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Archive-name: Slaves/kelcapt1.txt


Archive-title: Kelly Captured

    Kelly was tired after a very long day.  Her office was empty except

for herself, and she was hoping to leave soon.  Her company had been showing

new overseas clients around the office, so she was dressed up more than usual.

    She was wearing a sharp black dress with silver accents.  Her very

shapely legs were covered in tan stockings, which were held up by garters

at the top of them.  Kelly always enjoyed wearing stockings like these,

especially since during the last two years her boss Martin has had her on her

back in the office more than once.  She enjoyed a good midday fuck, and always

dressed to make it easier.  She completed the outfit with 4" black pumps and

a black body briefer underneath.

    Kelly finished her computer work, put on her coat, and headed for the

door.  "At last", she said to herself, "home to relax and unwind".  What

she meant was home to play with herself.

    She reached her apartment, and proceeded to enter it.  As she walked in,

she noticed all the lights were out.  As she fumbled around in the dark, she

felt a strong hand grab her from behind and cover her mouth.  After a few

moments of struggling, she passed out.

    The next time she woke up, she found herself chained by her neck to

a wall.  Both of her ankles were tied together, and she had a ball gag in

her mouth.

    Looking around the room, she could only wonder in silence what had

happened to her.  She soon would know as two men entered the room.

    "The dealer was right" she heard one of the men say while the other

came over to her and fondled her tits.  Kelly tried to pull away, and was

smacked across her mouth for her trouble.

    "Stupid bitch" is what she heard from a familiar voice. "You always

did want things when you wanted them, now, you are going somewhere and

will do anything and everything you are told!".

    Standing in front of her was her boss and lover Martin.  She tried to

get close to him, but he just pushed her away and smacked her face.  He then

pulled her by her hair across the room to the feet of the two men.

    "Have her cleaned up and ready for auction tonight!" she heard him

say.  Martin looked down at her and smiled.  "I am going to sell you pretty

young body bitch".  "Hopefully, someone will buy you for your pussy,

otherwise, you will be working like a common slave".  He laughed as tears

rolled down Kelly's face.

    Kelly found herself being stripped and washed by two other women who

were playing with her as they prepared her.  Each time she resisted one of

their actions, she was whipped across her ass.  She finally just stood there

and let them work on her.

    She was now dressed in a black bra with small black panties.  Around her

waist was a gold chain with her name engraved on it.  She was also wearing

her familiar black stockings.  Her ankles and wrists were chained together,

and she was wearing four inch spiked heels.  Her hair was teased up high, and

she was very made up.

    Martin came into the room and eyed her.  He walked over to her, and placed

a collar and leash around her neck.  "Now we will see what you are worth".  He

lead her out of the room and down the hall to a room where several men & women

were waiting.

    She saw other young girls like herself there, many of them already bought.

She saw two girls that could not have been older than twenty chained together.

It appeared they were bought by an older man who wanted young pussy.  All of

the girls were dressed like herself.

    Slowly each girl was brought around the room by their leashes, and were

grabbed and pawed by the potential buyers.  Most were men, some were women,

and it looked like they were from all over the world.  Kelly tried to resist

the buyers advances, and was hit each time she tried.  She just closed her

eyes and hoped it was a dream.  Her hopes were shattered with the words,

"Let the bidding begin !"


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