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Archive-name: Slaves/krst-07.txt

Archive-author: Kristi

Archive-title: Kristi Rules - Part  4- 7

Kristi is 'PAN HANDLE''s wife on NixPIx Aspen at 303/920-1263

             Drop her a note there???

Note:  This is a continuation of the story of the weekend we

       spent with Kristi in charge of the activities.  You

       will recall I was wearing a remote controlled butt plug and cock ring.  She'd ordered me to follow her

       every order without question or complaint.  If I did

       not follow her instructions, the weekend was off, and

       I would not be able to continue the odyssey.  When the

       last part of this story ended, I'd finished cleaning

       her cunt after she'd been fucked by a hitchhiker named

       Kyle.  Her last order on the previous story was to

       clean Kyle's cock with my mouth.  The story continues

       now, through her narrative.


                         Kristi Rules

                           Part IV


     Phillip did as I'd instructed him.  He didn't hesitate

when I told him to clean Kyle's cock, sucking it clean from

the remnants of our fuck session.  I stood outside the car,

having slipped my dress back on, with nothing else under it,

and watched as my husband sucked my lover's cock with

expertise I didn't know he possessed.  Kyle's hard dick

responded to Phillip's mouth, and was soon at it's full

length and width.  I started to interrupt my husband, and

take his place sucking the young hitchhiker, when suddenly

another desire overtook me.  Reaching into my purse, I

extracted the control box for the two vibrating toys attached

to Phillip's body.  I slowly turned the dial for the ring

attached to his cock.  He stopped sucking Kyle for a moment,

as if caught in a sudden thought.  Then his mouth went back

to work, sucking and licking the young man's cock with

renewed vigor.  Kyle continued to lie prone on the back seat

of the car, his legs spread open, his marvelous sack of balls

hanging over the leather upholstery.

     Phillip was stroking the young stranger's cock with his

right hand, while cupping the boy's balls with the other.

And all the while, his head was bobbing up and down sucking

as much teen-age cock into his mouth as he could.  And I

helped by turning up the speed on the cock ring.  The butt plug was a temptation, but I didn't want Phillip to come yet,

and I knew his limits.  The whole scene seemed so unreal as

we conducted this little experiment in humiliation on the

side of an interstate, not twenty-five miles from Dallas.

Kyle's balls started to contract and I knew it was only a

matter of seconds before he would shoot his hot white seed

out of that adorable cock.  Phillip knew it too.  He started

to pull his mouth off the young dick.  I could sense he was

going to let Kyle shoot into the air.  For a brief second I

anticipated seeing the boy shoot his young load across the

space between the back seat and the driveway.  Then I


     "Phillip.  Put it back in your mouth.  Now!"

     He didn't hesitate.  He seemed to have expected the

order.  The whole purpose of this weekend was to give him a

new thrill, a taste of what it was like to be me.  And I'd

tasted many a man's come at Phillip's direction.  So now he

would taste one at mine.

     "Suck him, baby.  I want him to explode in your mouth.

And I want you to swallow it all.  Every drop!"

     Kyle started to buckle on the seat.  His hips were

pushing against Phillip's head, trying to sink deeper into my

husband's mouth.  And he was coming!  I could see him

convulsing, spurting his hot load into my husband's mouth,

and I could see Phillip swallowing every spurt!  I wish I'd

had a camera!  It was over soon, and Kyle's cock started to

grow soft even though my husband's mouth was still attached

to it.  Phillip was suckling softly now, almost tenderly.  I

was impressed with his style, but also flattered.  It was the

same thing I do when I've sucked the life out of a hard dick.

My husband had watched me suck his and others often enough to

know what to do after a man had come.  He did very well.

     Kyle dressed.  I started to drop the remote control

device back into my purse when I realized it was still on,

though set on the lowest level.  I twisted the knob one time

to max and left it for about three seconds.  Phillip, who was

walking back to the driver's side of the car fell to his

knees in surprise, and I turned it off completely.  He

recovered, and looked at me surprisingly, as if wondering

what I had done that for.  I was impressed with the power I

held in my hands.  To bring a man like my husband to his

knees with the twist of a radio controlled dial, well, I was

on to something here.  And it was only Friday night!



                            Part V



     The next few miles into Dallas was rather uneventful.  I

stayed in the back seat with Kyle while Phillip drove in

silence in the front seat.  I played with the boy's cock a

little, but the workout from Phillip's mouth, following so

quickly after the royal fucking I had laid on him, rendered

his cock useless for all practical purposes.  My only

interest in it, for that matter, was to constantly arouse my

husband, as he stole glances into the rear view mirror, and

watched as my hand touched and stroked the stranger's cock.

When we arrived at the cut-off for Fort Worth, Phillip pulled

the car to the side of the road.

     "I'm sorry I gotta get off here, ma'am.  I guess I could

go on to Dallas with ya'all and spend the night if you want."

     "That's very sweet of you, Kyle, but we'll be just fine.

Now you be careful, hear?"

     With that I signaled Phillip to drive on, and soon the

unexpected fuck was left far behind.  He'd be a memory from

now on, one that I was sure would excite both me and my

husband.  I could almost hear myself whispering to Phillip in

later months, and years, "Remember when you sucked that boy's

hard cock on the side of I-20?  Remember when he shot in your

mouth?"  And when I would do that, I'm sure I'll trigger the

come I'll want.  Phillip does that with me a lot.  Just as

I'm about to come, he'll tell me something like, "You look

like you did the night you fucked the waiter in the kitchen

of that roadside cafe.  Remember?"  And that sudden rush of

memory will always push me over the edge.

     As we approached the city lights of Big D, Phillip asked

me, "Where to?"

     "I haven't spoken to you, have I?"

     "No," he replied, "But I was just wondering where you

want me to..."

     "You know the rules, Phillip.  Do not speak to me until

I speak to you.  You will have to receive a punishment for

that, you know."

     He was silent.

     "I said you will have to be punished for that.  Answer



     "Yes, what?"

     There was a moment of silence.  Then in a very soft,

almost contrite voice, "Yes, Ma'am."

     He could not see me smile in the back seat.  He could

not see me smile and he could not see me reach into my purse.

And he could not see me when I twisted the dial on the remote

control.  But his ass could feel it, as the plug in his butt

came to life and started to move in his rectum, like a giant

thumb suddenly starting to vibrate.

     "That is not your punishment.  Only a reminder.  You

will remember who is in charge this weekend!"

     His reply was swift in coming.  "Yes, Ma'am."

     "Take me to the Annatole."

     "Yes, Ma'am."



                            Part VI



     Phillip stood behind me while I checked in.  He was

quiet and respectful.  The young man who checked us in was a

foreigner, dark hair, black eyes.  And I imagined an

uncircumcised cock.  I was already thinking about cocks

again.  He asked me if I was alone.

     "No.  He is with me."  I pointed behind me to Phillip.

There must have been something about the way Phillip was

standing so submissively that peaked the interest of the

young man.  Without meaning to, he stumbled into the realm of

questioning a desk clerk never ventures.  "Your husband?"

     "No.  My slave."

     I'm sure the young man was surprised by my response, but

if he was, he didn't show it.  His only reply was, "Nice


     He rang a bell and another young man approached the

desk. Handing him a key, he said, "Take Mrs. Blaine's luggage

to her room.  She's in the Balfour Suite."   Then he looked

back at me and said, "I've taken the liberty of changing your

accommodations.  I think you'll find the Balfour Suite to be

more to your liking.  My name is Jabar.  I'm on duty until

11.  If you need anything before, or after that, please call

me.  I'll handle it personally!"

     I walked away from the desk, Phillip following three

paces behind.  I knew what Jabar meant.  And before the night

was over, I meant to knew more about this dark exotic man.



                           Part VII



     The room was exquisite!  It was comprised of two

bedrooms, separated by a living room, off of which there was

a dining room and balcony.  There were two baths, one small

one off the living room, and a huge one off the main bedroom.

The tub in the large bath was big enough for six grown men,

and one small lady.  The room had a toilet and a bedet, as

well as a walk in shower, again large enough to need three

shower heads.  And the bed was gigantic.  It was at least a

half size larger than a king size, and must have been three

feet off the ground.  And it had six posts holding up a

canopy top!  Talk about a playground!

     The bell boy left while I was still taking in the

luxurious appointments in the room.  Phillip was even

impressed, and for a moment, I dropped my character.

     "Can you fucking believe this room?"

     "No, Ma'am, I can't."  His tone and choice of words

jolted me back to the reality of what we were doing here.  I

resumed my controlling attitude.  Looking at him, I said,


     He immediately began to undress.  I don't really know

why I told him that, except that I couldn't think of anything

else to tell him to do.  Besides, I love looking at his firm

cock as it sways between his legs.  He has huge balls, and

they hang down, below his cock!  So what the hell, why not

have him naked?

     I walked over to the phone, and dialed room service.

Placing an order for a bottle of champagne and a cheese dish,

I replaced the phone and looked at Phillip, who by this time

was standing totally naked, amid a pile of rumpled clothing.

His cock ring was in place.  I told him to turn around.  His

butt plug was still in his ass.  I walked over to him, and

with his back toward me, slipped out of my dress.  I rubbed

against his ass, raking my blood red finger nails across the

taunt skin of his buttocks.  I licked his back and stood on

my tip toes to reach his neck.  Licking the skin on the back

of his neck, I reached my hands around to his chest and ran

my nails across his nipples, now already hardened by my


     "Did you watch me suck that boy's cock in the car?"

     "Yes, ma'am."

     "Did you watch his cock slide in and out of my mouth?"

     "Yes, ma'am."

     "His dick was so hot, Phillip.  I sucked his dick and

moved my tongue up and down the shaft of his manhood while I

knew you watched me from the back seat."

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "And I ran my tongue into his asshole.  I tasted his ass

with the mouth you kiss.  Did you see me suck his asshole?"

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "And did you see him spurt his come into my mouth,

Phillip?  Did you see the young boy come in your wife's


     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "He tasted so good.  I sucked his cock till he came in

my mouth, and then swallowed it all.  His come was soooo good

in my mouth.  Did you see me swallow his come, Phillip?"

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "And did I seem like a whore, doing that?  Did your

sweet little Kristi seem like a whore for that boy.  Nice

girls don't suck off strangers, do they.  But I did.  I

sucked him and then fucked him.  And you watched it all,

didn't you?

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     I reached down around his waist.  My hands felt

Phillip's hard cock sticking straight out.  Reaching past the

cock ring, I started slowly to jack Phillip's dick in my

hands.  Still twisting and pulling on his dick, I could feel

the heat building in it as I resumed my verbal taunting.

     "His dick was all the way up my pussy, you know.  He

fucked me like a sailor fucks a whore.  He treated your wife

like she was a cheap slut while you drove him around.  He

fucked me and you let him, didn't you, Phillip?"

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "And you enjoyed watching his cock saw in and out of my

cunt didn't you.  You wanted to see my pussy suck in his hard

meat.  You wanted to see my nipples get stiff while his dick

was pounding away at my pussy, his cock was moving in and out

of your wife's twat!"

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     "You want to come now, don't you, Phillip?  You want to

come on my hands as I stroke your hot cock.  Or maybe you'd

like me to come around in front of you and knell in front of

your dick and suck it into my mouth and let you come like

Kyle did.  He came in my mouth and you want to come there

also, don't you?"

     "Yes, Ma'am."

     I was jerking his cock faster now, and Phillip's

breathe was coming faster.  He was close to coming.  I

started to say the thing that I knew would put him over the

edge when someone knocked on the door.  I dropped my hand

from his dick.  The frustration level he experienced was

obviously higher than he'd ever had before.  Stooping down, I

gathered my dress, and his clothing, and walked toward the

bathroom door.  Stopping at the door, I turned back and

looked at Phillip standing there, his cock harder than I'd

ever remembered it being, and just seconds away from cumming

all over my hand.  His cock ring was tightly attached and

from the looks of things, pinching the root of his dick.  And

I had his clothing in my hands.  As I entered the bathroom, I

stopped and said to him, "Answer the door.  Now!"


                Continued in Part VII...maybe.



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