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Archive-name: Slaves/laurie.txt


Archive-title: Slave for a Day



     My heart was pounding a mile a minute the night I met Laurie.  Or I

guess you could say the night I "bought" Laurie.  I had heard about the

slave auctions at one of the famous S&M clubs in downtown New York City on

a Friday night.  I went there not knowing what to expect.  There were an

awful lot of weird characters there and I really felt out of place.   I

mean, a girl really shouldn't be in a place like that.  The men made passes

at me; the women looked at me like I was competition for them.

     There were three girls available for auction that night.  After seeing

the first two, who looked like they had been worked over by a steam shovel,

my anticipation dwindled.  But when Laurie came up to the stage, my heart

leaped out!  There she was, the girl of my dreams--petite, blonde,

blue-eyed, pug-nosed.  Innately shy.  Not a day over 20.  She never raised

her head, not once, while the auctioneer rattled off the cadence of numbers. 

At $250 there were three bidders left.  At $325 just two.  I ended up buying

her for $400, only after convincing the auctioneer to raise her skirt up,

showing us a dainty pair of white panties beneath her tan-colored pantyhose,

and then to open her blouse half-way, exposing a lacy, white bra and what

appeared to be a pair of very well-formed breasts.   

     She blushed profusely as she was led to me from the dais, her head

still lowered.  I wondered what kind of girl would allow herself to be sold

as a slave to a perfect stranger, to another girl.  "I live in Jersey," I

half-whispered, my heart racing.  "My car is outside." 

     "You have to promise me one thing," she said in an obviously nervous


     "What's that?" 

     "No marks.  I don't want you to leave any marks.  I don't mind going

with you, and you can do whatever you want to, but I don't want marks." 

     "All right.  No marks," I said.  "I want you to enjoy this evening as

much as me." 

     For the first time she looked at me.  Our eyes met.  "I'm Laurie." 

     "And I'm Danielle," I said, holding out my right hand.  She shook it

and smiled, just slightly, the kind of smile one gives more out of fear than

of happiness. 

     Our chauffeur-driven ride through the Lincoln Tunnel occurred in almost

total silence.  I wanted it that way, to heighten Laurie's obvious

nervousness.  She looked out of the window most of the time.  I made some

notes in a note book along the way, reminders to myself of things I planned

to do in my one big night of fantasy fulfillment. 

     When we arrived, I gave the butler the night off and escorted Laurie

into my house.  She seemed quite impressed with the mansion that I had

inherited from my grandfather.  She particularly liked the indoor swimming

pool.  I offered her a drink and she accepted.  We ended up on the living

room sofa. 

     "Well, I guess you know why you are here, Laurie," I said to the pretty


     She kept her head down, blushing once more.  She shook her head in the

affirmative, biting her lower lip ever so slightly.  She appeared to be

trying to act like she wasn't as nervous as she really was.  I could sense

her uneasiness.

     "How long have you been into this sort of thing, Laurie?"

     She smiled again.  "You are not going to believe this, Danielle, but

only for a few months.  My ex-boyfriend really got me started.  He was

deeply into S&M and got me involved.  At first I didn't like it, but after

a while it grew on me.  When he got tired of me, he let a few of his friends

use me.  I got more and more into it."

     "Is this the first time you've been auctioned off?"

     "The second," she replied.  "But last weekend was a bomb.  The guy

wanted to mark me up.  I think I escaped with my life.  Please tell me

you're not like that."

     I smiled.  "I'm not, Laurie.  But I hope to get my $400 worth."

     For one of the first few times in the evening she looked at me again. 

"You will," she said softly.  "I trust you."

     "Tell me some of the things you like, Laurie."

     She became pensive.  Her mind seemed to be racing with thoughts of how

to answer my question.  She seemed to want to please me.  It was obvious she

had been well trained by someone.  "That's a difficult question.  I guess

it depends on the situation.  I like to be ordered to do things.  I'll do

almost anything you ask me to."

     "I can go for that.  How about for starters raising your dress up a bit

while you're sitting there so I can see a bit more of your legs.  You have

very nice legs."

     She blushed slightly, but without hesitating, raised her hips a few

inches off the sofa and, placing the palms of her hands on the outside of

her dress to the side of her thighs, pulled the thin, dark blue cotton

several inches higher.  She was wearing see-through pantyhose which made her

legs look sleek and tanned.  The hem of the dress stopped just a few inches

short of the top of her thighs.  Having raised the dress, she curled her

shoeless feet under her behind and pointed her knees away from me.

     It was a nice, somewhat provocative leg show.  "That's nice," I said. 

"You are very sexy, Laurie.  Have you ever made it with another woman?"

     "Yes," she replied, "or I wouldn't be here now."

     "Tell me what else you like."

     "I, well, I guess I like to be tied up and, ah, you know, whipped." 

She spoke hesitatingly, feeling me out, trying to determine what my

intentions were for her.

     "Where do you like to be whipped?"

     She became pensive again.  There was a long, pregnant pause.  Finally,

she replied, "Anywhere," biting her lower lip even harder.

     Her answer really piqued my interest.  "Your ass?"


     "Your breasts?"

     "Y-yes," she said, instinctively moving her right hand to just under

left tit, cupping it ever so slightly.  The gesture inflamed me.  I really

wanted to try this girl out.

     "How about your pussy, Laurie?"

     She turned her head away from me, as if she were afraid to answer.  She

looked so sweet, it was difficult to believe she was really into this life-

style.  "Laurie?  Answer me.  I have a pussy whip in my little collection. 

Does that turn you on."

     She looked at me for a brief second, then turned her head away.  "Yes,"

she blurted.  "Even my pussy, if it's done right.  Do I have to answer these

questions?  This is embarrassing."

     "I want to know how to please you, so I can please myself.  I'll work

with you if you work with me.  We're in this together, okay?  What part of

your body is the most sensitive to erotic stimuli?"

     Her head dropped completely.  She stared at her lap.  She paused for

a moment, her lip quivering just slightly.  "Do I have to tell you?" she


     "You must," I said in a more demanding tone than I had heretofore been


     "I, well, I guess it's my backside, you anus.  I can really

get off if things are done to me there."

     "Like what?" I persisted.

     There was a another long pause.  She was choosing her words carefully,

still trying to analyze my desires.  "I, I like to be taken there."  She

paused again, then blurted, "Especially when I'm tied up and can't move. 

And I guess I like to have things put inside my ass."  She began fidgeting

nervously with her fingers, afraid she had confided too much to me.  Her

voice cracked when she spoke.  I had located a nerve ending, and I decided

to explore it immediately.

     "I have a long, thin battery-operated dildo, Laurie.  I'm going to

penetrate your asshole with it later on this evening, and leave it inside

you for a long time.  Maybe I'll whip your backside while it's in there! 

Do you think you'd like that?"

     Her face turned crimson.  She shifted her legs.  "I know I would like

that.  I'd like that very much," she said so softly I could barely hear her.

     "I won't let you down.  I promise not to hurt you beyond what you can

endure, and I promise to leave no marks.  I have only one rule--I insist on

complete obedience.  You are my slave for the rest of this evening.  If a

slave is disobedient, she gets punished.  If she obeys, she is rewarded. 

Do you understand?"

     "Y-yes," she replied, barely above a whisper.

     "Then it's time to begin.  Stand up, Laurie."

     As she moved her legs to stand, she opened them just enough to afford

me a brief glimpse of the 'V' of her crotch, covered as it was by the darker

colored pantyhose tops above her thighs.  She stood just a few feet in front

of me, head obediently lowered, eyes closed.  Her dark blue skirt had fallen

back into place.  She wore a white cotton, short-sleeved blouse, unbuttoned

at the neck.  Her hands were at her sides, her fingers nervously fidgeting.

     "I wand to examine what I've bought.  Every inch of it.  Every part."

     "Yes, mistress."  She did not raise her head or open her eyes.

     It was the first time she had called me "mistress".  It sounded nice. 

"Come closer to me," I commanded.  She took child-like steps on the softness

of the carpet beneath her stockinged feet.  She stopped, her knees just

inches from mine.

     "Laurie, I want you to kneel down and raise your hands over your head

and hold them there until I tell you to lower them."  Without hesitation she

did as I told her.  By her actions, I knew she would make a good slave.  Her

hands were fists above her lowered head, her eyes still closed.  I inched

forward from my seat and brought my fingers to her face.  Gently, I massaged

the skin of her forehead and cheeks with the tips of my fingers for several

moments.  It was a technique I had read about--complete tenderness before

the suffering.  It served to raise the distinction in the recipient's mind

between the two extremes of pain and pleasure.

     "You have a very pretty face," I whispered, then added, "And I hope

that blonde hair is natural."

     "It is," she said, her face flushing for the hundredth time this


     "I'll be finding out soon enough for myself, I said, bringing my finger

tips down the sides of Laurie's bare neck and resting my palms on her

shoulders.  Ever so gently, I kneaded the area beneath my palms, then slowly

lowered my hands toward her pouting, blouse-covered breasts.  She hissed

slightly as my hands moved over the mounds; I felt the fullness of her

mammaries beneath the blouse and bra.  Her tits did not feel large, but they

were not small by any means.  I squeezed gently.  She shuddered.  Her mouth

gaped open.  The nipples began to enlarge beneath the thin cotton as I moved

the palms in a circular direction, teasing the turgid nubbins even more.

     "I like your breasts.  They are firm.  Just the right size."  For good

measure, I gave them both a hard squeeze.  She groaned, more out of surprise

and pleasure than pain.  She seemed to consciously lean into me as I grabbed

her there, pressing her upper body against my hands, as if she wanted me to

do this to her.  She was really into this pain stuff, I could tell.  Sensing

her needs, I squeezed much harder, causing her to throw her head back

slightly and to moan softly.

     "Do you like it when I squeeze your tits real hard?"

     "Yes," she blurted.  It was obvious she was being truthful.

     I took the opportunity to give her exactly what she wanted, contracting

my hands and fingers over her mounds, savoring her now incessant moans and

groans.  Having had my temporary fill of her breasts, I moved my hands down

her body, alongside her petite waist, finally letting them come to rest on

her hips, just below the black leather belt she wore around her skirt.

Noticing the belt for the first time, I decided that it could come into use

later.  Quickly, I unbuckled it and pulled it out of the loops around her

waist.  I said, "This may come in handy later," then placed the belt next

to me on the sofa.

     "That's why I wore it," she said timidly.

     Leaning forward as far as I could, I looked down at Laurie's kneeling

legs.  They were close together.  Too close.  "Open your legs more, Laurie." 

Instantly, she stretched the material of her skirt with her opened legs.

     I leaned forward even more, putting my left hand behind her back for

support, while I moved my right hand beneath the hem of her skirt, and then

upward, forcing the front of her skirt to rise in the crook of my arm as I

planted my fingers in the crotch of her pantyhose.  I could feel the warmth

of her breath on the side of my neck.

     "OH!" she cried, bringing her thighs close together to capture my hand

between them as soon as she felt my hand reach the "V' of her hot crotch. 

Yes, the crotch was hot.  Not warm.  Hot!  Moisture had already seeped from

her sex through her panties and hose.  I pressed upward into the meaty

tissues, then urged my middle finger into the divide of the soft lips, just

at the outside her vaginal entrance.  She moaned passionately as I pressed

inward with my finger, forcing her panty crotch slightly into her vagina.

     I grabbed a handful of her sex and squeezed it tightly with my hand,

just hard enough for her to realize that the gentleness she had recently

enjoyed was merely a brief respite, a turning point for what was to come. 

She shuddered, but otherwise accepted my first attempt at heavy-handedness

with hardly a flinch.  I pulled my hand away from her burning crotch and

moved it out from under her skirt.  She looked sexy beyond words, kneeling

before me, hands raised, eyes lowered, face flushed, my own little slave for

the evening.

     "Do you think I am pretty, Laurie?" I asked, returning my hands to her


     "Yes, very," she replied, raising her eyes and looking at me for the

briefest of moments before lowering her head once more.

     "Do you think you might learn to like my body?

     "Y-yes," she replied.

     I brought my index finger to her lower lip, drawing the lip down gently

to reveal the whiteness of her lower teeth.  "Would you like to look up my


     She gulped.  "Yes," she said, her eyes meeting mine once more.  There

was almost a pleading look in them.  I sat back on the sofa, my head resting

against the upper cushion.  I kept my legs closed tightly, my bright red

skirt at mid-thigh.  Her eyes went straight to my knees.  She gulped again. 

She wasn't expecting me to give her a little show.  I opened my legs just

a bit, wanting only to tease her.  Her mouth opened slightly in


     "Why don't you push my knees apart with your hands, Laurie," I said

with a sexy, inviting smile.  She leaned forward, placed her hands on my

bare knees, then pushed gently.  My legs parted, providing Laurie with a

wide open view of my crotch, covered only by a pair of silky white panties. 

I watched her stare intently between my opened legs.

     "Later, my dear, I will let you eat me.  Do you give good head?"

     "The best," she said with a wry smile.  It was the only time the entire

evening she would try to come out of her shell.  She was a strange woman,

indeed.  I wanted her badly.  I let her look between my slightly parted legs

for a few moments.  Her eyes remained glued on my crotch, fascinated by the

view.  I wanted to pull her head into me and let her suck me off, but there

were things I had to do to her first.  Abruptly, I closed my legs.

     "All right, you've seen enough.  Stand up!" I commanded.  "Put your

hands back over your head."

     She arose from her kneeling position and stood, her eyes still riveted

to my now closed legs, her hands pointing toward the ceiling.  "Turn

around!" I ordered, and slowly she turned to face away from me, the

roundness of the cheeks of her ass was now evident beneath her tight skirt. 

This woman was wanton, wild, lustful.  She would do anything I asked of her. 

All I had to do was ask.  

     I brought my feet to the floor and reached out to grab a handful of her

luscious globes beneath the skirt.  The flesh was firm, only slightly

yielding to the touch.  I kneaded the muscle for several moments, listening

to her soft sighs and moans.  Her hips began to undulate slightly under my

hands.  I could smell her womanly odors emanating from beneath the dress. 

The smell was pungent.  I could only guess that she was really flowing

between her legs now.

     Reaching down, I grasped the hem of her skirt and began raising it

upward, revealing the back of her sleek legs, tan-looking with the svelte

hose.  She wasn't wearing a slip.  The skirt started to bunch at her waist

as I pushed it higher, finally easing it over her lower buttocks.

     "You may lower your arms now, Laurie.  Then bend over as far as you

can."  As her body bent at the waist, I pushed the skirt all the way over

the curved cheeks of her ass.  The view from behind her was fantastic!  The

darker upper portion of the pantyhose was almost completely opaque.  I could

barely discern a pair of white bikini-style panties beneath the material.

     Reaching to my side, I picked up the leather belt that I had recently

removed from Laurie's skirt.  I doubled it in my hand, then held it over my

shoulder.  The target area was right in front of my eyes.  She had no idea

of what I was about to do.  Surprise, I had learned long ago, is an

important element in proper punishment.  Without saying a word, I drove the

belt into her right ass cheek.  There was a dull cracking sound of the

leather striking against the thin mesh of the pantyhose, followed by a short

"Yelp" from Laurie's lips as she fell forward slightly.

     "Does that feel good?" I husked.

     "Yes," she replied, moving her hips slightly from side to side, bracing

herself for the next stroke.

     "Tell me you want some more," I said in a demanding voice.

     "I...I want some more," she cried.

     "Open your legs further so you have better balance.  Grab your ankles." 

She did.  I could see her looking back at me from between her legs.  Her

straight blonde hair hung to the floor.  Her eyes were slightly teary, her

face was red as a beet.  

     "Close your eyes," I commanded, not wanting her to know when the next

stroke was coming.  I waited for a few precious moments, letting the tension

build up within her, before bringing the belt down on the left side of her


     She had braced herself well.  All the stroke could evince from her was

a short "AH!" though her body did teeter a bit.  I could see that this was

too mild for her.  Reaching under the bunched-up skirt, I grasped the

elastic of the top of the pantyhose and pulled it downward, stretching it

over the alabaster whiteness of her globes, slowly revealing the dividing

crack of the two half-moons.  Slowly but surely the sheer whiteness of the

bikini-styled panties she was wearing came into view as I lowered the

pantyhose over the bottom of her gorgeous globes.

     The panties looked that they had been painted on her ass, so snugly 

did they fit against her buttocks.  They appeared to have been made of rayon

or satin.  They were plain, without lace or other adornments, with a

reinforced crotch.  I slapped her panty-covered ass, this time with the palm

of my hand, just hard enough to make a loud crack.  She gasped, then turned

her head around to stare at me.  I liked the feisty look in her eyes, they

way her ass pouted outward, the sexy way the pantyhose bunched around her

thighs, the tight fit of her silky panties on her ass.

     "More?" I asked.

     Her mouth, slightly opened, closed for a moment.  She nodded at the

same time she whispered "Yes."  She appeared pensive for a moment, then

blurted, "But do it without my panties."

     I smiled at her bold suggestion.  "With my hand or the belt, Laurie?"

     "B-both, please.  I've been a bad girl and I..."

     "Shhh," I interrupted, moving my hands to the top of the undies.  "I'll

punish you real nice.  I always punish bad girls quite nicely.  Hold on

tight!"  She grasped her ankles with her hands hard enough to turn her

knuckles white as she braced herself once more, stretching her legs apart

as far as the pantyhose encircling her thighs would allow.

     Her ass was soft, smooth, and pliable beneath my knuckles as I eased

the panties over the pure, alabaster-white skin, slowly inching the wispy

material over the remaining lower half of her gorgeous ass, exposing the

long, sexy crack that separated the split pumpkin.

     "Beautiful...Just beautiful," I sighed, taking in the lovely sight of

the woman's completely naked ass.  I figured it was as good a time as any

to examine her back there.  Using only the thumbs of each hand, I pressed

into either side of the lower divide, forcing the flesh to part, revealing

the pink, round crinkly anus which was surrounded by tiny, light-colored

sepia.  Still lower, I could see the beginning of her light-colored, almost

blonde pussy hair poking out just above the crotch of her panties which had

joined the pantyhose at mid-thigh.

     "So this is the part of your body that turns you on the most," I said,

looking intently at the woman's completely exposed anus.  There was no doubt

in Laurie's mind what I was referring to.  The cheeks of her ass were parted

wide just where her thighs met her lower globes.  She said nothing, looking

up at me from between her spread legs as she continued to be bent over.

     I continued to study the crinkly rosebud for several moments, sometimes

moving just the tip of my forefinger over it and listening to the soft sighs

each little movement of my finger caused.  She definitely was anal-erotic,

and I knew I could get her off there in many different ways.

     Having explored this area to my heart's content, I pulled my hands away

from her.  I looked down at her, fire in my eyes.  "Say 'Now mistress,' I


     "N-now, mistress," she nervously whispered, not having any idea what

she was saying "now" to.

     "Close your eyes!"  Hardly were they closed than I gave her right

buttock a good, hard stinging slap with the palm of my right hand.  She

winced, and her mouth opened, but she remained silent despite the pain.  I

did it again, quickly, three times in succession, each slap helping to

redden the area beneath my palm.  Still she said nothing, obviously having

braced herself for the mild punishment.

     Her tenacity annoyed me.  I picked up the belt next to me, doubled it

over once more in my fist, and brought it down hard and firm right across

the crack of her ass.  This time she yelped, falling forward slightly. 

"That's better, bitch," I said.  "I want to hear it when it hurts!  Silence

tells me I'm not hurting you enough." I gave her another good, hard stroke,

across her left globe, and she gave off with a nice, loud "AHH!" punctuated

by a quick gasp of breath.

     "It does hurt!" she cried.

     For the next ten minutes, I alternated between spanking her ass with

the palm of my hand and using the belt to my heart's content.  I gave her

little rest between strokes, only pausing from time to time to gently stroke

the reddened, streaked skin with my fingertips.  I particularly enjoyed the

way her ass rippled whenever I used the palm of my hand on it.  She seemed

to be able to take all I could give her...and more.  Her gasps and moans

were for my benefit only.  I didn't seem to be hurting her much at all.

     Her buttocks were well-reddened after 15 minutes of my labors.  The

knuckles of her hands, which continued their grip on her ankles, were white

from loss of blood, in stark contrast to her crimson face.  She looked so

sexy, bent over like that in front of  me, the pretty light-colored curls

of her pussy peeking out from between the 'V' of her partially spread legs.

   The lovely, almost pink rosebud, round and crinkly, exposed completely

by her posture, filled me with wonder.  She had already confessed her anal-

eroticism and here it was--waiting invitingly to be exercised any way I

wanted.  My choices were limited only by my imagination.

     "Stand back up, Laurie," I commanded.  "Turn around and face me."  She

did, her skirt falling back into place to hide the lowered garments around

her thighs.  Her hands were clasped in front of her pubis, her head lowered

submissively.  Her chest heaved slightly as she took deep breaths, allowing

her breasts to strain against the cotton blouse.  

     "Remove your pantyhose and panties.  You won't be needing them." 

Obediently, she moved her hands beneath her dark blue cotton skirt.  At

once, the already half-lowered material glided down her pale, white legs. 

Deftly, she slipped them off her feet, one by one, and kicked them to the


     I looked at my little slave, eyeing her from head to toe.  "When you

stand in front of me, at any time, you must open your legs and keep them

open unless I tell you differently.  Your pussy and your ass must always be

completely accessible to me.  Open your legs now!"  She moved her legs

apart, as best she could, stretching the skirt to its limit.  Her pose was

all too inviting.  I inched forward from my seat and watched my hand

disappear beneath the skirt.  As my hand moved upward, I felt the softness

of her inner thighs. 

     The hairs of her pussy were unbelievably soft.  I was quite

surprised at how wet she was there.  She "Ahhhh'd" softly as I gently

eased my middle finger into the center of her love nest.  Her hips

undulated slightly as she worked her pussy invitingly over my hand.  The

insides of her vaginal walls were quite soft and completely soaked with

the copious flow of her juices.  It was a veritable lake of juices.  I

withdrew my finger from her pussy and brought it to my nose.  The smell

of her sex was intoxicating.  She looked down  at me as I put the

glistening finger in my mouth and sucked it voraciously.

     "You taste as good as you smell," I said.

     She smiled slightly.  "My pussy is yours," she whispered.

     "Take off your skirt, Laurie," I commanded.  Obediently, she

unbuttoned the skirt at the side of her waist.  The soft, metallic sound

of the zipper being was music to my ears.  She pushed the material gently

over her hips, then let it fall of its own accord down her legs where it

fell silently, like a tissue, in a circle about her feet.  She stepped

out of the circle and kicked the skirt to the side.

     Reflexively, she criss-crossed her hands in front of her pubis,

blocking my view.  Her modesty amused me.  Maybe it was part of her game. 

I decided to play along with her.  "Are you shy, Laurie?"

     "Yes," she half-whispered.

     "We're both girls, you needn't be.  Didn't I let you look between my

legs earlier?"

     Her face reddened, remembering.  "But you were wearing panties.  I'm

naked there now.  And I hardly know you.  I'm scared."

     "Move closer to me, Laurie."

     Like a scared bunny rabbit, she inched forward, her hands still

covering her lower abdomen.  "Such a pretty little girl," I whispered,

placing my hands on her wrists.  "Don't be scared."  Gently, I urged the

hands apart.  She offered no resistance, parting her hands at my soft


     Her pussy was unbelievably beautiful.  Why she didn't want to show

off something as soft and pretty as the blonde curls which adorned her

pubis was beyond me.  The triangle of hair was not thick at all; in fact,

the slit dividing the folds of her pussy was quite evident through the

curls.  My face was only inches away from the exquisite beauty of her

fleece.  Leaning forward, I moved my lips to pouting hairs, reveling in

their softness.  The smell of her sex drove me wild.

     "You're beautiful," I softly whispered as my lips mouthed their

words on the golden triangle.  When I gently blew warm air into the hairs

beneath my lips, Laurie visibly shuddered as she pushed her lower abdomen

against my mouth, pleading for more.  I planted hundreds of tiny kisses

all over her pubis, encouraged by her increasingly heavy breathing.  I

was careful, though, not to wander too far between her legs, now parted

slightly, for fear of touching off something I didn't want to start quite

yet.  She had to pay for her rewards first, and I didn't want to spark

the flames of passion quite yet.

     Finally, I moved my head back, still staring at the splendid golden

fleece, unable to take my eyes from her.  My hands, which had been

holding her hips for support, traveled to her backside, where I softly

kneaded the firmness of her buttocks.  My movements caused her to hiss

loudly between her teeth, in obvious enjoyment of my endeavors.

     "You really know how to turn me on," she said huskily, looking down

at my dark hair.

     "I've only just begun," I whispered, moving my hands to her front

and grasping the lowest button of her blouse with excited fingers.  "You

know," I continued as I undid the first button, "I could really get into

you, honey.  I've never met anyone quite like you."

     The button snapped apart and I moved to the next one.  "You are

almost too sexy, too perfect.  I should have met you years ago."  She

looked down in silence, listening to my meandering, and watched the

second button slip from its hole, opening beneath my fingers to expose

her belly button which, by leaning forward, I softly kissed, then

tongued, pretending it to be a sexual opening.  

     As I worked the tip of my tongue in a maddening circle around her

belly button, I worked the third button of her blouse loose.  Moving my

head back, I looked up.  The blouse was sufficiently opened to afford me

a view of the lower cups of her lacy, delicately embroidered bra.  I

needed to see more.

     My fingers found the fourth button.  "I should have made you take

this off for me, but I like doing it myself."  I watched intently as the

button snapped open, exposing more of her sexy, white bra.  The bra cups

were even larger than I had imagined.  She was now biting her lower lip,

nervously, as she watched my fingers move to the fifth, and final,


     "You didn't need this blouse anyway.  At least not for what we're

going to be doing," I husked as I finished unbuttoning her blouse.

     "I feel a little more nervous now," she said softly as I arose from

my seat and stood in front of her, holding each half of the parted


     "Not to worry," I said, "you'll enjoy what I have planned for you." 

With these words, I opened her blouse completely, pushing the garment

over her shoulders, letting it glide gently down her arms, then tossed it

to the side.  

     She stood before me now, naked save for her pretty bra.  "You look

good in sexy things," I whispered, my eyes fixed upon the embroidered

flowers and lace of the obviously well-filled cups.  Slowly, I moved my

hands to the outside of her tits, then squeezed them both.  As she took a

long, deep breath, savoring the feel of my gently kneading hands, I moved

my thumbs over the center of each cup and pressed in against the now

turgid nipples beneath.  

     Laurie's body seemed to spasm to my touch.  "My nipples are

extremely sensitive," she said, her voice cracking in desire.

     "I can tell," I whispered, running my thumbs over the nipples for a

moment longer.  "Now let's see what they look like."  Leaning into her, I

embraced the near naked girl.  Our breasts met, pressing against each

other.  Reaching around behind her, I grasped the center of the strap

with fumbling fingers.  I must admit that even I was slightly nervous

now, anticipating her total, beautiful nakedness.  

     Finally, the strap unhooked, but I continued to press my chest into

her, holding the front of the bra in place even as the shoulder straps

slid down her arms and she dutifully eased her arms free of them.  She

pressed her whole body into mine, emphasizing her bony pubis by grinding

it ever so slightly into mine.  Even through my skirt, I could feel her

pussy hairs.

     I felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her.  Leaning my head back

slightly, our eyes met.  There was a fire deep inside them that yearned

to be extinguished.  I could read her hunger for sex like a book inside

her mind.  Her lips were slightly opened, as if she knew what I was

thinking.  Her eyes closed just before mine, and our lips melded in a

frenzy of unbridled passion.  We embraced and kissed for such a long time

that I lost track of just how long.

     Without breaking our lustful embrace, I moved my right hand between

us, to the center of her chest, and grasped the loosened bra. With one

smooth motion, I pulled it downward, removing the final vestige of her

clothing.  I then moved my hand to the middle of her back and pressed her

even harder into me, knowing she was now completely naked, crushing the

breasts I had still not seen into me.

     Our tongues moved in and out of each others mouths; our lips and

teeth sucked and nibbled and bit and fought each other in an all out war. 

I don't remember ever having been this hot, this intense, this passionate

in my entire life, and I've known hundreds of lovers, male and female. 

Each hot kiss seemed to inflame her even more, causing her abdomen to

gyrate into mine.  She needed this as much as I did, and there was no

pretense about it.

     When our kiss broke at last, I could feel beads of sweat on my

forehead.  I moved one step back from her, then opened my eyes to her

total nakedness.  Her full, coral nipple-tipped breasts, were out of this

world!  I loved the white, creamy-smooth texture of the skin, their

gentle sway, the soft contrast of stark whiteness with the pink, silver

dollar-sized areolas surrounding the nipples, and even the nipples

themselves which pointed firmly outward, as big as the size of the tip of

my pinky.

     "Beautiful.  Just beautiful,"  I whispered.  I wanted to be naked,

like her, to take her and make mad, frenzied love to her.  But there

would be time for that later.  I hadn't bought her at the auction just to

make love to her.

     "I want you to come with me, Laurie, to a special room."

     She smiled nervously, then said, "Now?  Don't you want to make love

to me first?"

     "I'd love to, but I have to work you over first.  Remember what you

came here for?"

     She lowered her head, partly out of her innate subservience, but

mostly out of sorrow that I was not going to take her then and there and

put out the fire inside her.  I reached out and took her hand in mine,

then led her down the hallway past my bedroom, to a locked door.  I

permitted no one to enter this room unless I was present, not even the

servants.  She stood next to me, her arms at her side, as I unlocked the

door, opened it, then beckoned her in with a gesture of my hand.  She

walked past me, nervously, into the darkened room.

     Moving behind her, I followed, then closed the door behind us,

leaving us in pitch blackness.  The sound of the door locking in the

stillness and silence of the darkness sent shivers down Laurie's spine. 

I slowly moved behind the naked girl, pressing my blouse-covered chest

into her back, then drew my hands inside her arms and around to her

front, where I reached up and cupped the grapefruit-sized tits in my

palms.  Her body stiffened slightly to my touch, mostly out of

nervousness.  Most of her passion seemed to have dissipated.  I gently

squeezed the yielding flesh in my hands.

     "I call this the Play Room, Laurie," I whispered into her ear as I

continued to knead her breasts.  "I hope you like it."  I planted a soft

kiss on the nape of neck, brushing her long blonde hair to the side with

my cheek in order to do so.  She shivered again.  

     I squeezed her still turgid nipples between my thumb and

forefingers, at first gently, but then slowly increased the pressure

until the pleasure of the sensation on the sensitive nubbins was replaced

by a little pain.  She gave with a little "AH!", telling me she had felt

the first twinge of distress there.  "These will be first, Laurie," I

husked, pulling the nipples outward from her tits.

     To my surprise, she did not make a sound.  I knew I had to be

hurting her.  Instead, she only took in a long, deep breath, and braced

herself against the pain.  It was obvious she had a higher threshold than

I would have imagined.  Perhaps she would even enjoy a little nipple and

breast torture to start things off.  It was time to show her the Play



                                Chapter II

                               THE PLAY ROOM

     I reached behind me and flicked on the light switch.  The

fluorescent ceiling lights quickly bathed the room in a brilliant glow,

temporarily blinding the both of us.  As Laurie's eyes became accustomed

to the light, they widened in disbelief.  Before her was a room like no

other she had even seen.

     Her eyes moved from side to side, taking in the various devices I

had gathered or had especially made for me over the years--the X-frame on

the wall, the horizontal bars next to it, the kneeling cushions, the

round center post, the doctor's examining table (its stirrups tauntingly

upright), the wall of whips, the ceiling pulley and chains.

     "What do you think?" I asked, still gripping her right nipple with

my fingers as I placed my left hand on her shoulder.

     "I...I've never seen anything like it!  I'm scared."

     "I want you to be a little scared, Laurie.  It will heighten your

senses.  But my promise remains--I will not mark you or hurt you beyond

your level of endurance.  Trust me. Come here."  I released my grip on

her nipple and took her hand once more, then walked her to the wooden

center post, eyeing the ominous-looking straps hanging from it.

     "Turn around, Laurie, put your back against the post."  She turned. 

I savored once more the beauty of her lithe, naked breasts, the first

target of my endeavors this evening.  I reached to the side of the post

and drew a three inch wide leather strap around her waist, then buckled

it on the other side, pulling her back and ass tightly against the hard


     "Just so you don't jump around too much when I work you over a

little. First I am going to have some fun with those gorgeous tits of

yours, then I am going to give you a complete examination over there on

the examining table.  I think you'll enjoy that!  Don't go away."  I

walked behind her to the wall of whips and retrieved a long, thin riding crop  with a slightly more thick triangular tip, ideal for stinging

sensitive nipples, and a pussy whip.  I had found the pussy whip, with

its six eight-inch leather thongs, tightly braided for added pain, to be

perfect for use on breasts as well as pussies.

     Holding the crop and whip in my hands, I moved to the front of

Laurie once more.  Her eyes widened when she saw the devices in my hands. 

I smiled, sensing the fear in her eyes.  I put the handle of the pussy

whip into the waist band of my skirt, letting the dark brown tentacles

hang ominously over the waist band, in plain sight.

     "We are going to play a little game, Laurie.  A little test of your

threshold of pain.  The better you are at playing the game, the less pain

you receive.  If you don't do well, of course, lose. 

You won't like what happens when you lose.  Clasp your hands behind your


     The frightened girl moved her hands in back of her head, clasping

them.  I made her hold her elbows well back, making her more than ample

breasts jut out smartly....invitingly.  I moved closer to her.  "All

right, Laurie, we are ready to begin.  I am going to use the riding crop 

on your tits, but only the tip of it.  If you cry out in pain, you get

one swat with the full length of the crop somewhere on your body.  I am

going to give you six licks, three on each nipple.  Are you ready?"

     She nodded her head affirmatively, her eyes meeting mine once more

in a plea for mercy. I maintained my steel composure and bade her to

close her eyes.  I didn't want her knowing when then licks would come. 

She kept her head held high, her elbows well back.  Holding the crop in

my right hand, the tip about six inches above her left breast, I moved

the palm of my left hand over the defenseless nubbin, feeling the

hardened flesh dig into my hand.  Laurie moaned at the touch, surprised

that the first sensation she was feeling there was one of pleasure, not

the pain she had been bracing herself for.

     "My what big nipples we have for a rather tiny girl!" I exclaimed in

a mild-mannered, almost soothing voice, belying my true intent.  She

moaned again as I brought the tips of my fingers to her right nipple,

leaving the left one unprotected, where, unbeknownst to her, the riding crop  loomed ominously above.

     She moaned and "Ahh'd" for several moments as my fingers played a

symphony on right nipple, exciting it to the maximum of its sensitivity. 

Just as I lulled her into a state of tranquillity, without warning I

flicked the tip of the riding crop  smartly just above her left nipple,

cracking the hardness of the leather against the softness of the delicate


     "OH! AHHHH!" she cried out, more out of being startled than

suffering pain, her eyes opening wide, as if in amazement.

     "My-oh-my," I said in a tone of admonishment, "we've lost on the

very first round.  That wasn't exactly the kind of silence I had hoped

for.  I believe that calls for a penalty shot!"  

     "NO!" she cried again as she watched me raise the length of the crop and bring it down with an even louder crack across the front of her

thighs, causing her to scream out once more, this time more from pain.

     "You'll have to do better than that, young lady, or you'll end up

with twelve nasty strokes instead of six."

     "My nipples are so sensitive...." she began to say in a whimpering,

half-pleading voice.

      "Then you'll have to bear up all the more," I interrupted. "Close

your eyes again.  If you peek, I'll have to blindfold you."

     Shifting my body just slightly to the left, to better my position

for the next blow, I cupped the front of her right breast gently in the

cradle of my fingers, lifting the gland and its unprotected, coral-

colored, turgid  nipple upward, where it became a perfect, albeit

unwanted target of my stinging crop .

     Laurie's mouth was slightly agape; her brow was furrowed in fear. 

Beads of sweat glistened on her forehead.  Her breathing was heavier than

before.  I let her wait, agonizingly, knowing the crop was inches away. 

To her surprise, I eased the thick tip of the crop over the soon to be

swollen nubbin and played with the pliant tissue, moving the nipple back

and forth with the triangular tip, teasing it back to excitement.  Then,

in a sudden, unexpected movement, I raised the thick piece of leather up

and smashed it firmly right over the top of the sensitive tissue.

     This time she was prepared.  Despite the maddening sting, Laurie

merely drew in her breath, sharply, and bit her lower lip, as her head

cocked back and to the side.  "Very good," I whispered in a complimentary

fashion.  "Not even a peep."

     "It still hurts like crazy," she cried, dutifully keeping her hands

clasped behind her head.

     I looked down at her pretty patch of blonde pubic curls, beneath

which, across the top of each thigh, was a telltale reddened stripe, the

burning result of my first, and so far only "penalty shot."  The leather

belt around her waist held her firmly in place.  Her legs were slightly

parted, her cuntal hairs peeking prominently from between her legs.  For

a brief second, the thought struck me that it was be nice to kneel down

and service her pretty pussy with my tongue, but there would be plenty of

time for that later.

     "Do you want me to stop?" I asked, quite sincerely.

     She opened her eyes and looked right into mine, her lips breaking

into the tiniest of smiles.  "No," she said.  "I think I can take

whatever you give me."

     "I think you could," I whispered, flicking the thick tip of the crop once more with a resounding crack across the front of right breast,

catching the waiting nipple before it had time to fully recover from the

first blow.

     "HRRRMPH!" was the only sound my little made, followed by a short

burst of breath through her nostrils.  Her ability to withstand what must

have been very painful to her amazed me.

     I delivered the fourth, fifth and sixth strokes with a good deal of

sharpness, alternating between her swollen nipples.  Even the final

stroke, which I purposely made the hardest, evoked only a series of deep,

throaty moans, and deep gasps for breath, but she remained steadfast in

her determination not to cry out.

     "Do you want to scream out when it hurts, Laurie?"

     "If you want me to," she replied, trying to catch her breath.

     I laughed.  "No.  Actually, I always gag the screamers.  I prefer to

be able to talk with you while I put you through your paces.  Come on, I

want to check you out real good."  I undid the belt around her waist and

led Laurie over to the examination table.

     Without being asked, she quickly mounted the leather-covered table

and stretched out on her back.  "Do you want my feet in those things?"

she asked.

     "That's what they're there for," I replied.

     She smiled, seeming only too happy to lift her feet into position,

having to slide her ass forward slightly on the table to accommodate the

metal stirrups.  I moved to her side and drew another belt over her

waist, tightening it fully, then moved to the head of the table and

pulled her arms down to a point where I was able to affix leather cuffs

to each wrist.

     "Wow!" she exclaimed, "you really want me to be restrained."

     "Don't want you jumping off the table," I said, feasting my eyes on

the length of her body and her svelte nakedness.  Her spread legs, even

from my vantage point behind her head, seemed particularly inviting.

     I moved along the length of her naked body toward the foot of the

examining table, stopping at her right leg only long enough to draw a

cuff around her ankle and pull the attached chain tight enough to make

movement of the foot all but impossible.  Without even gazing at the

treasures between her wide-opened legs, I did the same with her left


     Behind me was the flood lamp, still unlit, which rose well above my

head. Turning to face it, my back to the spread-eagled blonde, I pulled

it to me on its wheels, then flicked the switch to turn it on, bathing

Laurie's body from head to toe in bright, white light.  When I turned at

last to feast my eyes between her legs, I saw her eyes squinting against

the brightness of the lamp.  Rather than fool with the dazzling light,

she closed her eyes just as I drew my sights on her splayed pussy.

     I had seen many naked women in my life, but I don't recall ever

seeing as beautiful a vision as Laurie's completely exposed sex.  The

beautiful golden, honey-dewed curls seemed to have been painted there on

either side of her labia which gaped open like a pretty pink rose, the

petals invitingly parted, the center glistening with moisture.  At the

top of her opened crack was her protruding clitoral nubbin, prominent,

just waiting to be tongued or, should I desire, even cruelly whipped.

     "I feel like I'm at the doctor's office," she said, her eyes still

closed by the strong light which shined down over the back of my head.

     "I may not be a doctor, Laurie, but I am going to give you an

examination like you've never had.  My, what a beautiful pussy you have! 

Let's have a really good look at it!"  I leaned forward and placed my

thumbs at the inner edge of her outer labia, her pink gash already

visible between the delicate folds.  A slight pressure of my thumbs was

all that was needed to expose the entire pink, wet area surrounding her

now wide-open vaginal entrance.

     "OH!" she exclaimed, realizing I had just completely bared her most

private part.

     I studied the beautiful scene before me as if I were viewing, for

the first time, a gorgeous work of art, which indeed it was.  I could see

part way into the juice-filled vagina, where several tiny masses of

pinkish-white, slightly rounded tissue seemed to come together in a

tightly knit circle.  I moved the tips of my thumbs closer to the edge of

the splayed sex and drew the vaginal door even wider, causing the rounded

tissues to part.

     "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice sounding a little


     I smiled.  "Relax.  It's all part of the examination.  I'm studying

your hole.  I can see all the way inside it, Laurie.  It's so beautiful."

     "I've never felt so exposed before.  AHHH!  What's that?"

     "Shhh!" I said, moving my index finger into the pink opening.  "It's

just my finger.  Don't say a word.  Just let me explore a little bit." 

As she lay there, naked, obscenely exposed, breathing more heavily with

each moment, I probed her warm, moist opening to my heart's content. 

Somewhere amongst her moans and sighs I slid my middle finger alongside

my index finger and continued the exploration.

     Her vaginal muscles were extremely tight.  Sometimes, she contracted

them against my invading digits, as if she were attempting to squeeze

more of me into her.  "AHH!  That's nice!" she exclaimed, letting out a

long breath to punctuate her arousal.  Her hips began to undulate

slightly, despite the restraint of the belt around her waist.  She drew

her breath in sharply and loudly as I plunged my fingers to the depths. 

The womanly odors emanating from the region served to intoxicate me,

leaving me almost breathless.

     Soon I began to piston my fingers in and out of her hot hole,

listening to the sweet slurping of the vaginal excretions inside her,

while her moans and groans filled the air.  "YES!  I want to come! 

Please let me come!" she begged as my two fingers electrified her.

     "If you come, I have to punish you, Laurie," I explained, as if it

were a natural fact, without ceasing my finger-fucking.

     "I know," she sighed.  "I don't care.  Just do me.  OH!  That feels

so good! Yessssss! Yessssssss!"

     I leaned over more, so my face was flush with her splayed legs and

twat.  There was a lake inside her now which oozed out of her opening and

into the lower crack of her ass.  I pursed my lips and drew them over her

burgeoning clitoris, then flicked at the nubbin several times with the

tip of my tongue.  My lips had not surrounded her clit for more than 30

seconds when she screamed out, as if in pain, then came in torrent after

torrent.  The loud "AHHHH!" which escaped her mouth seemed to last for

almost a minute as her entire body spasmed and her vaginal muscles

alternately squeezed and released their grip on the fingers inside her. 

When the long "AHHHH!" ceased, she began gasping for breath.  I had never

seen a woman have a more intense orgasm.  It was almost scary.

     "Are you okay?"

     "Yes, I'm fine."  She let out a gushing breath.  "Very fine." 

Another breath.  She swallowed, but her mouth was almost dry.  She

sighed.  "Don't take your fingers out yet.  Let me come down slowly."

     I left my two digits inside her, unmoving, for several moments, as I

watched her continue to slide down from her erotic high.  Once or twice

she bit her lower lip as she tightened her vaginal grip on me, as if to

savor the feeling to the very end.  Finally, when she seemed to have

regained a semblance of normalcy, I withdrew from her.  My fingers,

coated with her juices, glistened in the light of the overhead flood

lamp.  I brought them to my nose and basked in their sweet, cuntal smell.

     I looked into her slowly opening eyes and whispered, "Do you always

have such intense orgasms?"  I brushed some hairs away from her engorged

clitoris with the tips of my fingers.  

     "OH! I'm so sensitive there after I come!" she exclaimed, referring

to my fingers near her love button.  

     "Answer my question, Laurie."

     "Yes.  Sometimes even harder than that.  It doesn't take much. 

Sometimes I can come in less than a minute.  It's like there's a clock

ticking inside know, inside my pussy.  I can feel it counting

down, and then, when the alarm goes off I can feel it throughout my

entire body, like an electric shock that starts where your fingers were."

     "But you know you were bad.  You may only come with my permission."

     She gulped, then nodded her head affirmatively.  "I know.  I must be

punished."  The tone of her words led to believe that she was almost

begging for some kind of punishment--any kind.

     "I shan't disappoint you.  Don't go away," I mocked, turning to

leave the spread-eagled blonde wondering what I had in store for her.  I

went to the kitchen and opened the freezer door.  Waiting for me, where I

left them earlier, were the two plastic cylinders filled now with ice. 

One cylinder was long and thin, perfect for anal insertion; the other was

just as long, but much more thick, ideal for vaginal delights.

     I returned to my little slave gingerly holding my toys.  She looked

at them, immediately recognizing them as dildos, and, judging by their

widely different shapes, correctly assumed that each of her holes were

soon to be filled by them.  She had no idea of their ice-cold contents. 

I placed the cylinders on a table next to me, then opened a drawer

beneath them.  From the drawer I removed a dildo gag, one of my favorite

remedies for incessant screaming that I knew would surely follow were she

not gagged.

     The dildo gag consisted of a wide band of rubber, affixed to which

was a short but very thick pink-colored, cock-like plastic phallus.  She

looked at the device, wide-eyed, as I moved toward her head.  "Open up,"

I ordered.

     "Are you going to gag me?" she asked, somewhat surprised.

     "You'll be glad I did," I replied, "Now open up, we don't have all

day!"  I was somewhat impatient with my little victim, knowing that the

ice would soon begin melting in the cylinders and I wanted to save their

full effect for inside her.

     She opened her mouth and I shoved the plastic dildo in, then drew

the rubberized portion over her cheeks toward the back of her head.  She

raised her head far enough to permit me to tie the piece in place with

its leather-like thongs.  She looked so sexy, lying there naked, opened,

defenseless, and....waiting.

     I moved back between her spread legs, where the light brightly

illuminated her still gaping cunt.  From a drawer at the foot of the

examining table I quickly located a tube of K-Y jelly.  "I'm going to

lubricate your asshole," I said, matter-of-factly, as I spread some of

the clear gel on the tip of my middle finger, out of her range of sight.

     "Mmmmm," she moaned behind her gag.  It was difficult to determine

if her sound was one of joy or fear.  It didn't matter.  I move my finger

into the lower crack of her ass and quickly located the anal orifice. 

She jumped slightly in her restraints and moaned once more as I spread

the lubricant around her tight little button.

     "I hope this feels good," I said, quickly driving my well-lubricated

finger into the tightly gripping aperture.  She squeezed her sphincter

around the invading digit, either to drive it out or to heighten its

feeling inside her.  Whatever the case, I plunged the finger into her

asshole as far as I could, then played a symphony of hard-driving rock

music on the walls of her rectum as I maneuvered the fingertip rapidly

from side to side inside her.  The effect was tremendous--she nearly

jumped out of her skin, moaning loudly beneath her dildo gag, straining

at her bonds and rattling the chains holding her in place.

     "I can see you like things in your ass, don't you Laurie?" I said as

I began to piston my finger in and out of the tight opening.

     She answered with long, throaty moans.

     "Well, let's see how you like this," I said, withdrawing my gleaming

finger and picking up the long, thin, ice-filled cylinder from the table. 

Out of her line of sight, I held the cylinder between my thumb and

forefinger as I spread her lower ass cheeks apart with the thumb and

forefinger of my other hand.  The view was perfect.  Her well-lubricated,

glistening asshole, round and puckered, looked as inviting to me as


     I moved the tip of the cold cylinder to the tiny nubbin and touched

it, letting her get the first feeling that something unusual was

happening down there.  At first she did nothing, but when the first

sensation of cold hit her, she gave off with a loud "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

behind her gag and attempted to clinch her ass cheeks together.  I

withdrew the cylinder tip, letting the warm room air restore a little

feeling to the anal entrance.

     I had been told by other young women who had first felt the shock of

numbing cold, either where I had just touched Laurie or inside their sex,

that the first real sensation was more of a burning feeling than the

coldness one might expect.  One young lady actually thought I was using

some kind of sharpened instrument inside her, so cutting was the first

realization of pain.  Unfortunately, Laurie was silenced by her gag, and

needed to remain that way for the time being, because I knew that once I

inserted the cylinders all the way into her rectum and vagina, her

ungagged screams would be rather unpleasant to hear.

     Her breathing was now much more labored, as she became somewhat

fearful of what I was doing between her legs.  "It's only an ice

cylinder, Laurie," I said in a reassuring voice.  "Cold as hell, but it

won't hurt you."  I moved the tip of the cylinder back to the target once

more.  Knowing the ice-ice-hardened cylinder would meet no resistance

from the well-lubed opening, I pressed inward on the back of the tube

just slightly and watched as it glided easily through the sphincter and

lodged just a half an inch or so inside her.

     This time I let the cylinder linger a bit longer, listening to her

moans get louder, before withdrawing it once more.  I looked at her face,

contorted in pain.  Her head shook from side to side, as if she were

saying "NO! NO! NO!"  

     'Twas a pity she couldn't mouth her feelings.  None-the-matter, it

was time to have some real fun.  "Hope your ready for this one," I said,

placing the cylinder tip once more at the entrance to her nether portal. 

"In we go....."

     The long, thin tube slowly became devoured by her rectal orifice. 

It slid into her effortlessly, seeking its own path in the dark and once

warm recesses of her ass.  The cylinder was about six inches long--when I

had finished sliding it into her, less than half an inch stuck obscenely

out of her beleaguered opening.

     Her moaning and squirming now doubled in intensity as she fought to

eject the cold tube from inside her.  I knew her efforts would be futile,

but watched with much interest at her machinations.  This time I let the

tube remain inside for more than half a minute as she literally rocked

the examining table with her tightly restrained body.  I could almost

sense her immediate, albeit temporary relief when I withdrew the cylinder

from its cold sheath.

     "Ice is a great awakener of the sensitive tissues inside you," I

remarked, placing the anal cylinder down and picking up the second more

thick, more cock-like ice tube.  

     "Let's see what this one does."  I looked down her widely gaping

pussy.  Her vaginal entrance, pink and moist, seemed just as inviting as

her still clenching asshole.  I decided on no preliminaries--a quick jolt

of chilling coldness inside her warm twat would serve notice that I meant

business.  I didn't have to spread her open any further than she was. 

Her already lubricated receptacle accepted insertion of the full length

of ice cylinder in an instant.

     Her deep, throaty moans told me how much her vagina detested the

cylinder of ice inside her.  She tried to buck like a wild bronco, but

the waist strap held her tightly down.  I let the tube freeze her tissues

for less than a minute, by the end of which she was literally and

figuratively beside herself.  When I slowly withdrew it, her vaginal

walls continued to 

to feel the searing pain for many moments later.

     "Okay, Laurie, you are doing very well so far.  Would you like to

play another game?"

     She looked at me, wide-eyed, pleading for no more of what I was

doing to her.  I knew it was a sham.  She wanted all I had to offer her,

and would beg for it if I didn't give it to her.

     "The game is this:  I take the gag out of your mouth.  Then I put

the  cylinders into each of your openings.  I know you can handle that

part.  The hard parts will be when I use a little pussy whip on the

insides of your thighs.  Three lashes for each side.  You win the game if

you don't scream out once in pain.  The game is over.  I take out the

cylinders and undo all your bonds and we'll go on with something else. 

If you cry out, however, after any of the six lashes, I get to give you a

seventh stroke, as hard as I want, right on your lovely cunt.  Are you


     Her eyes rolled back slightly into their sockets. She knew I would

really be testing her threshold.  After several seconds of contemplation,

she looked into my eyes and nodded affirmatively.  I smiled back at her. 

"Brave girl," I said.  "The insides of your thighs are quite vulnerable

to pain."

     I moved from between her legs and strode past her naked body to the

head of the table.  She lifted her head from the table as I undid the

straps to the dildo gag in back.  I then lifted the saliva-laden dildo

out of mouth, which remained slightly agape for a moment longer.

     "Wow, I can't tell you how much those ice cylinders hurt.  I've

never felt anything like it!"

     I wiped some sweat from her brow with my fingertips.  "I have lots

of new and interesting things for you tonight, Laurie.  Just trust me.  I

know that's hard, but I think you can take just about anything I give


     Laurie smiled.  "I...I came when you put that cold thing in my

pussy," she husked, blushing slightly at her curious admission.

     I pursed my lips in wonderment.  "Then wait until you've got one in

each opening and I'm whipping the inside of your legs.  You should come a

hundred times!"

     She gulped.  "I just might," she whispered.

     As I moved toward her legs once more, I couldn't help but notice how

turgid her coral-colored nipples had become.  Their extremely hardened

state gave me yet another idea.  "Laurie," I said, brushing the right

nipple with my fingertips, teasing it into even greater erection, "I am

going to add one more little obstacle for you in our game."  I quickly

unloosed the bonds holding her wrists, then brought her hands to her

chest.  "Play with your nipples....make them really hard, Laurie.  I'll

be right back."  

     I returned to the freezer in the kitchen and retrieved two regular

ice cubes, holding them gingerly between my fingers as I strolled back

into the Play Room.  As requested, Laurie, my little slave, was laying

back quietly on the examining table pinching her thick nipples into a

heightened state of complete erection.  She ceased her movements entirely

when she saw me standing next to her holding the two ice cubes.

     "Here, hold these for a minute," I said, handing her the cubes.

     "Wow, they're cold!" she exclaimed.  "What are they for?"

     "Guess," I replied as I stared at her now bulging nipples and licked

my upper lip with the tip of my tongue.

     "You're kidding! On my...."

     "Yes," I interrupted.  "You are in for a rather exciting time. 

Don't hold the cubes over your nipples until tell you to. I want to

insert the two cylinders first.  Are you ready?"

     She gulped again and nodded, opening her mouth just slightly.  It

was a nervous look on her pretty face.

     I moved between her spread legs.  The bonds at her waist and ankles

remained firmly in place.  With my fingertips, I smoothed the delicate

blonde curls away from Laurie's pink, gaping slit, then grasped the

vaginal ice cylinder.  The plastic tube was filled with water

condensation.  It would slide in easily.  

     "Remember....not one scream or I whip your pussy," I reminded her.

     Even before the tip of the cold cylinder touched her outer vaginal

tissues, she gave out with a slight "Mmm" as she braced herself.  I

wasted no time plunging the tube all the way into her pussy.  She cocked

her head slightly to the back and to the left, but otherwise remained

motionless on the table.  

     I picked up the still lubricated anal tube, likewise covered with

condensed water from the ice inside.  "Now for your asshole," I said,

stretching her anal region apart with the fingers of my free hand as I

moved the hard, cold head of the cylinder to the center of her puckered,

almost pink anus.  As she tossed her head slightly from side to side,

feeling the first real effects of the vaginal dildo, I pressed the anal

cylinder against the circular opening.  It went in, but not with the ease

of the vaginal tube.  Once through the sphincteral door, I pushed it in

to the hilt, leaving only half an inch sticking out of her anal orifice.

     "Okay--hold the ice cubes on your nipples.  Hurry!  I don't start

whipping you until you do."

     She moved the ice cold cubes over her own erect nipples.  Her face

contorted in an obvious look of pain.  Both dildos in her lower openings

were now fully effective.  The ice on her nipples only heightened her

pain.     I lifted the pussy whip off the table next to me, then stared

at the obscene sight between her splayed legs--the two cylinders poking

out of their respective holes.  The delicate, ultra-sensitive insides of

her thighs were alabaster white.  Unstriped, they seemed so innocent, so

defenseless.  Without warning, I snapped the eight short strands of the

pussy whip flat against the inside of her right thigh, only inches below

her pussy.  As the crack of leather meeting flesh resounded in an echo

around the room, Laurie bucked her lower body against the restraining

waist strap as best she could, and threw her head back, but did not


     "Keep the ice tight against those nipples," I commanded, "or I'll

start all over again!"

     She swallowed, or at least attempted to swallow, but found her

throat parched dry.  The insides of her legs were spasming now, partially

from the pain, partially from their prolonged period of being stretched

open.  I acted quickly, delivering a wicked slash to the defenseless left

inner thigh, even as the right side began to blossom in delicate lines of

red whip marks, the kind that disappear in hours, but whose memory of

pain lasts forever.  Despite the more severe stroke to the other thigh,

Laurie only heaved against her bonds and breathed heavily.

     I looked up at her twisted face, her tightly shut eyes.  She

continued to hold the two cubes against her swollen nipples.  "Your

ability to withstand pain surprises me," I husked, as I drove two quick

slashes, in succession, once to each side, listening to the telltale

crack of leather against flesh, but missing the normal scream one might

expect from such a blow.

     All Laurie did was give out with a deep, throaty moan, obviously

fighting to hold back her scream.  "Two more.  Can you take it, Laurie?"

     She was fighting for breath now, almost unable to speak.  "The ice

hurts worse than the whip," she blurted between breaths.  "Oh, is it cold

inside me!"

     "You're doing fine. Count the last two for me."

     THWAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!" the cruel leather bit into Laurie's flesh.

     "Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  ONE!"

     "And a nice hard one for good measure!"


     "TWO!" she shouted as loud as she could, allowing her count to

replace what might have been a scream.  "OH!  That one really hurt!"  Her

breathing was more labored than before.  I knew I had to stop before she


     "Don't move the ice cubes from you nipples yet," I said, my voice

husky and almost broken from the passion and eroticism I was feeling.  I

pulled the anal and vaginal cylinders out of their respective openings,

then moved from between Laurie's legs to stand at her side, where she

still held the ice cubes over her sensitive nipples.

     Bending slightly, I lifted her right hand up, away from her breast. 

The coral-colored nipple, encircled by a half-dollar sized, light-brown

areola, was glistening with wetness from the ice cube.  I moved my right

hand over the top of her left one, holding that cube in place over her

other nipple, as I bent over far enough to purse my mouth over the free

nipple.  Lowering my head, I sucked the still cold, wet nipple into my

mouth, biting it lightly between my teeth.

     Laurie arched her naked breast toward my devouring mouth as I laved

the nipple with my tongue and warmed it with my saliva.  She moaned

softly beneath the movements of my mouth over the front of her breast as

I bathed the hard nipple and soft surrounding skin.  "Yesssssss," she

sighed, apparently oblivious to the ice cube which she held in place over

her left nipple beneath my guiding hand.

     Having had my fill of the right nipple, I slid the tip of my tongue

in a trail from her right breast, across the middle of her chest, to the

underside of her left breast, all wet and cold from the melting ice cube

on her nipple.  I moved my tongue upward, located the ice cube, then

snaked my half-cold, half-warm tongue between the bottom of the cube and

Laurie's nipple, licking each in turn.  The effect was eclectic.  Laurie

screamed out in passion.

     "Give me the ice cube, Laurie," I whispered.

     She released it to my waiting hand, as I brushed her hand away and

quickly devoured her other nipple with my mouth and tongue.  I worked at

the swollen nubbin for the better part of a minute, sucking it, licking

it, biting it, laving it into super-hard excitement.  

     I then got smart.  I lifted my head slightly from her left breast

and brought the ice cube to my mouth, holding its stark hardness and

coldness against my tongue for a moment, then quickly dropped my cold

tongue to Laurie's waiting nipple.  She nearly jumped out of her bonds,

so wild was the feeling of my cold, soft tongue against her sensitive

tissues.  I wet my tongue several more times on the ice, then descended

once more on my defenseless prey, each time evoking the same wild

sensations in her.  By her heavy breathing, I knew she had come again.  

     I didn't let up, even after she had come, keeping up the mild nipple

torture until my tongue finally tired.  Then, as I continued to suck the

nubbin ever so softly, I moved the ice cube, now half its original size,

down her naked body, over her abdomen, through the delicate down of her

blonde curls, and rested it, finally, right over her distended clitoris. 

Her bottom rose up as best it could to greet the cold invader.  I held it

there, as she writhed in a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.

     Feeling the ice cube melting beneath my fingers, I slid it slowly,

at last, through her gaping slit, until it rested at the entrance to her

honeypot.  "Not again!" she gasped as the cold cube touched the vaginal


     I raised my mouth from Laurie's nipple only long enough to say, "I'm

afraid so," then dropped my head down to devour the tasty morsel once

more.  In an instant the ice cube was inside her, followed by several of

my fingers. I shoved it well into her sex, then felt her lower body

quiver as the ice entered her.  Her moans were more of pleasure than


     Laurie admitted, much later that evening, that she had been on the

verge of a third orgasm as the numbing shock of coldness filled her

loins.  But I was building her up for more pleasures, and she was

certainly ready.


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