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Archive-name: Slaves/lind101.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life

"The Meeting - No Words Required!"

It was Happy Hour and the customers were just beginning to filter

in from their daily routines to sit down and have a cold one and

watch a little psuedo pornographic "art", go-go and strip dancing,

ala Linda style. The Happy Hour shift started with B.J. doing her

thing in her usual wanton and sexy way in the bright orangish red

bikini top and bottom.......whirling around the poles on the

raised stage, pole clasped firmly between her slim, white legs

with a high on the pole start and a slow twirling slide to the

floor of the platform.

"Damn", Linda thought to herself. "That bitch has got to be

gettin' it off with that pole....I'd go nuts with that thing

stuffed up against my pussy twirling round like that and sliding

down that god damn pole." "Phew!" "It's no wonder they call her

B.J.!" "That's probably all she can do after a night of THAT!"

The song ended on the juke box and another started. Linda

remembered that that was number three for B.J. and that she had

to start pumping her dance songs into the box pretty soon 'cause

she was up next with her set of three. She walked over to the

Juke Box slowly in her see-through wrap, scanning the customers

to see who she'd focus her attentions on this time up. "Boy, she

thought, these guys look dead!" "This is goin' to be a damn tough

shift!." "Almost as bad as her hookin' days in Parkersburg at the

'Club' before Johnny came along and knocked her up and then

slipped her out of the place."

As Linda stood at the machine she thought back about Parkersburg

and Chris, the Club Boss, and his bitch, Hilda, who kept the girls

in line. And, when they didn't stay in line, set em up for a

session with Chris in the special, frightening room in the basement.

"God", she thought, "I'll never forget the first time I fucked

up and that bitch dragged me down there....NEVER!"

She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes, thinking back to

that terrible night when that big drunken son of bitch from the

Shell Refinery over in Belpre had snuck up behind her at the bar and

about twisted her tits off. When she stopped screaming at him and

thought she had him calmed down some, he rammed his hand into her

crotch and shoved his index finger up her ass as his thumb went up

her pussy, panties and all, and started to literally lift her up

off the stool that way. Thinking quickly, she had grabbed a beer

bottle and smashed the big dumb bastard over the head, screaming

her head off the whole time. Goddamn that had hurt as he tried to

close his index finger and thumb together while they were driven

deep in her ass and up her cunt with her pants wrapped around them.

When the beer bottle hit him, he dropped like a rock.

The next thing she knew, Hilda was all over her ass, twisting her

arm behind her back and slapping the shit out of her face.

Hilda shoved her arm up behind her back to her goddamn neck,

bent her over almost double at the waist and marched her out the

back door toward the stairs leading up to the "party rooms" and

down to the basement. "Oh God, If I'd known what was in that black

vinyl covered room in the basement with the mirrored ceiling and

about all that 'equipment' sitting in the room, I'd have let the

son of a bitch shove his fuckin fist up my ass, never mind a

little old finger and some black panties", Linda thought.

The memories flowed back with increasing detail, igniting fear in

her brain and making her break out in a cold sweat (and starting

the juices flowing in her pussy, much to her dismay). She stood

up against the wall and let her mind race back to that night.

Hilda, instead of hustling her upstairs to chew her ass out and

slap her around, wheeled her past the stairs leading to the party

rooms upstairs and hustled her down the stairs and into a room

she had never seen before, across from the foot of the stairs, and 

had only heard fearful rumors about from the rest of the whores in

the place. They didn't talk about it much and didn't care to, or

so it seemed. She'd always wondered why. That night she found spades!

Hilda stripped her house coat off her and ripped her top and

panties off almost in one motion with Linda still practically

doubled over standing on her feet and her arm shoved up behind

her back, almost to the top of her head, now.

"You goddamn dumb whore!" screamed Hilda, "How many fucking times

do I have to tell you I handle the assholes and you don't ever,

ever hit em with anything unless they ask you to, UPSTAIRS!.... and

then only after they've paid double for the "B&D and S&M Scene" trick!"

"I'm tired of this shit from you, Linda!" "When I get through with you

down here you are goddamn sure goin' to remember that, you little

Delaware whore.....and when Chris, "The Rammer", finishes with you, after 

I get tired, you won't do shit unless you ask me or him first; bet on

it, bitch!"

About then Linda suddenly realized it was damn warm in that room.

And dim. It seemed like it was a hundred and twenty degrees. As

she looked around from her upside down position she saw ringbolts

in a cloth vinyl padded floor of pure white mats with buttons

holding the mat down in that upholstered look. But as her eyes

wandered back and forth she saw a lot more. There were two big

rings, one inside the other, one on a pivot up into the ceiling

and down into the floor and the other on pivots or shafts through

the first one extending out sideways either way midway between

the floor and the ceiling. She couldn't see well with her goddamn

hair hanging down all over, but she saw that the inside ring had

little D-Rings welded to it all the way around it's circumference

about a foot or so apart (D-Rings were something she learned

about later and would never ever forget!). The two gimbaled rings 

(like the frames of those spinning gyroscopes they use in airplanes, 

boat compasses and the like) were HUGE; they were at least, if not more 

than, eight foot in diameter, very sturdy, just standing there one inside

the other in stark stainless steel majesty like some abstract or

modern art painting.

As her clothes were shredded from her she spotted another object

off in the corner sitting on the pure white matted floor. It

looked like a chair of some kind except that it had an outline

like a human body and leather straps dangling down from it

everywhere Linda looked. The straps were riveted or bolted to the

sides of the human figure outline of the chair so that they ran

between heavy stainless steel rods that defined the out line of

the human figure and they ran on the under and back sides of the "chair" with

the buckle ends and plain, holed straps to insert in the buckles dangled down

off the rivets or bolts on the front of the back and legs of the "chair"

and the top of the "seat" and "arms".

"What the shit is this place", she'd thought as she stared at the

ominous "chair" in front of her. "What the hell are they going to do 

with me?" Linda didn't have to wait for long to get her answer!

Hilda quickly walked her, bent over double, to the "Chair" and

slammed her into the seat with her arm still crammed up to the top

of her head. Hilda slammed Linda's "free" arm down on the leather straps

running across in between the two stainless steel arm rods and

quickly buckled one of the many straps over her forearm and

another over her upper arm. She jumped to the other side of the

gleaming stainless steel chair and did the same trick with her

other arm. It was then that Linda looked up and saw the mirrored

ceiling and black walls - BLACK VINYL PADDED WALLS! And back

behind the gimbaled huge stainless steel rings standing out in

stark reality, she could vaguely see things hanging on the vinyl wall.


She couldn't see em well, but they looked like straps and balls and hoods 

and whips and all sorts of kinky shit.

About that time, she remembered, Hilda slammed her lower leg into one

of the "Chair's" legs in front and buckled it in tight. She

repeated the process with the other leg and then continued up to

the seat where she buckled her thighs in tight with 4" wide

leather straps attached to the chair so that her thighs sat on

the bottom riveted part of the strap and they came up through

her thighs, right in front of her pubic hair covered crotch, and 

only fractions of an inch away from it. When Hilda had buckled the

thigh straps, her legs were an integral part of the steel rods

and leather straps that encased part of her legs. The stainless

steel rods on the insides of her legs ended right in front of her

pussy while the outside ones went up her outside upper leg(s) past her

hip(s) and on up her sides behind her upper arms and on up over

her head and joined together there. Next came a huge, wide strap (it must 

have been 8 or 10 inches wide, at least) which was pulled across her flat

stomach and navel and buckled so tight it almost took her breath

away (and, of course, it ran across her lower back behind her, also).

Then came the straps across the upper and lower part of her

chest above her pert little tits, which by now were sweat covered

with her nipples sticking out like peaks on a mountain, and just about 

as hard as the mountain's rocks.

She was about to say something to Hilda, she remembered now, when

Hilda slammed another leather strap across her mouth; but this

one was different. It had a ring in the middle of it and as Hilda

pulled the hard stainless steel ring and strap arrangement across

in front of her mouth as if to buckle it on the other side, Hilda

punched the center of the wide tummy belt so hard Linda's mouth

flew open. In one swift motion Hilda pulled the strap/ring combination

deep into Linda's mouth so that the ring was completely behind her

teeth, held there by the straps cutting painfully and deeply into either

side of her mouth and jamming her mouth wide open with the ring

just inside holding it that way. Linda remembered she started to

scream and protest and Hilda simply walked to the other end of

the room and got a ball with a leather strap through it, came back, wrapped

the strap around behind her head over the stainless steel rods

that bracketed either side of her head, spun the ball around so

it was in her mouth, walked behind and buckled it down tight.

Linda remembered vividly the ball being jammed into her mouth so

it sat in the stainless steel ring that held her mouth open wide.

Christ, she was scared! She begged, she mumbled, she cried, but

not a word came out; and meanwhile, Hilda had gone ahead and

wrapped a wide strap over her neck and buckled it and one across her

forehead and buckled it, TIGHT! It was then that Linda realized she was

being strapped into some goddamn kind of steel body frame chair

with the stainless steel rods running along the outside edges of

her body, legs, arms, and head, complete. Hilda went back

over her arms and legs and torso and connected MORE straps so

that Linda had a leather strap over just about every six to eight

inches of her body and was about a quarter to a third covered

with tightly buckled down straps from head to foot. When Hilda was done, 

she stood back and looked at her handiwork.

Hilda strolled slowly over to the far wall and came back with

weird looking glove like things, four of them with two buckles

and laces about where the wrist would be and a huge three inch

strap sewn to the top or back of the hand portion and a buckle

sewn to the palm. She jammed them on Linda's hands and buckled

each of the two small straps after lacing up each "glove", (actually

a mitten). The process was repeated with Linda's feet, using form fitting,

soft leather boots made the same way, like the mittens; soft boots

or something, Linda remembered. 

Then Hilda pulled the big straps on the gloves and boots forward

and ran them over the stainless steel that looped around in front of 

Linda's feet and hands, from one steel rod on one side to the other rod

on the other side. Hilda pulled each of the four straps tight and

buckled them into the sewn buckles on Linda's Palms and the

bottom of her feet so that her hands and feet were stretched out

straight from her arms and her feet were pointed like a ballet dancer.

Then and only then did Hilda stop and relax. She looked down at

Linda with pure hate and absolute lust in her eyes and said:

        "Welcome to Hilda's 'SLAVE PALACE', Linda, bitch!"

"You are sitting in my masterpiece that I developed when I got tired of you 

whores trying to kick the hell out of me when I was working you over

and which I also developed because it makes you totally helpless

and completely at my mercy." "But you ain't seen nothin yet my pretty!'

"This little 'chair' you're sittin in is much more than a chair"!

And with that said, Hilda tipped the "chair" forward so that Linda was

hanging from it, her stomach horizontal, looking at the floor,

her head horizontal, on her knees. She manuevered the elbow part

of what Linda had earlier thought were just armrests for her arms,

on each side, so that Linda's arms straightened out instead of

being bent as they were when she was strapped into this thing and 

and so her stretched hands and finger tips pointed straight down

at the floor and the hoops at the ends of the the hands touched

the pure white vinyl cushioned floor. Hilda walked around behind

and in a short while Linda's legs spread out so her knees were

about two foot apart. Linda remembered she had heard something lock or

snap as her knees were spread and locked in that position. The

next thing that happened to her was her head being raised up and

back as the frame along her neck was unlocked and pivoted so that

her head was pulled back and locked in position. Now she was on

her hands and knees with her head raised up looking forward

toward the dimly illumniated wall full of strange looking devices...that 

"kinky" stuff.

Linda stood by the Juke box shivering, thinking about being stark

ass naked in that black room with it's mirrored ceiling and white

vinyl matted floor, tied immobile - tied hell!......strapped into

a goddamn human shaped frame that held her like an "Iron Lady" of

old but with one big difference. Her whole fuckin' body had been

exposed and her tits hung down between the chest straps. But the

thing that brought back memories of terror and fear and, at the

same time, made her juices flow down her vaginal walls, as it

still did.............NOW!......................, was the way

her pussy and asshole were sticking out as she was immobilized

with her arms and hands straight down, on her knees, lower

legs and the tops of her feet pulled back to the frame so her toes 

were pointed backwards along the matted floor.

As she shivered and her juices flowed, leaning up against the wall

in the little Go-Go Lounge years later, she remembered vividly

what Hilda had done next.

"Well, honey, you're mine now until I give you over to the "Rammer"

and then you'll find out why the bad girls named him that." "His

name's really Chris, but the 'Rammer' he definitely earned, as

you will soon find out!" But you won't ever again call him by

that name or any other but MASTER, nor will you call me by any

other name but MISTRESS, in front of either of us." "What you

call us when we aren't around is your business, but after tonight

and tomorrow and tomorrow night and for as long as it takes,

we're MISTRESS and MASTER to you or you stay in that fucking

training frame and in this room FOREVER, Bitch!" "Understand?"

Linda remembered she couldn't answer Hilda, ...MISTRESS!...

because she couldn't move a muscle and she was gagged with that big

ring in her mouth and the ball in the ring. She remembered that

she blinked at Mistress several times and Mistress nodded ever

so slightly, and then slid her hand up under Linda's hanging

pert, pointed, small breasts and carressed them and ran her finger

tips over the nipples, making Linda shudder and the erotic

feelings begin to flow from her breasts down to her pussy which

was already starting to get very very wet, both from sweat and

from her vaginal juices.

Mistress Hilda continued to carress her tits, Linda recalled, and as

she did she started telling Linda that this was the last night

they'd ever look that way again. That made no sense to her until Mistress

Hilda explained that HER Mistress and Master were going to "fix" her so she

could be strung up by her nipples in the future, ANY TIME THEY

WISHED IT. Linda stood against the wall next to the Juke Box and

rubbed her arm over her breasts, feeling the little gold rings under

her bikini top where they ducked into and out of her nipples. "That

was years ago", she thought, "and I still have them there!" "God

they feel good", she thought, "but they didn't THEN." "I was

scared shitless, sweating like the whore that I was, after a twenty

stud gang bang, down in that hot basement room, dripping sexual juices

through my sweat."

Linda's mind floated back to that night, again, and with her arm

rubbing over her golden ringed nipples, she once more drifted back to a

recollection of what Mistress Hilda had done next. Hilda went to the 

wall and came back with two dildos about as big as Linda had ever seen

before, (she'd seen much bigger since!), and, with an almost

gentleness, Mistress Hilda pushed one dildo into Linda's dripping

cunt, removed it and inserted it in Linda's upturned, doggy fashion,

ass and shoved the other dildo slowly up into her now flowing pussy, 

(not really flowing because pussies don't flow,...Cocks do, pussies don't..., 

but really well  lubricated!). Linda felt Mistress turn something on and her 

Pussy and Ass came alive as the twin vibrators started to work at low speed.

It felt good, she remembered; the twin, artificial, vibrating

male organs had been stuffed in her nether holes to the hilt, barely 

sticking out; she had felt that,.......really well!

She watched attentively as Hilda walked by her to the wall on the

other side of the gimbaled rings and took down a small whip of

some kind with wicked looking, short leather strands hanging from it.

Mistress Hilda walked up to her and held the whip by it's handle so the

strands hung down in front of Linda's eyes. "Ever seen a 'Pussy Whip'

Linda....."Slave Linda".....?", Mistress Hilda asked. The answer was eye

blinking again. It was the best she could do. Mistress Hilda smiled and

walked around behind Linda. The next thing Linda heard ....Slave Linda....

was a whirring sound followed by the tips of the "Pussy Whip"

striking her pussy, her asshole, her asscheeks and her underbelly

and thighs as it whipped around in it's vicious circle.

As Linda stood up against the wall next to the music machine, here

years later, she remembered how Mistress had continued to whip her

pussy and asshole with that thing as the two artificial cocks

buzzed away in her vagina and ass canal and the smell of sweat,

pre-orgasm juices and pure raw leather and steel permeated her nostrils. 

She remembered that she started to sweat even more and the water dripped 

off her as the whip swished round and round, catching the folds over her 

clit as it went up toward her underbelly. And she remembered how, despite

everything she could do to prevent it, which physically was next

to nothing, she had slowly built to the biggest, pain wracked

orgasm she'd ever had as the frame she was bound to vibrated with

her attempted contorsions from the orgasm's crest. The whip never

stopped, though, and in a few minutes she was back up again, only

this time it hurt like hell as she built up to it. The second orgasm's

peak gave brief exploding and intense pleasure followed by severe

pain and cramps all over her lower body and up into her insides, 

themselves. And each time the orgasm subsided, Mistress reached

down and turned up the speed another notch on one of the vibrators. 

Standing here now, she couldn't remember how many times that had 

happened, but she remembered the pleasure and the infernal pain

that always came with it. It went on for what seemed like hours

and she couldn't do a thing to stop it. Pussy whip, notch up on

the vibrator(s), orgasm, pleasure, blinding pain, then start over

again and again and again.

As Linda stood there next to the Juke box, she thought about how

after that long, long session with Mistress and Master, she had

never again been able to have a "normal" orgasm in normal fucking

unless someone pulled hard on her nipple rings or whipped her

pussy while she was trying to get off.....except for one other

way...when she had a big hard loving cock in her mouth, kneeling

on her knees with the guy standing in front of her with her hair

wrapped in his fingers and him pumping her mouth back and forth

on his cock. That got to her, too. But after that night and

the days and nights that followed, pleasure and pain were to be

forever wed for her and never to be seperated. 

"Linda! You going to stand there day dreaming all day or are you

going to play your fuckin' songs, bitch?"

It was B.J. and the music had stopped and the stage inside the

U-Shaped bar was empty. "Oh Shit," Linda thought. "Let's get our

act together, woman.....NOW!" She plugged the quarters in the

machine, punched in her "numbers" and started back behind the leg of

the bar's "U" between it and the back wall and mounted the stairs

to the stage. As she turned toward the mirrored back wall behind

the stage, which ran all across the wall, from it's floor to it's 

ceiling , she was again reminded of those goddamn hellish, (but

never to be forgotten, and perhaps, even appreciated, if not loved

and feared at the same time), days in Parkersburg, West Virginia

and her very first Mistress and very first Master, and those first

long nights and days in their "care" as they brought her to a lifetime

understanding of her formerly hidden sexually submissive underpinnings 

and deep seated sexual cravings to be dominated by the right "MASTER", 

(and, sometimes, but not often,....MISTRESS!)  "That fuckin' Johnny 'saved 

me from myself and them', the son of a bitch," she thought. "But he never

took the rings out of me, did he?", she mused. Nobody ever would, for very 

long; not even Linda....pretty, sexually submissive and subservient,...

....Slave Linda....for she had grown to love them as a part of her sexy, 

if somewhat "different" body and mentality.

"I wonder if I'm going to find the right man tonight?" she

thought. And by "right" she knew exactly what she meant....A MASTER....

who understood....Slave Linda and her REAL NEEDS AND DESIRES...

some guy who could be tender and loving and yet could put her

through her "paces" and make her AGAIN feel what she had felt

that night and the nights and days that followed in Parkersburg.

She looked in the mirror on the wall as she started to gyrate her

ass and move her little tits back and forth, and out of the

corner of her eyes, she could see a tall, heavy set dude with a beard

and mustache looking back at her in the mirror. She turned her

head away and went throught her routine all the way to the end of

the song and then stood there looking in the mirror at

"him"....was he a Master? Did he understand? He had kind eyes but

he looked big, mean and forceful......."We shall see, my kind

eyed big brute of a friend".....she loved big men and beards

because her first Master in that basement room in Parkersburg

had been both huge and bearded........"we shall see....when I get through

these next two songs, what you are indeed made of and

why"...."you may be the guy I've been looking for ever since Parkersburg".

[End of Part I - Chapter 1]


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