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Archive-name: Slaves/learnex1.txt


Archive-title: Learning Experiences #1

You have never done this before. I have. We have discussed it at length:

the limits, the boundaries, the definitions. We have set the scene. This

time, at least, I will do whatever you ask. You wish only obedience, no

resistance, no begging, no asking, no fighting. A safeword is set, but I

trust you, I don't feel I will need to use it, and I tell you this. It

eases your nervousness.

You lead me to the bedroom and tell me to undress. I do it slowly, let you

drink in the sight of my naked body for the first time. When I have

completely undressed, when I stand naked before you, you do nothing but look

for a few minutes. And even the simplicity of the act of looking arouses

both of us: you for the sight, me for the knowledge that the sight pleases

you, arouses you.

'Lie down,' you whisper, and I move to the bed. I lie on my back, my eyes

never leaving your face, my breathing slow and calm, my soul at peace. You

are timid to use your power and you ask me again what is acceptable for you

to do, to order me to do. 'Anything,' I say, smiling. 'Anything at all.'

You direct, I obey.

You tell me first to spread my legs apart and to begin playing with my

breasts, to arouse myself slowly, tease and touch and squeeze the breasts

and nipples alike. While I do this, you too undress. But your eyes never

leave my actions. I notice your growing arousal: your penis begins to

stiffen. And I too am growing more aroused as my nipples harden under my

own ministrations. Masturbation is lonely, but shared it is ofttimes better

than 'sex', and having an audience may make me shy, but somehow it increases

the pleasure as well. I tell you these thoughts, and you nod, agreeing.

Your next order is no surprise. You tell me to start teasing my now

moist vagina. I am allowed only to touch lightly, to skirt, to explore

the slowly swelling labia, to tickle the clitoris. Anytime I start to do

more you reprimand me, but gently. You start stroking and rubbing your

organ and it grows, pushing from the foreskin. I am fascinated: I have

never been with an uncircumcised man.

It grows more and more difficult for me to keep merely teasing, and I

try to increase my motions, my intensity of masturbation. All the while

I have continued playing with one breast, and I already ache for release.

You walk to me and remove my hands from my sex, and order me to place my

wrists together, holding my arms above my head. You tie them gently but

securely together, then blindfold me. If I was not already within your

complete control, I am now.

I gasp as I feel your mouth on my nipple, sucking and licking. You reach

to my other with one hand, gently sucking on the one, more roughly treating

the other. The contrast makes me moan in pleasure, and I begin to squirm.

Somehow, even blindfolded, I sense your smile.

I am very aroused, and I know you understand how much I want the culmination,

the release of orgasm. Yet, at the same time, I never want this to end.

I feel movement and you are between my thighs, kissing gently. When your

finger enters me, I thrust my hips upward in a completely involuntary

motion, and a soft cry of pleasure escapes my lips. Slowly you draw your

finger out, and now you begin to lick. Your tongue traces the shape of my

sex, learning, memorizing, teasing. You move your attentions occasionally

to my clitoris, but only briefly each time, then return to teasing. You

start increasing the rapidity with which you lick and the length of stay 

at the clitoris. As the pace increases, I begin again to moan.

Finally, as I think I can stand it no longer, you stop. I think for a moment

this, too, is a tease, but I am wrong. You enter me with an almost violent

thrust and I cry out your name. We move together and I clench my inner

muscles at each downstroke. We moan in chorus, in the passionate song of


I achieve my orgasm first, but my cries and moans of passion bring you

to your peak. You, too, cry out, and every cry each of us makes is an echo

of the word 'love'.

You slow, you stop.

After a brief pause, you remove my binds and we hold each other in the

aftermath, whispering endearments.

'Sleep tight, my love, my lover.'

And our sleep is peaceful, tonight.


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