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Archive-name: Slaves/lind000.txt

Archive-author: Master Paul

Archive-title: The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life



    (Written Between Part 2 Chapter 6 and Part 2 Chapter 7) 


My name, in this story, and in the realm of B&D, S&M and D&S is

MASTER PAUL (sometimes refered to by my "partners", "charges" or

"slaves", if you prefer, as MP). Unlike many Masters and

Mistresses, I seldom if ever carry the "profile" you will see in

this epic and true story into what some people refer to as "real

life". There, perhaps, was a day and a time when I could be

provoked into "showing" this side of me in what some people

mistakenly call "real life", but those days and times vanished

when I met "linda". They came back, briefly over that past year,

but only briefly. It took a while, but between us, we "cured"

each other of any need or necessity to bring dominance and

submission into socalled "real life". 


I keep refering to "socalled real life" and what "some people 

call real life" because, to me (and to "linda") THIS EPIC is the

REAL LIFE we choose and wish to live OUR way, when we wish it, 

and almost always ALONE; Just two people and sometimes "selected

invitees" whom we could TRUST IMPLICITLY to work with us.  


SPECIAL PEOPLE, like linda and I, who know the workings of

Masters, Mistresses and socalled slaves or submissives, fairly

well, and have demonstrated a willingness to care enough to learn

another human being and know them almost as well as they know

themselves. The readers of this Epic Tale or Story would do

themselves a great service to think about what I have just said

and to do it CAREFULLY. 


The story you are about to read is a true story that really 

occurred. The people in the story really did exist, "once upon a

time". Where linda relates (to me) second hand stories and tales

of her past experiences, BEFORE she met me, they are most likely

somewhat embellished to fit preconceived or post-embellished

fantasies. My recollections in the writing and describing of

events that actually took place are as accurate as the passage of

time and a slightly aging mind and body can make them.  


The writing of The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life was inter-

rupted between Part 2 Chapter 5 and Part 2 Chapter 6 by an entire

series of "events" brought about by several readers of the "Epic"

who, over a several month period, contacted me, in one way or

another,to seek me out to (1) find out if I was "for real",

(2) try to "teach me a lesson about 'demeaning' women etc." or

(3) "try me on for size and effect" to see if I could be their

personal Master. Over all, the interruptions were what I would

call "good for me" because they re-reminded me of just how little

understood MP and linda's world really is, even among its

socalled practitioners and advocates.  I plan to deliver no

lectures nor to pontificate in the remaining and voluminous

chapters and parts of The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life. Nor

will I castigate anyone in this introduction for their inter-

ruptions and digressive distractions of me from this task. When

you are honestly queried and questioned, you try, sincerely, to

answer ALL, as best you can. 


In the category of "finding out if Master Paul is 'for real'", I

encountered a wide assortment of psychologists, psychiatrists,

parapsychologists and other professionals and para-professionals

who, basically, were hell bent to prove their own personal

evaluations of me, of linda and of people like us. I, for the

most part, feel very very sorry for these "mind benders and

fixers". In my special ways, I would caution those who "are like

me and like linda" to be VERY CAREFUL about taking "advice", even

from alleged or advertised professionals and para-professionals

in the psychological and psychiatric professions and fields,


I (and linda).  


Over my life time, I have read many many books of and about

sadism, masochism, B&D, S&M, D&S and a whole variety of related

subject areas. I have yet to find ANY writing that accurately

describes what I have felt or what I have seen and felt in

another, such as linda. I will say nothing further about that

observation. It is a fact that has confronted me for a long long

time. Perhaps more of us who do have this special people profile

will eventually choose to write and elaborate upon what we are

and why and how we handle it AMONG OUR OWN. We shall see. One

thing I know for sure is that I am not in any way driven to

explain it to anyone but MY OWN....the SPECIAL PEOPLE....and

then, only because I want them to know that THEY, like linda and

I, are completely normal and wholely accepted and acceptable. The

rest can critique to their hearts content. I don't really care

what they say or do as long as they leave people like linda and I

to ourselves. We can handle US. Far better than they handle their

"things". And I'll bet any amount of money or anything else on

that statement, ANY TIME! 


At one point, in my experiences with linda, I sought outside help

to deal with my problems (for me to detail when and how that

happened will ruin the story for you, so I will not, here). After

several months of "treatment", I decided I was "OK" and that my 

"doctor" was, perhaps not "nuts", but shall we say, "incapable 

of understanding what I knew and felt and how I was and wanted to


AM. I was pronounced "cured" when I stated this fact to the

"doctor" and carefully stated that I was no longer in need of

"help". Ah, the mysteries of modern medicine and its practi-

tioners, eh?  Have we REALLY advanced from the tribal medicine

men of old to a new and enlightened age, or have we merely

developed a new way to market a very old profession and its

methodologies. Who knows?  Not I, and that's for sure! 


The other category of "finding out if MP is/was 'for real'" 

contains assorted Masters, Mistresses and submissives of both 

sexes who apparently have some penchants toward "competing with 

the best" (and I NEVER said I was the best or anything close to

it to THEM, ever....they just seemingly 'surmised' such or

same...ASS-U-ME'ed it). The dominants who did the "is He for

real" trick on me, almost always hit me with the line "if you

knew who I was in 'real life', you'd...." (you fill it in

here....I'm tired of hearing it!). And both the dominants and the

submissives who approached me to "check me out" (with several

noteworthy exceptions) always made a point of this "real life"

distinction and called this scene and realm, "playing". I don't

believe any of them ever considered themselves phonies or

charlatans, nor do I so consider them, even now. But, as you will

read and understand in The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life, this

is not unreal and it is definitely not something one "plays with

or at", EVER. Sincere and honest SPECIAL PEOPLE put thousands of

hours and dollars into their efforts and "partnership" in this

realm. And, yes, it is, in many ways, a socalled "sexual pursuit"

(but not an "abberation"!).......the strongest  of all human

"drives" is SEXUAL. Human norms of socalled civilized society try

to convince us that OUR REALM is perverse and perverted. Really?

Then, sir, why does your wife reach down and grasp her ankles and

pull them out and upward when you are "doing it" missionary

style, hummmmm? (And if that "hits home" with you, dear reader,

think on it...long and carefully!) 


I believe there is a reason for sexuality and sexually based 

relationships being the strongest of all. It's based in intimacy

and understanding between human beings of the opposite or same

sex. I do not care to "pass on" or "judge" the pairings by sex or

gender, thank you, because to each pair or group, goes their own

things and choices. It's not tolerance on my part that makes me 

say this but a recognition that I don't know what drives other 

people who are not "like me" and I have neither the time nor the

money to find out, even if I wanted to; which I do not. I 

understand ME and I understand a very few special women who are 

almost exact opposites from me and therefore nearly perfectly

matched TO ME, in THIS, our special, mutual, realm.  


The category of people who approached me that fall under what I 

decribed in (2), above, did not and do upset me or in any way 

infuriate me. I choose to simply ignore them unless they become

persistant enough to make permanent pests of themselves among me

and mine, which, often, they have and they do. Their special

little penchant or game is to categorize all males who supposedly

"demean" women as wife beaters and bullies. SPECIAL PEOPLE,

especially MASTERS, do not hit, punish, bind or do anything else

in anger, EVER. The real MASTERS I know are very generous, very

considerate and very understanding men whose powers of obser-

vation and understanding of submissive women enable them to see

something that all others, who lack their powers, can not see,

much more, understand and deal with. 


The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life has been getting some very 

very wide circulation since it hit the boards about a year ago. 

As it becomes "more popular" among OUR special people, it becomes

a "target" for other people to hit on and try to stop. It's a sad

commentary on our times that some people can not leave other 

people be, to do what they want to do, by consent, with partners

who have chosen them on a mutual basis, through understanding, 

many hours of discussion and "feeling out" and a great deal of 

plain trust. I don't plan to say ANYTHING more on this subject 

nor to defend myself or anyone else in MY realm.....linda's

realm, also! 


The last category of people, who have approached me over the past

year or so, (and over the years, in private, when there was no 

"draw" or "bait" in the form of a REAL story like this one, just

the part of me they, and they alone could "SEE".....and feel, and

hear and smell and taste etc), are the VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE, the 

submissive women, who seek a Master and want one of their very 

own to feed the hunger they genuinely have.  


I will not specifically discuss them here, or anywhere, for that

matter, except to say, in general, that they are REAL; they are

SINCERE; and they ARE understood, by me, very very well. Perhaps,

better then they understand themselves. 


A long time ago, I discovered that I could stand in a room 

containing several score to a hundred or more men and women and,

through some inate and special "talent" or understanding, I could

pick out, identify and be identified by, certain special women 

who had an active or latent "submissive streak or nature" in 

them or about them. When you ARE a Master and you have the 

"profile", your "opposites" can "see" you for what you are, 


sequences in The Epic Adventures of Linda In Life that involve 

the introduction of Master Paul and linda are precisely the way 

it happened in every respect. The "eyes" and other things "have 

it", I guess. Guess? No, I KNOW it. Linda "saw" me for what I was

as plainly as I "saw" her. Both of us knew that I could make her

do things no one else would dare to even try and both of us knew

that, between us, we would eventually teach each other the

"right" ways to do it. If you are SPECIAL PEOPLE, like us, you

want to consider that statement very very carefully. That's all I

will say to you. Read the story if you want better



Over the years, I have had some strange things happen to me in 

strange places, with regard to this "ability to see and be seen"

by a seeking, hungering, genuinely submissive woman. I can recall

sitting at a banquet table at a "fraternal meeting" not so long 

back and feeling a pair of eyes boring into me from down the 

table...feeling it! I sat there, not embarrassed, but certainly 

very cautious not to mess with "a brother's wife or girl friend"

and carefully considered if I was going to ignore the source of 

the "feelings" or let the MP side of me respond by seeking back.

I gave in and did return the "stare". What I saw made me warm 

inside and all over..........a pair of eyes, a face and, above 

all, a very very intelligent mind, that was literally screaming


Do you KNOW *ME*"? 


As we who are SPECIAL can do without much effort, I sent the 

message back....."YES, I K-N-O-W you, my submissive and hungering

friend. I KNOW YOU". We never spoke a word to each other the

whole evening or any time afterward. But, between us, we passed

some pretty powerful body messages and gestures, back and forth,

over the course of a couple of hours. It is a good thing my

silent "partner" at that banquet table was wearing a long dress,

because I have a feeling a pair of slacks would have "told all".

She had a similar effect upon me and I did not have the

"advantage" of loose outer garments to cover the "evidence". I'm

still laughing about that. 


Every time my submissive, seeking and hungering friend and 

special but opposite person got anywhere near me, she would 

glance at me and then lower her eyes and her head, when she was 

sure I was paying attention, which I NEVER failed to do...believe

me, I didn't. She had "ways" of placing her hands, or standing 

or sitting that sent signals to me that were very very plain to

me and also very unnoticed by everyone else, including her

husband, my "brother".  I was formally introduced to her, later

in the evening, across a table, in a bar. I made no move to take

her hand nor was one offered. She looked across the table at me,

briefly, and then lowered her head and put her hands in her lap,

with a faint smile and a little tiny shudder, as she did. When

the two of them left the bar, later, everyone got up to say good

night and pay their respects, except me....the MP side of me knew

enough to stay seated and then speak to her from that position.

For better than an hour at that table, we all talked back and

forth except for she and I. Between us, there were no words.

There did not have to be any words. We both KNEW that. As she

walked out of the bar, she glanced back over her shoulder,

briefly, and laid her wrists across each other behind her back,

then lowered her head and went on out that way. I left early the

next morning and never saw her again. But if she ever reads The

Epic Adventures of Linda in Life, I send her my respect and my

honor and I tell her, here, that linda would admire her at least

as much as I do. She *IS*, indeed, SPECIAL PEOPLE to us. I don't

think my "brother" knows what he has. I KNOW he doesn't. I DO! I

am MASTER Paul!!! 


I guess I had better get on with this introduction and finish it

so you can read The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life and enjoy 

OUR experiences to your fullest, my friend and SPECIAL PERSON, be

you dominant or submissive. Before I finish, let me explain 

something I just said in that last sentence. 


One of the strange "characteristics" of The Epic Adventures of 

Linda in Life is that it appeals to male dominants and female 

submissives, alike, and in about equal numbers. I KNOW that there

are a lot of female submissives out there reading about MP and 

linda and hungering greatly as they do. A few of them have 

approached me, quietly, to learn more about me and to check 

themselves out, as well as me. One, and only one, truly "matters"

to me in the special and wonderful way linda and I "mattered" to

each other. The others are very special, wonderful and very 

potentially (and in some cases, ACTUALLY) submissive women who 

are hungering and seeking a real Master. All of them, so far, 

have been, either before approaching me, or during, or after, in

some way, hurt by some Master who didn't understand them or

didn't want to understand them. I have not failed to understand

any of them. I know the "hunger" and I can see it. I know the

need and desire for trust and I can satisfy that IF I CHOOSE TO

DO IT. Mostly, I do not. It takes a great deal of MY time and MY

effort to work with and to learn ANY submissive woman I accept as

my slave and charge. It also requires a substantial amount of

money to do it right and absolutely correct. Thus, I choose

carefully, after a short, very experimental "look", in person,

always. And the CHOICE must be a mutual one....ALWAYS and in ALL



Some are argumentative, belying the "truth" about themselves to 

me and to others. I suspect that that is mostly out of fear of 

what might happen if they ever truly admitted their 

submissiveness, completely, to themselves, and then seriously, as

linda did, went out "hunting" for the right Master....HER 

MASTER....and partner to train with and trust for as long as both

could make it work. Submissives DO hunt. There is not question 

about that. The truth of the matter is well laid out in the epic

you are about to read. They also, at some time, and perhaps MANY

times, get hurt by a would be, chosen Master. Emotionally and 

sometimes physically. And eventually, THEY have to break it off 

before serious and permanent harm is really done. Some very few 

submissives get too far in and too deeply "involved" to get out.

In The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life you will read about linda

getting in that deep with one Master, who WAS a Master, beyond

any doubt and who had "connections" with people who either "make

submissive women from scratch" (that's not only possible, but a 

proven fact!) or hunt real ones down and haul them off to train

and learn obedience for profit and for others. Slavery, even in

this day and age, is not unknown and it is not always unwanted by

the slave. This is especially true in the sexual slavery realm...

...the realm The Epic Adventures of Linda in Life deals with. It

is not every woman's dream to sexual serve a man...a Master....

but it is some women's fantasy to TRY it, just once, to see how

it feels. The experience, to a genuine, "for real", sexually

submissive woman, can be more "habit forming" (and debilitating)

than alcohol is to an alcoholic or heroin is to a junkie. Once

"hooked" and once the "hunger" has been satisfactorily and very

adequately "fed", she is unable to obtain real and genuine sexual

satisfaction of the deepest kind with anyone but HER MASTER. A

very few special women have tried it and they love it...with the

RIGHT Master. 


Those statements, just made above, bring hellfire and damnation 

from the womens' liberation troops. In abundance and with utter 

vehemence, I might add. I have had my fair share of the "shots" 

from that quarter over this story. But, largely, I will ignore 

them because I knew linda and I CARED FOR and LOVED linda in my 

special way, just as she did in return; and perhaps even more so.

People who try to deny and/or dictate what others do/could/should

feel and hear and taste and see and smell and KNOW about MP and

linda's special realm, and behavior in that realm, are the

greatest violators of individual human rights in this entire

world. MP and linda wanted to be the way they were, for as long

as they could be, in any one socalled "session". I *KNOW* that

because I lived it. It's true! 


Just as I know that my VOICE has the capability of driving my 

special charge and slave into headlong sexual flight into her 

realm of submissiveness, from which she does not EVER want to 

return without fully pleasing HER MASTER and feeling the tight 

balled knot of fear in her belly and the spreading fire of

extreme sexual hunger for all that He can deliver to her in their

mutually chosen and accepted realm.  


I know what I *DO* to certain, very special and very talented 

submissive women, without touching them and oft times without 

speaking directly to them. I KNOW THAT! Just as well as they do,

and perhaps, I think, better. I know the joy and the fear, 

combined, of a "special one" being able to call someone MASTER

who truly *IS* her carefully and trustingly selected MASTER. Of 

prefacing or following every short statement to Him with the word

"Master".......and of savoring the "MY" that oft times preceeds

it. Submissives can be, and mostly are, AT LEAST AS POSSESSIVE of

their Masters as their Masters are of them. And, so called "slave

stealing" is, more often then not, done by submissives, more than

Masters! That aspect of MP and linda's scene or realm is NOT as 

well understood as it should be. Perhaps this "Epic" will help. 

But, from Master Paul to all the Real Masters and Submissives out

there who read my "works" in this epic, I say this: 


I understand, and always will, what "more than anything", 

"forever", "Anything, Master...AAAANNNYYYTTTHHHIIINNNGGG!" mean 

and the trust conveyed by the words. I have been there and I have

lived it. Several times. It is beautiful and it can be DEADLY, 

when abused or misused. That is why I will not accept MOST

submissives, except to "have a look at them in person", after

which I usually and politely try to say "thanks, but no thanks".

Several times, I've said "yes" and regreted it, mightily.

"Chamelions" are not all found in the reptile world, or so it



For, even now, "SOME ONE WOULD CALL *ME* MASTER".....and she is 

trying to mean it with every fiber of her being. To find a "way"

to make it work in her circumstances and mine. Perhaps it will. I

don't know, but I care, if it can and will. Others will try, I'm

sure. Over the years, I have developed a way to keep all but the

most sincere and the most submissive away from me. That is far

more for their protection than mine, I might add. A genuinely

real sexually submissive woman knows that the "pain" depicted in

this Epic is both transient and quite "different" from "normal"

pain or suffering. It, when coupled with the tightly knotted ball

of pure fear in the stomach or belly and the acute sexual

arrousal that accompanies the "knot" before HER MASTER, is

wholely ADDITIVE and almost entirely indistinguishable from

"normal" sexual stimulation. Together, pain, fear and sexual

arousal build what you will read and "see" in this epic in a REAL

sexually submissive female who has the courage, the daring and

the comfort to seek it from HER MASTER when her hunger demands



For you see, my would be Master and slave readers and friends


BELIEVE.....AND IT IS NOT "PLAYING" some of us this is a 

real world of real things that we like more than anything else in

this world and have learned to handle in real ways that work very

well. If you are timid or lack courage, do NOT read the Epic! 


The fear of a Master is genuine and real in a genuine and real 

slave...a TRUE submissive. A real Master truly owns His slave and

true submissive and knows when and when not to punish and demand

and get obedience and submission. He also knows that any time He

begins with her, she will "fly"........rise into a state of

sexual excitment and arrousal that causes a fear built knot to 

grip her insides and turn her sexually into a starving, hungering

sexual being that requires progressive stepping of pleasure and 

pain and humiliation and submission that remove everything else 

from her coonsideration as she rushes upward to return where she

has often been, before HER MASTER, and loves, more than anything

in this world. She will "allow" Him "freedoms" with her body, her

mind and her very soul, itself, that defy adequate descrpition in

words, but are understood by BOTH of them; BOTH Master and slave.


TO and FOR the "flying" and so sexually submissive special women

whom I have known, know and may one day get to know, I write this

epic tale. As linda did, I call them BUTTERFLIES, and I, always

and forever, shall!


To the Masters who would or will "fly" them, I bring greetings

and a hope that they will learn to listen, see, feel, taste and

smell, and more, everything that they create in their charges and

slaves in our special realm. For here, in MP and linda's "world",

there truly are no limits of performance and no limitations on

how far up and into the flight of the butterfly a Master's

creation and charge may go. Her tolerances and her understandings

of herself are a function of, and the responsibility of, HER

MASTER, not her. She has a duty and a responsibility to "show Him

everything about her that she possibly can" and to differentiate

for Him, carefully, between "fear" and real "terror" so that He

never transgresses upon her and causes real, permanent harm and

damage, later. Real permanent damage comes in two basic forms....

perhaps three.  Physical damage. Marks and scars that should

never have "happened" and which she does not and cannot control.

He can and MUST! By agreement, as you will read, linda permitted

SOME permanent marking etc.. BY PRIOR AGREEMENT, not always

specifically defined so that it was a fear based "surprise" to

her in some ways and thus enjoyed and savored later.  


Emotional and mental damage, often not recognized when being 

built or imposed on her, by either of them. Simple but debil-

itating things that will not allow her to function at work or in

social gatherings. Or perhaps with a husband who is not her

Master. Hand positions that become "automatic". Eye contacts or 

the inability to maintain eye contact. Ways of sitting, standing

or kneeling that she does for her Master and cannot undo 

elsewhere. The list of accidental possibilities is virtually

endless. A GOOD Master knows His power over His submissive and

does not abuse it by doing permanent emotional damage. A GOOD

Master does not interfere with His slave's personal, family,

and/or work obligations in any substantive way, if that is her

wish and choice. I know a very few married partners in this realm

who willingly have chosen to maintain the realm MOST of the time,

in the home and elsewhere, and a FEW, a very few, have largely

succeeded. They do it BY CONSENT OF BOTH PARTIES and because they

want and wish to, mutually. They have agreed that it will be this

way, BETWEEN them. Married Masters and slaves are the exception,

not the rule.  It's not that it won't work, for a while, at


children, for instance. Like, job or profession, for another. The

"list" is endless. But SPECIAL PEOPLE need to understand the

accomodations they will HAVE TO make should they choose to marry

or make the relationship life long and permanent. That's all I

can say on the subject, but it's quite enough, I think. You take

it from there. 


The last permanent damage possibility is what I would call a lack

of comfort and a lack of a feeling of well being in the sexually

submissive woman over what she is and has or may become. We live

in a very imperfect world that passes judgements upon people in

the flickering of an eye, because, mainly, the people being

passed upon are "different" and therefore, somehow, NOT NORMAL

and to be LOOKED DOWN UPON.. Or so it is thought to be. As a

Master I "look down upon" my possession(s) submissive(s) slave(s) a very very special way. With honor, with

respect and with a recognition that my RIGHT to do so comes from

the loving, hungering, obedient sexually diven creature who

kneels before me and submits to my will. There are few things I

would not do for or give to her because of that honor and

respect, and she knows that better than I do. But there is ONE


a feeling of comfort and acceptance and total understanding of

"the way she is" in respect to the rest of a very cruel and

unkind world. She *IS* my possession and my slave and she wants

to be. I *AM* her Master and I want to be. I feel good about

being her Master and I feel no necessity to explain my role to

anyone in this world with regard to MP and linda's realm. She

must also feel the same way. I can walk every inch of this world,

totally at peace with myself about what I am and what I do. ALL

OF ME. The whole me. My sexually submissive woman, partner and


WITH ME, totally FREE and comfortable. With *ME* she will never

be free and never "comfortable". 


Together we have something that is beautiful and beyond all words

in description. Two people must actually experience the feelings

and the exchanges to fully understand them in their totality. The

power and the submission, flowing together. The trust and the 

caring and the, yes, I suppose you CAN call it *LOVE*, though it


DESCRIBE. I had it. Linda had it. We had it together, I have seen

it in others and I understand what it is and above all, I 

understand how it feels, not just to me, but to her....she whom I

own and control in this, our special realm. A place for SPECIAL 

PEOPLE who want to be here; who enjoy being here and who could 

stay here forever and SOMETIMES, God bless them, DO!!! 


This is the realm of the BUTTERFLY and her flights for HER



	Master Paul 


	The Last Master of the Rings.  


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