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Archive-name: Slaves/letr1-4.txt

Archive-author: David Mills and Dr. Phyllis Hyde-Benson

Archive-title: The Letter

NOTE: My name is Dr. Phyllis Hyde-Benson, PhD. About six months ago

I was introduced to the world of Domination & Submission when I

witnessed my younger brother's new D&S lifestyle. While I was

writing the story of his ensnaring, his mistress, a lovely woman

named Beverly, asked me if I would like to meet another young man

who was also living an "interesting" lifestyle. I drove to New

Jersey where I met Donna and David. (By the way, David Mills is his

real name. Donna insisted that it be used. All other names have

been modified.) 

  Donna had ordered David to write the story of his enslavement and

he was clearly having difficulty. She had seen my drafts of the

story of my brother Tom and asked Beverly if I would be willing to

help out. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. Since I am

married and a mother I have no opportunity to own a young man like

David or Tom myself, so being invited to visit with a Mistress who

owns one is my only opportunity for this self-indulgence.

  I took a week's vacation to go on a "retreat", left the children

with my husband, and moved in with Donna and David. I must admit

that during this week I availed myself thoroughly of my D&S

opportunities with David and returned home a week later refreshed

and ready to tear into work!

  David told me his story as best he could. The poor boy was always

kept in a state of high sexually anxiety (he had a hard-on the

entire time I was there) and his accounting was occasionally

disjointed. Fortunately, Donna had a minicassette recorder which

she uses for work and with which she captured most of the events of

his first few weeks with her. Thanks to this, the dialog in the

story is very acurate and is usually word for word what was

actually said. The story is David's. I just helped him organize it

a bit. Donna and I hope you enjoy it!


                          "THE LETTER"

                             Part 1

  I opened my mailbox and found the envelope among a few bills and

some junk mail. Although I half dreaded seeing it, it also

quickened my pulse with excitement. It had been over two months

since I'd ordered the classified ad and I'd wondered ever since if

I'd done the right thing...

  I had picked up one of those B&D newspapers at the adult

bookstore along with a few magazines. When I got home I undressed

and immediately flipped through the pages. As usual, the pictures

and articles made me hot as hell and I fantasized as I stroked

myself. More than half the newspaper was classified adds but I

enjoyed looking through them and reading the copy. That particular

night I found myself randier than usual. I pictured myself in some

of the pictures and articles. One picture showed a naked man tied

up and being abused by several women. It looked like his ass had

been whipped and he was wearing a collar.

  Usually I would read till I ejaculated and then it was over. That

night I stopped before I came. I was still quivering with lust and

in a moment of weakness I grabbed a pen and paper and composed my

own ad. It read simply:

        `Young white male, 25 yrs, 5'6", slender, clean, well

        educated. Needs to become abject live-in slave of nasty

        woman. Begs for domination, humiliation, cages, etc. Very

        sincere. - NYC'

  I placed it in an envelope along with a check for $5 and

addressed it to the classified department of the B&D paper. Then I


  The letter sat unmailed in my kitchen drawer for two days.

Finally, during another super-horny period, I grabbed it and walked

down to the corner. I held my breath and dropped it into the

mailbox. As soon as I did I felt relief that it was now out of my


  The next day I was embarrassed for having mailed it. `Oh God!

What if somebody sees it?' Well, that was pretty stupid. Of COURSE

someone would see it! Thank God all they would see was a number to

respond to. The paper would forward any replies to my home.

  `Oh no! What if the letters got mixed up and one of my neighbors

got them instead of me! Anything could happen! I should have never

done it. Maybe nobody will answer it...'

  Now here I was, two months later, holding a brown envelope that

I instinctively knew was forwarded mail. I carried it into my

apartment, tossed the other mail on the counter and carefully

opened the envelope. Inside were a dozen or so responses. Most

seemed to be from professionals. `Mistress so-and-so' with a photo

in leather, or whatever. Several business cards were included, some

even had rates on them.

  One letter stood out from all the others. There was a picture

with it of a normal looking woman. She looked to be about late

thirties and was dressed in normal street clothes. The typewritten

letter said:

        Dear Slave,

          I am sending this in response to your classified ad. I

        understand you are looking for a nasty woman to take

        control of your life. Well, I'm sure I'm bitchy enough

        for you. 

          I live in New Jersey. I have a large home and own my own  

        business, so I assure you I am an expert bitch and have     

        plenty of time to prove it. I have been into the B&D scene  

        for several years but always playful, with lots of          

        restrictions. While these have been fun I have always wanted 

        to own my own slave. To do with as I want! To let my dirty  

        little mind run wild, and I've had some pretty wild fantasies 

        over the years!

          You claim that you are looking for a live-in situation,

        and that you are serious. If you are really serious then

        so am I, but I warn you first: I can be VERY nasty when

        I'm horny. Maybe too nasty for you... If you are really

        serious, send a letter and a photograph to the P.O. box

        at the bottom of this sheet. Your letter should describe

        exactly how you wish to be treated, in as much detail as

        possible. Be warned, however, that if you do become my

        slave I will keep your letter and subject you to

        everything you've written! Still serious? I am. Now it's

        up to you...


  I read the letter with trembling hands. Then I re-read it and

looked at the picture. Something about the self-assured smile on

the woman's face made me shiver. Was she for real? I had an

erection that was painful. I opened my pants to relieve the

pressure and my cock poked out of the fly. I decided to remove all

of my clothes and sat naked on the rug with the picture in front of

me. I began fantasizing about `Mistress Donna' as I stroked my

shaft. I began to picture my most outrageous fantasies, fantasies

involving great shame and humiliation. She said she'd subject me to

whatever I wrote, and this made me even hotter. I had no intention

of responding to the letter, however, it wouldn't do any harm to

actually write out a reply. I'd never mail it but I could let my

mind run rampant through the gutters and pretend I would send it.

  I started to get up and go to the word processor in the bedroom,

then paused. In a moment of perversion I decided to crawl into the

bedroom, still naked, and pretend that Mistress Donna was making me

do that. Crawling naked through the hallway made me shiver with

lust. My thoughts were wild! I crawled into the bedroom, climbed up

into the chair and turned on the machine.

  Still naked and with my dick pointing straight up and nearly

brushing against the keyboard I decided to let all my inhibitions

out. After all, this wasn't for real. I'd be as shocking and

perverse as possible. I got even hornier just thinking about it. I

thought for a moment, then began to type:

        Dear Mistress Donna,

          Thank you so much for responding to my letter. Attached

        please find a photograph and my address and telephone


          Yes, I am serious! You don't know how long I've

        fantasized about being the abject property of a beautiful

        woman. One who would use me for her own pleasure and

        force her will upon me.

          As far as restrictions, I don't have any! I want you to

        own me. I want to be your slave for the rest of my life.

        I only request, no, I humbly beg of you, not to involve

        any other men. Whether you choose to grant this request

        is completely up to you.

          I have been looking at your picture and fantasizing

        some of the things you might do to me. If it were

        possible for you to legally own me, I would do it. Since

        this is impossible I fantasize about selling all of my

        property, quitting my job, and becoming your complete

        slave, owning nothing, not even my own ass!  

          Please take me, Mistress Donna! Please own me. I need

        to be owned by a woman who is cruel and perverse. I want

        to be kept naked. Please put a collar and leash on me and

        make me crawl wherever I go. I even want be taken outside

        for walks where people might see me!

          Please tease me, Mistress. Keep me hard all the time.

        Tease me until I beg, then laugh at me and tease me some

        more! Show me no mercy. I want to be shamed horribly!

        Invite your friends over so they can see me. Make me beg

        and cry while they laugh at me. Put me across your lap

        and spank me while they watch!

          Mistress, there is a girl I work with, her name is

        Kathy Somers. She hates me because I made her look bad.

        She lost a promotion because of me and now we always seem

        to be at each other's throats. After I have been your

        slave for about a week, please call Kathy and invite her

        to your home. When she gets there, let her see me in my

        shame. Make me crawl out naked in front of her so she can

        laugh at me! Make me lie on my back and jerk off while I

        beg her to give me a spanking! Tell her that I am a slave

        now and that she can do whatever she wants to with me.

        She should laugh at me and tell me that she's going to

        tell all the other girls at work what happened to me.

        Kathy is to put me across her lap and spank me while I

        cry and beg her forgiveness. You would tell her that I'm

        not really sorry but that you are forcing me to say it.

        After she has reddened my ass the two of you will have

        lunch. I will be your entertainment and dance for you

        while Kathy laughs at my humiliation!

          When Kathy finally drives home you might tell her that

        she can come back whenever she likes and bring some of

        her friends with her. If she likes, perhaps you might

        loan me to her for a night so she can have a party with

        some of the other girls from work.

          Mistress Donna, I humbly beg you to punish me. I

        embarrass very easily so the punishment should be as

        degrading as possible. I am to be teased mercilessly and

        exhibited in my shame to laughing women. I am to be made

        to perform the most unspeakably humiliating acts for your

        and their amusement. You might further punish me by

        making me wear delicate little girls' clothes. I could

        greet your guests at the door that way and curtsy to


          Each night I am to be put to bed crying from the shame

        that you have put me through. My cock is to be kept hard

        and teased at all times. I am not allowed to cum often,

        and then only in the most embarrassing circumstances.

          Please accept me as your slave, Mistress Donna. I will

        do anything you command, sign anything you like, only

        please accept me!


                                             David Mills

  I was trembling as I finished typing the letter. My legs shook as

I opened the closet and took out the Polaroid camera. I set it up

on the bureau, set the automatic timer, and took a picture of

myself sitting on the edge of my bed. My hands were shaking as I

set the camera again and this time laid on my back with my legs up

and asscheeks spread wide. My face was framed between the vee of my


  I watched the first two pictures develop. I used my middle finger

to lightly stroke the underside of my penis to keep myself

trembling in arousal as the images formed before me. I was

disgusted with myself as I saw how obscene they were. In a frenzy

I continued posing for more and more photographs, trying to outdo

myself for indecency in each successive photo.

  After two packages of film I was breathing heavily, wanting to

cum badly but still teasing myself. I was pretending that Mistress

Donna was there and ordering me to torture myself.

  I took the sixteen photographs and stuffed them in a manila

envelope. I re-read the letter I had written, then signed it and

added my address, home phone number, and work number. I included it

in the envelope, sealed it, and wrote Mistress Donna's address on

the front. I wasn't sure what the postage would be, probably around

fifty cents, so I took all of my stamps and put over $5 on the

envelope, just to make absolutely certain there would be enough. I

knew that if I waited till the morning to go to the Post Office I'd

chicken out.

  I pulled on some sweatpants and a tee shirt. I put on my sneakers

and walked swiftly out of my apartment and to the corner where the

mailbox was located. My teeth were chattering. My penis was

throbbing and begging for release. I opened the mail slot, held the

envelope there for a few seconds and, with trembling hands let it

slip from my fingers and into the box! It was done! I couldn't get

it back! She would get my letter and all those photographs and my

address and everything. She'd warned me that she would do

EVERYTHING that I wrote in my letter, plus more!

  I ran back to my apartment. When I got inside I pulled my clothes

back off and crawled naked into my bedroom.

  "Oh please, Mistress Donna!" I moaned over and over as my fist

flew up and down my penis. My whole body shook. Finally my balls

tightened. I felt beads of sweat on my forehead as I began an

incredibly forceful ejaculation. I caught some of it in my hand but

there was so much jism that it dripped down onto the rug. I

squeezed off spurt after spurt as I exhaled loud breaths of air.

Finally it was over. My body still shook with after-tremors, but it

was over. I got up and grabbed a couple of tissues to wipe my hands

and clean up the mess on the rug.

  I sat on the edge of my bed. I felt self-conscious sitting there

naked so I tugged on some underwear and my sweats. I sat back down

and held my head in my hands. "Oh my God... what did I just do!" I

tried to think of a way to get the envelope back, or intercept it,

but I knew it was too late. Donna would get that envelope. She'd

read my letter, probably laugh at it. She'd see my pictures, each

more disgusting than the one before, and each with my face clearly

shown! She had my signature on the letter and my home address! I

hugged my knees up to my chest and trembled... It was Monday night.

                          "THE LETTER"

                             Part 2

  Two nights later I received a phone call. I had been on edge ever

since I'd mailed the envelope, worrying about what might happen.

When I answered the phone I heard a casual but firm woman's voice

utter two words that shook me to the core:

  "Hello, slave."

  "H-hello, M-mistress Donna?"

  "Now who else would it be?" she laughed. "Did you send out

letters and pictures to anybody else? Hmmm?"

  "N-no, Mistress Donna. Just you!" I stammered. My voice trembled

as I tried desperately to think of some way out of this. This was

the woman I had written my letter to! She had read it and seen all

those humiliating photographs I took! I felt ashamed even talking

to her.

  "Get a pencil, young man, and write down these directions..."

  I gulped and scampered to get a pencil and a piece of paper. When

I returned Donna proceeded to give me explicit directions to her

home in northern New Jersey. It was only about an hour or so away.

  "This is going to be your home from now on. You will go into work

tomorrow and tell them that Friday will be your last day. You will

write a letter to your landlord telling him that you're giving up

your apartment after Friday. Tell him he can keep anything he finds

there. You're not going to need anything here. Call the telephone

and electric companies and have your service disconnected. Go to

the Post Office and have your mail forwarded to my address

effective immediately. On Friday afternoon you will get into your

car wearing only a tee-shirt, pants, and sneakers with no socks.

You will not wear any underwear, watch, or jewelry of any kind. You

will leave everything you own in your apartment for your landlord.

You will then drive to this address. I expect you to arrive here at

exactly 9:00pm. After you pull into my driveway you will take off

your tee-shirt, pants and sneakers, leave them in the car, and

crawl up to my front door. You will not knock or ring the doorbell.

You will kneel there naked and wait for me to let you in. Do you

understand all this?"

  "M-m-missstress Donna" I stammered. "About that letter... I don't

know what got into me.. I... I'm sorry... I..."

  "WHAT! Didn't you hear a word I just said!" The sound of her fury

shook me to the core. I began to panic.

  "Yes, Mistress! I h-heard you. It's just that I'm not so sure now

that I... err.. that I..."

  "Listen to me, David" she said in a controlled but menacing

voice. "You don't have a choice in this anymore. I didn't get where

I am by being a nice person. I always get what I want. Right now I

have your letter in front of me. I also have all those disgusting

pictures in front of me too. Tell, me... did you jerk off after you

took these pictures?"

  A pause and then... "Y-yes, Mistress."

  She laughed. "I figured as much. And now that your dick isn't

hard anymore you're having second thoughts. Well it won't work. I'm

very rich, very bitchy, and, like I already told you once, I always

get what I want... one way or another."

  I gulped hard but didn't say a word.

  "I've made up a dozen copies of the photographs you sent me, and

a dozen copies of your letter."

  I was sweating now, and trembling. I held my forehead in my hand

and closed my eyes...

  "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way means

you will follow those instructions I gave you exactly and to the

letter. I intend to give you a spanking on Friday night to punish

you for this little rebellion." 

  "There's also the hard way... I've already had you checked out,

David. I know more about you than you'd believe. Don't make me send

someone to collect you. If I do, you won't like the way they do it,

and a lot of people you hold very dear are going to get a full set

of photographs plus a copy of your letter. Either way, you'll be

here. It's up to you which way you'll do it!"

  "Please, Mistress Donna. Don't do this to me! I don't know what

got into me the other night. Please!"

  "That's right, beg me! I love to hear you beg! You're going to be

doing a lot of that from now on! If you're a good boy I just might

grant you that little request you made in your letter. If I have to

have you picked up, well, all bets are off. It will be an

embarrassing pickup, I can assure you of that! Oh, and one more

little thing, David. That girl at work you mentioned... Kathy

Somers? You might be interested to know that my personnel manager

is calling her tomorrow to invite her down next week to interview

for a job as a Marketing Manager in my company. Hell, if she's good

I might even give her the job! In addition to her other duties she

can also be Manager of David's Bare Ass!"

  "Oh, Mistress Donna. P-l-e-a-s-e don't do that! Please..."

  "I warned you! Now remember those instructions. Don't make me

send someone after you. See you later David...  "

  I sat there with the phone still to my ear. There was silence on

the other end. My eyes welled up as I slowly put the receiver down.

What was I going to do? I had to take her threat seriously. Stupid

me, I had put phone numbers and my address in the letter. I even

signed it. I didn't know how much information she could have dug up

on me but if she was rich and owned her own company I wouldn't be

surprised what she could get... If I didn't show up she'd send

someone to `collect' me! She made that sound like something I'd

want to avoid at all costs. The real shock hit me when I began to

realize that I really didn't have a choice, and that beginning

Friday night I'd be living at her house, as her slave!

  I didn't sleep real well that night but the next morning I got up

in time, showered and shaved, and headed off to work.

  As I walked through the corridors I looked around and was amazed

to realize how many women actually worked there. I'd never really

noticed before. Most of them smiled and said `Good Morning' to me

as I passed. I got to my desk and sat down. The secretary, Phyllis,

dropped a message off at my desk that she had taken just before I

came in.

  "Hi David. Here's a call that just came in."


  "You don't look too good today. Are you feeling Okay?"

  "Huh? Oh, no.. I mean yeah. I'm okay."

  "You look white as a ghost. Maybe you should have someone take a

look at you."

  "Yeah. That's the problem..." I muttered to myself. Then to

Phyllis I said: "No. I'm okay. Didn't sleep well. Thanks."

  I put in an uneventful morning, though most of it was spent

dreading what I knew I had to do. After lunch I knew I couldn't put

it off any longer. I went in to see my boss and told him tomorrow

would be my last day. My boss was shocked at both the announcement

and the short notice. I apologized and said it was a personal

decision and I really regretted having to leave so suddenly. In the

afternoon I called the telephone and electric companies and also

typed a letter to my landlord telling him I had to leave town and

would be breaking my lease. I told him to keep the security deposit

and anything he found left behind in the apartment after I left. I

left work early so I could get to the post office to leave a

forwarding address and mail my letter. I got home around 3:30.

  I felt almost in a daze as I carried out all of my instructions

and chores. I thought about being in New Jersey in a little over 24

hours and could hardly believe all this was happening so quickly.

I went through my apartment checking on things. I gathered up all

of my magazines and newspapers and put them in a bag to throw out.

It would be embarrassing if anybody found them. I took a small

overnight bag and got some of my important papers, my checkbook,

and a few pictures of my family as keepsakes. I sat in my living

room and looked around. I didn't have a lot of possessions but it

was hard to just walk away from everything.

  I ordered a pizza and watched TV. I wasn't sure when I'd be able

to do either of those again. At 10:00 I turned out the lights and

went to bed. I tossed and turned for over an hour, unable to fall

asleep. On one hand I was curious about what lay ahead. On the

other, I was absolutely terrified. I got up and turned on my word

processor, probably for the last time. I re-read the letter I had

written to Mistress Donna on Monday night. I paled and shook as I

slowly read it over and over again. How could I have written all

those things! Why did I ever mail it! I had been a fool. I should

have just beat off and gone to sleep but I had to write that damn

stupid letter! Around midnight I finally managed to fall asleep.

  I woke up late on Friday. It was my last day. My last day as a

free man, so why bother to rush into work? I read the paper and

watched TV. Then I showered, shaved, dressed and drove into work.

I arrived around 11:30. Word had already spread that this was my

last day and people stopped me in the hallways to shake my hand and

wish me luck. I organized a few of my projects then straightened up

my desk and went to lunch.

  After lunch I was told to go to Personnel to fill out some forms.

On the way back I turned a corner and saw Kathy Somers walking down

the corridor towards me. She was walking fast, as usual. Always

trying to make an impression as a busy woman on the move. She was

twenty-four years old and was only a year out of grad school. She

looked and dressed the part of a career woman on the way up. She

had on a black suit, double breasted with a scarf around her neck,

and a skirt just above her knees. Her blonde hair was shoulder

length and even if she didn't despise me her demeanor made it clear

she knew she was well out of my league. She looked hot all right,

and she flaunted it. She looked at me and slowed down, then


  "I hear today is your last day" she said, barely concealing the

lack of caring in her voice. She was still pissed at me but at

least tried to act semi-polite.

  "Uhh, yes." I gulped and fidgeted. I glanced up at her blue eyes.

She was looking at me as if I were an inconsequential worm.

  "Where are you going?"

  "Uh.. N-new Jersey..."

  Her eyes flashed for just a second. What a coincidence...

  "Oh well" she said. "Good luck. Maybe we'll see you around."

  I gulped hard. I knew that the next time she saw me around would

be under very different circumstances...

  "Kathy, I... err.. well.." I had to look away from her eyes. "I,

uh, guess I'll see you later... I mean.. well, goodbye."

  Kathy looked at me strangely. I saw those confident blue eyes one

last time, then she turned and continued walking down the corridor.

I watched her long legs and ass as it swiftly moved away from me.

Oh God! Mistress Donna wouldn't really... would she? I sniffed and

just walked out the door and drove home.

  I walked into my apartment for the last time. It was around 4pm.

I lay down on the couch and napped till six.

  When I awoke I looked at my clock and got right up. I'd have to

get moving to be on time! I undressed and put my clothes in my

hamper, then I showered and shaved again. After drying myself off

I selected a white tee-shirt and pulled on a pair of gray

sweatpants. I then slipped a pair of sneakers on over my bare feet,

grabbed my wallet and the overnight bag and stood in the doorway.

I glanced around one last time at all of my possessions; all of my

clothes! All I had now was the tee shirt, sweatpants and sneakers

that I wore, and I'd be leaving them behind in my car when I got to

New Jersey. When I entered Mistress Donna's house I would have

nothing - no money, no job, no clothes. I flipped off the light

switch and walked out to my car.

  An hour and a half later I was within a mile of my new home.

Mistress Donna lived in a well-to-do suburb; tree-lined homes with

big yards and long driveways. It didn't take me long to locate the

house. It was brick with ivy over the outside. I could see down the

driveway to where a Lincoln Town Car was parked. A brick walkway

led to the front door which was flanked by a rose-covered trellis.

According to the clock in my car it was only 8:30. I wanted to make

sure I was wasn't late but I had no desire to be too early either.

I sat there in my car and watched a few cars pass by. Some

bicyclers went past in the growing darkness and I smiled as I

watched the young girls in their tight riding pants, but inside I

was trembling. It was 8:45pm and I was just outside Mistress

Donna's house. I had quit my job, abandoned my apartment and given

all my belongings away. I couldn't believe I was actually doing

this, but I had no choice! Even if I ran away I knew she'd somehow

find me. And her threat to mail off copies of those shameful

pictures and my incriminating letter... I could never allow that to


  At 8:55 I started up my car and slowly pulled into the long

driveway. I parked beside the gleaming Town Car and turned off the

engine. There were lights on in the house but I couldn't see

anybody moving in the windows. Well, this was it...

  I pulled off my tee shirt and kicked off my sneakers. I sat there

for a moment with my thumbs in the waistband of my sweats. The

porch light was on and I noted with panic that it illuminated the

front door! I held my breath and pulled my sweats down over my hips

and down my legs. My penis was stiff and my bare ass on the car

seat felt perverse! I pulled the sweats off my feet and placed them

on the front seat. Slowly I opened the car door. The interior light

in the car startled me and I immediately climbed out of the car and

closed the door as quickly as possible! I dropped to my hands and

knees and knelt there next to the car. At that moment I realized

that out of force of habit I had locked the car door. The keys were

inside along with my clothes! There was no turning back now... The

sun had set and it was nearly dark but the illumination from the

porch light and moon cast shadows over the front lawn. I knew I

couldn't stall any longer. I began crawling on my hands and knees

towards the front door. I felt so self-conscious I wanted to get up

and run, but I knew I had to continue. There was no place to run

to. I crawled up the front steps and knelt there in front of the

large wooden door. Anybody passing by on the street who cared to

look could see me there, illuminated by the porch light. I trembled

as I prayed for her to hurry up and let me in.

  Five minutes went by, then ten. I heard the bicyclers on their

way back home. I shook and prayed they didn't look in the yard as

they passed by. I was tempted to ring the doorbell, maybe she

forgot about me? Did I have the time right? After fifteen minutes

of kneeling naked on the porch I shuddered and began worrying if I

even had the right house! Finally I heard the doorknob turn and the

heavy door swung open. My Mistress stood in the doorway! God, she

was beautiful! Her trim legs were encased in tight pants and her

hair and makeup indicated class and style. She smiled as she looked

down at me.

  "Well, it's David! And right on time, how nice! I hope you

weren't waiting out here too long. The neighbors are so nosey!"

  She held a collar and leash in her hands. The collar was small

and black and had `DAVID' etched on it. She bent over me and began

fastening it around my neck. As she bent over I was able to see

down the front of her crisp white blouse. Her perfume was

wonderful! I felt my already hard penis twitch as her hands

fastened the buckle under my chin. She then took the leash and

clipped one end onto the collar. When she stood up she smiled again

and said "I hope you like your new wardrobe. This is all you'll be

wearing from now on, even when we have company."

  She chuckled and used the leash to lead me, still on my hands and

knees, into the foyer. As she closed the door behind her I heard

soft footsteps and a girl around eighteen years old walked into

view. She had blonde hair and was dressed in faded jeans and a

sweatshirt. She looked at me and giggled.

  "Oh, I think I forgot to mention that my daughter Stacey is home

from college and will be here until the end of August." Stacey

smiled and said hello while I blushed.

   "You will obey Stacey. Next week she's having one of her

sorority sisters stay over for a couple of days and I expect you to

amuse them. Do you understand?"

  "Y-es, Mistress Donna" I blushed.

  "Put your head down on the rug, I want to take a good look at

you. Spread your knees wider, that's it! Hmmm... Not bad." She

poked me a little here and there as if she were looking over

livestock. "A little soft but I think Stacey and I can whip you

into shape."

  I groaned in shame as she walked directly behind me and stared at

my widely parted ass.

  "Stay just as you are and wiggle your ass for Stacey and me! Come

on, make it shake.  I said wiggle it! We want to see that

ass dancing in the air! Ahhh! That's better!" Both women giggled as

my bare ass wiggled and shook as if a string were attached to it.

It was enormously embarrassing, especially with Stacey watching.

  "Won't Kathy Somers enjoy seeing that!" Donna laughed. "By the

way, she set up an appointment for an interview on Wednesday

morning. I believe we'll invite her here for lunch afterwards!"

  "No, please!" I begged. "I didn't really mean that stuff I wrote.

I'd die of embarrassment if she were to see me. Please don't!


  "Hahaha. Oh, she WILL see you! I promise you that! You're going

to look so cute crawling around on your little leash while she

laughs at you! She may get disgusted and leave, or she just might

enjoy watching you humiliate yourself. Hmmm... I think I'll make

you give yourself a spanking in front of her!"

  I gasped then started sniffling. "Please  pleeease don't

do that to me. I'm sorry I ever wrote that letter ."

  My pleading seemed to get Donna even more excited. "I'm going to

give her a copy of your letter. She should get a kick out of

reading it, especially the parts about her! I'll ask her to read it

out loud as you kneel before her! That reminds me... I think I

promised you a spanking tonight, didn't I?"

  "No, please,  don't give her that letter! Please don't!"

  Donna sat down on a straight back chair in the foyer. She patted

her thighs and indicated she wanted me to crawl across her lap and

lie there. I was still sobbing and didn't budge. This caused Donna

to angrily grab my leash and tug on it to get me moving. As I

draped myself across her lap she told Stacey to kneel down in front

of me and hold both of my hands in hers to steady me. My

defenseless ass was perched on her lap and she stroked it lightly

with her hand, then she lifted her arm and began spanking me hard

and randomly on both of my cheeks. I didn't know what to expect. I

was surprised by how much it stung and I began immediately to

squirm and yelp. My penis was rock hard and I could feel it rubbing

against Donna's pants as I squirmed to avoid her stinging palm. As

I squirmed around I couldn't keep my thighs from parting, thus

giving Donna a view of my balls.  Stacey held my hands and giggled

as I began begging her mother to stop.

  Donna lectured me as she wailed my ass, using the slaps for

emphasis. She reminded me of the things I'd put in my letter. She

told me that this was no joke. That my old life was over. I had no

job, no money, no clothes, nothing! She owned me. She would do

whatever she felt like with me and right now she felt like spanking

me. She said that tomorrow she might feel like leading me around in

her back yard by my leash! That should give her nosey neighbors an

eyeful! She laughed as she told me all the degrading things she had

planned for me. She thanked me for my letter because it even gave

her a few more ideas. 

  Stacey held my gaze and licked her lips to tease me as she saw

tears welling up in my eyes. Between spanks she told me that her

mother had always warned her: "Be careful what you wish for,

because you just might get it." Right now, I was getting it!

                           "THE LETTER"

                              Part 3

    For the next four days Donna appeared to enjoy herself to the

fullest. As promised, she kept me naked and leashed on all fours

the entire time. I was kept in a constant state of arousal. I was

allowed no chance to masturbate and Donna made it clear that if I

even attempted it she'd punish me very severely. She enjoyed

teasing me with threats of exposing me in the most humiliating

ways. She threatened to spank my ass red and tie me up outside so

that the children could see me and laugh at me on their way to

school in the morning. This caused me to panic and made Stacey

laugh along with her mother. Stacey's presence made this doubly

humiliating for me. She didn't say much or make many demands on me

but she was usually lounging around the house in jeans and sneakers

and laughed whenever she saw me scurrying along the floor.

  Once Donna chased me round the house smacking my ass with a long-

handled wooden spoon. I crawled as fast as I could to escape the

stinging smacks but Donna caught up with me in the den right in

front of Stacey and wailed my poor butt good with that spoon till

I was reduced to sobs. When I looked up I saw Stacey watching me

and shaking her head slightly in amusement. I felt my face turn

nearly as red as my ass must have been.

  Finally it was Tuesday night. Donna didn't need to remind me that

tomorrow morning Kathy Somers would be at the house! I begged her

once more to spare me from this ordeal but Donna continued teasing

me about what our meeting would be like. 

  Just as she did every night, she tied me up on my knees with my

face to the floor and my hands attached to the back of my collar so

I couldn't touch myself during the night. She tied my legs open

with a spreader bar and positioned me so that my ass was up in the

air. This time, however, she gave me an extra special teasing. She

worked on my penis and ass until I was literally vibrating. I

begged to be allowed to cum. I pleaded from the depth of my soul

but she kept at it, over and over and over again. So close... so

very close to cumming, but she would always back off just before I

could manage to get over the edge. She gave me my nightly spanking

and left me like that in Stacey's room.

  Stacey must have thought it was quite interesting to have a naked

man tied up on the floor in her bedroom. My red ass was still

trembling and my cock was hard as a rock. I could almost feel the

cum boiling in my ball sack as I knelt there. She asked me a few

questions about my life before coming here but my stammered

answers, uttered between sobs of frustration, were barely

understandable, even by me.

  Stacey got undressed to get in bed. This was the first time I'd

seen her without her jeans or at least a robe on. She stripped down

in front of me as I groaned. When she had just her pink panties

left on she blew me a goodnight kiss, climbed into bed, and turned

off the light. Not long afterwards I heard the unmistakable sounds

of her masturbating. She had slipped her hand underneath those tiny

little panties and was rubbing herself off while I knelt there with

a hard dick! I could see the covers move up and down and her

breathing got more ragged. She licked her lips and moved her head

from side to side and the bed vibrated a little as she got closer

and closer to her own orgasm. Finally she gasped and the bed shook

several times. This was it! She was cumming and breathing hard. I

whimpered as she finally caught her breath and regained her

composure. I heard her giggle then roll over onto her side. A few

minutes later I could hear her deep measured breathing as she


  I trembled as I knelt there in the dark. Knowing that Stacey was

nearly naked only a few feet away made my dick quiver as it hung

below my belly. I thought about my past life. Less than a week

before, I was working in the Finance Department of my company. I

went to work every day in a suit and tie. Now all I wore was a

collar and leash! I had given up everything to become the abject

slave of this powerful woman I had met for the first time only four

days ago. I was teased incessantly and shamed in front of her

eighteen year old daughter. And tomorrow... tomorrow would be the

most humiliating day in my life! Kathy Somers, that stuck-up bitch

from Marketing, would get to see me shamed horribly. I would be

paraded nude in front of her, crawling on my hands and knees, with

a LEASH on! She'd get to read my humiliating letter to Mistress

Donna. When she read about how I'd fantasized about being degraded

before her she'd probably laugh in my face! Mistress Donna couldn't

possibly do that to me, could she?

  My dick was still tingling. I was shivering with lust. Each night

so far I'd considered trying to get myself off, but I was always

too terrified to try. Tonight the pressure was too great. I slowly

pushed my legs back and lowered my hips. I found that I could

almost touch the rug with the end of my penis! I pushed back a

little farther and found that by thrusting my hips I could rub the

underside of my penis against the carpet. The friction felt

wonderful! I continued thrusting and felt the underside of the tip

of my penis get warm from the friction. It tingled like a mad itch

being finally scratched! Each thrust brought a tightness to my

balls and the warm tingling grew along my entire shaft. I was

moaning now and my eyes were closed. I kept rubbing and rubbing and


  "MOTHER!! Get in here quick!"

  The piercing yell startled me. My buttocks were clenched tightly

and my dripping penis was poised just a fraction of an inch above

the carpet. I'd been caught!

  Donna came storming into the room wearing her nightgown. She

hadn't fallen asleep yet and when she saw what I had been doing she

grabbed me by the back of my collar and yanked me back up to my

knees with a force that both surprised and terrified me.

  "Ohhh, pleeease Mistress. I wasn't doing anything! I'm sorry!

Please! Oh God! Please!" I was terrified!

  "Oh! I don't believe what you were doing! You were warned, young

man! You were warned what would happen if you tried anything like

this, and you'll be punished severely!"

  "Please, Mistress, pleeeeease!" My penis was waggling obscenely

between my legs as I knelt and pleaded with the older woman.

  Donna pushed my head back to the floor and pulled my ass up high.

The spreader bar kept my thighs apart and my balls were hanging

halfway to my knees. She got up and quickly walked next door to her

room. A moment later I heard her come back and stand behind me.

Stacey's eyes were wide open as she watched her mother. I felt a

cool wetness on my asshole, and a finger. I suddenly realized that

Donna had put some kind of vaseline on her fingers and she was

lubing up my asshole! Her fingers moved away to be replaced by a

hard round object. It was pushing against my anus, then rubbing up

and down and swirling. I felt the muscles of my anus give and

suddenly the object was penetrating my asshole.

  "So, you want to cum, huh? Huh? We'll just see how bad you want

to cum..."

  All of a sudden I heard a buzzing noise. At the exact same time

the object in my ass began vibrating! Oh Please, No! She had stuck

a vibrator up my ass! She moved it in and out several times, then

used the vibrating tip to tease the rim of my asshole. The buzzing

was driving me crazy! At the same time I felt something being

slipped over my hard cock. It passed down the shaft till it was

next to my balls then suddenly tightened! I instinctively knew what

it was... a cock ring! It would prevent me from ejaculating while

Donna worked me over... and work me over she did! I was taking in

air in huge gulps, like a drowning man just reaching the surface.

My whole body shook as she tortured me with the buzzing device. I'd

give my soul to cum but she wouldn't let me. She just kept working

on me and taunting me.

  "I told you what would happen, didn't I? You're gonna be punished

for that, slave. Just wait till tomorrow! You thought it was gonna

be bad in front of Kathy Somers, huh? It's gonna be worse! By the

time I'm through with you.... ooohhhh... No man will ever have been

shamed the way I'm gonna do you! You'll squirm! You'll plead!

You'll never ever be able to even glance at that young woman again

without your gut wrenching in humiliation! You just wait!"

  I couldn't help myself. I cried into the carpet. "Waaahhhh!

Please! Stop it! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....! Help!" My balls felt like they

were going to explode, they were so full. She kept the buzzing tip

of the vibrator on my sensitive asshole despite my screams. I

begged her to let me cum. I begged Stacey!

  "Nooo... you're not gonna cum that easy!" She slapped my ass with

her free hand and continued the torment. "You wanna cum, boy? Huh?

Tell me, you wanna cum?"

  "Yyyyyesss! Please Mistress! Pleeeease!"

  "You'll cum alright, but not tonight! You'll cum tomorrow in

front of Kathy! You'll be on your back at her feet. Your legs will

be bent up and back and spread w-i-d-e! Your red cheeks will be

parted as you tug on your cock and cry and beg her to allow you to

cum! Your ass will be sticking right up and your asshole will be

sucking around your middle finger like it was a popsicle! We'll

take pictures that Kathy can keep and show to her friends! That's

how you'll cum!"

  "Ahhhhhh.... please, let me cum, let me cum, please...." I was


  Donna suddenly turned off the vibrator and put it down. She then

released the cock ring and she and her daughter smiled and watched

me twitch for awhile. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and I

was crying and flicking my tongue in and out of my mouth. My hips

circled hopelessly with my asscheeks wide apart waiting for the

stimulation that would send me over the edge, but it never came.

  "Good night, David. Think about tomorrow and Kathy Somers!

Pleasant dreams!"

  Donna grabbed the vibrator and stood up straight, then turned and

walked back to her own room. Stacey was still kneeling in front of

me, looking down at me. Her breasts were bare and upthrust. Her

thighs were slightly parted and she had a small wet spot on the

crotch of her tiny pink panties. I glanced up and saw her place one

hand back inside her panties. Her crotch was only inches from my

face as she began rotating her hips and rubbing her hand up and

down inside her panties. Her aroma was pure torment. My own hips

continued circling and thrusting helplessly as I watched her rub

herself off and heard her soft moans. Stacey used her left hand to

pull the front of her panties slowly down. I could see her pubic

hair and her long fingers rubbing her cunt. With a sigh she wiggled

until her panties were down around her knees, stretched wide. I

could see her entire pubic area and when she rotated her hips I

could see her ass. Her fingers rubbed insistently and I could see

wetness glistening in her pubic hairs. Her moans became more

insistent. I was humping away at the air now and Stacey was

watching me through her own slit eyes. She moaned and sucked in air

as she stiffened and started quivering. With several gasps she

clenched her ass cheeks and I could see more wetness on her fingers

and cunt hair as she came.

  When she was through she placed her wet hand right under my nose

and told me to lick it clean. I was still humping air and moaning

but I obeyed her and licked her fingers like a puppy. She laughed

at me as she watched me lick.

  "Good night, David. Sleep well. See you in the morning!"

  Stacey stood up and pulled her panties all the way off her legs.

She placed them over my head so that the wet crotch was right

against my lips and nose. Then she patted my ass and climbed back

into bed. Within fifteen minutes both women were sound asleep, but

I was still dry humping the air and sniffing Stacey's aroma. I

thought about Kathy Somers and the things Donna had threatened and

I shuddered. I sobbed in shame until, exhausted, I finally fell


  I awoke in the morning with a raging hardon. Stacey's panties

were still over my head and face and I had no feeling in my arms

and legs. I knelt there remembering the previous evening and waited

until I finally heard the sounds of Stacey awakening. She stretched

luxuriantly and yawned. When she looked over and saw me she

giggled, then swung her legs over the side of the bed and got up.

She was completely nude and she swayed her hips a little as she

walked over to me and pulled her panties off of my head.

  "Well, good morning David!"

  I groaned as Stacey began untying me from my cramped position. I

immediately stretched out and felt the pins and needles as feeling

slowly returned to my limbs. Stacey was crouched down just before

me. Her thighs were parted and her naked pussy was about a foot

from my face. I couldn't help look at it and this made Stacey


  "You ready for some breakfast David?"

  I just moaned but I didn't look away from those spread thighs.

  "Come on, David. Lick me. Eat my pussy out. Do it good or you'll

get a spanking..."

  I moved my head between her thighs and stuck my tongue out. I

touched it against the lips of her cunt and felt my dick jump a

little. I hesitantly reached out my hands and cupped the underside

of Stacey's ass, pulling my head closer in and licking at her from

the bottom of her slit to the top.

  "Ooooh Yeah! Eat me, David. Gobble me up!" Stacey was enjoying

the feel of my palms on her ass and my tongue was getting her

juices flowing. I felt my ass begin involuntarily thrusting as I

licked with more and more abandon. I was like a starving man and

her pussy was a delicious steak. I made sucking and licking noises

and moaned as I thrust my hips. Stacey put her own hands behind my

head and held me tight against her cunt. Her own knees began

getting sore from her squatting so she sat down on the floor with

her knees apart and used her hands to pull my head down. She lifted

her hips up slightly.

  "Lick my ass too, David! Lick it real good! Mmmmm! Don't forget

my cunt. Lick the whole thing. Harder! Faster! Ooohhh!"

  Stacey wrapped her knees tightly around my head and stiffened as

she came on my face. After she regained her composure she wrapped

her fingers in my hair and rubbed my face up and down along her

sticky crotch. I had her juices all over my nose and lips as she

finally let me go, then stood up. She stretched her arms above her

head and showed off her trim figure and her firm tits. 

  Just then Donna knocked on the door and came in. When she saw

Stacey and me she figured out what had been happening and smiled.

  "Well, it's about time you got with the program Stacey!"

  Stacey smiled sheepishly and disappeared into her bathroom. Donna

attached a leash onto my collar and began leading me to her own


  "Let's go, David. We've got to get you cleaned up and

presentable. Kathy will be here in just a few hours. You do want to

look good for her, don't you?"

  "Oh, please Mistress Donna. I beg you. Please don't show me to

her. I'd die." I must have looked pathetic, but that seemed to only

fuel Donna's horniness. She slapped my ass gently and said:

  "Oh, come now David. I know that you really want her to see you

and laugh at you. You told me so in your letter, remember? There's

no way you're getting out of this. As a matter of fact, you're

gonna get a lot more than you bargained for. I told you I was

nasty! I can't wait to see the look on her face when she first sees


  She tugged on the leash and led me into her own bathroom. She

told me to sit on the toilet and relieve myself while she waited

and watched. She had been doing this since the first day because

she didn't trust me alone with myself. After I eliminated and wiped

myself she made me crawl into the tub and kneel there on all fours

as she filled it with water. Using a soapy sponge Donna proceeded

to scrub me down. She knelt beside the tub and talked to me as if

I were a child or a skittish animal. She soaped me liberally

between my legs and asscheeks, wanting to make sure I was squeaky

clean. As her sponge slipped between my legs to clean my scrotum

and stiff penis I shuddered and heard her giggle. She seemed to be

enjoying her total control over me.

  After she was satisfied that she had missed no spots she took the

hand-held shower massager and hosed me down. I climbed out of the

tub and knelt there as Donna towel-dried me. She led me into her

room and made me lie on her bed, face up and spreadeagled. There

was a plastic sheet underneath me.

  "We want to make sure Kathy can see everything you've got so I'm

going to shave you, David."

  I groaned a bit but didn't dare move. Donna used scissors to trim

my groin hair as short as possible, then took shaving cream and

lathered me up. She then carefully scraped all the hairs away until

I was smooth as a baby down there. She took more cream and repeated

the process with my legs, arms and chest. When she was through she

made me flip over and she took care of my back and even pulled my

asscheeks apart to get at the small hairs that hid there in the


  "Get off the bed, David, and kneel on the floor. Sit back on your

heels and fold your hands against your chest. She proceeded to

shave my face and neck. As I knelt there I felt my body tingling

all over. I had been shaved in places that had never been shaved

before and I felt more exposed than ever. I was completely

hairless, totally denuded, except for the hair on my head. Donna

chuckled as she picked up a pair of scissors and grabbed my head.

  "No..... what are you doing!!" I panicked.

  "Shut up! Don't make me repeat myself or you'll pay dearly, I


  I felt her grab lock after lock of my dark brown hair and snip it

as close to my scalp as possible. I watched it fall all around me

as I heard the snips of Donna's scissors. After a couple of minutes

she picked up an electric shaver, like one a barber would use, and

began shaving my head till nothing was left but a little fuzz. More

cream was lathered onto my head and I felt the scrapings of her

razor. I couldn't believe what was happening as I knelt there

before her. Donna hummed a happy little tune and giggled as she

shaved me completely bald. When she was through she made me get on

all fours then called Stacey in to view her handiwork.

  Stacey entered, dressed once again in her jeans and a tee-shirt.

She bent over hysterically when she saw me kneeling there at her

mother's feet. I was nude, and completely hairless! I still wore my

collar with `DAVID' lettered onto it and her mother held the leash

that was attached to it.

  "What do you think, Stacey?"

  "What about his eyebrows, Mom? Looks like you missed a few


  Donna slapped her hands together loudly. "That's right! You're so

observant, dear!"

  The two women crouched down in front of me and used tweezers to

pluck out the hairs of my eyebrows. It hurt a bit but eventually it

was done. Donna then took an eyebrow pencil and drew some

replacements in. As long as she had her makeup kit out she put a

little moist pink lipstick on me and applied some blush to my

already blushing cheeks.

  "That's terrific, Mother!" Stacey clapped her hands in glee.

  Donna grabbed some baby oil and rubbed it all over my white skin

so that I had a slight sheen. Stacey painted my fingernails and

toenails with red nail polish. When they were finished they made me

crawl to the closet door so that I could see myself in the full-

length mirror.

  "Oh God! Nooooo!" I sobbed. "Have pity on me, please! Don't let

anybody see me like this!"

   Donna grabbed her camera and began photographing me from all

angles! Stacey posed with me for a few shots.

  "Kathy will be here in about an hour, David. Do you recognize


  I looked up and saw my overnight bag swinging from Donna's hand.

She must have found it in my car. I nodded, still in shock.

  "Didn't I warn you not to take any possessions with you? Didn't


  "Y-yes, Mistress."

  Donna opened the bag and dumped out its contents. She threw my

drivers license and checkbook into her wastebasket. Likewise my

wallet and personal papers were also casually discarded as


  She pulled out the pictures of my family and laid them on the

floor in front of me. There were pictures of my mother and father,

pictures of each of my two sisters, my brother and his wife, and

several pictures of my three nieces who were nine, thirteen and


  "Look at those pictures, young man! With very little effort each

one of them will get a complete collection of wonderful snapshots

of you, along with copies of your letter. ALL of them, do you hear

me? Even the children." I'll send them updates on a weekly basis

too, so they can all follow your descent!"

  "Noooooo.... pleeeease....." I sobbed. I turned my head and


  "Look at them I said! Now, I'm going to tell you what I want you

to do when Kathy gets here, and if you do it real well, if you

convince me of your sincerity, well maybe I won't mail any pictures

tonight. Now don't test me, boy. You did that once and you're going

to pay the price for that in less than an hour. Don't underestimate


  "Oh please, Mistress. Don't do that!  I.. I'll do whatever you

say, but please have some pity on me, pleeease!"

  "I'll have no pity on you whatsoever. As punishment I'm going to

shame you in front of Kathy like nothing you ever dreamed of! Now

listen closely. I won't tolerate a single mistake..."

                        "THE LETTER"

                           Part 4

  About an hour later Donna opened her front door to greet a

middle-aged man and a blonde young woman. I could hear their

conversation from where I was in the next room.

  "Hello Donna, this is Kathy Somers. Kathy, this is Donna Lavin."

  "Hello Kathy, nice to meet you. Won't you come in?"

  "Kathy and I have had a nice conversation back at the office.

She's a very impressive young woman, Kathy. I'll leave you two to

have lunch but I've got to get back to the office. Donna will have

somebody bring you back when you're through. Nice talking with you.

Thank you for coming."

  "Thank you, Mr. Landowski. It's been a pleasure."

  Donna welcomed Kathy in and closed the door. They went into the

living room and sat down and Donna proceeded to ask Kathy questions

about her background and experience. After about twenty minutes of

interviewing, Donna leaned back and smiled.

  "Kathy, I suppose you must have wondered how we found you to

invite you to come down for an interview."

  "Actually, yes. I figured you got my name from someone but I

wasn't going to ask."

  "Well, we got your name from David Mills."

  Donna paused a moment to let that sink in. She noticed the

surprise on Kathy's face and also noticed how she tried to cover it


  "Well, err... that was very nice of him. Actually, David left a

week and a half ago. I guess he must have been interviewing. I'm

happy that he passed my name on."

  "David is right here." Again she watched Kathy's surprise. "As a

matter of fact he's in this house right now, in one of the other

rooms. I'm going to bring him in here in a few minutes."

  "Kathy, Jim Landowski said he was very impressed with you. Your

credentials are quite good. You lack management experience but I

tend to think you're up to the challenge. As far as I'm concerned

I'm going to ask Jim to offer you the Marketing Manager's position.

I think you'd be terrific at it."

  "Thank you, Donna. I'm very flattered and I guess a bit surprised

that you moved so quickly on this."

  "Kathy, I'm going to show you something and I'm not sure how

you're going to take it. Before I do I want to assure you that we

are indeed very interested in you and even if you get up and storm

out the front door, the job offer is still open."

  Kathy looked bewildered at this, and a little apprehensive too.

  "David Mills is living with me in this house." She smiled as she

saw Kathy's eyes widen.

  "He quit his job, gave up his apartment and came here to live

with me a week ago last Friday. He brought nothing with him. He

owns nothing. As a matter of fact, I own him. He told me about you

and I was curious enough to invite you down for an interview. I'd

like you to see him now. Like I said, this has nothing to do with

the job offer. It's personal between David and me. I hope you'll

keep an open mind."

  Kathy's face showed her confusion and her apprehension. She knew

now that something was going on. She wasn't prepared, however, for

what was about to happen. Donna clapped her hands twice and yelled

out to Stacey to bring me in. I had no choice. The door opened and

Stacey stepped through holding onto my leash. I crawled right

behind her, on my hands and knees, nude and hairless. I was looking

right at Kathy...

  "My God! David?" Kathy held her hand to her mouth and gasped.

  I had been told exactly what I had to do. Although it shamed me

to the core, the penalty for disobedience was too terrible to even


  While Kathy was staring in disbelief, I crawled up to the couch

where the two women sat, lowered my head and kissed Donna's shoes.

Then I kissed Kathy's shoes.

  "Hello Miss Somers. I'm so glad you could come. I'm going to get

a spanking, would you like to watch?"

  Kathy looked down at me, not believing what she was seeing. She

looked sideways at Donna and saw the older woman watching her

intently, and smiling. Kathy was confused. On one hand she was

appalled by what she was seeing. On the other hand, it must have

been intriguing, seeing a man stripped naked and even shaved,

crawling on his hands and knees... and getting a spanking. The fact

that it was me made it even more interesting for her.

  She looked like she was going to get up and leave. That's what I

hoped she'd do. Donna had said that the job offer would still be

hers, regardless of what she did. She seemed to pause and think for

a minute... My heart sank as I saw a small smile begin to appear on

her beautiful face. She glanced down again at me, crouched at her


  "What the fuck, sure! I'd love to see you get your ass whipped,

David!" She smiled at Donna then turned her attention back to me.

Donna looked at me and nodded her head. I knew exactly what I had

been told to do.

  With a sniffle, I turned around so that my ass was facing the

couch. I turned my head and put my face down on the rug. I spread

my knees wide apart and then began rotating my hips and thrusting

back and forth as if I were humping the air. My widely parted ass

was facing the laughing women and they snickered as they watched it

do a little dance in the air. I reached back with one hand and

began smacking my own ass as Donna urged me on. After a few minutes

of this incredible shame I rolled over onto my back right in front

of Kathy. I spread my knees wide apart on the floor and bent my

legs till the soles of my feet were touching. I grabbed hold of my

raging cock with the thumb and two fingers of my right hand and

began pumping as I stared right into Kathy's eyes and begged her to

give me a spanking!

  "Don't you dare cum, David. Unless you want this shameful display

to continue outside. Wait until Kathy gives you permission, and

keep begging her."

  Donna then gave Kathy a sheet of paper. It was a copy of my

original letter to her. She asked Kathy if she would mind reading

it out loud as I squirmed at her feet. With a giggle she gladly

obliged. She laughed as she read my words about being spanked in

front of Donna's friends and being teased. When she got to the part

about her -- `Please let her see me in my shame.... put me across

her lap..... borrow me for a party... friends from work...' she had

to put the letter down and stare right at me. 

  "So this is what you really wanted? All those times you were

acting like a real shit to me at work, you wanted me to spank you?"

Kathy laughed cruelly as I had tears streaming down my face. Kathy

put the letter down and patted her lap.

  "Let's go, David. Climb up here and lie down across my lap. I'm

going to give you what you've always wanted! I'm going to give you

what you deserve, you little bastard!"

  With an effort, I let go of my throbbing penis. I glanced at

Donna who nodded, then I slowly got up and draped myself across the

lap of Kathy Somers! Kathy adjusted me so that she was comfortable.

She wrapped her left arm around my waist to steady me. I felt my

stiff penis against her thighs and she seemed to move me around

intentionally as she spanked me to keep me lightly rubbing against

her. She raised her right hand and brought it down on my ass with

a loud smack. I squirmed and rubbed my penis against her. She made

me apologize to her and beg her for each additional slap as she

spanked me over and over. I was sobbing, more from the shame than

from the pain. I squirmed around on her delicious lap but she held

me securely and continued with the spanking. 

  She lectured me on proper behavior and belittled me for what I

had become. She laughed and told me that she couldn't wait to tell

all of the girls back at work just what had become of me. She

taunted me: 

  With Donna's permission she said might have some of them over her

place for a party with me as the serving-boy. They should all get

a real kick out of that. Imagine! Four years of college and two

years of hard work to wind up being the naked slave of a powerful

woman! I'd never drive a car again, never put on a tie and go to a

job again, NEVER ever be respected for anything again. The rest of

my life would be spent squirming naked across an older woman's lap

or crawling around and wiggling my bare ass for the amusement of

her daughter and friends. And she would think of me once in awhile

and laugh, knowing what I was going through. She told me all these

things as she rained blow after blow on my defenseless ass.

  "Kathy, there is another `perk' that goes with your job offer. If

you accept my offer and come to work for us, you'll be invited over

here often whenever I have parties to show David off. In addition,

I'm willing to give him to you one night a month... He'll be your

very own slave. You can make him do whatever you like. He can clean

your house or crawl around it naked while your friends watch. You

can tease him all night or tie him up and whip him. It'll be up to

you. He'll be yours one night every month. Wouldn't that be


  Kathy paused in her spanking. I was crying and squirming and she

gave me another hard slap and shouted "Be still!"

  She looked at Donna wistfully and thought for a moment.

  "When do I start?"

  "How about two weeks from Monday? That will give you time to give

two weeks notice and get your affairs in order. You may want to

think about having that little party of yours next weekend. David

will be available. I'll have someone drop him off at your place a

week from Friday. You can keep him through the weekend and bring

him back here Sunday night on a leash. How does that sound?"

  "Terrific! Thank you so much! I can't wait to show him off to his

former secretary. She used to think he was so nice... Some of the

other women in my department won't feel too bad seeing what he's

become. He had a bit of an attitude. Now he'll lick their boots and

offer his ass up to their palms for punishment! It'll be great!"

  I sobbed and shook as I lay there across Kathy's lap. Her wool

suit and buttons tickled my left side and my penis was pressed

against her nylon-clad thighs. I'd heard everything! I would be

Kathy's slave! Oh God! This had to be a bad dream, but the stinging

of my ass let me know it was all too true. I'd really screwed up my

life this time, and all because of one damned stupid letter! I'd

let my own personal demons loose and now they had me good. I sobbed

as Kathy resumed spanking me to her satisfaction.

  When she was through they paused for lunch. Kathy, Donna and

Stacey ate at the table while I crawled underneath it, kissing

their feet and begging for scraps. At dessert they made me crawl

out and dance for them on my hands and knees. My reddened ass

wiggled and gyrated as they drank coffee and laughed. Stacey was

snapping pictures the whole time and Donna promised Kathy she'd get

a set in a couple of days.

  After lunch they made me lie on my back again and jerk off for

them. I had to beg both Kathy and Stacey before they let me cum. I

begged pathetically as they laughed and took more pictures. My

tongue flicked back and forth and my toes clenched as they made me

poke my finger in my asshole and beg to be put on display at

Kathy's party. Finally, with my teeth chattering, I was allowed to

spray my sticky seed. I had to catch it in my hand but most of it

trickled down and dripped onto my belly. I was mortified beyond

belief as Donna made me lick my spunk off of my hand.

  "It's time I got you back to the office, Kathy. I'll tell Jim

that everything is set. I don't think we'll have any trouble

meeting your salary requirements. There'll be some paperwork to

fill out and some literature for you to take back home to read." 

  "Thank you so much for a VERY pleasant day, Donna. I'm looking

forward to starting."

  "So am I. David will take a little ride with us while I drive you

back. Let's go David!""

  I felt miserable crawling alongside Donna and Kathy as they went

outside. My belly and bald crotch were still sticky and wet with my

cum. Being completely hairless and naked, I felt a slight chill in

the otherwise comfortable afternoon. The warm breeze blew around me

and tickled my swinging balls. In the middle of the day they made

me crawl to Donna's Town Car and climb into the trunk. I could hear

the two women talking business as Donna started the car up and

drove Kathy back to the office. After Kathy knocked on the trunk

and told me she'd `see me later', Donna drove home, hitting every

bump she could on the way back.

  When we got back Donna opened the trunk and made me climb out and

begin crawling back towards the house. She noticed her nosey

neighbor peeking out through a window and called my attention to

it. I had to crouch on the porch while Donna fondled my ass with

one hand and fumbled with her keys. Eventually she opened the door

and we both entered.

  Once we were inside, Donna called Stacey and the three of us went

into the dining room. Donna took off my collar. For some strange

reason, this left me feeling even more naked. I was confused when

she told me to sit up on the dining room table, then swing my legs

up and lay back so that I was on my back right in the center of the

table. I was lying squarely on a large oval silver platter. It felt

cool against my bare skin. I was ordered to lift my legs up in the

air and spread them wide, then bend my knees back until I could

grab onto each of my ankles. Donna handed Stacey a piece of white

cord. Each women took a side and began securely tying a hand to a

foot so that I was left spread obscenely wide open, my ass pointing

up and lifted an inch or two above the surface of the platter. My

penis was hard and lying flat against my belly and my balls rested

tightly at its base. My asshole was open and spread wide. Stacey

got a wash cloth from the bathroom and scrubbed my crotch and ass

till they were squeaky clean, then towel-dried me. Donna returned

from the kitchen with a tray and began humming as she opened a

container and began spreading cold onion dip inside and all along

my ass crease.

  "W-what are you d-doing!" I gasped in horror.

  Donna used the flat part of the spreader to whack my ass.

  "Just keep still and don't say another word till we're through."

  I whimpered as Donna continued to pack my ass crease with the

cold dip, using the spreader to smooth it down. When it was

completely full she packed it down with the spreader, then took

some green olives with pimentos and placed them on top of the dip

in a straight line.

  She opened another container and took some cucumber dip which she

lathered on my balls and all along the underside of my penis shaft,

which was facing upwards and twitching slightly. She loaded on as

much as she could, then decorated it with some additional pimento


  When Stacey brought in a half dozen plates and teacups and began

setting the table I couldn't restrain myself.

  "Y-you're not inviting anyone... you can't possibly.... for God's


  "Didn't I tell you not to say another word?" Donna snapped

harshly. "As punishment for that disobedience you'll be tied up and

spanked tomorrow morning outside in the back yard and left there

for a whole hour. Now shut up!"

  I closed my eyes and cried. When I opened them Donna was placing

cut up carrot sticks and celery on the silver platter around my

bent ass. Stacey had finished setting the table and was placing a

bottle of wine and some glasses down.

  "There!" Donna exclaimed. "The ladies should be here in about

twenty minutes. Doesn't he look scrumptious?"

  "Oh yes, mother! Let's take some pictures before everyone starts

digging in!"

  "Excellent idea, Stacey!"

  Donna got the camera and began snapping pictures of the table and

its bizarre centerpiece. As she moved around she taunted me:

  "So, young man. It seems you'll again get your wish. In about

fifteen minutes four of my friends will be coming over for a small

get-together. I've promised them `refreshments and a good laugh'.

The refreshments are the veggies and dip. You'll be the good


  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" I wailed. I was tied securely and couldn't move a

muscle. I was spread wide open and the thought of six women

laughing at me and scooping dip while I twitched around was beyond

what I could take. I sobbed and shook. 

  "David, they're all going to get to read your letter. They'll no

doubt tease you terribly as they scoop up all the dip. I'm sure at

least a couple of them will want to `lick the platter clean'! It'll

be so much fun!" 

  Through a teary haze I heard her say the words that I'll remember

all my life:

  "In my letter to you I warned you that I could be a real bitch.

I also warned you to be careful of what you wrote. Well, young man,

you thought with your dick instead of your brain, and now you're

gonna have to pay for that mistake. You'll pay for the rest of your


  "Think about it! You're my slave, my property. I've got you over

a barrel and you'll get in deeper and deeper every day. You're

squirming so beautifully on the hook that I get wet just thinking

about how well I've got you, and what I'm going to do with you!"

  "Your entire life has been changed. You'll never work again,

never have any responsibility again, never have a date again, never

go anywhere of your own free will again, never dress the way you

want to again. The rest of your life will be as my naked slave.

You'll be subjected to all the fantasies I've ever had or can ever

dream up. You'll be laughed at and humiliated constantly."

  "Tomorrow morning you'll be spanked and left on display outside.

Next weekend Stacey's friend will be staying over and you'll be

their toy. Kathy's party will be the weekend after that and you'll

be shown off in front of some women you used to work with. She'll

have you squirming and pleading and disgracing yourself while they

all watch the show. After that there'll be more parties here and

more ordeals. You'll sit spread-legged on the linoleum floor in the

kitchen and rub your ass back and forth for the amusement of

Stacey's friends. You'll be given away for weekends to friends of

mine or Stacey. You'll serve our guests in ruffled panties and bra

and beg them to allow you to jerk off in front of them. Some of

them will bring their daughters to see you and you'll be spanked to

tears and put to bed crying every night of your life."

  "You asked for this, David. It doesn't matter that you were horny

as hell when you wrote that letter. You were stupid enough to leave

yourself wide open and that's all a woman like me needed."

  I had tears rolling down my eyes as I heard Stacey laughing. They

were right, I WAS doomed. It may not be what I wanted, but it's

what I'd ASKED for. Now I was getting it. I lay there, tied, open,

and miserable, and waited for the doorbell to ring...

                                             THE END


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