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Archive-name: Slaves/krst-09.txt

Archive-author: Kristi

Archive-title: Kristi Rules - Part  9





     Both men were satisfied.  Phillip had come without my

touching his cock, and Jabar had splashed his huge load down

my throat.  And I still hadn't gotten mine yet.  And worse,

looking at the two flaccid dicks in the room, I knew neither

man would be in any condition to give me what I needed now.

Neither spoke, both were sheepish about how quickly they'd

come, and nothing is less useful to a hot woman than soft


     "I see you boys didn't think about what I'd need, did


     Phillip didn't speak.  Jabar looked at his watch.  I

could have predicted what he'd say next.

     "I'm terribly sorry, Mrs. Blaine, but I must go.  I need

to get back to the front desk."

     I threw my legs over the side of the bed and walked over

to the phone.  I dialed room service.

     "I need another bottle of champagne to room 1642.  And

make it quick."  Hanging up the phone, I turned to the two

men, Phillip still naked, Jabar getting dressed as quickly as

possible.  Fuck, what useless pricks!  Well, no sense crying

over spilled cum.  The night was still young, and so am I.

     "I can come back later, if you'd like, Madam."

     "Thanks, Jabar, but I only give a man one chance to make

me come, and you've had yours."

     He was mortified that I was so direct.  I don't know

what came over me, but suddenly I felt like a real bitch.

Both these men had let me down.  Jabar had an excuse.  He had

just become too excited.  I could understand that.  After

all, many men wouldn't have been able to keep a hard on with

a woman's husband just inches away from his cock while the

wife sucked him off.  But Phillip didn't have any excuse at

all.  I hadn't touched him.  I'm sure he was excited watching

Jabar's cock fucking my mouth, and I suppose given the

situation, most men would have had a hard time keeping their

cookies intact, but Phillip had seen me do this hundreds of

times.  He'd seen more men fuck me than he could count.  And

he knew that after I'd sucked a man off, I needed a hard cock

in my cunt!

     I went back to the bathroom, leaving these two wimps to

themselves.  Tying my hair back to keep it dry, I stepped

into the shower.  It was almost 10:30.  I wanted to get

dressed and go out.  I knew I'd find a hard dick somewhere in

Dallas, but I couldn't count on the two in the bedroom.

     There was a knock on the bathroom door.  I ignored the

first knock.  A few seconds later, I heard the second.

     "Who is it?"


     It was Phillip.  I wasn't really mad at him, but part of

the fun this weekend revolved around keeping him guessing.

     "What do you want?"

     "May I talk to you.....Ma'am."

     I couldn't stay mad at him.  He was trying so hard to

please me.

     "Come in."

     Phillip was still naked.  His dick flopped against his

leg.  His cock ring was still in place, as was his butt plug.

Damn, the man is hung!  But still, it was soft, and I knew he

couldn't fuck me right now.  Regaining my composure I spoke

to him.

     "What do you want?"

     "I'm sorry about coming so soon.  I don't know what came

over me.  I got so excited seeing you suck that guy's cock,

and watching you work your finger inside his ass..."

     "I know, sweetie, but you've got to get a grip on

yourself.  You know how bad I need my pussy fucked after

sucking cock."

     "I know.  Is there anything else I could do to help


     I knew what he meant.  Phillip's tongue brings me more

pleasure than most men's dicks.  I stepped out of the shower,

and started to reach for a towel.  Phillip was quicker than

me, and before I knew it, he had a towel in his hand, and was

gently patting me dry.  I stood there, watching him in the

mirror.  He had dropped to his knees as he dried my feet.

The scene was very erotic.  As he began to straighten up, I

reached my hands down and put them on the back of his head.

I didn't need to use any pressure.  He knew what I wanted.

His head came up to my pussy, his tongue reaching out and

licking my pubes.  Leaning against the wall, I opened my legs

enough to give Phillip better access to my cunny.  He didn't

need an invitation.  His mouth clamped over my clitoris and

started to suck it gently with his lips.

     I have a very pronounced clit.  When I'm excited, it

pushes past the outer lips of my pussy, and sticks straight

out.  Phillip knew how to arouse me to my fullest.  Without

moving his mouth off my cunt, he reached his arms up my

torso, and found my melon sized breasts.  While his tongue

whipped my clit back and forth, his fingers rolled my bullet

nipples after a fashion of someone feeling fine silk.  I felt

my body tighten as his skilled technique started to build the

fires in my cunt higher and hotter!  And I watched every

movement in the wall sized mirror.  I spread my legs further

apart, and he moved his head between them.  He was eating my

pussy in earnest now, not stopping to give me a chance to

tell him to stop.  As if that were an option!

     I knew I was going to come!  "Oh, baby.  Yeah, suck it,

baby.  Suck my pussy.  Oh, yeah, baby!  Don't stop.  Let me

feel your tongue in my puss.  Oh, yes.  Oh Yes!  Oh, baby,

eat me.  Eat me."

     Phillip had moved his left arm away from my tits and was

rubbing my ass while he pressed his mouth into my pussy.  I

wanted to feel his fingers in my ass hole.  I didn't tell

him, he didn't need to hear it.  He knew what to do.  Phillip

has watched me get fucked often enough to know what I need,

when I need it.  Oh, fuck, I needed a cock.  And I mentally

kicked myself for having sent Jabar away.  I wasted a

perfectly good dick because I'd been impatient.  Thinking

about the dark Arab's throbbing prick as it had pierced my

mouth.  I remembered the way he came in my mouth.  The

seemingly endless spurts of come shot deep in my throat.  As

my husband ate my pussy, I remembered the other man, the man

I'd just sucked dry.  And I came.  Phillip braced me by

holding my legs firm as he continued to punish my pussy with

his tongue.  If he'd not had as firm a grip, I would have

collapsed in a quivering heap on the bathroom floor right

then and there.

     My mind was a collage of flashes from the evening.  I

remembered how the boy we'd picked up on the interstate had

fucked me in the back seat of our Lincoln, fucked me while my

husband drove the car, stealing quick glances through the

rear view mirror, watching this boy fuck me, fuck his wife.

And I remembered how Phillip had pulled the car alongside a

truck, and turned on the inside lights so the trucker could

watch me get fucked by the hitchhiker.  And I remembered how

Phillip had eaten the boy's cum out of my pussy, and then

sucked the boy's cock clean, sucked the boy till he'd come in

Phillip's mouth!  And lastly, I remembered how Phillip had

come in my mouth, just thirty minutes before Jabar had used

that same mouth for his release.  And now, now Phillip was

bringing me to my third orgasm since he'd placed his tongue

on my clit, less than two minutes ago.

     The third was the hardest.  It racked my body like an

earthquake!  My come flowed out of my pussy, and Phillip

lapped up every drop!  And in doing so, he brought on a

fourth, but gentle, orgasm.  It was more than a kiss, but

less than a fuck!  And it primed my pump for another

adventure.  Even as I was coming down from the fourth cum, I

was looking forward to the fucking I knew I'd have within the

next few hours.  And I knew Phillip would fuck me, also.

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