highest possible 

setting, deep inside her protruding and sweat coated body, driving her to one

ogasmic peak after another, all be it farther and farther apart,

as her sexual recovery period got longer and longer and the pain

wracking, post orgasmic contractions and spasms lasted longer and

longer before subsiding to allow her to start her build up to yet

another swelling, mind engulfing, orgasmic orgy of pleasure followed by yet

another "round" of EXTREME pain. How many times, she tried to recall now, 

had she "come" in that position down there in that steaming hot, black vinyl 

walled room with the white vinyl floor mat, mirrored ceiling and gimbaled

stainless steel "artful" rings firmly pinned into the reflecting ceiling 

above, into the padded white floor below and into each other, with all those 

dimly illuminated, rather vague looking, strange "tools of the trade" hanging 

on the far, ominous, black wall behind them?

As her selected third tune started, Linda swayed sexily and wantonly back

and forth, staring carefully and continuously into the mirror and, thus, 

into those kind but firm eyes that stared ever back at her, just

as constantly, almost lovingly, but with a smiling and knowing quality about 

them and their owner that told Linda this was no "ordinary" male. No, this one 

knew her inside out without touching her, without saying a word to her! And he 

knew she was somehow "special", (she could sense it), just as she knew the 

same about him!. KNEW IT! He had that masterful but gentle quality about him 

that, late that one night in Parkersburg in that basement room, had driven her 

wild with passion and with the mindless, unreasoned desire to please in any 

way that she possibly could..........TO OBEY AND SUBMIT!....and to love, to 

lick and lave, to suck and devour, to be fondled, to be licked, to be sucked,

and to be thoroughly filled and stuffed full of her MASTER as she

had been driven to incredible heights of sexual satisfaction in ways she had 

never dreamed possible, as she was carefully put through one new "experience"

after another, while begging and moaning for still more. 

As Linda locked the potent memories in her mind, reminding herself of the

"stakes" involved, her eyes stayed locked to the gentle stranger's eyes as

she danced and swayed her wanton sexually wicked best, and her

mind, once again, drifted backward in time and over all those

many intervening years, to the tepid basement room in the whore's club in

Parkersburg to re-create and embellish the first time she'd ever met such a 

man.............A MASTER..........her OWN very special FIRST master!

She recalled that she had just been coming down from an orgasmic peak

that fateful night in that basement room in Parkersburg, shuddering in her

leather straps and stainless steel "Iron Maiden" frame, when she first

heard the padded but firm foot steps behind her on the soft, white,

matted, floor. Her head was raised up, eyes staring ahead and locked in

that position that had forced her to stare forward at the large, almost 

majestic, stainless steel, gimbaled rings that occupied the darkened center 

of the room, with all those frightening instruments of as yet unexperienced 

bondage and punishment that hung dimly suspended from the far black, vinyl 

wall beyond the rings. The wide leather strap that tightly

stretched across her forehead and had locked her head between her framing

stainless steel rod "captor", the painful stainless steel ring in

her mouth just behind her teeth that anchored her mouth in its opened and 

vulnerable, straight ahead position with it's complimenting ball gag and

leather strap pulled deeply and securely into the ring and her six inch wide

leather neck strap that anchored her neck in its entirely immobile position 

and had not allowed her to turn her head even a fraction of an inch to see 

what was causing the sounds she had heard. She had tried to look upward into 

the mirrored ceiling but, all she been able to see was a downward view of 

the stainless steel gimbaled rings in the center of the large room and a 

different downward, dimmed view of the masses of leather straps, whips, 

hoods and other objects she had seen very infrequently before in her young 

and budding twenty years, even considering that two of them had been as a

paid prostitute in this very place! WELL PAID!

Suddenly, a gentle set of fingers, belonging to the mysterious noise maker,

touched the sweat covered, rounded curve of her buttocks and gently moved 

back and forth through the beaded rivers that had been pouring from her body 

for what seemed like an eternity. The fingers slowly glided over her straining 

behind and slid gentlely, carefully and purposefully along her hip and forward 

across the ten inch wide leather strap that held her shuddering abdominal 

muscles rigidly locked to her outlining "maiden's frame" of stainless steel 

rods that held her rigidly in its firm confines until, finally the hand had 

reached the base of her sexually arroused and swollen, down thrust, tingling 

breast as its muscles spasmed in time with her post orgasmic tremors.

The hand paused, and then slowly decended down the sweat covered outer slope 

of her then twenty year old, small but shapely breast, moving ever downward

and so tantalizingly across the hanging small mound until in caressed the 

rigid, now tingling nipple in the center. The finger quickly withdrew, leaving

Linda with only a phantom sensation of its former presence and then, suddenly, 

she felt finger tips brushing across her BOTH her hypersensitized nipples. 

Gently; Lovingly; with an ease and a touch that drove her wild with sexual

excitement and longing; and even wilder with curiosity. This had to be another 

woman. No man could touch a woman like THAT! There wasn't a male alive

who could do what those fingers were doing, she had thought, as the fingers 

once more withdrew.

The mysterious fingers returned and settled gently into the back of her neck 

just above the encasing six inch neck strap and moved upward through her now

sweat drenched hair to the the middle of the back of her head where the ball 

gag's strap was firmly buckled in place. The fingers began to loosen the strap 

ever so slowly. As it loosened, and the large rubber ball with its center 

piercing, leather, restraining strap started to move out of her mouth and out 

of that very painful stainless steel ring that rested, relentlessly up against

the roof and the bottom of her mouth just behind her wide open and very useless

as well as completely "harmless" teeth. Linda took a deep breath through her 

now unplugged mouth, feeling and savoring the cool air flowing around the 

retreating ball and it's soaking wet leather straps, as she listened and waited

and watched to see who this mysterious, gentle stranger was.

The ball gag was lifted away slowly as Linda detected it being laid carefully 

on the floor near her. As that sound retreated in her ears and died away, she 

felt something very soft coming forward over her forehead and down toward her 

eyes. As the obvious device lowered, cutting off her vision, she smelled 

leather, NEW LEATHER, and felt a soft sheepskin like texture begin to encase

her eyes and blindfold her. "Oh, damn", she had though, "I'll never be able to 

see who's doing this to me now." The soft blindfold was tightly buckled behind 

her head, over her sweat matted hair, as the gentle hands and their even 

gentler fingers retreated yet one more time. As she strained to listen, Linda 

heard the clear and unmistakeable sound of a zipper being done or undone and 

the sound of human flesh rubbing against its leather encasement, followed by 

padding, bare feet on the white matted floor as they advanced around her

right side and stopped in front of her uptilted, riggedly framed

and very immobile head.

A finger rimmed her wet wide spread lips and then slide inward to gently 

caress her languid, motionless and long unused tongue as it lay inside the 

stainless steel ring that kept he mouth propped open in what had to be a most 

obscene and inviting way. The advancing finger moved over her tongue, then 

back to her lips, then back to her tongue until, in utter frustration and 

frenzy, she began to lave the finger WITH her tongue and caress it back as it 

had caressed her tongue and her lips. This went on for a long, long time and 

as it did, the vibrating, long loving, twin male artificial "engines" in her 

behind kept up their constant rhythm and she started to build slowly toward 

yet another orgasmic peak. As the sensation grew in her lower belly and spread 

upward across her tightly strapped middle, a set of fingers began to gently 

enclose and tightly squeeze her left nipple, rolling it between them, firmly, 

but gently. The fingers moved to her right nipple where they repeated the 

motion and then retreated. Suddenly, the finger in her mouth slowly retreated 

and was gently replaced by an unmistakeable object of some considerable size.

"My God", she thought with a start, "IT'S A MAN!"

The fingers that had been teasing and caressing her propped open,

obscenely, spread, sexy lips, and the wet languid tongue within, suddenly

touched her left breast and moved incessantly downward until they

were teasing her left nipple just as the others resumed squeezing and teasing

her right nipple. As they continued their gentle, squeezing and teasing

of her rigid, sensitive, multiple orgasmic stimulated nipples, her lips felt 

the slow, steady advance of a hot and engorged rigid male organ as it's head 

slip over her bottom lip and onto her tongue. As it had advanced and passed 

through the mouth bracing stainless steel ring, Linda recalled that she had 

quickly resumed her licking and laving with her tongue. Only, this time, she 

was not attending to a mere finger. This time, she was savoring, laving and 

licking the REAL THING. She rolled her tongue across the head of the slowly

advancing male organ and slid it under the rigid edges of the obviously 

circumcised head and then slowly rolled her tongue from one side, down under 

the head and back up the other side as far as she could, and the started back 

around again.

As the sexy, huge member very slowly advanced into her mouth,

through the ring and over her flicking and caressing wet tongue she

felt it relentlessly moving toward the back of her mouth and her throat. 

Gently, it began to retreat from her mouth, sliding back out

through the ring. With the automatic reaction of a true "lady of

the evening", she curled her lips down around the retreating shaft as 

tightly as she could and rolled her tongue back and

forth, from one side to the other of it and across it's bottom as

she began to suck on the now tightly lip enclosed forward part of this

maddening huge male engine of love and procreation. She sucked on

it and laved it with her tongue until it once again began to

advance toward her throat; and as it continued she began to moan

and gurgle deep in her throat to give the possessor of this

fleshy engine a sign that she wanted more of it deep in her mouth....No,

not her mouth.......deep in her throat. She sucked him and teased

him and licked him and moaned her assent as he slowly acknowledged her 

efforts by moving ever further inward and toward the back of her throat. 

All the while, her suspended nipples were being played with, rolled and 

squeezingly and tightly caressed with a twin set of gentle

talented fingers and the incessant twin vibrators were stirring

her twin lower canals to yet another bounding, screaming orgasm.

As these five engines of passion drove her higher and higher, she

moaned louder and louder, emitting gurgling sounds deep within her throat, 

inviting him ever onward and into it's warm depths and "grasp".

As the turgid and rigid head of his advancing shaft slide over her laving

tongue and touched the roof of her mouth at the entrance to her

throat, she took a deep breath, closed her airway and moaned louder as her 

tongue urged him forward as her throat began to open to receive him. The

smell of his arroused male scent had been strong in her nostrils as that deep

breath had flowed inward to her lungs.

The head slid into her throat and began its journey into a land

only a "lady" of Linda's "profession" had total knowlesge of and

could skillfully, totally and unerringly provide. A land of contracting

throat muscles that normally would be used for quite another and

less savory operation, induced, usually, by a finger in a bath room.

Linda ovaled her mouth still further and tightened her lips on

the middle of the long thick shaft as her throat received the

head and began automatically to contract and convulse around it. The 

shaft advanced further and further into her mouth and down her now

rhythmicly contracting throat until she could feel the tickle of

male pubic hair on her nose and against her super sensitized nostrils.

As the distinctly arroused scent of the male owner of this huge, invading 

and pulsating organ wafted upward into her airless nostrils, her body took 

over completely and began milking the shaft with tongue, lips and

throat muscles in a series of microsecond spaced contractions and

complimenting attentions that brought a train of flesh encased male sperm

across Linda's sensitive and trained tongue. As the hot fluid

streaked over her tongue and approached the head, Linda tightened

her lips rigidly around the base of the shaft and bore down on

the throat encased head with all her restrained might, griping

him tightly and milking him with rippling muscles. The hot stream gushed out 

into the contracting throat then down toward her inner belly as she moaned

ever louder and began the tell tale signs of yet another crashing

and mind bending orgasm. As the sperm flowed into her swallowing

and contracting throat, the incessant fingers tighted down on her

nipples with exceptional male strength and squeezed them and

rolled them until they were almost flattened.

The blinding pain in her nipples streaked downward across her

sperm filled belly and met the freight train of a monstrous and quaking

sexual orgasm streaking upwards from her vibrator penatrated anal canal

and stuffed and tightening sexual passage, and screamed forward out of her now

super-sensitized female folds' upper reaches and its now

thoroughly stimulated and arroused small releaser of female orgasms to

contract muscles and tendons through the length and breadth of

her body. As the two trains, one of pain and one of pleasure, met

in the reaches of her contracting belly muscles, her throat and

tongue and lips went wild with motion and attention to the now

gushing male organ lodged deep in her contracting throat and wet

hot mouth with its laving tongue and ovaling, contracting lips and cheeks.

Linda's moaning became the love song of a sexually satisfied female in the

throes of providing the ULTIMATE male pleasure.......the deep

throated ministrations of the male organ.... not a mere "blow

job" but the talented female mouth's SUPREME attention to the male organ

and the ego of the male mind.

And then, as quickly as it had occured, it was over and the

turgid, still rigid, huge male member was withdrawn from her

throat and the head was sliding across her tongue toward the

portal of her ovaled lips back through the bracing stainless

steel ring to exit the safe harbor of whore Linda's talented

mouth and throat. As it withdrew Linda exhaled and drew in

another pungent gulp of male scented air and tended to laving the

last vestiges of sperm from its rounded head, until it popped out

of her mouth with a sound similar to a champaign cork leaving a

bottle of vintage Rothschild's. 

Only then, did the crushing, yet somehow gentle, fingers release

Linda's flattened nipples. As they did, the pain screamed back

for brief instant and then slowly radiated outward and retreated

across the expanse of her hanging, sweat drenched breasts. The

vibrators droned on and on and the pain settled into her body

from head to foot, from the tips of her glove encased stretched

fingers to her leather encased stretched toes.

She listened, trying to hear the male owner of the huge invading

cock she had serviced so well, but all she could hear was the

panting of her breath, the incessant flesh muffled humm of her twin

lower canal invaders and the pounding of her racing heart.

"Linda, you stupid Bitch!" "The songs over!" "You goin' to dance

all night with no music, you dumb cunt?"

It was B.J.! My god, I've danced clear through my song, Linda realized.

With a start, she realized she was staring into the mirror on the

back of the platform at the face of the handsome, bearded

stranger at the end of the U-Shaped Bar. His pale blue eyes were

locked on hers and as they smiled with a frightening firmness,

the very tip of his tongue rolling around his now ovaled mouth.

Since he was facing the mirror, no one else saw what he was

doing, but Linda did.........LINDA SAW IT AND BOLTED FROM THE




She looked down at her pale blue bikini pants and saw a growing

wet spot turning the center of the crotch darker and darker and darker.

She ignored that and leaned back and let her mind drift off and

back to a younger, panting, hurting, Linda in a Parkersburg

whores den basement. Then, as now, her panting breath and

pounding heart, subsided slowly until all was calm except the

slow steady humm of the twin vibrators.

She listened for a telltale sound of her obviously satisfied male

invader and heard none. Then, above the vibrators and her

pounding but slowing heart and subsiding panting breath, she

heard the sound of leather on leather; the telltale sound of two

legs rubbing together in leather pants. In fact, she thought she

heard several sets of these sounds, simultaneously. 

Without any other sounds or any words and without warning, she

felt her knees and lower legs leave the floor and the motion of

her body upward and forward toward the center of the room. She

could feel a gentle swaying in her downward pointed breasts and

nipples and then she heard a "click" and her left leg straightened out

at the hip and at the knee and pointed straight back from her

body and then rotated until it was pointed backward and outward

toward the left at an angle of forty-five degrees to the axis of her body.

Then a "Snap". The right leg repeated the motion, beginning with

the tell tale Clicks and ending with the maddening Snaps.

Another "Click" and then her bent back head and neck were rotated 

forward until the top of her head was once again pointed along the 

axis of her body and forward and another "Snap". And then, yet another 

set of Clicks and her arms swung forward and upward until they

too pointed along the axis of her body, above (out in front of?)

her head and then were rotated outward to either side to an angle

of forty-five degrees, each, to her body's axis. And two more "Snaps".

There, encased in her outlining stainless steel "Iron Maiden's Frame" and a

host of leather straps that bound her immobil into it, Linda

found herself moving forward in a splayed out, spreadeagled

position, face down with a set of humming vibrators up her over

worked ass and cunt with the sound of leather against leather

coming from the vicinity of tips of her fingers and toes.

And then, she felt the steel rods around her hands and fingers

and to which her gloved/mittened fingers were extended toward and

strapped to, bump something equally metalic and the forward

motion stopped. A flurry of "Clicks" followed by "Snaps" ensued

along with the sound of leather on leather moving along both sides

of her body some short distance away. And then the Clicks and

Snaps ceased and the leather on leather sounds retreated and a

heavy metal door clicked shut and there were sounds of it locking.

Suspended in midair, facing downward, the sweat dripping from her

over worked, pained and tired body, she listened attentively for

a sound..........ANY SOUND.........BUT HEARD NONE! Only her

breathing, the pounding of her heart and the low, incessant hum

of her two long lodged, bodily invaders. Nothing else.

Suddenly, a gentle finger settled on her soft under belly, and another.

They slowly slid through the sweat coated skin below the 10 inch wide 

belt that anchored her belly to the "Maiden's Frame" and

into her brown, sweat covered pubic hair and ever downward

through it to the upper cleft of her female folds that covered

her sex. The fingers paused over the now very sore center of her

womanly passions and desires to tease it and roll it between

them, ever so gently and slowly and carefully widen her slack sexual 

"lips" as they continued onward until they grasp the end of the vaginal

invader, still humming away, and with a sudden motion and a

slurping "pop" the infernal buzzing imitation male engine was out

of her love canal and buzzing in clear air. Then it stopped.

The fingers returned, this time at the base of her upward pointed

sweat coated back. They marched through the field of sweat to the crack 

of her behind and spread the cheeks of her buttocks ever wider as

they progressed toward her anus where they stopped at the anal invader,

humming away in her inards. As before, there was a sudden motion,

followed by a much less slurping but still wet sounding "pop" and the

rear imitation male invader was heard in clear air and then

ceased it buzzing noise.

The fingers returned to her under belly and with them the

obviously large hands of their owner. They reached under her from

behind and between her wide spread legs and began to rub and

massage her lower belly below the wide restraining belt, where her

muscles hurt so badly. They kneeded and massaged and advanced

slowly down into her pubic hair and then turned sideways and

began to massage her inner thighs at the juncture of her sex,

working ever away and back toward the knees. 

As she hung there in midair, Linda thought about that big hand balling 

into a fist and the other hand spreading her wide open as the fist

moved ever forward into her wet, well used, abused and stretched vaginal 

passage until the rigid, balled hand was rammed tightly and thoroughly up 

inside her stretched passage beyond the wrist and the hand was

uncurling to allow the fingers to caress the nouth of her smooth

cervix and massage the walls of her insides. But the hands retreated and 

the silence returned once again. Now ALL she could hear was her

heart pounding and her breath whistling through the stainless

steel iron ring in her mouth and past her lips.

Then, after a long wait, the fingers returned, this time to

place the ball gag into the stainless steel ring inside her mouth,

and then buckle it tightly behind her sweat soaked head, over her matted 

hair. When she had felt it approaching her mouth, she had ovaled her lips

and tried to wrap them around the edges of the ball, but the

straps drew the corners of her mouth back and prevented that entirely.

The fingers moved upward on the back of her head which, like her

back, faced upward toward the ceiling, not backward, and they found the

buckle of her blindfold. Tenderly they unbuckled the leather

blindfold and lowered it from her eyes. She looked downward and

saw the white mat and the bottom arc of one of the stainless

steel rings in her field of vision. To the right side she could

see a pair of large, obviously male, bare feet, with leather pant

legs extending up from them. She could see nothing else.

The huge stainless steel "mounting ring" had shuddered as its

attached, totally suspended and totally encased sweating, twenty

year old female's body reacted to what its mind finally

registered and began to protest.




As Linda leaned back in the dressing table chair, panting and her

heart pounding, she propped her feet up on the table and closed

her eyes to savor the memory of her shock and surprise in that

fateful basement room in the Parkersburg whores den that night

(or was it now DAY?).

Linda, sitting in the dressing room in a Go-Go bar, contemplated

with anticipation, the memory of what she had next experienced in 

that long, long ago and far away time.

                   End of Part 1 - Chapter 2


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