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Archive-name: Slaves/kelcapt3.txt


Archive-title: Kelly Captured - 3

    Inside the mansion, Kelly saw expensive paintings, furniture,

and winding staircases.  Servants quickly came over and collected

the couples coats and to assist in bringing the new girls in.

    Lea was carried in, unconcessus.  Kelly tried to move over to see

what was wrong with her, but was pulled back.  The woman of the house

came over to her, and began to unlock her chains.

    "Do not worry about her, she will be alright".  Kelly was still

upset.  "What will happen to her and to me?"

    "We are going to make good use of you both".  "For now, I plan to use

you around the house".  She called one of the other maids over.  She

appeared to be about 25 years old, was in nice shape and had a well-

built body.  She sprang to attention and came right over.

    "Kelly, this is Maddy, she will get you dressed and show you what

your duties are."  "Do them well, and you will have no problem,


    She hung her head.  Maddy took Kelly's hand and led her up the

steps.  The couple began to speak to each other about the events of

the day and their purchases.

    "Kelly will provide much to us, I found her "talented" and eager

to please."  "The woman added, "Lea shows great promise, she could be

worth a lot more than we imagined."

    "I am going to go upstairs and rest" the man said to his wife,

who kissed him and walked away.  The man proceeded up the stairs to

his room.

    Maddy brought Kelly to her room, and began selecting a maids    

outfit for her to wear.  Maddy's uniform was black flats, black

stockings, a black and white one piece dress and headpiece completed

the outfit.  She layed the clothing down on the bed.

    "This is what you will be wearing, you can change into now, and I

will take you around so you can get started."  "Any questions?"

    "What are you doing here, did they buy you like me?"  "What

happens once were here, and what happened to the girl who came in

here with me?"

    "I have been here for five years" Maddy said as she and Kelly

sat down on the bed.  "I ran away from home when I was a teenager, and was

living on the streets until I was found one night and was brought here

to work."  As for your friend, as with you and I, they will do what they 

wish with her."

    "But I do not understand", Kelly asked again.  "Why are you here?"

Maddy ran her hand up Kelly's thigh as she replied.

    "I spent my first night with the lady of the house in her room, and

found I enjoyed her company and the company of other women".  "So they

let me work here, and I get to spend time with her and some of the new

"help", like yourself".  Maddy planted a kiss on Kelly's lips.

    "You can start your new duties later, now, your mine!"  Maddy

exclaimed, throwing Kelly on her back and kissing her deeply with

much passion and a strong embrace.

    Maddy was very talented with her hands and tongue, and was 

keeping up a steady pace of kissing while exploring Kelly's body.

She tried to force Maddy away, and once or twice tried to hurt her

with her heels.  Smoothly, she used her legs to pin Kelly's down and

slid her heels off.  Her legs were spread open and held down by

Maddy's stocking covered legs.

    Kissing her way down to her breasts, Maddy pulled Kelly's bra

off and sucked and licked her nipples, making them rock hard and

erect.  Kelly was moaning and crying at the same time, and Maddy

was becoming excited.

    "Time for a good womans fuck Kelly, time to make you come."

Maddy positioned herself between Kelly's legs, they were pussy to

pussy, panties still on.  Maddy began to grind against Kelly, who 

kept trying in vain to resist.

    Rubbing her clit faster and faster, Maddy was making herself very

excited, and Kelly found herself becoming equally excited.  She was getting

hot, and despite her deep feelings pushed against Maddy for relief.

This may be the only way she can survive for now.

    Their moans became louder and louder, and soon they both exploded

in orgasm.  Maddy pulled out from between Kelly's legs, took her in an

embrace, and layed on the bed, kissing and fondling her.  There were

tears in Kelly's eyes as Maddy cuddled against her.

    "That's okay Kelly, you will be alright."  "We will get you dressed

later, maybe even see where Lea is."  "But for now, you have some wet

and sticky panties, lets take them off."

    Maddy slipped Kelly's cum soaked panties down her legs.  She held

them up in the air in front of her, while Kelly reached for a blanket

to cover her exposed pussy.

    "I will cover that for you!", a strong male voice said.  It was

the man of the house, standing in the doorway.  He walked over, gave

Maddy a kiss, and took Kelly's panties from her.

    "Go ahead Maddy, I think my wife needs some "help" with Lea, I

will take care of Kelly here."  She turned around, blew a kiss to

Kelly, and walked out.  The man walked over to the bed, twirling

the panties on his finger.

    "I told you we would have to take care of your wet panties, and

this way, we can take care of the panties and the pussy."  Kelly

tried to cover herself up and hide under the covers, but he pulled

them away.  Kelly covered her breasts and pussy with her hands.


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