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Archive-name: Slaves/krst-08.txt

Archive-author: Kristi

Archive-title: Kristi Rules - Part  7- 8

Part VII



     I waited inside the bathroom to see what Phillip would

do.  I'd left him no clothing, nothing to cover himself up

with.  And room service was outside the door.  He walked to

the door and looked out the peep hole.  Then he looked back

at the door to the bathroom.  Taking a deep breath, he turned

the doorknob and opened the door.  On the other side was not

the room service waiter I'd expected.  Instead, Phillip was

standing naked in front of the man that had checked us in.

The tall dark Arab that had given us this suite walked past

Phillip and told him, "Please tell Mrs. Blaine that Jabar is

here to see her."

     Phillip acted as if he'd greeted all his guests in the

nude.  He simply told the intruder, "Please have a seat, I'll

tell Mrs. Blaine you're here."

     Jabar walked into the living area and Phillip turned

toward the bedroom.  I had heard the entire exchange.  When

he came to the bathroom door, he knocked.  I opened and said

nothing.  I was wearing a terry cloth robe.  Phillip stood in

front of me, his cock still hard from my hand job moments ago

and waited for me to speak.  Finally I said, "Yes?"

     "You have someone to see you, Ma'am."

     "Thank you.  Stay here till I call for you."

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     I walked out of the bath, through the bedroom and into

the living area.  I knew the clerk from downstairs would be

up to see me, but I didn't expect him so soon.  I had slipped

my shoes back on, but other than the robe, which was very

thick and very protective of my body, I was naked.  My pussy

was already slick from the episode of playing with Phillip's

cock, and now my own desires were starting to build.  I

didn't have a plan, but was open to anything that might


     "Good evening, Mr. Jabar.  How nice to see you."

     "The pleasure, Madam, is mine."  He took my hand and

lifted it toward his lips.  The kiss planted there was almost

nonexistent, yet it had the same effect as if he'd kissed me

squarely on my cunt.  I waited for him to speak.

     "I wanted to see if there was anything you needed, if I

could be of any assistance to you in any way."

     "How kind of you, but as you can see, I am quite

comfortable.  Perhaps I will have need of you a bit later in

the evening."

     He reached into his coat and withdrew a small card.  On

it was a hand written phone number.  "My private phone line.

Please don't hesitate to call me if there is anything I can

do for you."

     "Well, there is one thing I may need."  Turning toward

the bedroom, I called out Phillip's name.  He was there

without hesitation, and he was still naked.  His cock was

rock hard, though, and you could easily have hung a wet bath

towel on it.

     "Phillip, please bring me my purse."

     The purse was on the table in the dining area.  I could

easily have gotten it myself, but I wanted Phillip there for

what would soon be obvious reasons.  Reaching into my purse,

I extracted the small remote control device.  I then looked

at Phillip.  His eyes were begging me not to do it.  But,

girls will be girls, and I couldn't help myself.

     "I think the batteries are starting to run down on this

control.  Do you think you might have any in the gift shop

downstairs?"  With that I handed the control to Jabar.  He

didn't have a clue what the machine was for, and turned it

over several times looking at it.

     "I'm sure we have something that will suffice.  What is


     "Oh, excuse me.  I didn't realize you'd not know what

it is.  It's a remote control.  See.  You turn it on here,

and adjust the vibrations with this dial.  As I turned it on,

Phillip's cock started to move, as if it had a life of its

own.  And as I increased the dial's level, it soon became

obvious that the control was moving his cock with some force.

Jabar did not notice Phillip's discomfort, as his back was to

Phillip's front.  To his credit, my husband didn't move from

the spot he was on, though it was obvious to me that his

knees were about to buckle out from under him.  I turned the

dial off.  By now, however, my husband's cock was sticking

straight out, and jutting toward the ceiling.  I really

wanted that hard dick in my mouth, but, company first, my mom

always told me.

     "I'll check on that right now.  Is there anything else

you'll require?"

     "Well, if it's not too much trouble, I probably need

some kind of lubricant, you know, K-Y jelly or something."

     If this surprised Jabar, he didn't show it.

     "Of course.  I'll be back in ten minutes."  He took my

hand and kissed it again, and without looking back at my

husband, left the room.  Phillip stood there, saying nothing,

only looking at the control in my hand.  I walked over to

him, and ran my hand the length of his rock hard cock.

     "My, but you are a good little boy!  I think that

deserves a kiss."  Letting my robe fall open, I fell to my

knees and pulled his cock toward my mouth.  I knew there is

just so much teasing a man can take, and Phillip had reached

his outer limits.  Without any other preliminaries, I sucked

his dick into my mouth, and started to give him a first class

blow job.  Phillip likes to feel a woman's mouth while she's

sucking him, so I did nothing to protect his cock from my

teeth.  I raked his hardened dick across them, biting down on

his fat cock as I did.  My hand squeezed his balls, first

gently, and then harder.  My other hand reached the switch on

the control box and started the butt plug vibrating.  It was

all over at that point.  His hard cock couldn't stand any

more teasing.  I felt his hand reach behind my head, as if

steading it for what was about to happen.  I flicked the

other switch, and felt his dick start to jump around in my

mouth.  The vibrations from his cock ring and his butt plug

were too much for my husband, and within seconds, his seed

was spilling into my mouth, and then overflowing, down my

chin and unto my breasts.  And he kept coming!  Without

losing my sucking momentum, I increased the speed on both

vibrators, and he started coming a second time, this time,

more like a stream than spurts.  His come flowed out of him

as if I'd cut an artery, and come was flowing instead of

blood!  I finally had to pull my head back and let his cock

drop a few inches.  Now he was shooting his hot come across

my chest, and puddles were gathering on the floor between us.

     "My, but you had to come, didn't you, baby?"

     "Yes, Ma'am," was all he replied.



                          Part VIII



     I left him standing there and headed for the shower.

But the bath did look sooooo inviting.  I started the faucets

running and poured in the bubble bath the hotel had provided.

While I waited for the tub to fill, I examined myself in the

mirror which covered the entire opposite wall.  We women are

so vain!  But, I must admit, I did still make a startling

figure.  My breasts are larger than most, and still stand out

right, without support!  My nipples have gotten darker over

the years, but somehow, they also seem to have gotten larger!

And as usual, they were hard.  Turning sideways, I noticed

that the cheeks of my ass were still firm, as was the

flatness of my stomach.  All things considered, for a girl of

thirty-four, I wasn't all that bad.  I'd kept my weight down

to 110, and at 5'5", that's about ideal.  Okay.  I'd pass

inspection!  And at the rate this night was going, I planned

to get a lot of inspection.

     Stepping into the tub, I was instantly seduced by the

warmth of the water.  I heard someone knocking at the suite's

door, and heard Phillip open it.  I could hear voices, but

not make them out.  But the tinkling sound of glasses told me

the champagne had arrived.  A few minutes later there was a

knock on the bathroom door.  Thinking it was Phillip I told

him to come in.  It wasn't Phillip.  It was Jabar.  The water

and bubbles covered me like a soft blanket as I lay in the

tub.  A perfect concealment!

     "Come in, Jabar.  I didn't expect you so quickly."  In

his hand was a glass of champagne.  He set it on the side of

the tub, about 12 inches from where my arm was resting.  I

did not miss the subtly of that action.  If I wanted a drink,

I would have to sit up and reach for it, an action certainly

designed to expose my body to the eyes of this tall dark


     "I brought the things you requested, Madam."  He spoke

to me as if I were in a hotel lobby, fully dressed, not my

bathtub, naked as could be.  His eyes were dark, almost

brooding, and I could see he had more than hotel service on

his mind.

     "Do you treat all your guests so well?"

     "No, Madam, only the ones who bring slaves with them."

     I liked his answer.  He was telling me he knew what I

was doing, and wanted to play also.  I continued the cat and

mouse game.

     "And are you one who likes to be a slave?"

     "No, Madam, I am more the master type."

     Without breaking my eye contact, I called for my

husband.  He came instantly.

     "Phillip, Jabar doesn't have a drink.  Get him one."

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "And Phillip, get one for yourself also."

     He turned to leave the bathroom.  Jabar spoke to him.

     "Did you hear your mistress?  Answer her!"

     Phillip froze.  I didn't know how he would react to the

stranger speaking to him like that.

     "Yes, sir.  I'm sorry.  Mistress, thank you very much."

     "I will punish you for that, Phillip."  I spoke softly,

and the idea of punishment made his still naked cock twitch.

I waited until my husband returned with the two other glasses

and when both men had drinks in their hands, I sat up in the

tub and reached for mine.  Both men had their eyes riveted to

my breasts, which had now moved out of the water and were

standing there in front of them both.  Small patches of soap

bubbles clung to them, but no enough to obstruct them from

the eyes of the two men staring at them.  Jabar was sitting

on the edge of the tub.  He reached over and with one finger

removed the patch of bubbles covering my left nipple.  As his

finger touched my hardened nip, a shudder went through me and

pierced my pussy, causing a feeling as real as if he'd taken

his hand and stroked my cunt!

     Phillip said nothing, only watched.  The three of us

looked at each other, and finally, Jabar made a toast.  "To

friends, new and old, to slaves, shy and bold!"  With that

we all three drained our glasses.  Jabar stood up.  "I'll get


     "No, let me."  With that, I stood up and stepped out of

the bath.  Now, naked before both men, I started to reach for

a towel.  Jabar was quicker than I.  Taking the towel I had

started to reach for, he opened it up and started to dry my

wet, sudsy body.  I stood there as this stranger touched

every rounded inch of my skin, patting my dry, and letting

his hands trail after the spot the towel had just been.  He

was feeling me as he dried me, and I knew the area between my

legs would be the wettest place of all.  And when he reached

that spot, I opened my legs, giving him access to the area he

wanted next.  After he'd toweled me dry, he let the towel

fall to the floor, and without moving from the spot he was

in, replaced the towel with his hand.  He rubbed his dark

skinned hand across my stomach, down the length of my

abdomen, and finally into the thin patch of pubic hair just

above my pussy.  His middle finger found my clit, and without

ceremony, he began to rub little circles around it.  Then,

while I stood there, just two feet from my husband, this

stranger caught my clit between his forefinger and his thumb,

and began to play with it like other men play with my

nipples.  He twirled it around, tugged on it, and ran his

fingernail over it.  I was on fire!

     "Somehow, Mrs. Blaine, I don't feel I am getting you

dry."  He removed his fingers from my clit.  The scene seemed

so erotic.  There I was, standing naked in a hotel bathroom,

my husband an arms length away, also naked save his butt plug

and his cock ring, and a fully dressed room clerk was

massaging my clit, and remarking about the wetness of my

cunt!  And all the while, he was calling me by my married

name.  Mrs. Blaine.

     I didn't know what to say or do, but I certainly knew

what I wanted!  "Let's go into the bedroom.  Perhaps I need

to be blow dried."

     Within seconds, I was on the bed, and this handsome

stranger was leaning over me, breathing hotly on my pussy.

     "Phillip.  Help Mr. Jabar undress."

     "Yes, Ma'am."  With that, Phillip began to unbutton

Jabar's shirt.  Jabar motioned him away.

     "I would prefer to undress myself, Madam."  He stood up,

now looking down on my naked form, and began to undo his tie.

He relaxed the knot, and then took off his jacket.  Handing

the clothing he'd removed to Phillip, and never taking his

eyes off mine, he undid the cuffs of his shirt.  Then the

buttons across the front.  Button by button, I watched his

chest appear.  It was a veritable forest of dark curly hair.

     Few things turn me on more than a hairy chest!  He

pulled the white shirt out of his pants, and removed it

completely.  He handed it to Phillip, who, with remarkable

calmness, proceeded to hang it in the closet.  One leg at a

time, he lifted his feet and took off his black wing-tip

shoes.  Then his socks.  He stood there with muscles rippling

across his chest, bare footed, wearing only his trousers.

I watched as he undid the belt, opened the zipper and stepped

out of his pants.  I could see the bulge in his underwear!  I

almost panicked.  If his cock was anywhere near the size of

what I was seeing through his BVD's, I was in for the fuck of

my life.  Hooking his thumbs in the waistband, he started to

pull them down.

     "Wait!"  I said.  "Please allow my husband to remove

those for you."  I couldn't help but think of how humiliating

that would be to Phillip, to remover the underwear of a man

who was about to fuck his wife.  And humiliation makes

Phillip's cock grow.  Before he could protest, Phillip was

behind him, his hands on the stranger's underpants.

     "Not with your hands, Phillip.  Don't be rude.  Use your


     "Yes, Ma'am."

     He fell to his knees, and with his teeth, pulled the

other man's underwear down, over his ass cheeks, and down his

legs.  And as Jabar's cock came into view, Phillip had a

first hand look at the cock that was about to fuck his wife.

His face was less than an inch away from the dick that would

soon be pumping into his wife's pussy.  I wanted him to get a

good look.  I started to order Phillip to kiss the other

man's cock, but I must confess, I was too hot to want to

share it.  I wanted that monster in my pussy, in my mouth.

And Phillip was taking much to long getting it undressed.

     I reached up and felt the hardening shaft with my hand.

I love the feel of a cock head!  The contrast between the

velvet smoothness of it, and the curly hair that surrounds it

always excites me.  As I pulled on Jabar's cock, I pulled him

closer to me, closer to my mouth.  Phillip was still on his

knees, only inches away from my mouth.  He had the best seat

in the house as he watched the desk clerk's cock disappear

into the hot cavern of my mouth.  He could see as my red lips

wrapped around another man's dick, and as my saliva made that

dick slick and wet.  As Jabar's cock sank deeper and deeper

into my other hole, my other cunt, I looked Phillip right in

the eyes.  I couldn't talk, and I'm sure neither could

Phillip!  I sucked the other man's cock, now better than half

way into my mouth, while my hands ran across the underside of

his body.

     I held Jabar's balls in my hands, gently kneading them,

pulling on them.  While Phillip stayed riveted to the prime

seat he had, my hands went up between the other man's legs,

and my nails raked across the bottom side of his ass cheeks.

Phillip watched my fingers play across the strangers ass, and

watched as I touched the ass hole of this new player.  I took

my hand away from the man's ass and moved it toward Phillip's

mouth.  He knew what I needed.  He took my middle finger in

his mouth, wetting it for me.  I then withdrew it from my

husband's mouth, and placed it back on Jabar's ass.  Slowly I

fingered the man's asshole, while he crammed his cock into my

mouth.  And slowly I let my finger slip inside his ass,

pushing, twisting, all the while accepting more and more of

his hard dick into my mouth.

     Almost in tandem, as his cock slipped deeper into my

throat, my finger slipped deeper into his ass.  I was already

up to the second knuckle, when I felt his ass tighten around

my finger.  I knew what that meant.  He was going to shoot

his wad.  For the third time that night, I was going to feel

a cock erupt in my mouth, for the third time with as many

men, I would have come dripping from my tongue, from my lips.

My husband watched as this stranger pumped his load of hot

cream into my mouth.  I let Jabar pump squirt after squirt

down my throat.  Not until he was almost drained did I stop

swallowing his come, and begin to just hold it in my mouth.

     Phillip saw what I was doing.  I couldn't see his cock,

but I was sure it was pouring come out onto the floor.  Poor

baby, I thought.  He's lost all his come.  Well, I have

extra.  I let Jabar's cock slip from my mouth, and leaned the

distance between where I was and where Phillip was still

sitting.  Reaching my mouth to his, I kissed my husband fully

on his mouth.  And when I did, we both opened our mouths so

our tongues could play together, and so I could give Phillip

a taste of what I'd just had.  I transferred a mouthful of

Jabar's cum from my mouth to Phillip's, and he never batted

an eye.  He only swallowed, and ran his tongue inside my

cheeks, looking for more!  When I finally broke the kiss and

started to pull back on the bed, I glanced at the floor in

front of my husband.  I had been right.  There was a puddle

of come.  He'd gotten off while I was sucking the stranger's

cock.  He'd come watching another man come in my mouth!




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